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  1. 07:23:28: <BlueFlash> meh i dont really follow it that closely
  2. 07:23:43: <BlueFlash> i stopped when i started dreaming about raping rainbowdash
  3. 07:23:53: <BlueFlash> that ain't right brain
  4. 07:23:57: <BlueFlash> not right at all
  5. 07:24:18: <lordbinkie> ......................
  6. 07:24:25: <lordbinkie> wait
  7. 07:24:26: <lordbinkie> wait
  8. 07:24:37: <lordbinkie> so even in ur dreams, the women dont consent?
  9. 07:24:41: <lordbinkie> LOLOLOLOL
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