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Dec 31st, 2018
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  1. ‘intro’
  2. — any notes before you start? : This book is awesome and I’m really excited! Author, you are really nice and patient and I appreciate that! Thanks so much!
  3. — wattpad username: kermit_sips_tea
  4. — password: I am groot
  6. ‘i am who’
  7. — main slot: Aragonite
  8. — backup slot: Prehnite
  10. — birth name: Choi Hyunjae 초이 휸재
  11. — other names (if needed): Jae (can qualify as a nickname and/or American name, if I need to change this please let me know)
  12. — nicknames and why:
  13. -Giant
  14. Many friends and family call her giant because she is very tall. Not even just for her age. She is just a naturally very tall person.
  15. -Babe
  16. Lots of her close friends call her babe as much as they use her regular name! Hyunjae always jokes around with her friends and calls them pet-names like “Honey, Darling, Sweetheart, etc). In return her friends started calling her babe. (The one pet-name that Hyunjae does not use) The pet-names have become regular greetings for Hyunjae and close friends.
  17. -Jae
  18. While leaving in America, she wanted to have a more American name. Mainly due to pronunciation issues. Everyone just took to calling her Jae and it just stuck. Now practically everyone calls her Jae. She’s only called Hyunjae when she knows she’s in trouble or when she’s meeting someone new.
  20. — birthdate: December 31, 2002
  21. — age (use international age): 16
  23. — birth place: Atlanta, Georgia
  24. — hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
  26. — ethnicity: American-Korean
  27. — nationality: American
  29. — personality:
  30. Jae is a very happy and laid back person. She is always trying to make her friends and family happy. She finds joy in making other people laugh and smile. Jae doesn’t make people laugh for herself, but because she hates seeing people sad. Hyunjae is very intelligent and good at her studies. One of her traits that helps with that is her stubbornness. Jae is a very stubborn person. Mainly when she is passionate about something. Hyunjae is not one to give up or fail. She studies and practices as long as it takes to get a perfect score (at least close to it). Though, her stubbornness can also make some things worse. Like decision making. It’s usually between her friends and family when she’s very stubborn.
  31. Hyunjae is a very brave and
  32. confident person. When facing a tough situation, she it the first to jump into action. Being brave also makes her more protective. It helps her stand up to people and put them in their place. She tries and never does get into physical fights. Although, she always tells people off. Due to her height, when she’s telling someone off, they become intimidated. Jae always protects and stands up for the people she loves and cares for. If it came to it, Jae would put her life on the line to save them.
  33. Jae and her friends are very comfortable and playful with one another. They always tease and flirt with each other. Although, they would never get into a romantic relationship.
  34. What most people (even her closets friends) don’t know about her is her past and how that’s effected her. In random places and times she’ll have sudden flashbacks/memories of her past. Her past has given her mental and physical scars that she’s still learning to recover from.
  37. — background: Hyunjae was born, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mother is Korean while her father is American. Around the age of nine her father started staying out really late and coming home smelling weird (What she now knows was alcohol). That’s what caused her parents to fight. It stated off as small bickering, slowing becoming worse over the years. For three years the fighting went on and on. But, it was only ever words and screaming. Until one night, Jae will never be able to forget.
  38. On that certain night it started off normal. Hyunjae was in her room sleeping until she was awoken by shouts. That was nothing out of the ordinary in those days. Jae slowly crept down the stairs, peeking around the wall and stair railing. Jae watched them argue for a few minutes until a sudden SLAP sent chills throughout the room.
  39. The abuse went on for about a year. Jae’s dad only ever hit her mother and never her. Her mom would just always pretend she was okay, but Jae knew the truth. It was summer and Jae was allowed to stay up late. She was laying in the living room, watching some late night criminal show when her dad bust through the front door, caring a glass beer bottle. Hyunjae‘s mom had been in the kitchen catching up on some cleaning, when Jae’s dad started attacking her. Jae ran over trying to intervene. She pushed her dad back and he hit a wall, breaking the bottle. He then slung his body forward, accidentally stabbing Jae in her side.
  40. After that, her mom immediately rushed her to the hospital. While Jae’s father seemed to have realized what he had done. Once Jae was released from the hospital, her mom took them straight to Korea, leaving behind everything. Luckily, the bottle had missed any important organs and parts of the body. Although, it did leave a jagged, circular scar on the left side of her stomach.
  41. Now, most times when Hyunjae sees fights and hears loud yelling, she has flashbacks of her parents and the abuse.
  42. Now Jae is 16 and in the 11th grade. Her mom owns a little pet shop, that she sometimes works at. To help earn money, she also tutors and babysits.
