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Oct 5th, 2017
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  1. Writefag Idea Wall and Story Link Archive
  2. =========================
  4. =Non-Lewd=
  6. >No story about how Sally, daughter of the head the Acorn Group, keeps the streets of Japan clean with nothing but her fists.
  7. >She's usually accompanied by a dandy A.I. named Nicole and Bunnie, the foreign exchange student that won Sally's respect in a fight.
  8. >Rotor is one of the local mechanics that fixes up Sally's motorcycle.
  9. >Antonie is Sally's french bodyguard that sometimes goes off to do something else since she can take care of herself most of the time. Bunnie constantly teases him.
  10. >She occasionally receives help from a wondering blue hedgehog and his fox friend.
  12. >Nicole is a soul sistah and Sally is her white friend who tries to be funky and fails
  13. >Knuckles is a pimp and Rouge and Vanilla are his hoes
  14. >Sonic is bascially John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever
  15. >Vector's in it for money, not a totally corrupt P.I. but the bills don't pay themselves
  16. >Espio's the straight lizardman, knows the situation and tries to maintain some mortality
  17. >Charmy is a perma-coke'd wildcard
  19. >Katella is walking through the woods
  20. >She's lost
  21. >Finds a mobian who will make her a nice meal and show her the way
  22. >Goes along with her
  23. >She makes a fine meal and a very fetching fur
  25. >Write a story about Rotor.
  26. >Sally, Nicole, Sonic and Tails can not be involved.
  27. >Good luck.
  29. >Write a story about Penelope.
  30. >Use any characters but the focus need to be in Penelope.
  32. >Bunnie and Rotor get into an argument.
  33. >Lifestyle, personality, situational ("What do we do about this malfunctioning robot?"), whatever. Just a heated argument between them.
  35. >Write a story about Tommy the Turtle.
  36. >No, wait, please don't do that.
  38. >Let's go full hard mode. Make a story about Ash, BUT it cannot prominently involve Mina or Sonic. They can be mentioned, but the story has to be mostly about Ash
  40. >Story featuring Pendered characters. Two possible variations:
  41. >>Pendered characters all find themselves mysteriously transported to another dimension.
  42. >>Non-Pendered characters mysteriously disappear, Pendered characters have to figure out what to do in world without them.
  44. >I now want to read a story about Tails struggling with teen pregnancy
  45. >Should have paid attention to what 'Sonic Says'.
  47. >FFs going camping, or at least telling scary stories
  49. >[In progress by: Anon] Maria Robotnik is an archeologist looking for her grandfathers research and ends up on an island where she finds shadow, but doesn't know the purpose of his creation
  51. >Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Blaze, and Silver fighting an ancient evil.
  52. >>Alt: drop silver and shadow, add amy
  54. >Chaotix Detective Agency in SPACE
  55. >going around and solving weird space crimes/mysteries
  56. >operating out of their bar spaceship
  58. >Blaze is actually Tomoko
  59. >Vanilla offers to "thank" Blaze for being so nice to Cream
  60. >Blaze interprets all the favors she's going to do in the lewdest way possible
  61. >Goes full spaghetti mode as she imagines how it'll go
  62. >Actually turns out to be completely innocent
  64. >Continuations of Shadow the Hedgehog endings
  65. >>continuation of the Pure Dark-Hero ending where Rouge and Shadow flying around in space pilfering and taking over various planets.
  66. >>Possibly using the ARK as a spaceship
  67. /
  68. >>continuation of the Semi-Hero-Hero ending where Vector recruits a depressed Shadow in to Team Chaotix trying to cheer him on to find purpose while solving crimes.
  70. >story (in a romantic way, not that silly idea of him remind her of sonic) about how mina fall in love with tails?
