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  1. "My cousin has been acting weird lately and a few minutes ago I was going through his laptop and I noticed a txt that was 1.54 GB large.
  2. I opened it because I have never seen a txt file that large, and this was written over and over again.
  3. 'Teach me to recognize all the different faces of evil. Exact your own selfish satisfaction. Lead me down this valley of sorrow, I've only recently realized that we can never truly be alone. Show me the ripples of your existence. Allow me to see the type of energy you influence. Even the depths of space couldn't comprehend the meaning of silence. Intricate as a sound wave, intergalactic frequency. Positive spirals along with negative. Lights dancing in the darkness. Harboring truth in madness. Sink down, drift around and keep searching for a purpose. The answers are just below the surface. All this pain must have some meaning. One day we will all find the reasons as to why our hearts insist on beating.'
  4. What the hell does this mean and what should I do about this?"
  6. This was the OP's post, No. 14177475 on February 14th, 2014 at 17:45 UTC-5, /x/. The thread started as typical 4chan speculation and name-calling. The OP, in retaliation, told them he'd get a screenshot of the .txt when his brother left. This was followed by some ass doing a bogus "This happened to me, but with skellingtons." routine. OP asks if anyone knows a good excuse to get his cousin to leave the room. OP's next post was "uhg, this is making me nervous. he keeps looking at me like he knows i'm up to something." The excuse they ended up going with was "OK, I sent him to the store to get beer. I'm gonna screencap it, give me a few minutes."
  8. [[File:Creepycousin.png|thumb|The first screencap.]]
  9. He uploaded the screencap 18:46 UTC-5 with the post "Here it is. Should I check for anything else while he's gone. I have about another 10 minutes before he'll be back." This was followed by the discovery of when the file was created, "date created: 9/11/1992 3:18am", the day his cousin was born. It was discussed for a while that a Windows computer could not handle such a large file. OP asked "Should I ask my cousin about it, or should I keep my mouth shut?" After no answer OP asked a follow up question "So, do you think its possibly my cousin is fucking with me and knew I'd find it?" An anon brought up an interesting point "Its possible, but it seems like a long way to go to play a prank. I just tried to make a txt document that was that large and it froze my computer for like 10 minutes, and it was only 24mb when it did that. He spent a lot of time getting that file that large. Your cousin is weird one way or another."
  11. Finally OP got an answer to his first question "NO! This seems like its something that is personal to him. If you bring it up he might get mad. Plus like you said he got beer. Alcohol is a bad combo with mental problems." Some anon brought up deleting all of the evidence OP was on the computer before his cousin found out. OP ask how exactly to do this, apparently scared shitless. The idea was tossed about writing (in bad handwriting) the paragraph on a note and putting it somewhere the cousin went often, like the store, just to fuck with him. OP went with it for a bit, but eventually decided it was best to leave him alone, for reasons that come up later.
  13. The plan was as such:
  14. 1. Text his friend who works at the mini-mart they get the beer at the paragraph
  15. and explain the plan.
  16. 2. Have his 10 year old daughter write it for that extra effect.
  17. 3. Send the cousin down to the mart to get more beer.
  18. 4. Have the mini-mart dude hand the cousin the note saying something like "Oh,
  19. and someone left this for you."
  20. 5. ???
  21. 6. Profit
  23. At this point people were still skeptical, but this prank was right up 4chan's alley and people started paying attention. Some one suggested copying the file to OP's computer while the cousin was gone. OP replied with "Until today I thought my cousin was very normal. Like extraordinarily normal. But, this file. I don't even know what to think, its so bizarre. I have a flash drive but its only 1gb.Is there an easy way I can set up a computer to computer transfer quick?"
  25. And this is where shit hit the fan. Here is an exact copy of the following (important) remarks that follow.
  27. '''ANON'''
  28. "Also op if this is the only weird thing about your cousin I don't think it's too much to be concerned about? Didn't you say he'd been acting odd lately though? Now he's normal besides a big notepad file?"
  30. '''OP'''
  31. "Well, tonight he's just been very quiet and giving me odd looks. Usually hes more chatty.
