VoiceAnon Collection 2020

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  1. No clue if any links have been deleted or not.
  4. >Common Ero (Lewd) Japanese Phrases:
  5. >Anki deck dedicated to understanding Ero-audio:
  7. >Past ASMR uploads.
  10. Everything posted  from here to the dash line can be found here.
  13. <SFW + R15
  14. >RJ162364 Mimisen Ronbunya - Itachikko Senka Dreamy Night Tales
  17. In this audio, you can spend a relaxing night with a weasel loli. She'll clean your ears and talk your ears off with her sleepy voice. Very good sleeping aid thanks to her very sleep inducing voice.
  19. >RJ136105 The Rain Lover's Lullaby
  22. An ethereal girl from childhood gives comfort during the rainy season. Listen to the rain and enviornmental noises as you lay on her lap. Only you can see and hear her motherly voice as she spends time with you. Another great sleeping aid.
  24. >RJ157939 IyashiSister: Fumika
  27. This has you spending time with your older sister who's trying to get you to relax. Messages, nail clipping, ear cleaning and more. Also contains ear licking.
  29. >RJ167832 (耳かき・添い寝・子守唄)ロリ猫ちぇんのみみせんや 初見【とうほうや】
  31. Chen(Touhou) wants to spend the day with you. She very cheerful and energetic but will calm down when she wants to clean your ears to make you feel better. She then desides to take a nap with your before going about her day. Overall, it's a cheerful and comfy audio.
  33. >RJ227422 【耳かき・梵天】特別な君【癒やし】
  35. A comfy SoL audio with your tsundere sister.
  37. >RJ240875 [Project E.L.C] 【耳かき・吐息・バイノーラル】あの海でまた君と【オイルマッサージetc】
  39. Your female friend that you had feelings for transferred to another school. Several years later you happen to run into each other at the beach and you both spend the time catching up. This comfy audio has a ocean wave SFX to add to the atmosphere.
  41. >RJ247727 Sound Sleeping Ear Cleaning Voice nu-2
  44. Your yandere imouto has tapped into dark magic to serve you more proficently. She'll help you relax no matter how much her tentacles unnerve you.
  46. >RJ247787 【耳かき・ひんやり】あやかし郷愁譚 ~コロポックル パロポロ~【石狩鍋】
  48. Along your travels, you settle down at a temple in the mountains to avoid the winter cold. Here, a loli Koropokkuru (who's much larger than the rest of her tiny species) invites you in as her guest. She has no problem sharing her home and food with you. This is a relaxing healing audio.
  50. >RJ248657 【耳かき】しあわせびより!【マッサージ】
  52. A simple ear and body message audio. Over 2 hours long and relaxing. A usual for Project ELC.
  54. >RJ249579 The Sweet Imouto JK who Always Confuses her Brother [Dummy-head Binaural]
  57. "I'm going to be staying over at onichan's place, so I want to help relax you. We're siblings so it's ok to sleep together right? I'll do things that'll make onichan's heart race" This means her seductively sucking candy right next to your ear and being a complete tease. Ends with ear licking.
  60. <NSFW
  61. >RJ247935 Koyomi's First Love - Realistic Close Range Love [Hi-res binaural KU100]
  64. A very vanilla and romantic audio about your first love. Going over her first confession, first night sleeping together, sleeping together post marriage, and her announcing her pregnancy. You can't get more vanilla than this.
  66. >RJ089206 Younger Stepsister's Lips
  69. Your dere-dere step-sister wakes you up to give you a kiss. The audio centers heavily on deep kissing, saliva swaping, french kissing, and ending with you fingering your step sister. Definitely one of the better audios out there focused on kissing.
  71. >RJ099272 Mouth of the Maid 2: Onesan Maid's Sweet Sweet Fellatio
  74. A flawlessly dedicated maid services you with her hot mouth. For those who don't want much talking and only fellatio.
  76. >RJ123809 Whisper Series 6: Love is in the Ear
  79. Do you love the sound of someone talking so close to your ear you can feel their lips brushing against you? If this, then this audio is for you. It has you laying down with your sister who wants to shower you with love. Pecking you with kisses and teasing your ears.
  81. >RJ126927 Her Voice In The Ear - Romance With Imouto in the Futon
  84. A spinoff of the popular "Whisper Series" (No knowledge necessary to enjoy!). Voice actress Aito is the little sister who loves you, her big brother. Tonight you share a futon on a cold winter night snuggled tightly together while she whispers hot breaths in your ear and sensually licks them. She follows up with stroking down below while playing with your nipples. The final track ends with fellatio.
  86. >RJ126750 オナニー用ボイスドラマ ピンサロ牝サンタ達のおしゃぶりフルコース!
  88. This Christmas, you're spending the night with 4 escorts in a shop to judge with is the best. This audio's main kink is deepthroating. **There's this nice scene where a girl lays on her back while you throatfuck her. It sounds as vulgar as you think it would sound.**
  90. >RJ156532 Sperm Eater - Cum-based Food & Drink
  93. This tanned slave girl is only allowed to eat food with semen in it. She's forced repetitively to take it straight from the source. Some clients let her do all the work while some aren't as patient. Ends with her eating all the "food" she collected.
  95. >RJ173248 Cummy Angel Pure Milk Binaural Taunting From Behind
  98. An angel has come to grace you. But in reality she's here to bully you (sexually) from behind. Jerking you off and stopping right before you climax. Teasing your member with her feet and finishing you off with an onahole while telling you all the details of what it would be like if you were actually inside her instead of a toy. **There's a bonus audio where you turn the tables and fuck her senseless.** **She also sounds like Kitatana from Ueno-san wa Bukiyou.**
  100. >RJ193633 Feelings of a Doll
  103. By chance, you came across a site that sells cute girls you can have sex with. You order one like the ~~fool~~ brave man that you are and, surprisingly, you were treated to a beautiful woman to spend time with. This is vanilla audio that includes handjobs, blowjobs, and lots of nakadashi.
  105. >RJ196100 Vixen's Gentle Suckling Handjob
  108. One day, Japan is connected to a world of beast humans via a rift in time-space. In their land... there are not many males so... As part of policy to counter the dwindling birth rate a huge immigration project is implemented bringing into the country kemonomimi girls galore! An adult man without a romantic partner like yourself can just go to the local administrative center and register for a cute, of insemination age, girl to take home and have a happy sexy life with... and you've decided to do just that!
  110. >RJ219054 Vixen's Gentle Suckling Handjob!!
  113. The sequel to RJ196100 but now you got another fox girl so you can all live happily ever after.
  115. >RJ203352 カンペキ妹はエッチも優秀!?いっぱい甘えさせてあげるからねお兄ちゃん
  117. Your sister is crazy in love with you and wants your seed. Usually you have sex with a condom but this time she wants to have your child. This audio contains lots of kissing, kissing handjobs, nursing handjobs, and cowgirl sex.
  119. >RJ217553 Mature Dominatrix Makes You Descend To A Whore Boy
  122. You are enslaved and forced to take a training course to become a male sex-slave under the instructions of a mature dominatrix. For those who like femdom and mature voices.
  124. >RJ223900 Cumsuckery Driving School ~Female Instructor Compels You to Cum Again and Again~
  127. "I'll train your c*ck every time you make a driving mistake. Prepare yourself." Your voluptious female driving instructor is going to abuse your dick until you learn how to drive properly. You're going to be assalted with handjobs, thighjobs, paizuri, intense fellatio, and vibrators while you drive.
  129. >RJ227395 Just Pure Oral Action: Mashiro Kazahana 2
  132. Just as the title says. No words, all oral action.
  134. >RJ230327 (Paid-Dating) School Uniform Sex with Raccoon Dog Girl with Long Black Hair [Kasumi-san]
  137. You have a compensated date with a curvy highschool raccoon girl just so you can have crazy non-stop sex with her. **I don't think it's a coincidence that she looks like a raccoon version of Yumeko from Kakegurui**
  139. >RJ242526 Hypnotic ASMR - Match of Enchantment
  142. This is a hypnosis audio involving a match and plenty of lewd acts. This actually has a male/female version. As in there are tracks dedicated to pleasing a male/female audience. The blowjob audio, for example, would be male only.
  144. >RJ245300 Slutty Kunoichi's Double Seduction
  147. You are an amateur ninja who is captured by 2 super slutty kunoichi who are going to wring you dry. Contains reverse rape, kissing handjobs, nursing handjobs, paizuri, nipple torture, prostate abuse, and cowgirl.
  149. >RJ246501 [Binaural Recording] Sweet Sex with Your Brother-Complex Sister
  152. Your titty monster older sister has a bunch of passionate sex with you. Contains blowjobs, handjobs, paizuri, and cowgirl.
  154. >RJ247568 Clumsy Kunoichi's Mistaken Reverse "Night Crawling"
  157. You are a samurai living in ancient Japan. A kunoichi mistakes you for a legendary swordsman, and forces you to give her your 'legendary' seed. Thinking she's actually here to assassinate you. You're scared shitless as she takes advantage of you. Contains reverse rape, handjobs, footjobs, fellatio, paizuri fellatio, and cowgirl.
  159. >RJ247870 Romantic Sexual Treatment Life with Sisters
  162. Two run-away JK sisters stay at your house and help relieve your sexual tension every day as compensation. Later, they form romantic relationships with their home owner (you). It ends with you impregnating both of them.
  164. >RJ247871 [Hi-Res x KU 100 Binaural] Otherworldly Forest ~Wolf Sisters Make Your Ears Melt~
  167. You find yourself bathing in a hot spring with 2 wolf girl sisters. A petite loli and her hourglass older sister. Contains lots of ear licking, handjobs, and hotspring sex.
  169. >RJ248353 Secret Idol! Happy Prism - Kulumi Ichijo ~One Day in the Office~
  172. You are the "Chief" of the idol group [Happy Prism]. Due to your commitment to the job as a producer, and how you interact with the idols, they all like you and have been making advances. Coming in the office one day, you find lolita idol Kulumi Ichijo sleeping on a sofa. She wakes up and begins flirting with you. Realizing she had you all to herself, she takes things a step further. Contains kissing, fellatio, and nakadashi.