  72. >Something describing what each FF fears, and having to confront said fears in a comedic fashion
  73. >Fear lists:
  74. >>Antoine- becoming a coward again
  75. >>Sonic- Small spaces, water
  76. >>Tails- Canonically lightning
  77. >>Knuckles- Being a nobody
  78. >>Bunnie- being shunned by organic society
  79. >>Amy- being alone
  80. >>Rotor- Tooth rot
  81. >>Sally- Factories
  82. >>Nicole: Mortality
  83. >>Cream- Monsters under her bed
  84. >>Big- Frogs legs
  85. /
  86. >>Sonic: Water and being unable to go fast
  87. >>Tails: Lightning and being alone
  88. >>Sally: Spiders and losing her friends and father
  89. >>Bunnie: Becoming more machine than mobian and being mocked/hated for being part-robot
  90. >>Antoine: Margarine, failing to live up to his dead father's expectations, giant monsters
  91. >>Rotor: Being bullied again or being shunned. Extreme heat
  92. >>Big: None
  93. >>Cream: Spiders or insects in general, lightning, and kidnapping
  94. >>Nicole: Being shut off, not thought of as alive, viruses, losing Sally (Biggest fear of hers by far)
  95. /
  96. >Since these are supposed to be comedic:
  97. >>Sonic - Water
  98. >>Tails - Lightning
  99. >>Sally - Heights
  100. >>Bunnie - Snakes
  101. >>Antoine - Margarine
  102. >>Rotor - Decaf
  103. >>Big - Nothing
  104. >>Cream - Scary monsters
  105. >>Nicole - Apple
  107. =Potentially Lewd=
  108. >Sonic yuri:
  109. >>Amy realizing Blaze is alt universe Sonic or something and her trying to hit on Blaze, make it fluffy or onesided if you think that will work
  110. >>Something cute and SFW with Sally and Nicole
  111. >>Or Rouge/Topaz. The world needs more of that
  114. =Lewd=
  115. >Fem!Infinite fucking with your perception of reality to make you believe she's the only girl for you
  116. >Infinite uses Phantom Ruby to appear as your favorite female Sonic character
  117. >reveals herself after sex
  118. >willing to warp reality to get you off
  119. >fellatio with her mask slightly lifted up
  120. >one glowing eye looking back up at you
  122. >looking up sloth facts due to >>195919592
  123. >sloths mate extremely quickly (roughly 5 seconds) due to the risk of being attacked on the ground
  124. >Sage's physiology would be wired like this too
  125. >sex with anyone possessing even average endurance would leave her a quivering mess of ahegaoing jelly from sheer frequency of climaxes
  126. >She'd probably pass out if you came inside
  127. Imagine.
  129. >ywn have Honey as your fashionable fighting wife
  130. >ywn raise a family of energetic young kittens
  131. >ywn kiss her goodnight
  132. >ywn wake up to find her horny as hell and practically riding you until you pass out
  134. >a fapfic or fap pic where anon stumbles into a suspended zone of lost characters
  136. >R34 of Lupe taking the Werehog knot
  137. >They both howl on climax
  138. >Meanwhile, 30 miles away, Antoine howls back
  139. >Sonic starts laughing like a goddamn idiot
  141. >Elias & Megan Having consensual sex in the missionary position
  143. >Sonic and Antoine DPing Bunnie
  144. >neither wants to finish before the other out of pride
  145. >Bunnie eventually goes full ahegao
  146. >none of the three can walk straight the next day
  150. >MILF bunnie will never call you over to help with a chore or two.
  151. >She'll never bake you cookies while you work and you'll never see her 18-19 year old daughters, one a rabbit and one a coyote, give you bedroom eyes from a distance.
  152. >They'll never flirt with you when their mother isn't looking
  154. >Bunnie and Twan helping an adolescent Cream release her urges
  156. >Sally and Bunnie in a BJ competition
  158. >Bunnie and Sally having wild drunken sex, with Antoine and Sonic spying
  160. >Bunnie using her telescoping arm to give Ant a handjob under a banquet table while everyone is eating
  162. >TikalxChaos
  163. >>Featuring tentacles
  165. >Manyway where Tails willingly goes to Rouge to be enslaved as her toy and ends up getting dommed by girldick Lyco twins, while Shard, Larry and Elias watch on in the closet before falling out cos of fucking Larry's luck.
  167. >Rosie the Rascal pegging Scourge
  169. >Lusty Mobian Maid
  171. ===Story Links===
  173. =Non-Lewd=
  175. =Lewd=
  176. >Honey/Tails
  177. >>Part 1:
  178. >>Part 2:
  180. >Elias/Alicia (& Bernadette)
  181. >>Part 1:
  182. >>Partt Xrd:
  184. >Bonding (Cassia/Clove)
  185. >>
  187. >Lineage (King Shadow/Lien-Da/Sally)
  188. >>
  190. >Anniversary (Antoine/Bunnie)
  191. >The other residents of the Sky Patrol having to endure Bunnie and Antoine's vigorous CLANG sessions.
  192. >>Part 1:
  193. >>Part 2: (>Threesome between Antoine, Bunnie, and their kitchen)
  194. >>Part 3:
  195. >>Part 4/Climax:
  197. >Privacy (Sally/Sonic)
  198. >>
  200. >Sonic/Tails/Honey
  201. >>
  203. >Movie Night (Sticks/Anon)
  204. >>
  206. >Sage Caves (Sage/Bump)
  207. >>
  209. >Knuckles/Relic
  210. >>
  212. >Mistletoe (Bump/Anon/Sage)
  213. >>
  215. >Teacher's Assistant (Vanilla/Anon/Cream)
  216. >>Ch. 1 -
  217. >>Ch. 2 -
  218. >>Ch. 3 -
  219. >>Ch. 4 -
  221. >Zero Gravity (Shadow/Maria)
  222. >>
  224. >Everyday Life with Mobian Girls
  225. >>Ch. 1 -
  226. >>ch. 2 -
  228. >Seducing Sage (Sage/Anon)
  229. >>
  231. >Something New, Something Different (Sonic/Tails)
  232. >Honey convinces Tails to crossdress to get closer to Sonic, ends up with Sonic & Tails teasing Sally & Amy before doing the deed)
  233. >>
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