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  1. xKARMAx has joined the chat
  2. xKRAVEx: BABY!!
  3. xKARMAx: baby!!
  4. xKARMAx: hi
  5. xKARMAx: hows you baby
  6. xKRAVEx: i was loading you thats why barely lol
  7. xKRAVEx: amazing baby
  8. xKRAVEx: missing you but amazing
  9. xKRAVEx: hows you baby
  10. xKARMAx: amazing baby
  11. xKRAVEx: mmm yes you are
  12. xKARMAx: i came earlier
  13. xKARMAx: but you wernt here
  14. xKRAVEx: i know i was here
  15. xKRAVEx: i left you a message
  16. xKRAVEx: :P
  17. xKARMAx: not in here you wernt
  18. xKARMAx: empty when i came in
  19. xKRAVEx: we loaded room same time
  20. xKRAVEx: i seen you leave
  21. xKARMAx: no, room was empty
  22. xKRAVEx: lool
  23. xKRAVEx: then i was invisible bc seriously i seen you leave
  24. xKARMAx: then you came in after i was here
  25. xKRAVEx: i invited you back
  26. xKRAVEx: where you be baby
  27. xKARMAx: huh
  28. xKARMAx: im right here
  29. xKRAVEx: lool
  30. xKRAVEx: SLC?
  31. xKRAVEx: s>
  32. xKARMAx: oh where was I
  33. xKARMAx: yes SLC this morning
  34. xKRAVEx: i thought you were there earlier as well thats why you didnt stay
  35. xKRAVEx: holds you tight
  36. xKARMAx: i didnt stay cause you wernt here
  37. xKARMAx: i have no need to be on if your not here
  38. xKARMAx: not like i have anywhere to go if your not here
  39. xKARMAx: lol
  40. xKRAVEx: i was we just missed each other
  41. xKARMAx: i know nobody else
  42. xKARMAx: lol
  43. xKRAVEx: we just missed each other loading the room that's all
  44. xKRAVEx: your sis is on
  45. xKARMAx: please
  46. xKARMAx: lool
  47. xKRAVEx: lool
  48. xKRAVEx: but she is
  49. xKRAVEx: is she no sis anymore
  50. xKRAVEx: iloveyoubaby
  51. xKARMAx: i dont go out in the mornings while you sleep, cause you dont like it... whey the hell am i gonna go hang during the day if your not here..
  52. xKARMAx: iloveyoubaby
  53. xKRAVEx: i never have told you that i didn't like you going out in the mornings
  54. xKARMAx: yeah you have
  55. xKARMAx: haha
  56. xKARMAx: its why i go no where
  57. xKRAVEx: i have only told you i dont like hiding locations
  58. xKARMAx: you want to wake up and have our good mornings uninterrupted is whet you said, and not having me double rooming
  59. xKRAVEx: you went where your sis was the other morning i didnt say anything about that
  60. xKARMAx: its watever...
  61. xKRAVEx: that doesnt mean i dont like it
  62. xKARMAx: i go no where.. its fine
  63. xKRAVEx: ok, dont really want to argue over this
  64. xKARMAx: zz
  65. xKARMAx: not arguing
  66. xKARMAx: anyways
  67. xKRAVEx: ok..
  68. xKARMAx: hope your day has been good
  69. xKARMAx: missedyou
  70. xKRAVEx: imissedyoubaby
  71. xKRAVEx: its been quiet
  72. xKRAVEx: how is your day going
  73. xKARMAx: its been good
  74. xKRAVEx: that's good
  75. xKRAVEx: why slc this morning
  76. xKARMAx: didnt mean to upset you and wasnt arguing...