  46. — likes:
  47. -any animals
  48. -nature/dark colors
  49. -hoodies/sweaters/long-sleeves
  50. -sweatpants/leggings
  51. -low-key flirting with her friends
  52. -the word low-key
  53. -logic puzzles/riddles
  54. -sweets/desserts
  55. -having deep conversations about life with people who understand and voice their opinions
  56. -theories/legends/myths
  57. -protecting the people she loves
  58. -flannels and leather jackets
  61. — dislikes:
  62. -makeup
  63. -girly clothes
  64. -the color pink
  65. -dark chocolate
  66. -bullies and haters
  67. -fake people
  68. -stereotypes
  69. -giving up/failing
  70. -dolls (low-key her biggest fear, she honestly believes they are possessed)
  71. -fighting with friends and family
  72. -any type of abuse
  73. -physical fights/violence/loud screaming and yelling
  77. ‘love yourself: her’
  78. — face claim: Olivia Hye (LOONA)
  79. — backup face claim: Jisoo (Busters)
  80. — brief description of character: Jae has one dimple, on her left cheek. Her skin is always tanned and soft. Jae’s hair is long and straight. She loves dying is different colors. Whether it’s her full head of hair or just the tips of it. Her eyes are oval shaped, and are a beautiful honey brown. Jae doesn’t have a ‘petite’ body type. She has more of an athletic build.
  82. — height (in cm): 180.34
  83. — weight (in kg): 54.431
  85. — what’s their fashion sense?: Jae’s style is a comfortable, rock style. Some days, Hyunjae just goes out in long sweatpants, and a hoodie. Sometimes, she mixes in some leggings and long sleeved shirts. When she’s feeling a little more rebellious, she’ll wear a band tee with a flannel or leather jacket, her pants being jeans.
  87. — any significant symbol they have? (do they have a scar, or do they wear jewelry that has meaning?): Jae has a jagged, circular scar on the left side of her stomach. Explained in background.
  89. — trivia-
  90. -favorite color is navy blue
  91. -knows how to play the drums
  92. -plays (American) soccer
  93. -speaks English, Korean, and Japanese
  94. -loves to dance, mainly with friends
  98. ‘what is love?’
  99. — love interest (which member did you choose?): Jeongin
  100. — backup love interest: Seungmin
  101. — enemy interest: Changbin
  102. — backup enemy interest: Minho
  103. this may reflect what slot i give you. please don’t be mad if the slot you chose isn’t the one i gave you!
  105. — what’s your slots’ ideal love interest personality?:
  106. Jae’s ideal love interest would love singing! She also likes guys who can be playful and funny! Hyunjae’s soft spot is for boys who have an adorable smile and will always be there for her. She would love a guy she could just connect and be happy with. Living their lives free without negativity!
  108. — what’s your slots’ ideal enemy personality?: Hyunjae tried to spread happiness because she hates to see people down. Her ideal enemy would be someone who ignored her. They ignored every attempt she made to get to know them. Waving, saying hi, smiling, starting a conversation, and none of it worked. She didn’t understand why. One day she heard them talking to someone on the phone, not knowing she was listening in say, “You know that Hyunjae girl right? Yeah, her. I can’t stand how giddy and happy she is all of the time. It’s so annoying I can’t even look her in the face without her getting all giggly”.
  111. — how would you like your love interest to appear into your slots’ life?: Since Jae is taller than the love interests I chose, I want to do something with that. Maybe like that cliche where ‘Love interest’ can’t reach something and Jae get’s it for them. Then the ‘Love Interest’ gets all flustered because a really tall and pretty girl just helped them.
  114. — trivia (explain what your slot would do if they were in a relationship? describe an ideal date & a scenario you’d like to happen): Jae and her love interest would love the movies. Every-time they had a date they would go and watch one of the new movies that had recently cane out. They would feed each other popcorn and candy, while just giggling and remaining blissfully in love.
  116. ✧

'epilogue: young forever'
— feedback (was this form okay? how can I improve on future apply fics?): I think it was wonderful. It was very detailed and asked the right questions. The only thing I hope that happens, is that you use the details we gave you and make them apart of the story. Like, the information we gave you somehow effects the story and it’s plot. :)
— notes (anything else before you finish this?): I’m sorry that this was so long, I didn’t mean for it too end up like this. If you need me to change or edit anything just let me know and I will. I also want to clarify that none of the events in this story have happened to me or anyone I know. I just had to include the reason for why she has mental and physical scars, as-well as flashbacks. 
— say something! (say something really weird because why not):
  117. My favorite meme is the Kermit drinking tea meme. Hence my username. What’s everyone’s favorite meme?
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