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  1. Doktor haus
  2. Terms of service
  3. Mar 3, 2013
  6. Do you want to upload my mods?
  8. You MAY upload under these conditions:
  9. - That it is a modification of my work. For example, you might add an icon, edit the textures or change the model.
  10. - That all the authors involved are credited along with their roles.
  11. - That nothing is removed from the "addonauthor" field of addoninfo.txt.
  12. - That modifications of my work do not use my renders/screenshots. Take a few minutes to make your own. However, If you're uploading a mod "as-is", without changing anything, you may.
  14. You MAY NOT upload if:
  15. - You're uploading a mod "as-is" (without changing anything) to GameBanana.com, L4DMaps.com or the Steam Workshop. I already host my mods there and if one of them isn't there already, there is a reason.
  16. - There was minimal effort involved on your part, but you uploaded the whole mod anyway. For example: You made a weapon script for my M16. You MAY upload the weapon script as an addon. You MAY NOT upload the model, textures, sounds, icon and weapon script.
  17. - Anyone charges money for or in any way profit monetarily from any mods (This includes but is not limited to charging money for a download link, archive password, premium membership, ad.fly or similar sites which pay for link views). None of the profits will go to the authors who created the content.
  18. - It's hosted on a site which contains racist, neofascist, nazi, illegal or pornographic content.
  19. - any malicious content (viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, adware, keyloggers etc.) has been added to the archive or VPK.
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