Double Fine Game Club: The Journey Down (part 1)

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  1. [20:35] * Joins: HenrikSkyGoblin (
  2. [20:35] <HenrikSkyGoblin> hey you all
  3. [20:35] <lietu> hi
  4. [20:36] * Quits: HenrikSkyGoblin ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  5. [20:36] <lietu> bye
  6. [20:36] <Cheeseness> Aww
  7. [20:36] * Joins: HenrikSkyGoblin (
  8. [20:36] <lietu> how unfortunate that the mibbit widget doesn't provide a disconnect-free "pop out" -feature
  9. [20:36] <lietu> hi again
  10. [20:37] <Cheeseness> lietu: Sorry, I was sorting through my emails :D
  11. [20:37] <Cheeseness> Just shooting you a reply now
  12. [20:37] <lietu> no worries, I'm not in a hurry ;)
  13. [20:37] <Cheeseness> Hi HenrikSkyGoblin. Glad you could make it :)
  14. [20:38] <lietu> btw, had to register a gmail account to get analytics, so we now have one of those
  15. [20:38] <HenrikSkyGoblin> im having a dinner with Theo and some friends
  16. [20:39] <Cheeseness> lietu: No worries. We can add that as the contact address to the and github profiles, so that's got uses beyond just the analytics :)
  17. [20:39] <Cheeseness> Henrik: Awesome. Say hi from us :D
  18. [20:39] <Cheeseness> What's for dinner?
  19. [20:39] <HenrikSkyGoblin> it will be really interesting to see what you all think of the game :D
  20. [20:39] <lietu> Cheeseness: yeah, I also thought it wasn't a bad thing
  21. [20:40] <Cheeseness> I think it's great ^_^
  22. [20:40] <Cheeseness> lietu: Gravatar as well will be nice :)
  23. [20:40] <HenrikSkyGoblin> some sort of mixed sea food. yummi
  24. [20:40] <lietu> I've also played it a bit already, haven't had nearly as much time for it as I hoped due to lots of work, but I've had fun with it
  25. [20:40] <lietu> Cheeseness, go for it ;)
  26. [20:40] <Cheeseness> I'll be running the stream, so I won't really be able to chat much, but I'll pass on my thoughts when we're done and participate where I can
  27. [20:40] <Cheeseness> Ooh, seafood sounds nice :D
  28. [20:41] <lietu> I'll have to check on my plants and have a smoke, brb
  29. [20:41] <Cheeseness> HenrikSkyGoblin: I pre-record my stream intros, so Ive only mentioned Theo. Sorry in advance -_-
  30. [20:42] * Quits: HenrikSkyGoblin ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  31. [20:43] <Cheeseness> No need to take it like that ;_;
  32. [20:43] <Cheeseness> lol
  33. [20:43] * Joins: HenrikSkyGoblin (
  34. [20:44] <HenrikSkyGoblin> i think that theo will come online later when his child is sleeping :P
  35. [20:46] * Quits: Edwahd ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  36. [20:46] <Cheeseness> No worries ^_^
  37. [20:46] * Joins: Edwahd (
  38. [20:47] <Cheeseness> By the way, if anybody's on the new stream page, could they confirm that they see "Game club" as the text in the stream background rather than "The Secret Of Monkey Island?
  39. [20:48] * Joins: Syd (
  40. [20:48] <lietu> sure
  41. [20:48] <lietu> title is DFGC Testing: The Journey Down .. image says game club
  42. [20:49] <lietu> hey syd
  43. [20:49] <Cheeseness> Wait, you see a title?
  44. [20:49] <lietu> oh twitch
  45. [20:49] <lietu> *on
  46. [20:50] <Cheeseness> I mean here, on the Game Club page
  47. [20:50] <Cheeseness> Syd said he had to refresh his cache before it stopped showing his stream instead
  48. [20:51] <Syd> Good ol' Ctrl-F5 did the trick for me.
  49. [20:51] <Cheeseness> brb 2 secs
  50. [20:52] * Quits: HenrikSkyGoblin ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  51. [20:53] <lietu> works for me
  52. [20:55] * Joins: e6r6i6c (
  53. [20:55] <Cheeseness> Good good. Just want to be sure that nobody misses out on the stream ^_^
  54. [20:56] <Cheeseness> Hey yama, are you about?
  55. [20:57] * Joins: funtom (
  56. [20:58] <Cheeseness> Hi :)
  57. [20:58] <funtom> hi
  58. [20:58] <lietu> hey there
  59. [20:58] <Syd> Hiya
  60. [20:58] * Joins: theo (
  61. [20:58] <Cheeseness> Hey Syd, would you mind keeping an eye on your stream chat just to make sure nobody's hanging around there?
