MGE Side III Night Painting Path

Feb 27th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Night Painting Path
  2. Ah, dear sir, it may be difficult to reach my residence at night...
  3. There are many “paths” in the city of Nevia.
  4. Paths with beautiful roses that are like hidden getaways, paths to little ateliers, in Nevia, visiting such paths is one of the standard dating plans, but out of all of them, the “Night Painting Path”, which only appears late at night, is considered especially dangerous.
  6. In the darkness of night, there are countless canvases clearly illuminated, despite there being no light around them.
  7. There’s no mistaking it, we’re at the “Night Painting Path”.
  8. Please look down and don’t look at the paintings on the canvases, just move forward. From now on, even if we turn around and head back, we can’t get out of here.
  9. This path is a place a Dark Mage artist known as “The Painting Witch” decorates with her paintings, and lures in new subjects using her magic... Sir? You suddenly stopped, is something wrong?
  10. Aah... Aah... The road in front of us is blocked by canvases... And on each one is a painting of men and women playing with each other’s bodies... Yan♥
  11. Dear sir♥ Crawl your hand along those places too...♥
  12. Yes, that’s right. Since “everybody else” is also playing with each other’s bodies, we should do the same♥
  13. This isn’t enough. We need to entwine our fingers more, like everyone around us...♥ Aan♥ That’s it♥ Flick the tip of my breast just like that... Rub my ass lewdly...♥
  15. Haa...♥ Do you know what it takes to become a great song maiden, or even a diva?
  16. You must have “flames of passion” within you that are recognized by The Great Songstress♥
  17. Starting with the first diva, Christine, all divas have husbands, beloved gentlemen they have passionately burning love for♥
  18. The first diva demonstrated that the moment the viscount removed his mask. That is unmistakably the condition for becoming diva...♥
  19. That’s why everyone has praised Lady Eustine as a genius for becoming a diva without a husband.
  20. But that’s not correct. She didn’t become diva because she was a genius... However, she knew that...♥
  21. Such a person, who can feel other people’s stories and destinations as if they were her own, knows exactly what happens when we monsters obtain a husband...♥
  23. Dear sir...♥ It looks like we’ve arrived somewhere else without realizing it♥
  24. This is... on all of these canvases... Aah, Aah...♥
  25. “All around us”, men are ravishing women with beast-like, bloodshot eyes, just like yours♥
  26. All of the women look so very, very happy~...♥ Yaan♥
  28. Aah♥ A head full of the one you love, a heart throbbing and pounding when your beloved is in front of you, a womb that heats up and begs to have a child just from thinking about the one you love...♥
  29. Understanding that all of these sensations are connected and the same is the truth for us monsters, to whom love and sexual desire are inseparable...♥
  30. It seems Lady Eustine arrived to that conclusion before she could understand it first hand, as I have...♥
  32. Haa♥ I hear the sound of frenzied brush strokes from somewhere... It must be that witch portraying our fooling around...♥
  33. Before I knew it, the Anthropomorphosis Spell broke...♥ My mermaid tail could no longer resist you...♥
  35. Ufu, fufu♥ Stories often say you must either give up your love for a gentleman or your dreams. If you don’t give up one, you cannot seize the other. There are stories like that, but...♥ Haa♥ This isn’t one of them♥
  36. My whole life so far, being born in Nevia, my efforts on the stage, all of these have been paths leading me here and now...♥♥
  37. And these are the feelings of a shameful female who would rather be held and pierced by you, dear sir, than sing or dream of becoming the diva♥ This is also a necessary path...♥
  38. Ufufu♥ I am a greedy Nevian woman...♥ I am going to become the diva♥ So please, ravish me to exhaustion... My dear husband♥♥♥
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