  174. >RJ248509 JK Twin Seduction ~ We'll Make Onichan Fall in Love in a Week
  177. The twin sisters "Kanata" and "Mirai" love onichan! But... onichan has been confessed to by another girl!? "Onichan is ours!" Thus begins a week of sensual seduction from these girls! Contains body messages, ear licking, double blowjob, cowgirl + breast feeding, and nakadashi.
  179. >RJ248553 リリーナ様の逆レイプショー
  181. In another world, a demon runs a show where she violates men on stage. Unluckily, you are summoned for this act this time. Now she's going to drain you for this live performance. Contains nipple play, ear licking, paizuri, vacuum ball sucking and fellatio, cowgirl and a soul sucking kiss to finish you off.
  183. >RJ248692 The New Assistant's Sweet Trap ~ Justice Falls in a Sweet Honey Trap
  186. You're a hero of justice who can't resist the slutty charms of your enemy. It turns out your dick is your only weakness. She wastes no time taming you with handjobs, sumata, kissing, and much more.
  188. >RJ248701 ちょっとヤンでる彼女と春休み
  190. This is a story about your childhood friend who got tired of not having you as her lover and has finally decided to make her move. This contains gentle and quiet sex.
  192. >RJ248720 Spoiled and Cumsqueezed in a World Where Men Are Scarce 04
  195. In a world where men are extremely scarce, a girl spoils you to get valuable sperm.
  196. When you listen to this voice drama, enjoy it by imagining yourself as a sexually retarded harem MC man.
  198. >RJ248926 Hな先輩チアガールたちに調教搾精されるお話♪~おち○ぽぴゅっぴゅしちゃおうね~
  200. 2 cheerleaders caught you peeping on them while changing. But they actually don't want to report you. In fact, they want to show you more. For those who want to be teased and pleasured by cheerleaders while they cheer through various sexual acts like nursing handjobs, sumata, or impregnation.
  202. >RJ248929 Impregnation Sex with Twin Succubi
  205. In your small village. Night after night, men are drained by succubi. Being the protag, you decide to take the battle to them and remove the semen demons. Surprising no one, you are captured by the twin succubi Amani and Azura. Of course, they rape you repetitively. Contains paizuri and impregnating reverse rape.
  207. >RJ248933 Perverted Loving Sex with Masochism Desiring JK
  210. >Kuura Shirakane is a student with a gloomy and timid demeanor. She's not good at communicating and doesn't have many friends. The two of you end up in the same class, and spend some time together. Turns out she's actually a huge masochist and has wanted you to make your move on her for a while. At first she confesses and makes her moves on you. As your relationship continues, she roleplays with you. Like pretending she's being raped by a random thug in the street. For those who want to see a desperate girl get violently dicked and like it. Contains eat licking handjobs, violent blowjobs, and (pretend) rape.
  212. >RJ248949 Pushy Fiancee - Please Let Me Take Care Of You
  215. One day, a young girl who you've never met before shows up at your door and says: "Sayaka came here to become Onii-san's wife!" It turns out your parents had decided on your marriage! She stays over at your house for just 1 day... Includes: messages, fellatio, paizuri, and cowgirl position.
  217. >RJ249026 Want to be the Spoiled Pet of a Succubus?
  220. A sweet but slightly devilish succubus takes you as her pet, and controls your sexual release! For those who want to be loyal and get pampered by a girl! Contains handjobs, fellatio, paizuri, and nakadashi.
  222. >RJ249857 ドスケベ星人の子作り逆レイプ♪
  224. **I'm not exactly sure what this is about. I think it's about an alien that's madly in love with you and is starting mating season? I'm not sure. Anyway it contains paizuri and impregnation.**
  228. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  232. <SFW and R15
  234. >RJ244024 【耳かき・お手玉】あやかし郷愁譚 ~送り雀 ひよ~【こもりうた】 4.68 GB
  235. While traveling deep into a bamboo forest in the mountains, you run into a young tengu girl picking oranges. You decide to join her and spend some time together. This is a SFW audio centered around healing the listener and also works as a sleeping aid.
  239. >RJ245402 The Ear Tuner ~ Lamp Meiji ~ 5.31 GB
  240. This SFW healing audio has you relaxing in a salon. You can expect brushing, ear messages, and oil messages.
  244. >RJ232585 sleeping together with droid c001 200.5 MB
  245. "Bedroid" comforts you both physically and mentally. Having her at your side makes your average day into special and gorgeous time to enjoy. A comfy R15 audio where you peacefully sleep with your romantic android.
  249. >RJ245106 弟大好きなおねえちゃんのこたつであまあま耳かき♪ 305.2 MB
  250. This is a soft spoken SFW ear cleaning audio made to help you sleep.
  254. >RJ244463 Our secretary ship earpick 278.3 MB
  255. A comfy SFW audio where Taihou from Azur Lane cleans your ears. This also doubles as a sleeping aid.
  259. <NSFW
  261. >RJ236800 Seed Milking MILF ~Jerk-off During Hospitalization~ 67 MB
  262. While hospitalized, a mature woman decides to pay you a visit because she knows how boring it must be staying there. But it seems she has her own way of cheering you up. This is for people who enjoy milfs, nursing handjobs, and more quiet, vanilla sex scenes.
  266. >RJ236801 Whimsical Imps catch and play with you as they please 1.40 GB
  267. You find yourself laying on the floor fading in and out of reality after being attacked from behind by 2 mysterious figures. Upon waking up, there are 2 young girls surrounding you and they give you an ultimatum. Play with them or be eaten. Will you be able to escape? This audio is for those who want to be sexually bullied by demonic lolis. Mainly consists of ear kissing/licking from both sides while being verbally assaulted.
  271. >RJ241162 お隣に引っ越してきた女子高生と夜通し朝までイチャラブするボイス 2.92 GB
  272. Recently a high school girl moved in next door. After flirting for a while, you go to visit her again at her home where she's eagerly waiting for you. This is a vanilla work with a variety of different kinks such as kissing handjobs, paizuri, sumata with black tights, and more.
  276. >RJ245290 リリムラピスのろりサキュバスにばぶみを感じて 2.98 GB
  277. This is a vanilla audio with a motherly, loli succubus (not sure if I would consider her a lolibaba). It's very gentle and vanilla like when **she headpats you while you rest your head on her lap**. Essentially she pampers you the whole audio. On a side note, they're selling a daki for the succubus in this audio.
  280. >RJ237552 内気彼女とイチャラブセックス~チアコスでどっぷり中出し~ 製品版 2.12 GB
  281. In highschool, this shy and clumsy girl you met 6 months ago calls you out to the gym warehouse. She's here to confess her feelings for you. Your lewd relationship begins from there as she becomes more and more ambitious as she waits for you to make your move to the point that she begs for you to fuck her.
  285. >RJ207266 [Ear Cleaning, Licking] Utakata No Yado -Moon Viewing in Autumn- [Binaural Healing] 1.37 GB
  286. In an inn located in the mountains, you're approached by a strangers and the two of you quickly hit it off. This is a relaxing NSFW audio focused on ear cleaning/licking. The "day" audios have ear cleaning and the "night" audios have ear licking.
  290. >RJ223101 Blonde's Angel Temptation 318.1 MB
  291. You teach Japanese to a foreign student girl "Iris" as her private tutor. One day, you promised her a reward upon a perfect score in her Japanese exam. Later on she brings her perfect test result and demands a "reward" from you... For those who like ENGRISH and pantyhose. **Don't blame me if the engrish makes you laugh.**
  295. >RJ229249 I'm afraid that you have become Erika's Blood and Semen Slave 617.4 MB
  296. You're very bored living the day-to-day life when something exciting finally happens. You wake up at the feet of a high ranking woman with an overwhelming, otherwordly presence. You've been isekai'd into another world and you've just become vampire princess Erika new blood slave. This is a femdom audio with lots of blood sucking, footjobs, handjobs, nipple teasing, face trampling, and more.
  300. >RJ229469 Tired daddy comes home and sleeps 155.9 MB
  301. Being a wageslave, the constant day to day grind for your paycheck has left you fatigued. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At home is something several times more cute than a wife, seventy times more erotic, and seven hundred times better at healing than a wife. It's your daughter! This father-daughter incest audio is for those who want something vanilla to go with incest.
  305. >RJ234970 Sex in Bed behind Wife's Back (With Your Daughter) 573.2 MB
  306. This revolves around you sleeping with your daughter every night while your wife is sleeping next to you. Handjobs, ear licking, kissing, and cowgirl nakadashi are the contents you can expect.
  310. >RJ237435 Whispering Succubus ~Ejaculation Control & Successive Ejaculation on the Sly~ 1.84 GB
  311. A sexy succubus onee-san is here to drain you with dangerously erotic whispering. An audio for those who enjoy lots of whispering and quiet sex.
  315. >RJ240465 Ear Soothing Fairy Brothel ~I will rape your ear for you~ Two Elves 1.25 GB
  316. The Ear Soothing Fairy Brothel... A world inside a dream. As you fall asleep, many fairies help you relax in your dreams. Today, you will be treated by a brown silver haired elf and a white brunette elf. This healing audio specializes in ear cleaning and ear licking from both sides.
  320. >RJ240607 Sweetly Lovely Babby Hypno ~Surrounded by Three Goddess Mamas~ 155.9 MB
  321. This hypnotic voice work has you visited by the Goddess Mama. She's going to pamper you to the point of becoming her baby. This light femdom audio is for those who want to be closely pampered by multiple women at the same time (the Goddess can make 3 versions of herself).
  325. >RJ240829 A rich licking of a perverted beautiful girls dolls and a word blame oneness 237.8 MB
  326. The Coming of Age Day of virginity has arrived. The government has sent you 2 androids for you to lose your virginity to. One voluptious bunny ears android with a gentle personality and a curvy catgirl with an emotionless personality. It's a vanilla 3-some audio with androids.
  330. >RJ241527 全身ぬるぬる人妻性感オイルマッサージ 【スタジオバイノーラル・立体音響効果音】 1.53 GB
  331. This is an adult audio about getting a full body oil message in a message parlor. She'll even give you a "secret service". Just relax and leave everything to her. This includes paizuri, suamata, and nakadashi.
