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  1. vermin
  2. You will now notice the movement of vermin. Happy hunting!
  3. 9800h, 6800m, 8300e, 10p Bex-
  5. Flapping its wings furiously, a large white pigeon flies in and discharges white droppings.
  6. 9800h, 6800m, 8300e, 10p Bex-
  8. k
  9. beast order attack pigeon
  10. fire parasol pigeon
  11. You have no beast here you can command.
  12. 9800h, 6800m, 8300e, 10p Bex-
  14. You turn a crank on the handle of a mechanical parasol, and the ribs flare open as the umbrella
  15. spins rapidly.
  16. sm add fire parasol pigeon
  17. A mechanical parasol coughs up bursts of steam, beams of holy light, and streams of fire that shoot
  18. at a large white pigeon.
  19. You shift the reserved damage of your last strike forward.
  20. The final blow proves too much for a large white pigeon, who expires, pitifully.
  21. You have slain a large white pigeon.
  22. You suddenly scoop up the corpse of a large white pigeon.
  23. You cannot see that being here.
  24. 9800h, 6500m, 8300e, 10p Bx-
  26. You build upon your stratagem, adding action one as: FIRE PARASOL PIGEON.
  27. 9800h, 6500m, 8300e, 10p Bx-
  29. p parasol
  30. The panels of this mechanical parasol alternate between black and brown fabric, and are lined with
  31. an elegant black ribbon. They curve upwards into a dramatic elongated point which is reinforced with
  32. a long black metal top. The handle ends in a round curve, allowing the wielder a steady grip. Upon
  33. the handle a small crank has been affixed.
  34. You see your gnomish weapon will do the following types from its gearboxes: unblockable, divinus(x5),
  35.  and fire.
  36. You see the following gearboxes attached:
  37. a gnomish divinus gearbox (gearbox28257)
  38. a gnomish divinus gearbox (gearbox369399)
  39. a gnomish divinus gearbox (gearbox369403)
  40. a gnomish divinus gearbox (gearbox369404)
  41. a gnomish divinus gearbox (gearbox369405)
  42. a gnomish fire gearbox (gearbox38013)
  43. It weighs about 3 pounds and 2 ounce(s).
  44. It bears the distinctive mark of Cyun Windwhisper.
  45. It has a Great Rune of Razing attached to it (#262386).
  46. It has the following aliases: parasol, weapon, gnomeweapon.
  47. 9800h, 6500m, 8300e, 10p Bx-
  49. vermin
  50. You have recovered equilibrium.
  51. You execute your stratagem.
  52. Nothing can be seen here by that name.
  53. 9800h, 6500m, 8300e, 10p Bex-
  55. You will no longer take notice of the movement of vermin.
  56. 9800h, 6500m, 8300e, 10p Bex-
  58. [Autocuring]: You do not have 'healing scroll' for 'scroll' curing.
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