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  2. [1:47 AM] Mister Bad Guy: Etsuko has gotta be a weird kid
  3. [1:49 AM] Mister Bad Guy: between the genetic engineering, one of her moms being an international woman of mystery, and her other mom being a psychic recovering cult member
  4. [1:52 AM] Risa618: How weird are we talkin'?
  5. [1:52 AM] Risa618: And in what way?
  6. [1:54 AM] Mister Bad Guy: that's part of what i'm trying to puzzle out
  7. [1:57 AM] Risa618: Well, does she inherit any of Aki's psychic powers? I feel like there are a lot of ways one can be weird with psychic powers
  8. [1:57 AM] Mister Bad Guy: good question
  9. [1:58 AM] Mister Bad Guy: I think it mostly takes the form of moderately enhanced senses
  10. [1:59 AM] Mister Bad Guy: which makes her rather sensitive to light and sound and touch
  11. [2:00 AM] Mister Bad Guy: which she usually counters by spending her time wearing heavy clothes and sunglasses
  12. [2:02 AM] Risa618: I mean that sounds like goals to me but I see how that would strike other people as "weird"
  13. [2:02 AM] Mister Bad Guy: she can also hear surface thoughts, but it's not something she can control so it mostly just leads to unpleasant mental images
  14. [2:02 AM] Risa618: makes you look like of aloof and closed off
  15. [2:02 AM] Mister Bad Guy: she tends to use her mom's old restraining bolt
  16. [2:03 AM] Mister Bad Guy: she also tends to speak very quietly
  17. [2:05 AM] Mister Bad Guy: basically, asocial, and her power is more or less a low-grade disability
  18. [2:07 AM] Risa618: Does she still manage to have friends/make friends eventually you think?
  19. [2:07 AM] Mister Bad Guy: oh absolutely
  20. [2:08 AM] Mister Bad Guy: and she actually has rather good parents
  21. [2:10 AM] Mister Bad Guy: because both her parents already have issues with lack of parenting in their own lives and so were determined to leave her with either Mizoguchi or at least one of them if at all possible
  22. [2:12 AM] Risa618: XD I can never find it in me to make the canon characters bad parents
  23. [2:13 AM] Mister Bad Guy: well i feel outright abusive parents i don't do
  24. [2:13 AM] Risa618: Even Bandit Keith is more of a sitcom buffoon dad than anything
  25. [2:13 AM] Mister Bad Guy: but there's still a lot of fun to be had in parents that are definitely well-meaning but still mess up
  26. [2:14 AM] Risa618: Yeah but considering the track record for yugioh parents "well-meaning but still mess up" is a gold star
  27. [2:14 AM] Mister Bad Guy: no perfect way to raise a kid
  28. [2:15 AM] Mister Bad Guy: Aki and Sherry are mildly helicopter-ish
  29. [2:16 AM] Mister Bad Guy: and they have their own disorders that occasionally prevent them from being as good as they could be
  30. [2:18 AM] Mister Bad Guy: that is to say occasionally Etsuko will bring up something about dressing up as a witch for halloween and then aki will just break down crying and refuse to explain why
  31. [2:18 AM] Risa618: :neutral_face: that sounds awkward
  32. [2:18 AM] Mister Bad Guy: mmm
  33. [2:19 AM] Mister Bad Guy: which is unpleasant for a daughter, needless to say
  34. [2:19 AM] Risa618: does she learn eventually what the deal is?
  35. [2:19 AM] Mister Bad Guy: that's part of her arc, I think
  36. [2:21 AM] Mister Bad Guy: she learns a fair bit by just searching their names
  37. [2:21 AM] Risa618: Oh, that would make sense
  38. [2:21 AM] Mister Bad Guy: but she's not going to ask "hey mom weren't you in a cult"
  39. [2:22 AM] Risa618: although shouldn't sherry be a little harder to find info on, considering the international woman of mystery deal?
  40. [2:22 AM] Mister Bad Guy: well, of course
  41. [2:24 AM] Mister Bad Guy: but she can learn "Aki Izayoi was briefly the spokesperson for a psychic cult named the Arcadia Movement, whose founder is currently serving a life sentence"
  42. [2:25 AM] Risa618: is the stuff about her being the black rose witch in there too?
  43. [2:26 AM] Risa618: just finding out scarring family secrets via wikipedia
  44. [2:26 AM] Mister Bad Guy: very likely "was heavily implicated in the manhunt for the Black Rose Witch, but was cleared of all charges and the Witch's true identity remains unknown"
  45. [2:28 AM] Mister Bad Guy: like they basically argued in court that Aki was making some kind of messed-up intimidation tactic rather than confessing
  46. [2:29 AM] Mister Bad Guy: the whole incident kinda flew under the radar because at the time the city had almost been destroyed
  47. [2:33 AM] Risa618: Ah
  48. [2:34 AM] Risa618: Does Etsuko feel uncertain upon reading this that her mom might be the witch or does she conclude she must be?
  49. [2:34 AM] Mister Bad Guy: the latter
  50. [2:35 AM] Mister Bad Guy: she definitely remembers when she heard her mother muttering in a monotone in her sleep
  51. [2:36 AM] Mister Bad Guy: as for her other mom, well
  52. [2:37 AM] Mister Bad Guy: Sherry has her own problems
  53. [2:39 AM] Mister Bad Guy: she's not a vengeance-crazed weirdo anymore but she still has homicidally high standards and a very driven attitude
  54. [2:40 AM] Mister Bad Guy: she believes Etsuko needs to work through her disabilities the Roosevelt way
  55. [2:41 AM] Risa618: Does that result in a lot of pressure?
  56. [2:41 AM] Mister Bad Guy: that is to say "stay in ridiculously good health"
  57. [2:42 AM] Mister Bad Guy: walk a mile every day, learn a martial art, eat well
  58. [2:45 AM] Mister Bad Guy: as for pressure, it's certainly hard on her but it does generally work
  59. [2:48 AM] Mister Bad Guy: but basically, majorly introverted semi-disabled paragon
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