  335. >RJ244080 What If A Beautiful Nun Was Your Lover 3.00 GB
  336. You find yourself helping out a nun often at her church. Over time the relationship between you grew more and more. Now she pays you various favors for helping her out. This is a vanilla audio for those who like cute nuns.
  340. >RJ244469 The Sisters Who Used to Live Next Door_ Intense Inseminating Intercourse 10 Years On 1.48 GB
  341. Reunited with childhood friends (both who happen to be sisters) after 10 years. They've held feelings for you for all those years. This is a wild 3-some audio with earlicking, fellatio, paizuri, and impregnating sex.
  345. >RJ244621 My Older Sister's Friend is a Lewd Tutor 404.0 MB
  346. Your sister goes on a trip to collect materials for a thesis project at school. However you are behind on your school work and your sister has her friend tutor you. Little did she know, her friend had other things she wanted to teach you. In this audio you can expect lots of handjobs, ear licking, and blowjobs.
  350. >RJ245055 Academy healing club - Teacher and I, the libretto club activity ~ 2.20 GB
  351. In the Healing Club there are no memebers for this student to practice who techniques on. So she asks a teacher (you) if you can be her test dummy. Things start off normal with techniques such as a back massage. Then a ear message. Then it turned into ear biting, and things go south from there.
  355. >RJ239867 Your junior takes you to a secret room and forces you to impregnate her 106.3 MB
  356. You have a junior classmate who seems pretty introverted, but when you get together in a secret room, she turns into a demon that wants your fertile seed faster than you can give it! A simple binaural recording made for those people who don't care about all the story and lead up to the big twist, and just want to get their rocks off.
  360. >RJ240635 Kleptomania2 -Little Sister Steals Her Big Brother's Girlfriend- 251.5 MB
  361. You and your sister are very popular around school. One day you're confessed to by a junior and both of your hit it off pretty easily. You have a very good relationship after a while and she has also become great friends with your sister. However, you notice over time that your girlfriend is hanging out with your sister more often than you. Turns out she's actually cheating on you with your sister. She stole her first kiss and they've been going at it all over the place. You've been cucked. **An audio dedicated to Yuri-cuck. Please enjoy.**
  366. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  369. >RJ236798 時間を止めて逆レイプ 〜今からお兄さんは私のダッチワイフです〜
  370. A mysterious woman with time stopping powers likes having her way with men and causing all sorts of trouble. Today, you and your sister are her victims. She plans on having her way with you and forcing you to fuck your sister.
  374. >RJ240373 口づけは夜明けの前に~首筋で、吸血鬼はくすりと笑う~
  375. On your way home from work you hear an alluring voice coming from an alley way. Despite sensing danger, you proceed with caution. This is an audio about a tired man and a loli vampire.
  379. >RJ241342 You Have a Young Wife ~Syrupy Lovey-dovey Life with Busty Wife~
  380. After a long day of exhausting work, you come home to be immediately greeted by your loving oppai loli wife. This is a vanilla audio focused on loving a dedicated oppai loli.
  384. >RJ150318 Sexy Times with the Sage Loli-baba Fox
  385. A fox goddess awakens from her long sleep. In catching up on modern life, she stays with you rent-free for a while. That kindness has not gone unnoticed. You can be pampered by her cute voice as repayment.
  389. >RJ218321 Soft indecency petite ~Cat Girl's Sticky Sweet Grooming~
  390. This adult healing audio has you being groomed by a catgirl lolibaba.
  394. >RJ228182 C*ck-Loving! Fellatio Jerk-Off Maid
  395. Blowjob exclusive audio from your personal maid. It begins with a small talk, a morning wake-up blowjob, followed by one that puts you to sleep. This and the next 2 audios are very simular but with different characters. This one being a young woman.
  398. >RJ234691 C*ck-Loving!! Dolly Maid
  399. Same as RJ228182 but with a loli maid this time.
  402. >RJ238403 Chi Po love you !! Horny mama maid
  403. Same as RJ228182 but with a milf this time. Though she gives paizuri during the blowjob.
  407. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  410. >RJ237621 耳穴開発♪奥までぐっぽり耳舐めで幸せに包まれる甘々癒されエッチ【バイノーラル】
  413. This is a ear licking focused audio where your girlfriend lovingly teases your ears. It starts off slow and gentle and proceeds to become more violent and lewd as the audio goes on.
  415. >RJ239372 【ハイレゾ×バイノーラル】お兄ちゃん知ってる? 射精管理って死ぬほど気持ちいいんだよ?
  418. Stressed out from work, your imouto goes out of her way to comfort you. Best way to do this is by pampering you and forcing you to climax as much as possible. It's a vanilla loli audio focusing on ear licking, fellatio, whispering and continuous ejaculations.  
  420. >RJ240014 ささやき庵 添い寝屋本舗 萌菜 伍【バイノーラル癒やし音声】 (SFW)
  423. Fatiqued, you find yourself resting in an inn where you'll be healed. This comfy SFW audio is a little risky but relaxing.
  425. >RJ240017 M for Masquerade 咲可惜夜の花
  428. Women become so numerous in the world that they take over every position of power and have made it law that women stay on top and dominate men. Now men are abducted at random and made slaves for women as all human rights for men have been removed. You, a member of the resistance, are captured due to false intel. Now you're being interrigated **sexuall of course** by a seasoned officer and her new recruit. This femdom audio contains kissing, handjobs, sumata, paizuri, and more.
  430. >RJ238144 甘孕おねえちゃんのつゆだく子作りにっき【バイノーラル】
  433. It's Shota's (you) birthday and his onee-chan said he could request anything. He requested a baby so now she's gladly willing to teach him how to make one. This /ss/ audio contains fellatio, paizuri, nursing handjobs, and lots of nakadashi.
  435. >RJ239044 双子姉妹メイドのふでおろし【バイノーラル】
  438. You hire twin maids profecient in the art of lewd to teach you many sexual techniques. They be doing all the work for you this time around. This audio contains kissing, nipple teasing, footjobs, deepthroating, cowgirl position and sumata.
  440. >RJ239285 孕ませ風俗 子作りの宿 壱
  443. In this special inn the women here are, for various reasons, hellbent on getting pregnant. This is a very lovey dovey audio about impregnating two women.
  445. >RJ238837 メイドデリバリーサービス『メイドハンドヘブン』梨乃愛&玲乃愛編
  448. It's Christmas and your present is your maids treating you to a long night of "healing". These twins intend to lovingly assault both of your ears and your body. A vanilla 3some experience.
  450. >RJ239211 生意気な妹は発情子作りする時でさえもやっぱりナマイキだ EXTRA
  453. This is a sequel to RJ187830 where you have crazy sex and impregnate your sister after getting revenge on her by replacing her DVDs with pornos. **It's very good.** This takes place before the time skip at the end of the last scenerio where you have sex while she's pregnant. In this your horny sister catches you masturbating and plans on finishing the job herself. Contains tons of different positions, lots of whipsering, **prostate messages** and nakadashi everytime.
  455. Older works.
  457. >RJ239144 VSレベルドレインサキュバス~勇者くんのレベル、ぜ~んぶ飲み干してあげる♪~
  460. As an adventurer, you were on a quest to find a rare item in some ruins to save a girl. However, no matter how hard you look you can't seem to find it. Just as you're about to give up, you encounter a succubus who happens to have the very object you're looking for. Her bargain? Just let her drain a few levels from you. Just a few... **What would happen if you went below level 1?** This audio contains forced paizuri, reverse rape, handjobs, and nakadashi of course.
  462. >RJ238428 Koi Maid -Shion Minase- Syrupy Life with Your Service-minded Maid
  465. This story revolves around you getting closer to your personal maid that you've known since your childhood and has grown up with you. As you two grow together, you've been considering having a serious relationship with her. This vanilla audio contains messages, kissing, whispering, paizuri and **sex in the missionary position while holding hands**.
  467. >RJ239448 [Together in Onsen] Michikusaya Tabirako 4 - Prevent Cold with Warmy! [Tooth Brushing]
  470. A very relaxing audio where you spend a day at an inn. It has plenty of enviornmental sounds to really immerse you in the audio. For this circle, it's also one of their first R18 works which happens at the end. Despite being non-H for the most part, these works always get very high ratings. This one is no exception.
  472. >RJ239669 Spending a holiday with onee-chan while she hugs you and satisfies your every whim
  475. Title explains most of it. This audio is a large mix of quiet, lovey dovey whispers while holding each other close and comfy sections where she cleans around the place and cooks for you. It also contains a nice bathing scenerio. This turbo vanilla work contains lots of kissing and sex while hugging.
  477. >RJ239740 Minoru # 3 Mishima Zuri [Binaural Earpick] (SFW)
  480. This is a SFW ear cleaning audio where a cute girl with a warm and timid speech pattern cleans your ear for the "Ear Research Club".
  482. >RJ237761 Kansai dialect loves her ecchi and earpick
  485. Your girlfriend with a kansai accent (JP version of a country accent) loves violating your ears and having sweaty sex during the hot summer. This contains ear licking, handjobs, and crazy sex.
  487. >RJ238232 Kindhearted Yet Sensual Nurses' Oneshota Cum Sampling!
  490. In this world, men aren't born naturally any more. For this reason, sperm is a precious resource. Therefor, it's a man's (in this case, a boy's) job to donate to the sperm bank whenever possible. In this audio, shota will have his sperm extracted by nurses and women who want it straight from the source. Contains /ss/, reverse rape, sumata, and nakadashi.
  492. >RJ212599 [Binaural Audio] MonAne -When I fell from Exhaustion in the Elven Forest-
  495. This is the romantic story of a man forced out his village and finding his way to an elf's home. While most elves are afraid of humans, this one isn't and tends to his aches and sores. Their relationship begins there. This healing audio contains fellatio, and outdoor sex.
  497. >RJ236073 Mary drives you to cum over again and again
  500. This femdom audio is about an urban legend where a loli mysteriously ambushes lolicons and bullies them into submission. This contains reverse rape and oral assault.
  502. >RJ236212 Malicious Kouhai-chan's Seductive Baby Talk
  505. After school you're practicing swimming in the pool to prep for the next swimming competition. Right before you leave, a young woman in a swimsuit calls out to you. Was she there the whole time and what does she want from you? This audio contains nursing handjobs, sumata, and virginity removing sex.