  62. [20:58] <Cheeseness> Hey theo :)
  63. [20:58] <theo> wassup cheese
  64. [20:59] <theo> I'm sort of semi afk right now.
  65. [20:59] <Cheeseness> Not much, just counting down ^_^
  66. [20:59] <Cheeseness> No worries
  67. [20:59] <theo> But here. Sort of. :)
  68. [20:59] <theo> Be back in a few.
  69. [21:00] <Cheeseness> Well, I'm going to start streaming in a few secs. If people don't see the stream, let me know, OK?
  70. [21:00] <yama> Hey, hey. I hope I'm not too late to the party. :D
  71. [21:00] <lietu> definitely not
  72. [21:00] * Joins: HenrikSkyGoblin5 (
  73. [21:00] <Syd> Working for me.
  74. [21:00] <Cheeseness> Hey yama :)
  75. [21:00] <Cheeseness> Stream should be up now!
  76. [21:00] <yama> Good evening, everyone. :)
  77. [21:01] <Cheeseness> Hope I pronounced your name right, theo
  78. [21:01] <lietu> yeah, works fine
  79. [21:01] * Joins: GameClubFan_510646 (
  80. [21:01] <lietu> hey there
  81. [21:01] <Cheeseness> Might let the menu music run for a few moments
  82. [21:01] <lietu> yeah, it's nice
  83. [21:01] <theo> It's my gaem! On the internet!!
  84. [21:01] * Quits: HenrikSkyGoblin5 ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  85. [21:01] <Cheeseness> :D
  86. [21:01] <lietu> ;)
  87. [21:01] <Edwahd> Love the music
  88. [21:02] * Joins: adamm0 (
  89. [21:02] <Cheeseness> Going with subtitles on. Hope that's not too distracting for anyone
  90. [21:02] <theo> It's made by an awesome guy named Simon D'souza.
  91. [21:02] <Cheeseness> Yeah, the music is great
  92. [21:02] <Cheeseness> I plan on looking up Simon's work later in the weekend
  93. [21:02] <yama> The music adds so much to the atmosphere of the game. I'm loving it. :D
  94. [21:03] <Syd> I find subtitles to be pretty helpful. I usually play with them on. Subtitles just seem normal with adventure games, anyway.
  95. [21:03] <Cheeseness> theo: Is there a soundtrack available? (I haven't looked it up)
  96. [21:03] <theo> yeah it's on bandcamp. Dirt cheap!
  97. [21:03] <Cheeseness> Syd: Sometimes they give away jokes though
  98. [21:03] <theo> Support Simon and buy a copy. :)
  99. [21:03] <Cheeseness> Hee, accents ^_^
  100. [21:04] <funtom>
  101. [21:04] <theo> Anthony Sardinha who does the voice of Bwana, the main character, also does the voice of the two goons, actually.
  102. [21:04] <theo> thanks for link funtom.
  103. [21:04] <theo> THIS SHOT TOOK FOREVER
  104. [21:04] * Joins: Naron (
  105. [21:04] <theo> I loved working on it though.
  106. [21:04] <Cheeseness> theo: Worth the effort. It looks great
  107. [21:04] <theo> Thanks :)'
  108. [21:04] <theo> Love how it came out.
  109. [21:04] * Joins: henrikskygoblin8 (
  110. [21:05] <Cheeseness> I love how wantonly silly Bwana is. He takes delight in the havok he wreaks.
  111. [21:05] <theo> The music in this room was probably the last track we put into chapter one. We had a way crummier song earlier.
  112. [21:05] <Cheeseness> That's not something that Guybrush (also silly) has
  113. [21:05] <theo> hehe I know, it makes writing him crazy fun.
  114. [21:05] <lietu> nice to see the JavaScript working in real use too .. with it saying "Next Session: Right now!" .. always a bit unsure if things will work in real environment and not just during testing
  115. [21:06] * Quits: GameClubFan_510646 ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  116. [21:06] <Cheeseness> lietu: Yeah. I had a bug in my if statement for some new Humble Visualisations features and missed the first 5 hours worth of data from the current Humble Bundle
  117. [21:06] <Cheeseness> Feeling very embarrassed about that >_<
  118. [21:07] * Joins: funtom_ (
  119. [21:07] * Joins: henrikskygoblin9 (
  120. [21:07] <Cheeseness> I love this shot
  121. [21:07] <yama> Was this scene made as a short tutorial?