  32. I can't really explain it, but he seems different to me."
  34. '''ANON'''
  35. "OH SHIT SON
  36. Skinwalker got your cousin."
  38. '''Other ANON'''
  39. "this
  40. Did your cousin go camping recently?"
  42. '''OP'''
  43. "Not even fucking with you. Yes, he did go camping. He went to the Adirondacks with his friends last weekend.
  44. Alright, stop. I'm starting to get weirded out here."
  46. ''(Idea tossed around how the time from a screenshot suggested it was 6AM, and yet he was getting beer. Turns out OP is in NY and it's 9, asks what timezone it was.)''
  48. '''ANON'''
  49. "Email it to yourself?
  50. and shit, Adirondacks? I live in the Adirondacks man, where abouts you from?
  51. Fucking gave me chills man.
  52. If it was a skinwalker though I think you'd know, even when they've been in a host for awhile they still can't get being human quite right, I don't think he'd know how to use a computer for example.
  53. That doesn't mean something spooky didn't happen in those woods though, maybe something traumatizing or something and he's changed because of it.
  54. Did he change right after his trip? Or is it just happening tonight? He could just be in a bad mood, too.
  55. I'm very chatty, bubbly, and giggly but if something upsets me I get quiet, barely respond, and tend to stare off into space."
  57. ''(resolved timezone might be Japan)''
  59. '''OP'''
  60. "I'm from around the Syracuse area.
  61. Man, i always hear crazy stories about the Adirondacks. This is seriously creeping me out right now.
  62. Fuck you to whoever put the skinwalker theory into my mind."
  64. '''OP again'''
  65. "Oh, and I only chill with him once or twice a month, so I don't really know when or if there was a change that happened. I'm gonna message his gf and see what she says."
  67. '''OP again'''
  68. "His girlfriend thinks that he was taking acid with his friends. She says he's been "reserved and quiet" since getting back.
  69. What the actual fuck is going on here.
  70. I'm calling the prank off, this is getting too fucking strange.
  71. I'm gonna just ask him what this shit is all about."
  73. ''(The prank was now off)''
  75. '''ANON'''
  76. ">I'm gonna just ask him what this shit is all about.
  77. But if it's something serious he's going to lie."
  79. '''Other ANON'''
  80. "That pretty much explains everything, dude. Acid can affect some people in weird ways and change them and how they percieve the world. For all you know he dropped acid again and made that text document while on it, or on any other kinda drug.
  81. Ask him if he's okay, tell him he seems off today. See if he'll admit anything to you first."
  83. '''OP'''
  84. '''"Me:'''
  85. Hey, *insert what you think my cousin's name is here* I was using your computer and saw that mylife text file. What's that all about.
  87. '''Cousin:'''
  88. <nowiki>*</nowiki>long pause* you don't need to know that. Stay the fuck off my computer.
  90. ''Awkward silence''
  92. '''Cousin:'''
  93. You wouldn't understand
  95. '''Me:'''
  96. OK, man. Relax.
  98. ''More awkward silence''
  100. '''Me:'''
  101. So, how was the camping trip?
  103. '''Cousin:'''
  104. Laughs. Don't worry about it?
  106. ''Awkward silence.''
  108. '''Me:'''
  109. OK, man.
  110. This is not how my cousin talks. I'm gonna ask again later when he's had a few more beers.
  111. It feels like he's fucking with me, but then again this is not how my cousin normally acts.
  112. This is getting too serious right now,
  113. Did I go about this right?"
  115. '''OP again, in reply to an unworthy post asking if fake'''
  116. "I wish it was. I started this thread as a goof because I just thought that the file was odd being so large for a txt document.
  117. Now it has me questioning if my cousin is a freakin skinwalker.
  118. I should've just minded my own damn business."
  120. '''ANON'''
  121. "I think it would've been better to just ask how he's going, and casually ask about the camping trip first, then ask about the text file. You fucked up.
  122. Do you know any of his friends that you could ask them about the camping trip?
  123. Suggest to your cousin that you guys go camping sometime, see how he reacts. If he's hesitant, doesn't want to go back, or seems too eager."
  125. '''Other ANON'''
  126. "Whatever the case be, whether he's a skinwalker or just fucking crazy, try not to push him too much OP. If what you say is true and you're drinking, shit could get real. Try to have a plan if shit hits the fan."