  507. >RJ236356 Turquoise -Business Travel Healing Specialist Shop- Part 2 (SFW)
  510. A sequel to the SFW audio where a scylla monster girl cleans your ears. This time she messages you all over and washes your hair and body.
  512. >RJ238959 Sleep Violation Maestro
  515. This whole audio revolves around dicking a loli in her sleep **except that part where she's pretending to sleep.**
  517. >RJ219158 Seseragi~A Moment of Comfort with the Ryokan's Motherly Hostess~
  520. The kind hostess mother is here to provide you the comfort you desire. For those who want to be pampered by an ara. Contains ear cleaning, ear licking, breast milk baths, nursing handjobs, and a sleeping scene.
  522. >RJ223185 [Binaural] Futaonyako - Plays in the Absence of Parents
  525. On your business to investigate local customs, you get your limbs paralyzed due to a local disease so you temporarily stay at a villagers' house. There, twin sisters take care of you. When their parents go out shopping at night, however, the sisters sneak into your room with their eyes glinting in curiosity. This twin loli (or oppai loli going by the image) audio features ear cleaning and unspecified lewd antics.
  527. >RJ199758 Girlfriend Sleeping Breath Sounds
  530. Your sweetheart sleeps next to you peacefully. No dialoge, no lewd, only peaceful sleep. For those who don't care for dialoge and only want to hear the sounds of a cute girl sleeping next to you which makes it a nice sleeping aid.
  532. >RJ227792 【朗報】悪の侵略組織の協力者になったら『敗北ヒロインをチ〇ポで堕とせる権』を貰えた! 配送の品【守護龍公女ライカ(未屈服、反抗対策済み)】.
  535. A heroic monster girl is captured by an evil oranization, hypnotized into loving dick, and sold off to you. She realizes she's being hypnotized into doing lewd things and knows you can free her. Now will you free her or have some fun first? This contains fellatio, continuous climaxing, "rape" and lots of begging.
  537. >RJ124658 You're not going to sleep until you cum 10 times ~Succubus continuously sucks your dick clean even while you ejaculate~
  540. This succubus won't let you go to sleep until you ejaculate 10 times for her. She won't stop moving even when you ejaculate and there are no brakes until it's done. This audio contains paizuri, blowjobs, handjobs, and ear licking sex.
  543. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  546. >[ya-ho-games] (RJ194543) 癒し系専属ナースの七海さん六海さんに愛されちゃうバイノーラル (野上菜月)(愛枝今日子)(紅葉美兎) 2.01 GB
  549. This audio has you go through various erotic situations with nurses. Very vanilla and good.
  551. >RJ208445 癒し系専属ナースの愛華さんといのりママにヤキモチ&愛されちゃうバイノーラル 1.65 GB
  554. Another audio where you go through various situations with nurses. Same as above but with more Christmas Cakes.
  556. >RJ214548 Excessive Love Service 2 -Mushroom Oneesan Leads You To Bliss- 3.30 GB
  559. "A mushroom monster girl who suddenly appears in your room, sweetly and
  560. loosely dominating you as her seeding bed in this 3D audio effect work." **This does not mean she will fuse with you and transform into some humanoid fungi monstrosity.**
  562. >RJ216267 Sweet and gentle succubus of sweet home 248.8 MB
  565. "A benevolent woman with maternal instinct & lead succubus cumsqueeze you
  566. in a variety of methods in this audio voice drama."
  568. >RJ220980 迷える子羊の道しるべ ~あなたの悩み、すべて受け止めます〜 2.48 GB
  571. The usual priest you make confessions to at church is one day replaced with a beautiful nun. You take this moment to confess your sexual frustrations. This audio is a vanilla nun audio.
  573. >RJ223680 Lovey-Dovey Whispers - Shotgun Wedding with a Virgin Slut 1.74 GB
  576. "She looks like a gal, but not in heart. This is a story of a love between a virgin slut who is diligent and steady, Maki Onodera and a kind-hearted teacher (you) who often gets in panic." This contains **kissing and slow sex in the missionary position.**
  578. >RJ224008 Uninvited Motherly Succubus Will Do Anything 1.01 GB
  581. "Want naughty things done by a full-bosomed and fascinating succubus? Want to lie on her lap, be hugged tightly, and be spoiled by her? Have you had these kinds of desires?" In this audio you get to have your way with a motherly, meaty, succubus cake.
  583. >(1) RJ218148 Mother and Daughter of an Inn Pampers You in a Lovey-Dovey Mood 294.4 MB
  586. "A fapsupport voice drama where bursting busty mother and daughter of an inn lick your ears and pamper you in a lovey-dovey mood."
  588. >(2) [RJ204458][妄想研究所] しっかり者の妹と過ごす性的な一ヶ月 つづき 1.04 GB
  589. **SFW prequel can be found here.**
  591. This is a "What if" R-18 scenerio of another audio where you date your sister. However you don't need to listen to that to get into this one. Besides it being incest, it's very vanilla.
  593. >(7) RJ232455 Turquoise -Business Travel Healing Specialist Shop- 170. MB
  596. In this relaxing, SFW audio. You go to a monster girl message establishment and get a message from a scylla. This one is pretty easy to fall to sleep.
  599. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  602. <SFW:
  604. >RJ148865 A Voice to Relax Before Bed - Four Seasons
  606. This one contains 4 audios in 1. It's an ear cleaning focused audio made to put you to sleep. Very relaxing.
  608. >RJ178707 [Ear Cleaning  Massage] The Room Where Time Flows
  610. Your cute little sister sleeps besides you and cleans your ears. It's sweet and pretty easy to fall to sleep to.
  612. >RJ212019 【Earpicks Massage etc】 Taking a maid!
  614. You, the master of this mansion, are lucky enough to have 3 faithful maids lovingly take care of you. It's a comfy harem experience filled with ear cleaning, messages, and gentle whispering.
  616. >RJ212905 【Earpick and Message】 Deep love
  618. A middle aged women with a seductive personality pampers you. This one includes ear cleaning and an oil message.
  620. >RJ180495  [Nostalgia & Ghost Stories] Michikusaya - Seri Memories [Ear Cleaning]
  622. You rest up at an inn and are treated to a nice message experience. This audio contains 2 parts, morning and evening. The morning one is mainly relaxing ear cleaning while the evening one tells you ghost stories. While it's SFW, there are times you wish it wasn't. This one is pretty popular in the Voice Threads on **4/h/**.
  624. >RJ217333 Sound Sleeping Ear Cleaning Voice Zeta
  626. This one is actually a yuri love story between teacher and student. This one has the listener in the seat of the student.
  629. <NSFW:
  631. >RJ16766 Hypnosis Voice - Honeybell
  633. "You are cordially invited to a world of hypnosis with various soothing sounds and oil massage. The maid serves her master (the listener) with careful actions that stimulate audiosensory pleasure.". This one was very good from what I remember. Something about her hitting that bell while riding you like crazy and giving you commands made me paint the wall white. It's also popular in the Voice Threads among hypnosis fans.
  635. >RJ164342 MonAne -Night of the Cumcoax Demon-
  637. A lilith visits you at night to feed on your libido. This is a non-life threatening succubus visit. This audio contains many different scenarios and is all around great.
  639. >RJ166713 She's F*cking Crazy
  641. A crazy women tazes you, ties you up, and proceeds to rape you via cowgirl and fellatio. I find myself coming back to listen to this one every once in a while.
  643. >RJ189738 Sweet Revenge ~I'm going to retaliate... That's OK right~
  645. Your niece gets "revenge" for molesting her in her sleep. She does to you what you did to her twice fold. This audio mainly focuses on handjobs and fellatio.
  647. >RJ204574 Lovey-Dovey Whispering Life With Your Little Sister Mama
  649. Your loli imouto pampers you like she's your mom. Very lovey-dovey and vanilla loli material.
  651. >RJ180642 Blowjob the DEEP!! Kougeki #07 Loli BBA Hiruko
  653. After dying in a blizzard, your spirit is transported to a mansion where you'll be taken care of a loli-baba that speaks in an old japanese dialect. This is a fellatio only audio and still one of my favorite ero-audios in general. Slow/fast blowjobs, deep throating, face fucking, and more.
  655. >RJ187830 Feisty little sister is feistiest when she's horny
  657. You play a prank on your sister by switching one of her DVDs with a porno. Turns out she now wants you to do the same things in the video with her now. Even to point of begging for sex. You end up fucking around the house for ages on end. **Even having sex while she's pregnant at the end**.
  659. >RJ185254 Straight-Laced Sensei and Overbearing Oshiego
  661. Over years, you've loved your female homeroom teacher. After many requests you slowly break down her defenses and start living together with her. **Even taking her virginity**. Very good vanilla audio for those who love cakes.
  663. >RJ208583 Boyish Hyper Oral Strikes
  665. You meet a tomboy at an arcade and you start going on dates after meeting so many times. She likes that you actually treat her like a girl and wants to treat you to something. As the title implies, it's a blowjob focused audio and a really good one at that.
  667. >RJ222405 Little Lamia Girl! Monster Musume 08
  669. "You were chosen as a sacrifice to a mountain god. As a result, you repeatedly spend lewd and lubricious nights with the little serpent goddess..." This one I find myself going back to listen to every once in a while. It may start off seemingly vanilla **but she ends up constantly raping you. Coiling around you tightly and injecting you with venom that makes you more lustful. She then crushes your bones with her tail and ends up eating you.** Good monster girl femdom audio.
  671. >RJ223490 Feel free to borrow my body as your onahole
  673. Your mother catches you masturbating and decides that it would be more useful to use her as your personal onahole. For those who like /ss/. One of the few audios that actually have sumata as well as paizuri.
  675. >RJ233434 [Seduction] Until the hero corrupts by succubus sisters' sexual domination [Binaural]
  677. "You are the hero journeying to save the world.
  678. One night, when you take a rest in an inn...... Succubus sisters come to assault you. It is too late to resist when you come to realize that it's a dangerous situation... You get captivated by the big sister's kiss and start to want the pleasure they give as they put a special candy in your mouth..."
