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  1. Hey Guys,
  3. Just giving out a warning for people that are invested with Pyro network (https://pyro.network), or have been planning to invest..
  5. A lot of new information has come out & has been verified, about this project being a typical organized scam, so with this post
  6. im hoping that it can prevent people from losing money to a meme. Use this to your advantage and research
  7. the project yourself & a lot of this information will be clear as day.
  9. - The main person behind the project goes by the name of Spydr, he has a previous history of multiple failed ventures
  10. that run on the same concept of people involved cashing out via OTC during the whole period of the project with a promise of big
  11. things to come while he unloads another useless token onto the community that will become a stale and an obsolete useless
  12. meme.
  14. (Yes, that means everything that's so called currently in development does not exist, you might get a few fake screenshots of progress
  15. and what it looks like, but their is no actual functioning backend for anything on this project along the lines of decentralization platofrm
  16. social media and so on, you will get minor lame working apps suchs as Messanger or a game and maybe something else which he can use
  17. to justify the time delays and progress.)
  19. - He is associated with several people that have been involved in other known large scam projects.
  21. - Look at the videos where he discusses the project, you will notice a lot of signs of dishonesty with the answers
  23. - 90% of the community that he tries to claim is behind the project are bots, he has done nothing to try eliminate that out of the
  24. community. (meaning bots are owned by him & are part of the scam. lets call it smoke & mirrors)
  26. - Those same bots collect the so called AIRDROPS, to make it seem like that the project is active and people are accumulating
  27. the actual token. And that he is actually giving it away. (In hopes of a victim wanting to buy some more via OTC, where he would unload
  28. personally for himself)
  30. - The project has no actual team or devs behind it, it's a typical fake useless project
  32. - When questioned about project or devs, you will always get an answer along the lines of, "not the right time for it because of x", "the dev has not
  33. been able to because of y" (The truth is, no money means no devs, and he is trying to milk it for every single bit more of OTC he can get before the project
  34. closes down)
  36. - All the work is outsourced to random paid devs. Those devs do not work for free hence you will notice the delay of launches,
  37. roadmap, etc, etc... (Shall you invest some money into it, out of the money you invested he will keep 90% and kick back 10% to keep the scam going and to keep the
  38. community settled and quiet.. typical stringing along)
  40. - Everytime issues such as this may arise, he will try offer more free tokens, bonuses etc, to keep the community happy and quiet, either way its on its way to a collapse anyway
  42. - Project has no funding or a community driven team behind it, so has hit a brick wall with no more development being done on it, which is hitting the critical stage for him
  43. and is placing the project on the verge of a collapse and the scam being exposed. (Needs money to try somewhat explain and prove some of the development that has been promised but not seen)
  45. - As you have noticed it's become a useless cluster of pointless items on the project, from decentralized social media, to centralized media,
  46. to a chat app, to random games, and the list goes on... Worst part none of its main target key focus items have gone live & wont ever, so the sooner some
  47. of you realize that its a honeypot the better you will be off.
  49. - Launched on multiple platforms ETH/TRX in the hope of gaining some new momentum to once again dump via OTC to the potential new members of
  50. the so called community of "25,000"
  52. - When questioned about multiple issues he chose to lie, avoid, and supress any of it becoming public or entering the community instead of explaining himself & working to correct it.
  54. - A lot of people are aware of what's going on with Spydr & Pyro Network, but have not chosen to say anything and just watch from the sidelines
  56. So once again use this as a rough guide, but do your own research on Pyro Netowork, and it wont be hard to spot the issues, lies of Spydr and his real angle and plan will be revealed.
  58. Goodluck once again, and hope this saves some of you from losing time or money with a typical snake such as Spydr.
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