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  1. <C><P /><Z><S><S L="10" X="508" H="10" Y="67" T="1" P="1,0,....,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="10" X="508" H="10" Y="82" T="1" P="1,0,0,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="25" X="553" H="100" Y="177" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,60,0,0,0" /><S L="25" X="552" H="150" Y="192" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,60,0,0,0" /><S L="25" X="580" H="150" Y="194" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,60,0,0,0" /><S L="25" X="572" H="130" Y="215" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,60,0,0,0" /><S L="119" X="478" H="70" Y="207" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,20,0,0,0" /><S L="146" X="435" H="70" Y="205" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,10,0,0,0" /><S L="133" X="388" H="50" Y="180" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-5,0,0,0" /><S L="264" X="254" H="85" Y="215" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-10,0,0,0" /><S L="156" X="-113" H="285" Y="100" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,-10,0,0,0" /><S L="120" X="27" H="300" Y="212" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,-260,0,0,0" /><S L="25" X="538" H="50" Y="214" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,250,0,0,0" /><S L="30" X="491" H="69" Y="212" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,120,0,0,0" /><S L="112" X="59" H="70" Y="402" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="104" X="59" H="70" Y="407" T="2" P="0,0,0,1.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="98" X="59" H="63" Y="408" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="112" X="739" H="70" Y="402" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="104" X="739" H="70" Y="407" T="2" P="0,0,0,1.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="98" X="739" H="63" Y="408" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,0,0,0,0" /></S><D><F X="507" Y="124" /><T X="23" Y="368" /><DS X="742" Y="352" /><DC X="742" Y="353" /></D><O><O P="0" X="508" C="11" Y="82" /></O></Z></C>
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