  122. [21:07] <Cheeseness> Also, the electricity sound sounds like one off
  123. [21:07] <Cheeseness> (we used it in FLAT)
  124. [21:07] <theo> exactly, yama.
  125. [21:07] * Quits: funtom ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  126. [21:08] <Cheeseness> I love their high fives so much
  127. [21:08] * funtom_ is now known as funtom
  128. [21:08] <yama> Yays! That's what it did feel like. :)
  129. [21:08] <henrikskygoblin9> we love free sound
  130. [21:08] <Cheeseness> Hey in9
  131. [21:08] * Quits: Edwahd ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  132. [21:08] <Cheeseness> Oh
  133. [21:08] <yama> Also, the way the whole city goes dark is fantastic in so many ways. :D
  134. [21:08] <theo> Thanks yeah we love those highfives. Nice bonding. :)
  135. [21:08] <Cheeseness> Wrapping
  136. [21:08] <theo> yeah that city darkness shot was a blast to work with as well.
  137. [21:08] <theo> very difficul but a lot of fun challenges.
  138. [21:08] <Cheeseness> The slightly low frame rate high five animation gives it great pacing as well
  139. [21:09] <Cheeseness> And their silly happy smiles :D
  140. [21:09] <theo> It's the challenges that make this fun. :)
  141. [21:09] <Cheeseness> Nice!
  142. [21:09] <Cheeseness> Oh, later on, is there a reference to Gemini Rue?
  143. [21:09] <Syd> I love his reaction to that dried-out lemon
  144. [21:09] <theo> when you mean cheese?'
  145. [21:10] <Cheeseness> Gemini Rhubarb
  146. [21:10] <Cheeseness> CHEESE!
  147. [21:10] <Cheeseness> lol
  148. [21:10] <lietu> gah, looks like yet another DFA update without a notification
  149. [21:10] <theo> yeah, that room is full of AGS in jokes.
  150. [21:10] <Cheeseness> Bwana makes me laugh
  151. [21:10] <henrikskygoblin9> did anyone find the easter egg in this scene? :P
  152. [21:10] <Cheeseness> henrik: Ooh, make sure I don't miss it!
  153. [21:10] <Cheeseness> (if it's interactive, that is)
  154. [21:11] <yama> The bell one?
  155. [21:11] <theo> yama knows it lol
  156. [21:11] <Cheeseness> Should I click the bell some more then?
  157. [21:11] * Quits: henrikskygoblin8 ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  158. [21:11] <yama> Yes. Click-click-click it and then click some more. :D
  159. [21:11] <Cheeseness> :D
  160. [21:12] <yama> Was there ever any use for the hammock in this room?
  161. [21:12] <Cheeseness> Awesome! I have no idea what I'm hearing >_<
  162. [21:12] <theo> bakgrundsmusiiiiiik
  163. [21:12] <Syd> Haha
  164. [21:12] <Cheeseness> Ohh!
  165. [21:12] <yama> Background music. :D
  166. [21:12] <funtom> :-)
  167. [21:12] <Cheeseness> Awesome
  168. [21:12] <theo> That's a track our old colleague Elfan made for an older project we worked on
  169. [21:12] <theo> as a proxy thing.
  170. [21:13] <theo> we loved it, and we love him so we wanted to stick it in the game.
  171. [21:13] <yama> Heheh.
  172. [21:13] <Cheeseness> lol
  173. [21:13] <theo> In spirit he's with us on every project we build.
  174. [21:13] <theo> He's also got a lovely voice!
  175. [21:13] <Cheeseness> ^_^
  176. [21:14] <Cheeseness> I love that Bwana thinks that the bread sticks might break, and then sends Lina up first :D
  177. [21:14] <lietu> oh awesome, it seems Project Eternity has made $1.846M so far
  178. [21:14] * Quits: Naron ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  179. [21:14] <theo> yama: Yes, the hammock actually played a purpose once upon a time, in the first script of the game.
  180. [21:14] <Cheeseness> Oh, it did?
  181. [21:14] <Cheeseness> I did wonder
  182. [21:14] <yama> Ah. So it had had a use.
  183. [21:14] <theo> yeah, and then we kinda just kept it.
  184. [21:15] <Cheeseness> It's not a bad red herring
  185. [21:15] <Cheeseness> yama, look away
  186. [21:15] <yama> Games with few of those objects that can be looked at throw me off because I always think they have a use in some puzzle. >.<
  187. [21:15] <theo> In the original script the game started with bwana lying in the hammock sleeping.
  188. [21:15] <lietu> same here
  189. [21:16] * Joins: GameClubFan_474474 (
  190. [21:16] <Cheeseness> theo: Asleep when the power went off, or was there a different intro in mind earlier?