  680. >RJ232664 Arachne's Constrained Breastfeeding Education
  682. "A hero is separated from his party while venturing a cave where an Arachne lives. When he is in the depths of despair losing his food and light, he hears a bewitching voice. As he goes towards the Arachne, he is unknowing captured by her web and is brought back to her nest..."
  684. >RJ230850 Hold Back Against the Three Sisters' Technique and We'll Let You Enjoy Creampie Sex!
  686. "You will be teased one-sidedly by three girls. If you cum three times, you lose and have to leave immediately. If you win, you will earn the right to enjoy creampie sex."
  688. >RJ229225 Let's Kiss♪
  690. This audio has you teased and kissed all over by an older woman. Very vanilla and 90% of the content is kissing.
  692. >RJ215073 Christmas Special!! Your Melty Maid Marino! She'll Love and Pamper Lonely Master!!
  694. You and your maid grew up together and she loves dedicating her life to pampering you. She knows every little thing you love and likes to tease you as well. Another vanilla ero-audio.
  696. >RJ207014 Healing Lodge of the Phantasmic Village -Suzuka- [Hi-res]
  698. Wondering back from work, you encounter an inn you're never seen before despite taking that path many times. When you enter, you are ecountered by Suzuka who vows to heal your tired body. This audio is very relaxing while still not being SFW. This one is pretty popular in the Voice Threads as well.
  700. >RJ224082 My Big Sis Is a Little Bit Mean and Preg-Seeking
  702. "Your big sis is a little bit mean but generous and sexy at the same time. One day, when getting aroused towards her, you are caught masturbating. Since she has loved you soooo long, she takes advantage of this chance to push you into ecchi for getting pregnant."
  704. >RJ190794 Beautifully Blooming Rainbow Roses ~ Feathers of Jade ~ [Binaural]
  706. In a world where men of high stature can be polygamous, you marry multiple women and live a happy life. This one contains 3 different works and it's one of the most downloaded voice works on DLsite, and for good reason. This is one I would recommend to people who are new and have listened to plenty of ero-audio.
  708. >RJ219554 Pillow Talk ~Maternal Cumsuckery 01~ [Momccubus 01]
  710. Your mother is constantly having sex with you as if she's a succubus. Before she demanded handjobs but now it's full intercourse. Another /ss/ audio featuring older women.
  712. >RJ151209 (VL0153) Vermillion Effect
  714. A vanilla experience with your vampire lover. Despite the small description, it's pretty God tier. I would also recommend this to anyone.
  718. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  721. >RJ256174 スライムメイドアマアマイチャイチャトロトロジュルジュルプレイ
  723. In this you enjoy a few sexual acts with your slimegirl maid. What makes this one interesting is that she sometimes transforms herself for certain acts. There are also times when she loses focus and her hips loosen up and she can't keep solid due to pleasure. They use different sound effects too to make it pretty obvious which is nice. There are also cases when she smothers you and it sounds like you're underwater which is a nice touch. It's a good simegirl audio which some appropriate SFX to really make it stick out. I hope Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise uses more SFX in their works.
  725. >RJ256372 発情アルティメイタム
  727. A stuck up schoolgirl ends up getting a whiff of an "aphrodisiac". Despite saying she's fine, her face starts becoming more and more red and flustered until she breaks down. This is an fellatio only audio like many works under T.F.S and it doesn't disappoint. Hearing her frantically trying to swallowing your dick and deepthroating you at random made this hard to finish in 1 go. Especially hearing her gleefully swallow all your semen without reeling back. Definitely a great blowjob audio with only a few words.
  729. >RJ263590 吸血安眠?~スイの愛しの旦那様~
  731. A vampire bat monster girl sneaks into your room at night after deciding you'll be a suitable partner for her. This R-15 audio mainly contains kissing and bloodsucking while cuddling. It also includes a heartbeat audio at the end making it a nice sleeping aid audio. I definitely enjoyed this one.
  733. >RJ265368 けもちち~ロリ爆乳種付交尾録~
  735. In this village, it's a custom to be milked dry by kemonomimi oppai lolis via paizuri. This audio is dedicated to paizuri and barely has anything else. Though there is a rimjob paizuri scene as well.
  737. >RJ237824 彼女の隣でギャルビッチ皐月ちゃんに犯されちゃう! (一之瀬りと)
  739. While you and your girlfriend sleep for sickness in the sickbay, a slutty gyaru named
  740. Satsuki-chan comes in, sneaks into your bed and starts sexually assaulting you. You can expect paizuri, anal, earlicking, whispering, and stealth fucking right next to your girlfriend without her even noticing **you cheating bastard**.
  742. >RJ167152 Little Queen 葵~カウントダウン寸止め責め~
  744. A loli teases you, bullies you, and manages your orgasms. She has a very cute voice and doesn't talk like your average anime loli. Not good for those who understand moon, but great if you do as you can follow her instructions. It also comes with a program to customize her orders or randomize them. For those who like loli femdom, edging, and countdowns.
  746. >RJ224036 へべれけ彼女 -酔った彼女は積極的に甘えてくる-
  748. You get a phone call from a female friend who said she's coming over. She arrives completely wasted and begins to make advances toward you. It's a cute and friendly audio that leads to drunken sex.
  750. >RJ225657 自堕落的セックス三昧 音声
  752. This is a casual sex experience with a loli while going about your daily life together. You both have sex in various places all over the house like the entrance, kitchen, toilet, sofa, etc.
  754. >RJ235476 依存性セックス事情 音声
  756. The sequel to RJ225657. Now with more positions and different areas. Fucking on the window, in the bathroom, on the sofa (again), and in the bed with the lights off. The loli is only getting lewder.
  758. >RJ235431 【京都弁ASMR】あやかし亭~綾~【耳かき、耳舐め】
  760. You are a weary man who's constalty worn out and lacking energy due to being weighed down by evil spirits. In a certain in, there's a demon who is known to feast on these evil spirits so you go to pay it a visit. There, you are greeted by an attractive woman with horns. She will be the one performing the ritual of removing said spirits. This audio has a lot going for it. Starting with with earlicking, deep kissing, and sharing her liquor with you via mouth-to-mouth. Then it goes to the bath scene where she washes your hair and body, only to finish you with a handjob. Then it finishes with cowgirl sex. Lots of pampering, whispering, and some foreplay. **Reminds me of Shuten Douji from Fate/Grand Order.**
  762. >RJ239666 雪夜さんと交際
  764. In this epic, a dark elf has been betrayed and emotionally wounded. She will be cold and distant at first, but will you two will grow closer together as the both of you spend more time with each other through the year. This one is audio is separated by seasons with appropriate enviornmental audio to support it like walking through snow/leaves and hearing rain in the background. This audio contains mimikaki, intercrural sex play involving lotion, paizuri, and lovey dovey intercourse.
  766. >RJ243899 機械人形の運試しフェラチオフルコース ランダムオナサポゲーム
  768. This is a fellatio-only audio consisting of an android doing the business. This one is separated into difficulty modes. Stage one is a bunch of light stuff like a slow blowjob and kissing your "head". According to the instructions, you "shouldn't" orgasm from this. Stage 2 is what you would expect from your average blowjob only audio. Consisting of a sloppy blowjob and some vacuum blowjob. You're only allowed to stop masturbating for 3 seconds. Stage 3 is hard mode. Tons of saliva combined with deepthroating, violent piston like sucking, and a intense vacuum blowjob. Most don't finish this one from beginning to end. No stopping is allowed. For those who want a fellatio audio with few words and some variety to sausage eating.
  770. >RJ252607 Dream in Succubus ~サキュバスの少女にやさしく搾り殺される夢~
  772. As if in a dream, a petite loli succubus visits you in the dark of night. She's here to make killing you as pleasant as possible. You will die by the end of this, but it will be that of a gentle one. A reverse rape audio for those who want to die getting passionately milked to death by a loli succubus.
  774. >RJ252657 【バイノーラル】耳舐め専門風俗店5Pコース~少女の声で溶かしてあげる♪~ (mp3)
  776. In this special shops you have 4 beautiful women lick and suck on you all over. For those who want to enjoy tons of earlicking from multiple women with no words to interrupt.
  778. >RJ254421 サキュバス姉妹のWエロ攻撃に翻弄されちゃおう♪
  780. 2 succubi sisters assault a shota from both sides in this /ss/ audio. First by forcing aphrodisiac saliva down his throat through a kiss and then continuously milking him in various ways such as handjobs, paizuri, and other lewd acts.
  782. >RJ254433 教え子JKの逆転性教育!
  784. You're a teacher tutoring 2 JKs after school. One event leads to another and they discover that you're a virgin. Now they want to tutor you on the subject of sex-ed. You can expect double earlicking, handjobs, blowjobs, nipple torture, raw sex, and lots of bullying from these 2.
  786. >RJ256083 【KU100】姉妹 to H ~溺愛お姉ちゃんと生意気妹のお兄ちゃんサポート~
  788. "You have an older sister who almost loves you way too much, and a younger sister who is cocky and always teases you. The two of them discover your perverted secret and... You end up spending a very special night with them." From here on you can expect handjobs, fellatio/deepthroating, penis kissing, thigh-jobs, and raw sex in this incest audio.
  790. >RJ257641 【耳かき・踏み踏み】あやかし郷愁譚 ~あかしゃぐま すみ~【蒸しタオル】
  792. Sumi is a spirit who brings protection and good fortune to your home. Over time, she even became your wife. This is a SFW, healing slice of life audio with some earcleaning. **It is the same smug loli from Monobeno.**
  794. >RJ258028 【ハイレゾ×KU100】甘々下僕と意地悪姫~貴方を取り合い両耳囁き密着えっち~【ボリュームたっぷり2時間40分】
  796. Being the prince of a powerful country, a neighboring country sends you their princess and subordinate to be your playthings. Princess Sora is a mean spirited girl who always demands your attention while her subordinate, Chika, just wants to be spoiled by you. This contains a large range of stuff as it's nearly 3 hours long. Princess Sora is a mean spirit and likes it rough while Chika wants to be more lovey-dovey. This includes earlicking, paizuri, fellatio, lots of nakadashi, and more.
