Escrow Replenishment

Jun 17th, 2019
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  1. Replinishing The Escrow Funds
  3. For those who haven't been following, we managed to create a multisig address a while ago to handle the budget as a lobby/party per se, and avoid voting on proposals submitted by strangers who would want to get paid directly so that we won't be getting scammed anymore. The multisig address we created is 8ePBxBSfWiqTwCrZbXK9vtWvptzTZPfPX8.
  5. This multisig address has six keys associated with it with a minimum of 3 keys required to spend from. The six ambassadors involved in this lobby/party are myself(msg768), TroyDash, bitcoiner, sw911, lostprophet, and greglem all of whom have been actively involved and contributing to swiftcash from day 1. For each transaction and signature, we are only taking 1 full minimum block reward each, which is currently 59 SWIFT. That is for example for 1 swiftrewards transaction, we took 236 SWIFT, 59 for creating it, and 3x 59 for signing it(to whoever created and/or signed).
  7. I transfrred the leftovers from the proposals I was in charge of, to this address on April 23rd. It was a little over 1 million. The details of the leftovers can be found here:
  9. The details of the spendings can be found on the escrow channel on Everything is public and transparent. You won't find this amount of transparency and openness as well as community-in-full-control, in any project. To recap, most of the funds have been spent on late claims and swiftrewards. The only payments to individuals have been 58K to me for discord mining, 50K for server fees as well as my casual involvement in development the past month. And 25K to Greg for the atomic swap code which has been added to the dev branch. I ask to replenish the funds in our escrow with 1,150,000 SWIFT for the following purposes in the coming weeks/months:
  11. 1. Possible SwiftRewards
  12. 2. Website Bounty (Max 100K)
  13. 3. VIP Tips (Max 100K)
  14. 4. Ongoing core development for v2.1 release
  15. 5. Writing Contest (Max 50K)
  16. 6. Discord Mining (Appx. 55K per month now)
  18. Depending on what the price does, esp. with swiftrewards, appx. 1,150,000 SWIFT should be enough for at least 2 months imo. If we need more funds later, we can submit a new proposal but in the meantime, I prefer to replenish the escrow enough so we won't need to do so in a while(at least an extra month but more would be preferrable).
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