  191. [21:16] <lietu> hi there
  192. [21:16] <theo> completely different. there was no power outage in the first script.
  193. [21:16] * Quits: henrikskygoblin9 ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  194. [21:17] <Cheeseness> How did you guys approach lipsync? In some scenes (power box) it appears to be synced, but most scenes (like this one) aren't
  195. [21:17] <Cheeseness> It can be a lot of work. How did you choose which ones to give attention to?
  196. [21:17] <theo> Honestly it was pretty random. We made some focused attempts but all in all it was VERY time consuming.
  197. [21:17] <theo> Also it costs a lot, mb wise.
  198. [21:18] <yama> Oh, this puzzle!
  199. [21:18] <theo> remember, every single frame of animation need to be read from the harddrive. long animations = long loading times.
  200. [21:18] <Cheeseness> Ha, this puzzle gave me difficulty. I kept trying to get the correct colour pointing downwards.
  201. [21:18] <Cheeseness> Exactly
  202. [21:18] <yama> I think I had seen the phone number before the puzzle so I could not solve the puzzle even if I knew it.
  203. [21:18] <Syd> I solved the color-matching part on accident, then realized what it wanted me to do
  204. [21:18] <yama> I had to go back and look at the flyer again.
  205. [21:18] <Syd> I had looked at the brochure with the number in it before doing the puzzle, though, so I had no problem with that part.
  206. [21:19] <yama> See, there's the thing.
  207. [21:20] <yama> Despite me knowing the number, the game did not know I knew it.
  208. [21:20] <Cheeseness> theo: That the first scene and the intro cutscene are have lip sync sort of makes you not notice that the rest of the game isn't (a little bit anyway)
  209. [21:20] <Syd> Maybe Bwana just didn't pay attention to the number when he looked at the flyer before. :P
  210. [21:20] <yama> He probably didn't. :)
  211. [21:21] <lietu> I sure didn't
  212. [21:21] <Cheeseness> Cactus rule!
  213. [21:21] <lietu> I checked the flyer, but forgot the number
  214. [21:21] <theo> lol you can't account for every single turn of events. That's just the way it is.
  215. [21:21] <Cheeseness> Adventure games are all about possibility space, and no matter how much effort you put in, you'll never be able to cover everything
  216. [21:21] <Cheeseness> I think the game does pretty well
  217. [21:21] <Cheeseness> Ha, another high five :D
  218. [21:22] <Cheeseness> More high fives in chapter 2 please!
  219. [21:22] <yama> Yeah, all in all, the game is coherent. :)
  220. [21:22] <theo> Yeah I'm happy with how well we've planned for those things. We have tons of alternate dialog lines depending on what the player has experienced.
  221. [21:22] <theo> tons.
  222. [21:22] <yama> Yays. :D
  223. [21:22] <Syd> Now for the three trials. Can't help but think of Secret of Monkey Island when I see an adventure game give the player three objectives.
  224. [21:22] <lietu> there's one thing that did annoy me in the game, I couldn't find a way to do something like double-click on a screen exit to quickly move to the next one .. waiting for the character to walk across screens when searching for what you need to do can be rather annoying
  225. [21:22] <theo> Bwana has 1200+ lines and a normal playthrough won't hear half of those.
  226. [21:23] <theo> thanks for that input lietu. We keep hearing that.
  227. [21:23] <Cheeseness> I love the pocket comments ^_^
  228. [21:23] <yama> Add a counter for number of unique lines heard. ;)
  229. [21:23] <Cheeseness> Yeah, do that!
  230. [21:23] <yama> I'd replay the game if I knew there was more to experience.
  231. [21:24] <yama> Well, besides replaying it because it's a good game. :)
  232. [21:24] <Cheeseness> theo: That fast travel thing is something a lot of people will ask for. I expect that skipping non-interactive sequences is also highly requested
  233. [21:24] <Syd> Shophishticated!
  234. [21:24] <theo> hehe well it's not so much experience as different approaches to different situations depending on previous steps.
  235. [21:25] <Cheeseness> Bwana loves everything :D
  236. [21:25] <theo> He's a positive guy. :)
  237. [21:25] * Joins: CheeseCracker (
  238. [21:25] <Cheeseness> Yay, more cheee
  239. [21:25] <Cheeseness> cheese^
  240. [21:25] <yama> I like how the game hints at things if you listen to the dialogue when getting some items.
  241. [21:26] <yama> Such as "knock an elephant out".
  242. [21:26] <theo> Glad you noticed yama. We put a lot of work into  that.
