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Pirates IRC March '20 Changelog

mruno Apr 1st, 2020 44 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC - http://piratesirc.com
  2. March 2020 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. April Fools additions
  6. Changed Battle-Royale times. See http://tiny.cc/PirateDaily
  7. Random events (items to cast for, zonbis, helping someone fish, etc) should not longer occur during a ship event (port raid, ship battle, etc)
  8. Added daily bonuses for specific commands http://tiny.cc/PirateDaily
  9. Added !P Announcements
  10. Increased Mon-Fri Daily Special event payouts to 125% the normal doubloon rate http://tiny.cc/PirateSpecial
  11. Increased holidays doubloon rates http://tiny.cc/PirateSpecial
  12. The Echelon has been decommissioned, HMS Interceptor has returned
  13. Added how much time is left during an epic monster attack
  14. "!P r​a​p​e" renamed to !P Charver
  15. +1 Stamina (+2 if resting with !P Rest) is recovered every 5 mins vice 10 mins
  16. Added !P Bug Report and achievement
  18. Fixes:
  19. Ships not connected, auto sailing
  20. Cannon loading fixes
  21. Duel stats in !P Power
  22. Ship clean & grease
  23. Bot ships sabotaging after the bot ship's captain has lost a capn vs capn duel
  24. Adept Pirates season mod not starting skills at level 3
  25. Investments stolen from a player's chest disappearing
  26. AMSSM showing as timed out after a winner
  27. Cannon loading fixes
  28. Charver achievements
  29. !P Charver checking the target's stamina, not the player performing the command
  30. Interactive port raid fixes
  31. Incorrect cell location when the ship is teleported to a port
  32. Port Investments not being cleared after the season has ended / orphaned port investments
  33. Ability to load ammo into cannons than cannons equipped: [P]  The ship 'ave 5 cannons n' the 13/30 shot onboard: canister (7),chain (6),round (∞) - Current loadout: round 8, canister 2, chain 2, exploding 16
  34. Captains not given a rare weapon after winning one in an auction
  35. When sailing, double messages in !P Ports Near
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