  798. >RJ258109 うち…お兄ちゃんのこと、ばり好いとーよ!4~海水浴で、いとこの水着姿にドキドキしちゃった件~完全版
  800. "You decide to go to the beach together with your cousin, who has a hakata dialect, on your day off. She puts on a risque bathing suit and asks you to put lotion on her, while the two of you enjoy naughty time together at the beach! After enjoying the beach, you head to a hot springs inn to stay the night. She will put her all into servicing you as always, but she has a confession to make..." You can expect ear licking, anal, breast feeding, milking, kissing, paizuri, hanjobs, nipple licking, and more.
  802. >RJ258173 【ハイレゾ×KU100バイノーラル】耳かきリフレ『春乃撫子』へようこそ~ダブルご奉仕で、旦那様を幸せにします♪ (MP3)
  804. You're getting gently treated by 2 loli therapists who clean your ears and end with a "Happy Ending". The earcleaning/licking here is pretty high quality. You can easily fall asleep if you're not careful and the ear licking has a good chance to give you spin tingling sensation if you're not used to this stuff. So it's good as a sleep aid and those who like lolis.
  806. >RJ258244 メドゥーサのメメ子【バイノーラル】
  808. One day, you wandered into a cave and heard a strange voice asking for help. Though reluctant, you follow the voice and encounter a statue. After following the voice's instructions, you foolishly released a loli monster named Medusa who has the power to to people into stone with her gaze. This is actually a pretty comedic audio with nothing serious or life threatening in it.  Like how she begs for you to help her when you start thinking about walking away from her mysterious voice when she's pretrified. Medusa-chan will petrify most of your body and have her way with you. It actually ends with her wanting to live together with you. Constains petrification, fellatio, ear licking while she teases your member with her finger, countdowns, footjobs, nipple torture, kissing while riding you cowgirl, nakadashi, and sleep breathing in the end.
  810. >RJ258282 【耳かき・泥エステ】あやかし郷愁譚 ~七面頬 なな~【早口言葉】 MP3
  812. "In a small mountain village in Shikoku, humans and spirits live together. There is a terrifying spirit named Nanatsura that you give the cute nickname "Nana", and she loves you for that kindness. Not enough to destroy your house and rip you from your family, of course. But to show her appreciation, she relaxes you by cleaning your ears, and her favorite, whispering quickly into your ear." I hope you are proficient in your moon.
  814. >RJ258432 狐妖姉上の全肯定譚 ~ベタ褒め丁寧語生活~
  816. "Matsuri is a foxgirl and your step sister. She takes care of you like a maid, loves you like a sister, and services you like a harlot!" This 3 hour audio has her taking care of your many needs. Even such things like nail clipping after a bath and tooth brushing before bed. Wake-up blowjobs in the morning and earlicking handjobs on the futon. And baby making sex at night. She's devouted to be the perfect mate.
  818. >RJ258671 メイドとトロトロプレイ ご主人様を癒すご奉仕で溶けるまで密着絡み合い
  820. Your devouted maid is ready to service you as soon as you come back from a long day of work. This maid's messages contains plenty of lotion so expect everything to sound more slippery than other audios. Contains handjobs, paizuri, fellatio, and cowgirl sex.
  822. >RJ256802 狼娘の野生交尾バイノーラル
  824. You want to help a wolf-girl who ends up being captured by slave traders. However there is a policy that they can't send pregnant women to the village to be sold off. Now she's begging you to impregnate her. This wolf-girl audio has tons of panting and moaning instead of earlicking.
  826. >RJ258679 【ハーフメイド】Cure Maid-ミア【ASMR】
  828. You are the son of a millionaire who lives alone to become independent and hone his skills. You used to have a maid in your old home that helped you out but she left five years ago. But today, she has returned to her master. This audio starts off relaxing as you watch her clean and vacuum your room as you were too busy in your studies to do it yourself. Then she gives you a nice shoulder massage to make you relax. After a week her services start to become more lewd since she keeps seeing you staring at her breasts. You can expect paizuri, nipple torture, paizuri blowjobs, kissing, finger banging, and cowgirl position in the later audios.
  830. >RJ258790 楽しく夫婦で子作り【ラブラブ耳舐め】
  832. You have been married to your wife for a while and didn't want to rush into having a family. She may not say so directly, but she's been flirting with you more and more recently about the idea of how nice it would be to have a family. Her cuddling in bed has been getting more lewd as of late as well. This is the night when things escalate to the max. A very vanilla healing audio with earcleaning/licking, a handjob, and consensual sex.
  834. >RJ259163 未亡人女将のHな旅館
  836. After quitting your job, you visist a secret hot spring spa in the mountains to relieve your stress. That's when you run into the landlady who happens to be a widow. To put it simply, this one is God tier and definitely one of my favorite new audios. Espcially for those who like mature voices and enviornmental SFX. One part that made me lose it was when you both get drenched by the rain so you take shelter under a hut. Not being able to resist seeing her in wet clothing. You pin her to the wall, lift her up, and start fucking like crazy while kissing. Contains earcleaning handjobs, outdoor six, fingering, fellatio, cleaning blowjobs, and kissing while fucking.
  838. >RJ259500 魔物に負けたらお金がない!~シスターとまぐわうふしだらな勇者のお話~
  840. You are the hero going through the journey alone to defeat the demon lord. But in the middle of your journey, you are attacked by a monster, and receive a curse. You manage to make it to the church, and ask the nun to free you from the curse, but it turns out she's a huge fans of yours and has an "unique" way of removing your curse. This one has an emphesis on foreplay centered around legs and pantyhose. Even having some audios where the pantyhose are on or off during the scene. She also has a pretty mature voice and there's a good amount of kissing in this audio. This nun audio includes kissing, footjobs with oil, facesitting + footjobs, and cowgirl position with kissing. Ejaculations also have a SFX too so there's an alternate audio to remove that.
  842. >RJ259539 ロリババアって呼ぶな! ヴァンパイアっ娘と! ~もんすたー娘11~  (MP3)
  844. You're a ugly middle aged fat lolicon virgin bastard (Chad Old Man) being preyed upon by a lolibaba vampire who love draining lolicon virgins of their blood and semen. You two seem to be a perfect match. Expect fellatio, reverse rape/femdom, cowgirl, and blood sucking.
  846. >RJ259578 牛乳物語
  848. "The cows on the farm weren't producing milk, and she was trying to figure out what's wrong.To figure out how a cow feels, she decided to try milking your penis and getting pregnant to make her own milk too!" This /ss/ audio has you getting milked by an onee-san instead. Though there is a scene where you milk her with a milking machine. Expect earlicking, and cowgirl sex.
  850. >RJ241606 お兄ちゃんラブラブ責めフルコース♪
  852. "This is an audio work about a brother spending loving and sexy days with his favorite younger sisters, who love him very much. They do it while gaming, while sleeping, in the bath. At anywhere and anytime, they will kiss him, take out his dick, have sex with him, deepening their love." In this incest audio, you can expect handjobs with kissing, earcleaning handjobs, imoutos fucking you while you sleep, nipple torture, and raw sex with both sisters.
  854. >RJ259857 【耳舐め囁き増量!】もーっと!お兄ちゃんラブラブ責めフルコース♪♪
  856. This is a sequel to RJ241606 and now your sister are up to more lewd antics. Now they're celebrating your birthday the best way possile. Making your drink an aphrodisiac and fucking you silly. You will experience earlicking, kissing, raw sex, kissing handjobs, and your imoutos putting on cat/dogs ears for extra foreplay.
  858. >RJ258840 寂しがりやなロリ妹達と赤ちゃんごっこ【バイノーラル/ハイレゾ】
  860. You are incredibly tired of your busy life and always come home exhausted. For this reason your 2 oppai loli sisters do their best to take care of you. Over time it developed into infantilization play, where they treat you like a baby. Here you can expect kissing, fellatio, paizuri, bathing, nursing handjobs, and consensual sex.
  862. >RJ259953 人間化ウイルス注意報!! ~愛猫シズクと、いつもと変わらないハズの一日~
  864. "There's a "humanizing virus" going around that turns animals into a human for just a day. Your cat Shizuku wants to pay you back for your daily love and care! She likes licking and nibbling and will go for your fingers, ears, tongue, and...!?" This is another audio I really enjoyed recently. I would highly recommend this healing audio for anyone who enjoy vanilla and catgirls. Expect kissing, earlicking/cleaning, fellatio, handjobs, and sex with pillow talk after.
  866. >RJ260122 【雨音喫茶】道草屋 すずしろ7-雨のち晴れの日【目隠しマッサージ】
  868. "The rainy season has passed, and summer is here. There's a firework festival tonight. The weather might change, but you've got fresh coffee and jazz playing in this cafe. At night, she will massage you and clean your ears while fireworks ring in the distance. Enjoy a stay at a classy inn in the countryside." This is separated into 3 parts. The cafe, the fireworks show (R18), and the tea and ear/cleaning event. This one has fantastic voice work and SFX. It's mainly made to be very relaxing with the second part throwing some lewd in. Highly recommended for anyone.
  870. >RJ260852 布団で作ろうJKおまんこ (MP3)
  872. This is a casual sex audio where a teacher sleeps on the futon with a JK. Includes deepthroat/irrumatio, masturbation, and protected sex.
  874. >RJ260946 【おねショタ】モン姉-目が覚めるとエンプーサのお姉さんがいた夜 (MP3)
  876. In this /ss/ audio, you get sexualy spoiled and taught in the ways of sex-ed by a succubus onee-san. She has influence over your wet dreams and can also make an alter ego of herself to attack you from both sides. This includes a variety of scenarios such as earlicking, cunnilingus, paizuri, nipple torture, attacking your G-spot with her finger/tail while she gives you a handjob, blowjobs, and more.
  878. >RJ261636 生物部の後輩はねっとり耳舐めしその様子を観察する【ハイレゾ/バイノ―ラル】(MP3)
  880. There's a cute girl in the biology club that barely gets scene due to her location. Despite all the bizarre things she studies, she now has an interest in studying you. She plans to tease and play with her new specimen while observing its (your) reactions for the sake of research. Like **trying to put a worm in your ear to see you freak out**. Things do get more kinky as it goes on and you can expect fellatio, handjobs, deep kissing, and raw sex. This is another work with nice sound quality and many would recommend giving this one a listen.