  243. [21:26] <theo> I like subtly stuffing hints everywhere.
  244. [21:26] <Cheeseness> ^_^
  245. [21:26] <Cheeseness> Poor pelican
  246. [21:26] <Cheeseness> I was all: D:
  247. [21:26] <theo> lol, he'll be fine.
  248. [21:27] <theo> he's just sleeping. :P
  249. [21:27] <Cheeseness> fluffaroonie? Is that a part of normal vernacular over there?
  250. [21:27] <theo> hehe no. I made it up.
  251. [21:27] <Cheeseness> Awesome ^_^
  252. [21:27] <theo> Notice how the sailor says "Key kid!" ?
  253. [21:28] <theo> It feels completely natural but is extremely weird, no?
  254. [21:28] <Cheeseness> I did
  255. [21:28] <theo> It's because I had written Key instead of Hey, and the actor read it how I had written it and it slipped into the game.
  256. [21:28] <theo> But no one notices.
  257. [21:28] <Cheeseness> Ha, awesome
  258. [21:28] <theo> People seem to think it's a kind of common greeting, heh.
  259. [21:28] <Cheeseness> Did you record all the voices in the same studio?
  260. [21:29] <theo> absolutely not. Which is an issue.
  261. [21:29] <theo> that's why we get so different sound on different characters.
  262. [21:29] <Cheeseness> It's noticeable (particularly with this guy)
  263. [21:29] <yama> Yeah.
  264. [21:29] <Syd> Yeah, I had noticed that the quality seemed to change with each character
  265. [21:29] <theo> Yeah it's a big issue with this chapter.
  266. [21:29] <Syd> This guy in particular sounds a bit lower quality
  267. [21:29] <Cheeseness> I like to pretend he's George Takei
  268. [21:29] <theo> We're definitely going to be more picky with that in chapter two.
  269. [21:30] <Cheeseness> theo: Was that because your cast wasn't located together, or was it just somethign that you weren't able to throw resources into?
  270. [21:30] <theo> This is the first game we cast, so.. learning by doing. :)
  271. [21:30] * Joins: HenrikSkyGoblin (yaaic@45A54CD0.C143EE73.EDF7440D.IP)
  272. [21:30] <theo> We had no money.
  273. [21:30] <theo> Most of those guys worked for free. Not al, but most of them.
  274. [21:30] <Cheeseness> :)
  275. [21:30] <theo> They're spread out all over the world and working with their own home-equipment.
  276. [21:31] <Cheeseness> Yeah, that's what I imagined would be the case
  277. [21:31] <theo> They did an amazing job though. I'm happy to have worked with them all.
  278. [21:31] <theo> I solely see it as my fault that we didn't manage to make it all sound more coherent.
  279. [21:31] <theo> The actors did a great job.
  280. [21:31] * Joins: Peder (
  281. [21:31] <Cheeseness> Honestly, it doesn't really detract from the game that much. It's noticeable, but it's not the end of the world
  282. [21:32] <Cheeseness> Or the edge ^_^
  283. [21:32] <theo> :P
  284. [21:32] <theo> it's one thing we can improve on, so... we're going to improve on it.
  285. [21:32] <Cheeseness> Good :)
  286. [21:32] <lietu> agreed, it's something you notice, but not something you really care that much about
  287. [21:32] <Cheeseness> Will you look at re-recording some of the episode 1 dialogue after you're done with the rest if you have money left over?
  288. [21:33] <theo> Honestly, I don't think so. Maybe we'll put some time into post-editing though.
  289. [21:33] <theo> We didn't do a lot in post this time around at all.
  290. [21:33] <Cheeseness> No worries ^_^
  291. [21:34] <Cheeseness> The artwork is beautiful
  292. [21:35] * Quits: GameClubFan_474474 ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  293. [21:35] <Cheeseness> By the way, has anybody posted in the forum thread?
  294. [21:35] <Cheeseness> (that the stream is live)
  295. [21:36] <Cheeseness> I think I forgot
  296. [21:36] <Cheeseness> I find this particular piece of dialogue to be a fairly long bit of non-interactive exposition
  297. [21:37] <Syd> It was bumped, but by someone that was just posting to say that the keys were taken.
  298. [21:37] <lietu> done
  299. [21:37] <Cheeseness> Cheers guys
  300. [21:37] * Joins: HenrikSkyGoblin2 (~yaaic@45A54CD0.C143EE73.EDF7440D.IP)
  301. [21:37] <theo> I agree cheese. We were actually planning on breaking it off with some pictures.
  302. [21:37] <theo> to make it less droney. Some newspaper clippings and shots in the book, etc.
