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Free Calls From PC – RCaller NG 1.0.3 (Free Download)

WalkingDead Dec 15th, 2013 256 Never
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  1. Free Calls From PC – RCaller NG 1.0.3 (Free Download)
  3. One of the most wanted things on the internet is a decent calling program. It should reach landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world and… be free. Of course, there are several such services already like KNCTR. However, all of them are limited in some way: some limit the minutes you can speak, some can only access a few countries. FInally, probably none of them give your own number and ability to send and receive SMS!
  6. However, RCaller NG 1.0.3 is a different story. The list of functions, especially having in mind that it is free, is amazing:
  8. * free calling from pc
  9. * own number and receiving calls
  10. * ability to choose country
  11. * ability to send and receive sms
  13. To use it just install, the program, wait for your number to appear, then dial and call anybody you want! Just have in mind that the program hangs up automatically every 10 minutes to prevent misuse. Also, if the microphone is not working, just click the right mouse button and go to Settings->Microphone to change the source.
  15. DOWNLOAD LINK : http://raresoftwares.org/free-calls-from-pc-rcaller-ng-1-0-3-free-download/
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