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  1. The scene begins with the mysterious "cloned" actually is her sister.
  2. They just greet each other, the sister promises to keep them a secret and asks her to go home.
  3. The episode called "Dependence" begins.
  4. The scene that follows is still in the same place, Hamin is curious asking what's up with Sungah in Ranchat. Basically it starts out detailing Sungah's story.
  5. The next scene with Sungah's parents and sister.
  6. The parents quarrel toxicly and  later excited when they see the sister named Yoon Ji-ahn, asking for her, why if she was late, if she wanted to come a rice, blah blah and Ji-ahn, the sister of Sungah, tells them "No".
  7. Ji-ahn enters the room normally to talk to a friend while the parents argue.
  8. Sungah arrives at the house, the parents are surprised, rather the father gets very angry because Sungah arrives very late saying "Where has he been wandering and now you enter?" and Sungah asks for an apology but the father ignores her, asks how the grades are going, apparently the grades are going badly for him and tries to beat up but the mother stops them.
  9. The mother seems to be somewhat disappointed by Sungah's attitude or situation.
  10. In conclusion, it is about the privileges of Sungah and his sister.
  11. Details of the description of Jiahn, who is a good student and popular at school, consent and favorite of his parents at home. While Sungah is nothing to his parents.
  12. Sungah feels sad and begins to think while Junu also thinks:
  13. They are like two sides of a coin, they would be a sample of both sides are given by the lighting a little and by the bottom. That is, the Junu image represents the positive while the Sungah image represents the negative of the same subject (Ranchat).
  14. The episode "Dependence" ends.
  15. The next scene begins that winter is coming lol .
  16. The whole room is scrubbing and teasing something. The teacher calls Junu and the account that he finds out that he is dating Hamin and can not believe but just as exciting.
  17. Junu is uncomfortable for having listened to the teacher while the classmates make fun of him and doubt Hamin, that if he asks for money, it seems like a threat blah blah blah. The courtship dating of Hamin and Junu is already almost official throughout the school, that is, all people already know.
  18. The next scene with Junu's mother and sister.
  19. The mother delivers a gift package, clearly for someone a woman like Hamin, to Junu while her sister is confused about something. The mother says goodbye "have a beautiful day".
  20. Afterwards, Junu says to himself "the time has come", then he decides to play with Hamin after school, so he looks for Hamin, arrives at the class room, surprisingly sees a boy delivering a gift package to Hamin while she with a annoyance , in the end Junu is jealous.
  22. PSD: No ntr, keep calm :v
  23. .
  25. Both Junu's mother scene and the boy scene with Hamin both deliver the gift package and also mention the winter has arrived, clearly it is:
  27. Pepero Day: South Korea's second Valentine's Day. Did you know that November 11 is a very special date in South Korea as it is like Valentine's Day being celebrated again? This day is called Pepero Day or Pepero Day and it is quite an event in the South Korean country.
  28. .
  29. .
  30. .
  31. .
  32. Hi everyone!
  33. I have been asked a lot about the advanced chapters of Random Chatting. I bought them on Naver webtoon, unfortunately I prefer not to give away the pack (or the zelda) for my own safety, Erick and I do the sums for hobby.
  34. However, if you support me to follow the translation and make sums and also spend the coins to buy the raw of the new chapter in Naver webtoon (which helps me a lot to save the time to translate and do the sum), I would be very grateful, you have a decision or not, you guys would donate me only $3 in Ko-fi, the link is this: https://ko-fi.com/lucriave, that would be a great help.
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