  303. [21:37] * Quits: HenrikSkyGoblin (yaaic@45A54CD0.C143EE73.EDF7440D.IP) (Broken pipe)
  304. [21:37] <theo> But we couldn't afford it at all.
  305. [21:37] <theo> Not even close.
  306. [21:38] <theo> Would have loved to do that as well.
  307. [21:38] <Cheeseness> It's all good
  308. [21:38] <Syd> It took me a while to find out that I could get to this area. I'm not sure why I didn't try going out that hatch until later on.
  309. [21:38] <Cheeseness> It's not long enough to make me dislike it
  310. [21:38] <Cheeseness> But I can imagine it might make some impatient
  311. [21:38] <Syd> But once I did go there, I was at the point where I knew exactly what to do with that net.
  312. [21:38] <HenrikSkyGoblin2> lol. my phones irc client is not stabile
  313. [21:39] * Quits: CheeseCracker ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  314. [21:39] <theo> yeah,. I'm sure people would have paid more attention if it was broken off with pics retc.
  315. [21:39] <Cheeseness> theo: What was the production time on the game? How long did it take from starting earnest work to going live?
  316. [21:39] <Cheeseness> "Oh bananas Bwana!"
  317. [21:39] * Joins: GameClubFan_810474 (
  318. [21:39] <Cheeseness> Henrik: Yeah, you do seem to be dropping out a bit
  319. [21:39] <theo> Impossible to count. The original low res version took me 3-4 years. We built the HD version in slightly less than two.
  320. [21:40] <theo> he's sitting with his smartphone on a shoddy connection.
  321. [21:40] * Quits: GameClubFan_810474 ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  322. [21:40] <Cheeseness> Did the game or its puzzles get much refinement with the HD version?
  323. [21:40] <Syd> "Pointless.... yet satisfying!" I love that line.
  324. [21:40] <Cheeseness> Is that a reference to something?
  325. [21:40] <Cheeseness> It rings a bell
  326. [21:40] <HenrikSkyGoblin2> lucky Me, i can look at theos computer screen
  327. [21:40] <Cheeseness> :D
  328. [21:41] <theo> Actually that shot was inspired by the awesome shot where hoagie climbs out of ed's mansion in DOTT and there's this awesome blooump sound effect.
  329. [21:41] <theo> I did that over and over agian when I played it cause I loved the sound and animation.
  330. [21:41] <theo> I wanted the same thing.
  331. [21:41] <Cheeseness> :D
  332. [21:42] <theo> We mostly added puzzles in the hd version, and complexified some of them. We didn't change them very much. Mostly build upon and add.
  333. [21:42] <theo> Added some clues though.
  334. [21:42] <Cheeseness> By the way, if I were to make a suggestion for future episodes, it would be to move hotspots/interactive elements away from the bottom of the screen. I've been bringing the inventory up a lot by accident
  335. [21:42] <theo> Yeah I know- Thanks for being blunt.
  336. [21:43] <theo> That's something I agree we should change.
  337. [21:43] <Syd> Or a (maybe optional) button tucked off to the side for bringing up the inventory.
  338. [21:43] <Cheeseness> Again, it doesn't really make the game less enjoyable
  339. [21:43] <Cheeseness> But it'd be nice ^_^
  340. [21:43] <theo> Probably it comes in part from the game originally not having a popup inventory. Less intrusive then when hotspots we're close to the bottom.
  341. [21:44] <Cheeseness> Ahhh
  342. [21:44] <Cheeseness> I also love the shipping crate sign. That's awesome
  343. [21:45] <theo> It's from a real crate I saw somewhere. 100%
  344. [21:45] <Cheeseness> :D
  345. [21:45] <Cheeseness> I love that it's this out of reach piece of treasure that drives you to solve the pelican puzzle
  346. [21:45] <Cheeseness> But it's actually tedious and useless, but Bwana still delights in it
  347. [21:46] <Cheeseness> yama, you'll want to look away for a little bit again ^_^
  348. [21:47] <Cheeseness> Oh wait. It's Syd who was stuck with the shirt >_<
  349. [21:47] <Cheeseness> Sorry
  350. [21:47] <yama> Ah, this puzzle. I used everything with everything and got the paint on to the shirt. ^^:
  351. [21:47] <theo> ah the good old everything on everything.
  352. [21:48] <yama> Hehe. Can never go wrong with that if you're stuck. ;)
  353. [21:48] <Cheeseness> Actually, I painted the shirt, but spent all my time trying to find some way to put it on >_<
  354. [21:48] <Syd> I was stuck on finding the shirt in the first place. I had a feeling that I had to use paint on a shirt of some sort to make it look like a uniform, though.
