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  1. ahhh. my life right now is doing absolutely nothing every day. every day i do the same things. and rot....... 🥴
  3. it’s so sad. i’m wasting my life it’s..... melting through my fingers. i’m so destrahght. i’m a drug addict. i’m commuting my life to infidelity. i’m at a train station, the sky is mint and dark chocolate coloured and there in the clouds shines the black moon.
  5. i have nothing on me except for my purse, and the secret zip i had in my garter-belt. in my arms Plum had his curious eyes fixed on a fighter jet flying above, its ascent airy and light like the upwards fluttering open of the eyes, of a girl looking at hopes and dreams.
  7. I look above and thtink about the analogy Id made. and rub my knees together, the sapiosexual within me crooning. She made it difficult to write this sentence.
  9. It’s too difficult to write this roflmao
  11. it’s incredible how words like lol rofl and roflmao have stayed within usage even thouhhjjnmmg i feel so weird i feel high but i have glass shatteringly clear perception of things. glass shatteringly as in even a mirror of this clarity would crack at the sharpness of its edges. ah
  13. she is swaying staggeringly aside to side from the sides of her walls, one to the other, her head like an iron wrecking ball CRACKING against the wall like a JACKhammer. she feels craggedy and distraught.
  15. GOMI: Dududu....
  16.            My line space air cushion indents are too much...... the space button feels like a soft marshmallow when i press down on it....! i miss my e-boyfriend..... i miss him dearly....
  18. GOMI: Yes, so what if i’ve gone and gaughten myself baked like a muffin once more! I gorge myself on snacks and all that which is tasty! And watch anime! Like a slob! I watch what....? What, by the light of my pink bic lighter with the bird sticker, what am I condemning myself for. Ahhh. Yes... *flickers lighter* yes this is all Im able to live for. this is all I am able to hold onto. This dimmering glow.... holds the tiniest god there ever was. He is all that I can believe in. <— *starts envisioning everything she’s saying as if it were in an anime*
  20. Her eyes begin to lift. She looks above and around her and the ceiling is dark and purple. Little yellow eyes begin to glimmer. And begin to contort. And she falls to the floor and spirals down deep into the hardwood.
  22. GOMI: my bread and butter... help...
  23. i wish that my small ness makes u not intim idated  by me . .  -3-?!’ <— Note how she separates her longer words into smaller chunks as to optimize readability for the audience(?literary anime lol. get with the damn times. it’s 2019 and we can do these sorts of crossovers now. get with the times!) Omg i’ve come to continue on this thought twice already now. It’s like I’m a fuckin
  25. GOMI: hm hm hm. I’m just here mourning how sad homestuck was. I miss it. I wish it’d come back. It was the one of the most great fiction ever written. I say that here having read many books! I can’t believe that it’s not being accredited enough to have being a fine example of gifted story telling. Why is andrew hussie not given credit for that? He is someone who is going to be studied extensively one day because people in the future are going to realize that a writing longer than the bible  can be considered some multimedia version of a book. because the internet is a new medium of life. did you know that? It’s a new layer of everything that can be done in the world. oh geez oh god i realized i no longer can differentiate what is real and what isn’t real hahaha
  27. i keep thinking to myself that what i’m writing must be crazy and insane and i realize i can’t make
  28. the distinction of whether or
  29. not it is. and this morning when i woke up i read it calmly and told told myself oh wow wonder how old he should try and speak in with an open my eyes to see Stella very sad because I was hoping that this would be better because I have to speak very annunciated way which is not what I really like to do however I might be able to think of it asAs being as being like practice properly speaking to people and developing a more annunciated mature way because what I normally speak I guess what it would sound like it said one day sound like too am machine and I need to practice speaking to machines so that one day when more machines can speak to us I will be able to communicate with them. I surprised by our apathy towards you technological innovation now. I think that although
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