  882. >RJ262211 【ASMR】【W超リアル耳舐め】あまえた楼 姫華【高音質バイノーラル】
  884. This is a high quality R-15 earlicking audio where your genki imouto can't stop fawning over you. While not R18, her earlicking is turbo lewd. Depending on the audio, it can be used as a sleeping aid too.
  886. >RJ262438 かじょう愛され恋獄-第一章・敗北勇者に捕縛溺愛搾精-
  888. "A hero who was defeated drowns in the love of the demonic queen and her four princesses as they milk him of semen." This 3 hour long monster girl audio has you passed around between these 5 girls as they perform various erotic acts on you so there's a large variety of material here. Like the scylla giving you a tentacle job and performing some sounding or the dragon girl hugging you from behind while she assaults your ears and jerks you off. Or the wolf girl pinning you down and fucking you cowgirl and the succubus hugging and kissing you like you're lovers. Essentially, the /monster/ special.
  890. >RJ263250 フレンド→ラバー
  892. In this audio a college student becomes friends with you and over time you two become lovers. In this healing audio you can expect handjobs, finger jobs with earlicking, fellatio, and nakadashi.
  894. RJ263447 クラスメイトを家に泊めたら…♪ ~恋仲発展編~ (MP3)
  896. 2 JKs sleep over at your place and things immediately get lewd. Misaki is the gentle type who wants to just have fun while Lily like to tease and make fun of your virginity. Scenarios included handjobs, fellatio/irrumatio, edging, kissing with handjobs, raw sex and creampies.
  898. >RJ263728 ロリのぷち家出
  900. "One rainy day you see a small girl soaked in a nearby park.
  901. You decide to bring her back home, and while you explain that you're worried, she is distrustful of others.
  902. From there, you take it upon yourself to show her the kind side of people." Of course, this also means your going to dick her in the near future.
  904. RJ263247 ムチムチでダウナーなニート嫁の奉仕
  906. Your busty wife flirts with you and has some naughty fun with you. While a simple premise, it's really good. Features earcleaning/licking, deep kissing, earlicking handjobs, and casual sex.
  910. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  913. >RJ137424 和み隠れ家 あまえた楼 葉奈琵
  915. This slice of life audio has you spending time with a girl. Playing video games, eating together, and falling asleep together as she talks about fireworks. It's only 30 minutes and the second part is a sleeping audio that's easily looped to help as a sleeping aid.
  917. >RJ205277 ビャクといっしょに
  919. You visit a shrine as usual to meet a shrine maiden. However she's not there today. Instead, her friend Byaku is there to tend to you. In this healing audio you can expect a hair wash, scalp message, oil message, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and a relaxing sleeping audio in the end.
  921. >RJ270234 弟を構いたくて仕方がない姉
  923. On a cold winter day, your big sister returns home. She enjoys spending time with her little brother and loves tending to him. This relaxing audio contains ear cleaning, a shoulder message, and some sleeping at the end.
  925. >RJ228205 田舎彼女との耳かき生活 ~林檎村の少女に癒されませんか?~
  927. Natsuki makes your week long trip to the country side a very relexing one. Ear cleaing, messages, lap pillows, and a nice rest await you in this chill 2 hour audio.
  929. >RJ264050 エルフの住む世界でのんびりとした休日を「今日はルーシェお姉さんがいっぱい癒してあげる」
  931. You happen to find yourself alone with Lucie in the elf village. Lucie, who wants to take the opportunity to soothe who she believes to be her world's savior, offers ear cleaning and massage. Lucie is from the eroge ''Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e''.
  934. >RJ194374 苦い貴方にお砂糖を
  936. Alice was the outcast of her class. Those around her could not accept her white hair and blue eyes and as she would often be the subject of bullying, her school life sucked. Even upon returning home, her parents working overseas, she is alone. Yet, you were the one who reached out to her. Over time your relationship grew and now you both support each other. This audio shows the appreciation of a girl her had her cold heart thawed out by you and now she's going to confess her feelings. Expect ear cleaning, sleeping, and a faint heartbeat to go with it.
  938. >RJ241026 癒し処音姫庵~静かな海の夢の中で~
  940. This whole audio takes place in your dream. You meet a girl on the beach and enjoy each other's time together. Building sand castles, watching fireworks together, reading a story, earcleaning with a lotion massage, and her sleeping by her side while you listen to her heartbeat.
  942. >RJ219652 雨の日の午後に~彼女と耳かき~
  944. This is a relaxing healing/sleeping aid audio where you get your ears cleaned on the couch while the rain pours outside. Then she counts sheep until you fall asleep.
  946. >RJ271754 囁き~JK姉妹に挟まれて~
  948. Your 2 JK sisters spend some time with you and sleep beside you. Unlike most healing audio, it has no ear cleaning.
  950. >RJ099139 ひつじかぞえうた。
  952. A sleeping aid audio where a girl lays next to you and talks about things until you both fall asleep together. This one is one my go to works as a sleeping aid. It's very easy to fall asleep to this one.
  954. >RJ178707 【耳かき・マッサージ】時が流れる部屋【寝息】
  956. Your clingly little sister wants to fall asleep with you and clean your ears. Very comfy audio that's also a good sleeping aid.
  958. >RJ153291 休日屋
  960. Taking refuge from the bustling city for a while. You decide to spend your day relaxing at an inn. You'll take a nap, go for a walk around the country side, eat rice together with others, enjoy a bath, and get your ear cleaned on a lap pillow before spending the night. Around 2 hours of relaxation.
  963. ----- NSFW -----
  966. >RJ222199 いじわる黒稲荷のおしおきささやき-黒狐ロリババアに白濁を弄ばれる立体音響-
  968. In the mountains you eat a few dumplings that were offered at a shrine. However you are interrupted by a small girl with many fox tails. She invites you inside to her shrine to join her in smoking a hookah. Feeling guilty about eating the offering, you accept her offer. The sweet scent and vapors from the hookah relax both of you. And at that moment, the lolibaba shows her true intentions. This is a pampering audio where a lolibaba kitsune services you. Like licking your neck, tweaking your nipples, giving you a handjob while pelting you with her fluffy tails, and riding you cowgirl, and much more.
  970. >RJ267236 【希少木材!鉄木耳かき】耳かきリフレ『春乃撫子』へようこそ♪~耳かき・散髪・耳舐めエッチの極エロフルコース♪【5時間40分】
  972. This 5 hour healing audio has you getting pampered by a therapist in a yukata. Hair cutting, hair drying, ear cleaning, earlicking, and a few lewd extras.
  974. >RJ270169 ヤンデレ後輩の強制子作り孕ませ逆レイプ
  976. Your kouhai is feeling dizzy and needs you to take her to the infirmary. Once alone, she pins you down and forces herself upon you. She always follows you to school. Always knows what train you take. She's always watching you. This is a reverse rape yandere audio containing 3 scenerios. Pinning you down in the infirmary and forcing you to cum inside her. Demanding sex on a crowded train while threating you that she'll scream if you don't comply. And finally getting into your room with a spare key to fuck you in your bed.
  978. >RJ270816 Rain
  980. You head to your girlfriend's house in the rain to spend some time with her. You drink tea and do some intimate flirting before moving onto the main event. This a vanilla audio with a focus on rain to give it more atmosphere.
  982. >RJ264734 おさがりちょうだい! ~やれない彼女の妹がトンデモビッチだった件~
  984. Your relationship with your girlfriend, Saori, has been going on for over a year and you two haven't even had sex yet. One weekend, while her parents were gone, she invites you over. However her slutty sister Kaori has had her eye on you for a while and demands to have a threesome or else she'll tell her parents that Kaori had a boy over. This leads to Kaori teasing you in the bath to invigorate Saori into finally advancing onto you. This leads into the bed room where things really heat up. Deep kssing, face sitting, fellatio, footjobs, body kissing, and fucking Kaori right next to Saori who fell asleep from exhaustion.
  986. >RJ265090 SEXTHEEND~クリーチャー・逆レイプ強制受胎~
  988. You wake up in some abandoned old ruins that you don't recognize. You have no idea where you could possibly be. But before you can really gather yourself, you notice a creature approaching you. This humanoid creature with a feminine figure can barely speak human tongue. However, you will soon find out that this strong creature has brought you here as a means to reproduce. This is a reverse rape monster girl work with lots of cowgirl and kissing.
  990. >RJ268860 【後輩耳舐め】センパイ、バレちゃダメですよ?~退屈後輩と図書委員のお仕事~
  992. While studying inside the library, you get a visit from your kouhai who bought you some treats. She's bored and wants your attention. You want to keep studying but she has othere ways of getting your attention. First assaulting your ears with her breath and whipsers and then devouring your ear. You can't possibly read like this and have no choice but to follow her lead. This contains ear licking, hidden blowjobs, and incognito quiet sex in a library.
  994. >RJ269963 【バイノーラル】生まれてからずっと貴方を育ててくれた 高貴な魔族メイド姉妹の愛され甘とろ筆おろし
  996. Twin sisters Verde and Rosa are your dragon-girl maids that pamper and protect you from the outside world. Their deep love for you and high libido will make drain you on a daily basis. Here you can expect handjobs, cumming inside their gloves, kissing, intercrural sex, nursing sex, nakadashi, and full body kissing.
  998. >RJ250898 ドスケベで献身的な痴女ナースさんの甘トロえっちな深夜診療♪
  1000. While you're in a hospital, 2 nurses who've been cleaning your room have visited you in the dead of night. These 2 slutty nurses are going to (gently) cure you of your virginity. One will blow you while the other licks your ears. Another scene has one nurse sitting on top of you and jerking you off with her thighs while the other kisses you. Then there's one nurse riding you cowgirl while a the other licks your face and ears. Expect to cum inside every time.
  1002. >RJ259139 スケベでビッチキョンシーちゃんは、精液を吸収すればするほどエロくなるようです。
  1004. You encounter a slutty lolibaba Jiangshi (Chinese hopping zombie) in a cardboard box who wants to drain you of your semen. The more semen she gets, the hornier she gets. Here you can expect reverse rape, paizuri, and nakadashi.