  355. [21:48] <theo> so true. sadly! I wish we had planted better clues.
  356. [21:48] <theo> ok good.
  357. [21:48] * Quits: adamm0 ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  358. [21:48] <Cheeseness> Honestly, there's value in getting stuck. Puzzles don't feel as rewarding if you don't have to work for them
  359. [21:49] <yama> The only puzzle I had to l actually look up the solution for, because I was stuck on it for two days, was the drainpipe one. (I know it's too early for that now, though.)
  360. [21:49] <Cheeseness> As Syd  was saying earlier, some of the solutions to puzzles come when you're not playing, and that can help a lot of the game, its story and sense of fun sink in
  361. [21:49] <theo> yeah we didn't really have any drainpipe hints.
  362. [21:49] <yama> Probably because Bwana first says, "I don't want to mess with it", when interacting with the pipe early on, I never thought to try it again.
  363. [21:49] <Syd> I figured out that the metal pole was the yoke for the plane when I was just about to go to sleep. :)
  364. [21:49] <Cheeseness> Yeah, it took me a while to realise that I could play with the pipe at that point in time
  365. [21:49] <theo> yeah that was actually kind of clutzy puzzle design from our part if you ask me.
  366. [21:50] <theo> It could have been avoided.
  367. [21:50] <lietu> yeah, I agree .. puzzles that you get a bit stuck in are important, if the game offers no "resistance", it doesn't feel rewarding at all
  368. [21:50] <theo> I personally detest when a previously un-interactive object suddnely, arbitrarly becomes interactible.
  369. [21:50] <lietu> it's like an FPS game with an aimbot
  370. [21:50] <Cheeseness> I think it's obvious that the drain is involved with the coffee, but I tried to use inventory items with it
  371. [21:50] <yama> Apart from that one, I can proudly say I solved all puzzles myself. I just had to leave the game over night and I got some ideas to try. :D
  372. [21:51] <theo> hehe good to hear it, yama.
  373. [21:51] <yama> It was funny, though. I got some ideas at work and couldn't wait to get home and try it.
  374. [21:51] <Cheeseness> I started to look one thing up (because I was running out of time and needed to sleep before the stream), but I realised the solution before I finished loading a walkthrough ^_^
  375. [21:52] <Cheeseness> Can't rmember what it was though
  376. [21:52] <lietu> the only real complaint I have about Gemini Rue is that it was pretty resistance-free, I think there was just one thing I was stuck at, just because I didn't see their small visual hint of an interactable object
  377. [21:52] <yama> I love that feeling when you realise, "that's got to be the solution!", and then you try it and it works. :D
  378. [21:52] <Syd> It takes some willpower to keep yourself from checking for solutions on the internet, but it makes adventure games so much more enjoyable when you get those "A-ha!" moments with puzzles.
  379. [21:52] <Cheeseness> lietu: I think GR was on the easy side, but I still loved it.
  380. [21:53] <Cheeseness> I'll echo what yama and Syd are saying
  381. [21:53] <lietu> yeah, me too .. the story was awesome, and it was on general a whole lot of fun, but still a bit too easy
  382. [21:53] <lietu> me too
  383. [21:53] <HenrikSkyGoblin2> the propeller animation might be my favorit cut scene
  384. [21:53] <Cheeseness> I didn't mind how easy BTTF was though
  385. [21:54] <lietu> thesedays I do occasionally check the interwebs for solutions for a few puzzles, but very rarely, and I don't continue reading on
  386. [21:54] <Cheeseness> I think game difficulty should be matched with theme and story.
  387. [21:54] <Cheeseness> Henrik: It's great :D
  388. [21:55] <Syd> If I enjoy the story enough, I can overlook poor puzzle design. Still, the best adventure games have both an interesting story and good puzzle design.
  389. [21:55] <Cheeseness> How would you guys feel if I finished up the stream when I get to the other boat?
  390. [21:55] <Cheeseness> Want to make sure I leave enough for next week
  391. [21:55] <lietu> mjeah, I'm starting to think that the 2h sessions are a bit too long, especially for me, I'm too stuck to my sleeping pattern and get very tired after 1.5hrs of game club ;)
  392. [21:56] <yama> I need to be off in a few minutes. It's soon 10pm and I've got to be at work at 6am tomorrow. >.<
  393. [21:56] <Syd> Yeah, that'd be fine, Cheeseness.