  77. xKRAVEx: i'm not upset
  78. xKARMAx: -bites tongue on that topic i guess-
  79. xKRAVEx: im happy to see you
  80. xKARMAx: SLC happens for meetings
  81. xKRAVEx: okk wasnt sure
  82. xKRAVEx: not upset and was just saying i didnt want to argue
  83. xKRAVEx: sqq
  84. xKRAVEx: s
  85. xKRAVEx: kiss
  86. xKRAVEx: kiss
  87. xKRAVEx: kiss
  88. xKARMAx: ok,
  89. xKRAVEx: hello
  90. xKRAVEx: kiss
  91. xKRAVEx: kiss
  92. xKRAVEx: you staying with me tonight
  93. xKARMAx: nope, imma be leaving soon and might have to work from slc again
  94. xKRAVEx: ok (:
  95. xKRAVEx: seen your message on my stream post
  96. xKRAVEx: this is wat i am wearing in the pic
  97. xKARMAx: i seen your reply
  98. xKRAVEx: kiss
  99. xKRAVEx: kiss
  100. xKRAVEx: kiss
  101. xKRAVEx: kiss
  102. xKRAVEx: kiss
  103. xKRAVEx: kiss
  104. xKRAVEx: kiss
  105. xKARMAx: kiss
  106. xKRAVEx: kiss
  107. xKARMAx: kiss
  108. xKARMAx: kiss
  109. xKRAVEx: kiss
  110. xKRAVEx: kiss
  111. xKRAVEx: wen did you get bk to your office
  112. xKARMAx: when i logged in
  113. xKRAVEx: oh ok
  114. xKARMAx: where were you if you wasnt in here
  115. xKARMAx: seemed off, that your online but not in here
  116. xKRAVEx: i wasnt anywhere, i was online, not in a room, and when i seen you log on i came here
  117. xKARMAx: hmm
  118. xKRAVEx: that's why we missed each other
  119. xKRAVEx: hmm?
  120. xKARMAx: just odd, that you wasnt in here
  121. xKRAVEx: i closed it earlier i am here most of time
  122. xKARMAx: ill drop it
  123. xKARMAx: doesn't matter
  124. xKRAVEx: sorry i wasnt here
  125. xKARMAx: its ok, ik its harder to be here during the day.. you need sleep
  126. xKRAVEx: i was here, i wasn't sleeping
  127. xKARMAx: ok, ok
  128. xKRAVEx: i replied to your message
  129. xKARMAx: was not in here tho
  130. xKRAVEx: sent you the chat log
  131. xKRAVEx: i seen you poof after i said BABY!
  132. xKRAVEx: so ok you didnt see me but i was here
  133. xKRAVEx: i loaded in the room the same time you did
  134. xKARMAx: ok, on my side.. i joined the room... no baby, so i went to home page to see if you were somewhere and nothing so i figured since the room was empty.. and not in a room i could see. i would just leave
  135. xKARMAx: so i hit the X, and sent mail
  136. xKARMAx: signed off
  137. xKARMAx: seen nothing from you, nor did i ever see you in the room
  138. xKARMAx: my bad apperently i am sorry
  139. xKRAVEx: i have no reason to be somewhere and i dont hide my location... i loaded the same time you did when i seen you come online.. when you poofed i got your message and i replied and sent the chat... nothing to be sorry for we just crossed paths
  140. xKARMAx: didnt say your location was hid.. wow this is all blown out of porpotion..
  141. xKRAVEx: no it isn't
  142. xKARMAx: i did not say you were hiding
  143. xKRAVEx: just explaining as you did
  144. xKARMAx: never did i imply you were hiding
  145. xKARMAx: smh
  146. xKARMAx: anyways
  147. xKRAVEx: wat does this mean? "and not in a room i could see"
  148. xKARMAx: hope your days been good
  149. xKARMAx: omh
  150. xKARMAx: fk i am sorry for saying anything
  151. xKARMAx: no i dont think your hiding
  152. xKRAVEx: my day has been good and quiet... ihavemissedyou
  153. xKARMAx: misspoke i guess
  154. xKARMAx: iloveyoubaby
  155. xKARMAx: ill see ya soon
  156. xKRAVEx: ok i was only clarifying
  157. xKRAVEx: iloveyoubaby
  158. xKRAVEx: kiss
  159. xKRAVEx: kiss
  160. xKRAVEx: kiss
  161. xKRAVEx: kiss
  162. xKRAVEx: kiss
  163. xKARMAx: le poofs me...
  164. xKRAVEx: kiss
  165. xKARMAx: didnt mean to word it wrong
  166. xKRAVEx: le foops you...
  167. xKARMAx: sorry yet again
  168. xKARMAx: have a good night
  169. xKARMAx: iloveyou
  170. xKRAVEx: it's ok and nothing to be sorry for
  171. xKRAVEx: iloveyoubaby
  172. xKARMAx has left the chat
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