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Drafting with Cockatrice and CCGDecks

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  1. Drafting with Cockatrice and CCGDecks.com
  2. Step by step instructions, by kep
  4. First of all, the drafting mode explained here simulates a 3-booster draft where the players circulate the booster packs around a table. More about booster draft here: http://wiki.mtgsalvation.com/article/Booster_draft
  6. 1) If you do not have an account at http://ccgdecks.com/ - create one. Preferably this should be done before joining any draft game lobbies.
  8. 2) When joining the game, take a look at the game clock (under the participant list). If the clock has ran for more than 15-30 minutes, it is very likely that the game has already begun. You can always ask if they are yet to begin.
  10. 3) The game host will give you the name of the draft queue and the password for it. You can find it at http://ccgdecks.com/ under the "Drafting" tab, or directly at http://ccgdecks.com/draft_gen.php
  12. 4) Join the draft queue with the using provided information. You should also take the View table -url (of your queue's table) at this point from the bottom of the page. Check the table. The person sitting on the opposite side to you is your first opponent.
  14. 5) Wait for the draft to begin. THESE DRAFT GAMES USUALLY TAKE MORE THAN ONE HOUR, AT THE LEAST, SO MAKE SURE YOU DON'T JOIN A GAME IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO PLAY. I personally blacklist everyone who drops out of a game.
  16. 6) Once the draft begins, it's pretty simple. You'll just click on the card you want to pick. This is done until all the cards from all three packs are picked.
  18. 7) Once the drafting phase is done. The page will automatically take you to deck construction phase. Here you will construct a deck (40 cards is the minimum) out of the cards you picked. Remember to add lands as well.
  20. 8)  Once you've created (and doublechecked) your deck, click on the Submit deck -button. This will take you to a page with the deck information (example: http://ccgdecks.com/deck_view.php?id=561890). Click on the "Export as a MWS Deck" and save the file somewhere you can find it.
  22. 9) Arrange a room for you and your opponent (you can discuss this via chat). Join the room and load the deck you exported. It won't show up unless you change the dropdown list value "Files of type" to the MWSDeck one.
  24. 10) At this point, you can take a final look at your deck. All the cards you picked, but didn't put in your deck are in your sideboard. Once you're satisfied, ready up and start playing.
  26. 11) Once the games are finished, announce the score in the original drafting lobby and see if you have more games to play.
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