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  1. Welcome to <color=red>The Redd Room!</color>
  3. Join the <color=blue><link="https://discord.gg/ekU73pa">discord!</link></color> <size=50%>Click the word "Discord" to join</size>
  5. -----=====[RULES]=====-----
  6. - Mic spam over the intercom is allowed, as long as it is not earrape.
  7. - If you do not wish to participate in a server event, tell me <color=red>(Reddking)</color> or an <color=purple>admin</color>.
  8. - Hacking is not tolerated. Hackers will be asked to stop. If they do not comply, they will be <i>[REDACTED]</i>.
  9. - Don't be a big <link="https://pics.me.me/dear-liberals-despacito-32930418.png">penis</link>. Have some common sense. We are all here to have fun.
  10. - Admins have the final say, unless you can get a <b>GOOD</b> majority of the server to be on your side.
  11. - Teaming is allowed, unless it holds up the game.
  14. *A new team called <color=#08FF00>Serpent's Hand</color> has been added and is tasked with helping <color=#FF0000>SCPs</color> and killing everyone else. <color=#FF9B00>D-Class</color>? The <color=#FF0000>SCPs</color> would've wanted them dead. Do it for them...
  15. *<color=#007100>CI</color> doesn't win with <color=#FF0000>SCPs</color>, as they already have a team they win with.
  16. *All <color=#007BF6>MTF</color> Squadrons spawn with a <color=#00B090>CI Spy</color>. They will be notified when they become a spy and all they have to do to be a good spy is shoot their MTF friends. They will lose their immunity when they do any damage to MTF.
  17. Class</color> and other <color=#007100>Chaos Insurgency</color> aren't able to kill the spy and vice versa.
  18. *<color=#FF9B00>D-Class</color> and <color=#E4E577>Scientists</color> spawn with coins that can be used in <color=#FF0000>SCP-914</color> and get keycards and possibly guns.
  19. *Randomized weapons on spawn for <color=#007BF6>MTF</color>, <color=#007100>CI</color>, <color=#B3B3B3>Facility Guard</color>, and <color=#08FF00>Serpent's Hand</color>.
  20. *<color=#FF0000>SCP-008</color>, the zombie plague. If you get hit by <color=#FF0000>SCP-049-2</color>, you will start losing HP. If you don't find a medkit before you die to the infection, you will become an instance of <color=#FF0000>SCP-008</color>.
  21. <b>And many more things!</b>
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