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  1. Welcome to <color=red>The Redd Room!</color>
  3. Join the <color=blue><link="https://discord.gg/8Ke4AHm">discord!</link></color> <size=50%>Click the word "Discord" to join</size>
  5. -----=====[RULES]=====-----
  6. - Mic spam over the intercom is allowed, as long as it is not earrape.
  7. - If you do not wish to participate in a server event, tell me <color=red>(Reddking)</color> or an <color=purple>admin</color>.
  8. - Hacking is not tolerated. Hackers will be asked to stop. If they do not comply, they will be <i>[REDACTED]</i>.
  9. - Don't be a big <link="https://pics.me.me/dear-liberals-despacito-32930418.png">penis</link>. Have some common sense. We are all here to have fun.
  10. - Admins have the final say, unless you can get a <b>GOOD</b> majority of the server to be on your side.
  11. - Teaming is allowed, unless it holds up the game.
  13. -----=====[MEDALS]=====-----
  14. When a server event is hosted, usually there is a reward to be had. That reward is a medal for you to wear. This medal is purely cosmetic and does not grant any additional advantages, gameplay wise. I can't guarantee how people will react to said medal.
  16. The maximum medals you can get is 5. Any past that and I might have to make more medals, which I don't feel like doing. I highly doubt people will reach 5 medals anyways.
  18. The medals cannot be given to $7+ donators or admins, so feel free to shove it in their easily angered faces. Sorry, admins. :(
  20. -----=====[DONATOR]=====-----
  21. I like money. Don't you love money? Well, let's share it! In all seriousness, if you like my server and want it to run smoothly, donating will help. You get <b>PERKS</b> and <b>CUSTOM TAGS!</b> Join the discord to get to my Paypal.
  23. $1 - <color=#EAB722>+1 Medal</color> ($2 - <color=#EAB722>+2 Medals</color>, etc.) (You can get medals for free by winning server events.)
  25. $5 - Custom Round of your choice! Anything goes, even if it's a bad idea.
  27. $7 - Custom tag. Tell me the name of the tag and color. You can also get one other person with you on the tag.
  29. -----=====[THE SERPENT'S HAND]=====----- <size=150%><b><color=#FF0000>{READ THIS! IT'S IMPORTANT}</color></b></size>
  30. One of, if not the first, custom roles in any server EVER to not replace any current roles and to be fully automated! The Serpent's Hand is tasked with helping SCPs win and killing everyone else in the process. The Serpent's Hand is a group bent on SCPs being free creatures roaming the world like any other animal. They spawn in as <color=#00FF00>Tutorial</color> and look like MTF from afar, so watch out.
  32. Thanks to <i>[REDACTED]</i> on the Smod2 Discord, we now have them spawn in like MTF or Chaos.
  33. <size=50%><i>Original author of the plug-in decided to stay anonymous.</i></size>
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