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  1. APRW Clash Of Champions 2019
  3. Doors open at 3:00PM ET
  5. Pre-Show:  24/7 Championship defenses until start of Main-Show
  7. Main-Show, Start-time 3:30PM ET
  9. 1)  World Heavyweight Championship: Don Morrison(c) vs Brutal Damon (15 Minute Ironman)
  10. 2)  Immortal Championship: Boss Reymundo(c) vs Alec Canada (FT3)
  11. 3)  Global Championship: Girly(c) vs Jela vs Amma (Gauntlet each match FT3)
  12. 4) Tag Team Championship: Legacy(c) vs Justin/Rosie (FT3)
  13. 5)  United States Championship: PG Rollins(c) vs Drew White (FT3)
  14. 6)  Destiny Women’s Championship: Sandra vs Aurora vs Beth (FT3)
  15. 7)  Intercontinental Championship: Eternal AJ(c) vs Leo Kyak (FT3)
  16. 8)  AMG vs Kidd Best (FT3) [Winner Receives future Immortal shot]
  17. 9)  Pride Championship: Havoc(c) vs Mark Evans (FT3)
  18. 10) Women’s Elimination Chamber: Lizzy vs Cali vs Ava vs Jada vs Liv vs Beast
  19. 11) Mayhem Women’s Championship: Kerry O(c) vs Casha Banks(FT5)
  20. 12) Men’s Elimination Chamber: Tyler vs Brock vs MG vs Ominteen vs DPain vs Justuss vs Jordano vs Ibrahim
  21. 13) Kole Owens(c) vs Clutcha Dragon (FT5) [Mask vs World title shot]
  22. 14) APRW World Championship: Desaro(c) vs TM Punk vs Eddie Slayer vs BBLA (FT5)
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