  1006. >RJ260183 【KU100】もっとえっちな魔法のおててW【ハイレゾ立体音響】
  1008. The healing center "Magic Hands" just became a whole lot naughtier. Twins Alic and Emily are here to heal you sexually. The first chunk of this audio is pretty relaxing with the second part of it being lewd. Like rain SFX, ear oil messages and a tuning fork being used on the first part and testicle massaging, prostate massage, fellatio in the second part. This also has ejaculation countdowns.
  1010. >RJ241731 吸血姫(ヴァンパイア)の娼館エリザベート~ねっとりぬるぬる孕ませエッチ~
  1012. Elizabeth is a vampire prostitute that shines even in the red-light district. Hearing the rumors, you wanted to see if she lives up to the rumors. Despite being a prostitute, she's actually very affectionate during sex. For those who love paizuri, hugging and kissing, blood sucking, and groping big anime tits while being rode cowgirl style.
  1014. >RJ242900 私たちが、イカせてあ・げ・る~先生の誘惑から始まった、僕と姉と先生の淫らなハーレム生活~
  1016. You have a sexual relationship with your sister but she's gone at the moment. While she's gone from the home, her teacher comes to visit her. Seeing you there alone, she tries to seduce you instead. This leads to a threesome down the line and ends in a harem ending. This contains nipple licking, thighjobs, fellatio, double earlicking, handjobs in the bath, kissing, and paizuri.
  1018. >RJ243984 【立体音響】あまいも-義妹といちゃらぶエッチ【背徳エッチ】
  1020. Your wife's sister gives you a massage, cleans your ears, and more. She confesses her hidden feelings for you, and you cross that forbidden line together in this binaural ecchi relaxation audio work. From this healing audio you can expect kissing, handjobs, nipple play, nursing handjobs, oil massages, and whispering sex.
  1022. >RJ250558 微ヤンデレ少女に純愛監禁される音声
  1024. You wake up on your bed but something is amiss. Your hands are handcuffed to your bedrest. Not only that but now there's some girl by your side who's staring at you with an endearing smile. She's going to tend to your every need with no chance of you escaping. It starts with her explaining your situation and kissing you to calm you down. Later on she's jerking you off in your bed while teasing your ear can giving you an orgasm countdown. There's also a scenario where she lays on you and kisses you while stroking you off with her thighs. There's also face sitting and a footjob in this gentle yandere audio.
  1026. >RJ241352 オトナ色のクリスマス 甘えん坊さんのお願い叶えてあげるっ【ダミーヘッドバイノーラル】
  1028. Santa Clause (female) has come to visit you for being a good kid (adult) this Christmas. She has a nice gift you too. First, you kiss like you're a couple. Then she'll give you a lap pillow and clean your ears. Next comes violent ear licking and then the greatest gift. Raw vanilla sex.
  1030. >RJ241682 【極限の射精我慢に挑戦】バトルファッククラブ【VS乳魔編】
  1032. ''Battle Fuck'' is a game in which men and women perform sexual acts and dominate their opponents. The attacking player wins if he makes the other climax and the defender wins if they don't under the time limit. In the underworld, millionares gamble on these battles. As a professional Battle Fuck**er**, you are about to do battle with a busty semen demon. Will you be victorius? This audio includes kissing, ear licking, nursing handjobs, face sitting, intercrural sex, edging, countdowns and nakadashi.
  1034. >RJ089206 義妹のくちびる。
  1036. Your step sister acts moody around you. Especially when your parents are around. But as of late she starts seeing you in a new light. This audio is mainly focused on kissing and saliva swapping. At the end you fingerbang her into a continuous orgasm. Definitely one of my favorites.
  1038. >RJ174329 家庭教師のお姉ちゃんが僕に甘く囁いてくる
  1040. As a childhood friend of yours, your beautiful tutor is planning to do many lewd things with you. This is a work for those who want to be teased, pampered, and bullied by their Onee-san. It contains a large variety of acts such as handjobs, footjobs, gland teasing, ear licking, nipple torture, masturbation, nursing, baby talk, and more.
  1042. >RJ168081 俺のルリコ
  1044. A shy and quiet girl has confronted you after accepting your love letter. Things immediately go south after she confesses her love for you. Besides the intial kiss, this is a blowjob only audio. The first real lewd scene starts with her pecking your dick with kisses and doing a quiet blowjob where she teases your head. It gets more desperate, loud and sloppy as the audio goes on.
  1046. >RJ166713 頭イカれてる系女子の犯行計画
  1048. A ordinary looking girl approaches you with a question. Pondering on the answer, you recieve a terrible shock, causing you to tumble on the floor. Helpless, she drags you away as you black out. This is a reverse rape audio where a crazy, cheerful girl happily rapes you. The first half of the audio is forced kissing and riding you cowgirl. The second part is her sucking you dry with a a fierce blowjob.
  1050. >RJ157190 ささやき彼女
  1052. This is a simple audio where you have gentle, quiet vanilla sex after flirting with each other. Something you can fap fand fall asleep to easily.
  1054. >RJ210293 ツインサキュバス~サキュバスのセイドレイになりセイエキをシボりとられる~【バイノーラル立体音響】
  1056. 2 succubi have come from another world to collect your semen. One is a sassy petite succubus that will relentlessly bully you while the other is a busty onee-san that wants to pamper you while draining your semen. This contains a wide variety of scenarios such as double earlicking with a handjob. Both of them washing your body as you all bathe together. One of them whispering in your ear while the other rides you, and more.
  1058. >RJ175541 しろくじchuボイスドラマ3 パチュリーの赤ちゃんになる魔法
  1060. Patchouli Knowledge splits into 2 versions of herself (Oppai Patchouli and Smug Patchouli) and lovingly pampers you in this baby-play audio. It has scenerios like a drinking from Oppai Patchouli's breasts while she jerks you off. Intercrural sex with Oppai Patchouli. A blowjob from Smug Patchouli to help you sleep. And being sandwiched between both Patchoulis' as you fall asleep together.
  1062. >RJ136355 大丈夫×大丈夫×大丈夫
  1064. You're a big crybaby and your sister loves spoiling this side of you. This is a love story of you two getting closer together until one Christmas Eve where you take the next step. Scenes 1-5 are SFW and the rest is lovey-dovey sex. Constains blowjobs and nakadashi in the adult section.
  1066. >RJ161290 復讐は成らず ~退魔士姉弟の堕絡~
  1068. Youma (evil JP spirits/monsters) are seducing people into taking over their bodies. After losing your parents to these youma, you (shota) and your sister become Youma Hunters to get revenge. However, your efforts are terribly unsuccessful. This audio revolves around your failed attempts to exorcise JKs possessed by lewd demons. This is an audio for those who like temptation/corruption, /ss/, and incest. It contains paizuri, missionary position, cowgirl, doggy style, and much more.
  1070. >RJ205677 サキュバちゅっちゅぱらだいす-淫魔姉妹のおべんとうにされちゃう常夏バケーションバイノーラル-
  1072. Lost at a train station, you finally get lucky and thanks to a woman helping you out. Little did you know, this train actually leads to somewhere else. It's a beach resort owned by succubi. And you have been recruited as the food supply for 3 succubi sisters. This 4 hour audio has you being spread thin between these 3 girls who fight for your attention and "resources". It has a large mix of relaxing scenarios such as nail clipping, scalp messaging, sleeping together and oil messages. As for lewd, there's paizuri, 3 way fellatio, ear licking, handjobs, tailjob/tail fellatio, orally sharing food, and more.
  1074. >RJ125620 乳は世界を救う-パイズリ募金-
  1076. As a fundraiser, girls get together and have a raffle for fondling and motorboating tits. But the lucky people who get the lucky winner numbers get to do whatever they want with their tits. This time, you're the lucky winner and it's with 3 different women for this audio. This is a paizuri-only audio for paizuri fanatics.
  1078. >RJ153712 安眠添い寝ロリータ
  1080. This audio has you falling to sleep on a loli's lap. The first half is a sleeping aid while the second half is for those who just can't sleep. It contains nipple licking, blowjobs, handjobs, and a ejaculation countdown. The first half is defintely a good sleeping aid and the second half is defintely recommended for those that like lewd loli.
  1082. >RJ248571 幼妻ちぃちゃんのえっちな尋問ごっこ
  1084. Your loli wife roleplays by dressing like a police officer, cuffing you down, and bullying you lovingly. At first she's molesting you, teasing your ears and nipples, and kissing you. She then cooks you a meal and feeds it to you while you're in "prison". After many other lewd antics she picks your ears for letting her have some with with your body. It's a vanilla roleplay audio that's 6 hours long.
  1086. >RJ164342 モン姉-リリスのお姉さんに搾精されちゃった夜
  1088. On a quiet night, a lilith sneaks into your room in search of food. She intends on spending the night while draining you of your spiritual energy. She actually has her meal half way through and lets you do what you please with her. This succubus audio has no bad ending. This is an old favorite of mine. Recommended for those who want a vanilla succ audio.
  1090. >RJ169484 性欲に従順すぎて不眠な女の子 バイノーラル強引誘惑
  1092. This shy, anti-social girl is absurdly horny and wants you to satisfy her lust. But for fun, you command her to abstain from masturbating to see what would happen. A few days later you're attacked by her and have your hands tied. Her eyes have bags under them and she's constantly spewing love juices. She couldn't even sleep thanks to her libido. She will not wait any longer. This work is for those who want to indulge in teasing a very horny girl. Contains cowgirl and a hidden blowjob from under a table.
  1094. >RJ255350 恋する小悪魔~魅了と誘惑の好き好き求愛術~
  1096. A company of heroes are exploring the Demon Lord's castle. The team comes in contact with a succubus that charms your team. When you get ahold of your senses, you're separated from your companions and you're left alone with her. She wants to charm you and make you hers. The first part of this audio has her tickling you to let your guard down and then running her finger on your crotch to tease you. Later she asks if you want her to use her charm magic on you and end your adventure here to stay with her. Scene 4 and 5 are 2 different choices. This is an audio for those who want to be seduced and tickled by a cute shortstack succubus. Also contains clothed and raw paizuri.
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