  128. '''OP'''
  129. "Damn, you're right. I was too blunt.
  130. When I try asking again, I'll take your approach.
  131. A few of his friends are on my facebook. I'll see what they say. I just hope they don't blab to him that I asked.
  132. I'm kinda afraid to ask him about the camping thing though. What if he gets like super excited and wants to go right now?"
  134. '''ANON'''
  135. "I've read and re-read what your cousin wrote in that text file, and it seems like you cousin is not in a healthy mental state right now.
  136. >"Teach me to recognize all the different faces of evil.
  137. Can't differentiate good and evil.
  138. >Exact your own selfish satisfaction.
  139. Sounds hedonistic.
  140. >Lead me down this valley of sorrow,
  141. He wants to be sad
  142. >I've only recently reaalized that we can never truly be alone.
  143. He feels like someone is watching him.
  144. >Show me the ripples of your existence.
  145. He wants the "something" to reveal itself.
  146. >Allow me to see the type of energy you influence.
  147. Believes the "something" has some sort of power.
  148. >Even the depths of space couldn't comprehend the meaning of silence.
  149. Intricate as a sound wave, intergalactic frequency. Positive spirals along with negative.
  150. 2deep4me
  151. >Lights dancing in the darkness. Harboring truth in madness.
  152. This could literally mean he thinks he is going crazy.
  153. >Sink down, drift around and keep searching for a purpose.
  154. He feels his life is meaningless.
  155. >The answers are just below the surface. All this pain must have some meaning.
  156. Looking to satan for answers?
  157. >One day we will all find the reasons as to why our hearts insist on beating."
  158. Sounds like he either doesn't want to live or deeply questions why he is living.
  159. I would just drop the subject and have a fun night with him. He seems like he's depressed... or a fucking skinwalker."
  161. '''OP'''
  162. "Ahhhh, will you all stop saying he's a skinwalker. I have goosebumps right now.
  163. This is all too weird."
  165. '''ANON'''
  166. "it's been a month since he last edited that document, but he only recently went campingso the camping trip couldn't have been the catalyst"
  168. '''Other ANON'''
  169. "If he went and changed the creation date, couldn't he have also changed the date he edited it?
  170. He also has the time set to 6:42 am and OP said it was almost 9 pm there now.
  171. OP, your cousin probably isn't a skinwalker, but he is a freakazoid. There's something wrong with him."
  173. '''Other ANON'''
  174. "But unlike setting the creation to his birth date, changing the modified date is totally senseless."
  176. '''Other ANON still'''
  177. "Unless those numbers mean something too.
  178. OP, what happened to your cousin a month ago? Anything notable?"
  180. '''Other ANON (been a while since last OP post)'''
  181. ">Even the depths of space couldn't comprehend the meaning of silence.
  182. Intricate as a sound wave, intergalactic frequency. Positive spirals along with
  183. negative.
  184. maybe he feels alone? and there are pros and cons to loneliness?"
  186. '''OP'''
  187. "Not that I know of.
  188. UPDATE:
  189. I tried messaging his friends and asking about the camping trip but none of them responded to me.
  190. However, I have to mention that 2 of them signed off immediately after I asked.
  191. Could just be facebook just refreshing my friends list, but It freaking me out.
  192. I don't believe in skinwalkers, but let's say I did. What could I ask him to figure out whether he is or not?"
  194. ''(Timezone from earlier speculated as China or Russia)''
  196. '''ANON'''
  197. ">saturn
  198. nice eye. He's into occult shim, don't embarrass him OP."
  200. '''Other ANON'''
  201. "just ask him about the camping trip. maybe you're trying to get rid of the awkwardness of asking about the notepad file?"
  203. '''Other ANON'''
  204. "Did he get an unusual kind of beer op? For example: He might really like blue moon, but he came back with natty light even though no one should ever drink that filth.
  205. Or did you decide on what exact brand to get before he left?"
  207. '''OP'''
  208. "I'm gonna ask again. But, this time I'm not gonna be so serious about it. I'm gonna ask in a joking manner, like its not a big deal. Maybe start off with a story of something odd I've done in the past."
