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Server Message

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  1. <size=150%>Welcome to <link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sZuN0xXWLc"><color=red>The Redd Room!</color></link></size>
  3. <color=#00A2FF><u><link="https://discord.gg/KPmaRMx">Join the Discord</u><size=50%>(<= click to join)</size></link></color> and read the rules to see how to get the <color=#00A2FF>"Discord Member"</color> role.
  5. <color=red><size=150%><b>--==={Rules}===--</b></size></color>
  6. <color=red><b>1.</b></color> <color=#88ff00><i>TOXICITY</i></color> is not welcome here. Being mean to someone who didn't deserve it is not nice. This includes bullying and mocking.
  7. <color=red><b>2.</b></color>  Do not say any racial/sexual slurs or harass others by their sex, race, or religion. These will result in <i><b><color=red>HARSH PUNISHMENT.</b></color></i>
  8. <color=red><b>3.</b></color>  Hacking/Modding is not tolerated and those who are caught will be <i><b><color=black>[DATA EXPUNGED]</color></b></i>.
  9. <color=red><b>4.</b></color>  <color=purple>Admins</color> have the final say. If you want to report an <color=purple>Admin</color> do so in the <color=blue>discord</color>. <size=50%>(link above)</size>
  10. <color=red><b>5.</b></color>  Attacking the server or other players in any way will result in <color=red><i>SEVERE PUNISHMENT</i></color>
  11. <color=red><b>6.</b></color>  Teaming is allowed, until it delays the game from ending. (You will be notified if you are.)
  12. <color=red><b>7.</b></color>  Team kill is not be tolerated. Since this is a modded server, some things don't always work right, so if you notice it's on, let any server staff know.
  13. <color=red><b>8.</b></color>  Do not disturb/interfere with an <color=purple>Administrator</color> while doing his/her job.
  14. <color=red><b>9.</b></color>  No mic spam in SCP/Dead Chat, Radio, or intercom. This includes music, soundboards, voice changers, and loud or weird noises. If loud enough, you will be asked to stop mic spamming entirely.
  15. <color=red><b>10.</b></color> Closing doors on teammates when no enemy is chasing you is a kickable offense. Don't be that asshole.
  16. <color=red><b>11.</b></color> Any exploiting with certain plugins or main game issues (Cause we know they will always exist in mass) will result in varied punishment depending on how severe it is. (Ex: Hiding your tag as SCP-035, Causing bloodstacks with 173 and 035, etc.)
  18. <color=red><b>12.</b></color>  If you skimmed this page, go back and READ it.  Failure to follow them is probably not gonna end well, cause X will have given it to you by then.
  20. <color=red><size=150%><b>--==={Server Modifications}===--</b></size></color>
  21. This server is modified with plugins. The ones currently in the server are as followed:
  22. <u>Stalky106</u> - SCP-106 has gained the ability to teleport to a random player by double clicking his portal button
  23. <u>SCP-035</u> - Fake items will spawn around the map and when one of these items are picked up, SCP-035 will take over the body of the poor soul who fell for his trick and rampage through the facility, guns blazing.
  24. <u>Remote Keycard</u> - We've made opening doors even easier. Now you don't need to hold out your keycard to open doors. Simply try pressing your interact key on a door with the right keycard in your inventory.
  25. <u>P.F.E.</u> - All you need to know is that SCP-173 is now a suicidal terrorist. :)
  26. <u>Better 096</u> - Quite possibly the biggest plugin on this list. This is a whole rework on how SCP-096 works so he is less punishing to innocent players. the basic gist is SCP-096 has a target list and you get added to the list by looking SCP-096's face. He won't stop raging until all of his current targets are dead. SCP-096 will also take damage if he doesn't kill his targets in time.
  27. <u>Lucky Coins</u> - D-class and Scientists spawn with coins that can be used in SCP-914 to get a random item.
  28. <u>Blink Fatigue</u> - If you look at SCP-173 for too long, you will notice your blinking speed gets slightly faster. Don't let him follow you for too long.
  29. <u>Better Sinkholes</u> - The sinkholes you see in Light Containment Zone now take you to the pocket dimension.
  30. <u>Better 939</u> - Makes SCP-939 not shit. He gains a speed boost, but loses it for a short period of time after biting someone so they have time to get away. He also becomes smaller and has an anger meter he builds by getting damages. The more it's filled, the more damage he does.
  31. <u>Disconnect Replacer</u> - When a player leaves the game or is kicked, a random spectator will be chosen to take their place.
  32. <u>Better 049</u> - SCP-049 gains the ability to instantly make zombies with any dead person in his "curing radius." Any person who dies by any reason, being SCP-049 himself or another SCP, they become a zombie. Zombies who are still alive help boost SCP-049's healing to himself and other SCPs in his curing radius.
  33. <u>SCP-575</u> - A new non-playable SCP. Every now and again, the lights will go out in LCZ and HCZ. These are one of the best times for SCPs to strike.
  34. <u>SCPSwap</u> - A short period after the round has started, SCPs can swap their roles so they get ones they actually want to play.
  35. <u>Text Chat</u> - Allows for players without microphones to still talk to others. It can be done by pressing your console key (~) and typing ".chat" followed by your message. You can also mute players with ".mute" followed by the player you want to mute. It works in a radius around the sender, over the intercom, and in spectator and SCP chat.
  39. Extras:
  40. Infinite Ammo
  41. SCP-049 can talk to players like SCP-939
  42. MTF and Chaos have new inventories
  43. Faster Elevators
  44. Infinite Radio Battery
  45. Auto-Nuke (15 Minutes)
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