  394. [21:56] <lietu> the game club basically starts when I normally head to bed
  395. [21:56] <theo> I'll happily try and join next time. Cut this one whenever you feel like it, as far as I'm concerned. :)
  396. [21:56] <Cheeseness> No worries, well I'll do the switchpuzzle and call it a job done
  397. [21:56] <Cheeseness> I love the switch puzzle so much
  398. [21:56] <Cheeseness> Very well done, guys :)
  399. [21:57] <theo> Thanks. It's one of my favorites too.
  400. [21:57] <theo> I enjoy mocking those goofy impossible-to-understand puzzles that riddled games of yore.
  401. [21:57] <Cheeseness> :)
  402. [21:57] <yama> Heh heh. :D
  403. [21:58] <theo> They could only be solved by randomly clicking.
  404. [21:58] <lietu> hehe
  405. [21:58] <Cheeseness> Note to self, remember to get the fish and wrench next time
  406. [21:59] <Cheeseness> Also, I love this bit
  407. [21:59] <theo> This shot was crazy,
  408. [21:59] <Cheeseness> lol
  409. [21:59] <theo> We did so many uggly things behind the scenes you'd never guess.
  410. [21:59] <theo> Still somehow, in the end, it worked out great.
  411. [21:59] <Cheeseness> It's what you do ^_^
  412. [21:59] <Cheeseness> All part of game dev
  413. [22:00] <theo> yeah. Lot's of smoke and mirrors, that's it.
  414. [22:00] <lietu> thanks for the stream cheese
  415. [22:00] <Syd> Thanks for streaming, Cheeseness
  416. [22:00] <Cheeseness> A pleasure :)
  417. [22:00] <yama> Thanks for joining in, Theo and Henrik. :D
  418. [22:00] <Cheeseness> Yeah, thanks for coming guys :)
  419. [22:00] <theo> Thank you! I had a blast watching. :)
  420. [22:00] <lietu> yeah, thanks guys, it was a pleasure
  421. [22:00] <Cheeseness> I'm sure we'll have more comments, questions and discussion next week when we've progressed through more of the game
  422. [22:00] <yama> You've made a fantastic game and I cannot wait to play the second part. :D
  423. [22:01] <theo> If you guys have any questions you'd like answered, I'll be scanning the forum.
  424. [22:01] <funtom> thanks
  425. [22:01] <theo> Thanks guys.
  426. [22:01] * Quits: Syd ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  427. [22:01] <theo> Part two is coming along nicely.
  428. [22:01] <HenrikSkyGoblin2> thanks for the stream. this have Bern fin to see and träd
  429. [22:01] <Cheeseness> I was going to ask about that
  430. [22:01] <yama> That's great to hear. :D
  431. [22:01] <HenrikSkyGoblin2> read. lol
  432. [22:01] <theo> Part two is a gigantic game though,.,
  433. [22:01] <theo> part one was tiny,
  434. [22:01] <Cheeseness> What sort of size difference would you say there is?
  435. [22:01] <lietu> gotta start somewhere ;)
  436. [22:02] * Quits: HenrikSkyGoblin2 (~yaaic@45A54CD0.C143EE73.EDF7440D.IP) (Connection reset by peer)
  437. [22:02] * Joins: HenrikSkyGoblin (yaaic@45A54CD0.C143EE73.EDF7440D.IP)
  438. [22:02] <Cheeseness> (and how many parts are you envisioning the game will have in total?)
  439. [22:02] <HenrikSkyGoblin> theos computer died. heat problem
  440. [22:02] <yama> I'm totally gonna buy the first part on Desura now. :D
  441. [22:02] <Cheeseness> Aww
  442. [22:02] * Joins: Cheeseness1 (
  443. [22:02] <Cheeseness> yama: Do it :D
  444. [22:02] <yama> (Already bought it twice, too.)
  445. [22:02] <Cheeseness> Oh, it's me!
  446. [22:02] <Cheeseness> I'm going to sign out from here
  447. [22:02] * Quits: Cheeseness ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  448. [22:02] <HenrikSkyGoblin> part One is Tony. part two is gigantic.
  449. [22:03] * Cheeseness1 is now known as Cheeseness
  450. [22:03] <HenrikSkyGoblin> Tiny
  451. [22:03] <lietu> is this a big or a small tony? ;)
  452. [22:03] <Cheeseness> HenrikSkyGoblin: How would you describe the size difference? Double?
  453. [22:05] <HenrikSkyGoblin> double. thanks för the Chat. see u next Week.
  454. [22:05] <lietu> cya
  455. [22:06] <Cheeseness> Have a good week :)(
  456. [22:06] <yama> Looking forward to the next session. :D
  457. [22:06] <HenrikSkyGoblin> our science pile is burning lol
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