  210. '''OP again'''
  211. "This is just something weird that is happening in my life right now, and I'm sharing it with you because shit like this doesn't happen every day and I can finally contribute something.
  212. Take it as what it is... which is nothing so far. This could all end up with my cousin
  213. saying he was bored. Who knows. But, the tension in the room is thick right now.
  214. He's playing a video game and we're barely talking."
  216. '''ANON'''
  217. "Assume he is a skinwalker, OP. Two tests are of worth; one, wear a cross. It needn't be openly, its presence alone would blind the creature; they are utterly fallen men, not merely devoted to evil but all permeated by it, and a symbol of God is anathema. This is assuming you are a faithful man, as if not, it may or may not work. Two; get white ash onto or into him somehow. Reportedly, the way to kill is with a bullet dipped in the stuff, but I imagine it will be terribly harmful no matter how it is applied."
  219. '''OP'''
  220. "OP here.
  221. I just realized HE has a flash drive I can use. I saw it on his desk. If its at least 2 gb i can copy it on there and transfer to my laptop while hes at the store. I will keep you updated."
  223. '''OP'''
  224. "Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd I'm officially done with this." This came with a file, done.png, at 23:52 UTC-5[[File:Done.png|thumb|The second screencap.]]
  226. Back to this form of accounting the tale, for those who do not enlarge the image, the picture was a screenshot of the file. The file now read, after the original paragraphs, "IF HE LOOKS AT THIS AGAIN I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM" copy-pasted over and over again. A folder entitled "a" was sent into question but was empty according to OP. He was going to call his buddy to come over, and reasoned that he should be fine. He did get the file though, but sadly the cousin came back and the transfer to his computer would require time. According to op the only other thing on the drive was the first season of Rugrats.
  228. '''OP'''
  229. "It was left open just like you see it. I transferred the file and put it back just the way it was.
  230. I'm gonna knock my cousin out if he's fucking with me. This is freaking me out big time.
  231. Anyways, he just went back to playing Resident Evil 4 on the Wii. We're still not talking much. I keep trying to start a conversation but he's barely responding to anything."
  233. '''ANON'''
  234. "Keep an eye on him just in case OP. Keep us updated with anything you can think of he's done weird - especially since 1/1/14.
  235. Can you think of any reason why he has his clock set back 12 hours?"
  236. (Corrected 1/1/14 to 1/1/31)
  238. '''Other ANON'''
  239. "Not to mention the fact that skinwalkers are a manner of creature, not demon. If anything, if it IS the same native american thing, you'd need to do some sort of ward or ritual from them or something, Christian symbols wouldn't do bumkiss."
  241. '''OP'''
  242. "Nothing strange ever happened to him.
  243. I have to go now. Bye."
  245. The rest is best left to paragraph format. It was theorized that the last message was OP's cousin and OP was dead. The thread petered off with final ratings of the story (the biggest complaint being the ending, but the beginning was generally liked.) and final theories on what happened. The last serious post before the "Saturn Derailment" was that the file name changed from "my life.txt" to "mylife.txt" between screencaps. The rest were repeats of posts stating that a .txt file that large would crash the computer, etc.
  247. ----
  249. Final Notes: I was an idiot and literally saved every file from the thread and copy pasted the entire thing instead of screencapping it. The entire thread is in the /x/ archives and can be found using OP's post number 14177475. I was there for a latter half of the thread and was there when the first "OP is kill." posts were coming up. I have found no other mention of this thread than a brief thread a few days later asking about it. This was my first story from /x/, and I truly enjoyed it as a story, and found it creepy as a real event. My personal feelings on it are that OP was very collected during the whole thing, making the sudden drop of OP off the map very... spooky. I haven't looked much into this particular story beyond the original thread, and any information on it would be wonderful. Those of the central NY area, if you have any information on this event please contact me with any details. No names were given, but if you were one of those on the camping trip, the cousin's gf, or the mini-mart dude, or know them, elaborate on this event as best you can.
  251. Is OP kill?
  253. For those who want all of the picture files (for whatever reason), drop a message in the comments and I may upload them and their respective posts into a mediafire or something.
  255. If was not already obvious, this story is not my own, and all credit goes to the OP, whom may or may not be dead. This story needed to be told, and so I did. Thank you.
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