Fizzling Magma 4 (AiE; Fizzle, nsfw)

Jul 14th, 2013
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  1. >Been about a week since you came home from the dragon lands
  2. >Spike keeps begging you to take him with to the griffin bar next time
  3. >He's cute about it but the last thing you need is Twilight kicking your door in with a hungover dragon in tow
  4. >She already has enough of an issue of you two going on your monthly excursions
  5. >After last time, considering maybe skipping the next one
  6. >Its not that Fizzle bothers you
  7. >Quite the opposite really
  8. >You still dream about that blowjob
  9. >You just don't want to to lose a friend if he starts thinking you're using him
  10. >You remember how you felt when Lyra did something like that
  11. >She'd come by all cute and interested in your day
  12. >But really she just wanted you to finger fuck her or give her a backrub
  13. >Strangest bootycalls ever
  14. >Either way, after awhile you felt lousy how she only wanted you around for that
  15. >Moreso when the novelty got old and she stopped visiting
  16. >You're a lot tougher than Fizzle is though
  17. >You shrugged it off, dunno if he could do the same
  18. >For some reason the thought of you breaking his heart really bugs you
  19. >Maybe he just needs a friend and doesn't know that can happen without...favors
  20. >Truth be told, you like him as a buddy
  21. >Drinking with him in the bar was the first time you felt normal since you arrived here
  22. >You didn't realize how much you missed doing stuff like that
  23. >The ponies are fun but its not the same
  24. >Plus they go from 0 to blitzed way too fast
  25. >Fizzle only wanted to be around you
  26. >And deep down, you felt the same
  27. >Why do things need to be complicated?
  28. >Why did he have to be so adorable?
  29. >And why did he have to be so damned good with his tongue...
  30. >Shaking off this jumble of thoughts, you hop into the shower
  31. >Long day of work over, just need to relax now
  32. >You're getting out of the shower when you hear a knock at your door
  33. >Not sure who it is
  34. >Might be an emergency repair or something
  35. >Work for you in Ponyville can be summed up as a hired hand
  36. >Literally, being a biped lets you do stuff for earth ponies a lot quicker than they can
  37. >Not difficult work, just a lot of weird requests at all hours of the day
  38. >Wrap yourself up in a towel
  39. >Prepare yourself to see Big Mac with another busted wagon wheel at your door
  40. >Look through the window
  41. >What the?
  42. >Fizzle?
  43. >He's wiping sweat from his face
  44. >And it looks like he's hiding something behind his back
  45. >Open the door and look at him, puzzled
  46. >"H-hey...Anon...hi! Umm...I like your house! Totally better than a tree or...ya know a cave..."
  47. >Say hi back and stare
  48. >The heck is he doing here?
  49. >"I left your shirt at my cave and...Umm....looks like you need it so...good thing I brought it right?"
  50. >Your shirt?
  51. >He takes his claws from behind his back and hands it to you
  52. >It's been folded immaculately
  53. >He's smiling and fidgeting
  54. >You realize you're only wearing a towel
  55. >Did he think that was your only shirt?
  56. >You thank him and decide to humor him
  57. >You put it on, and can't help but appreciate the smell of his cave all over it
  58. >Kinda like fresh charcoal from a BBQ
  59. >Smile and say its good as the day Rarity made it
  60. >Fizzle's smile broadens and he closes his eyes, scratching the back of his head
  61. >"Don't...Don't mention it, Anon. What are best buddies for, ya know?"
  62. >He's blushing
  63. >He opens his eyes and you're both standing there
  64. >" fits you...that's good...I...was gonna wash it but...."
  65. >You nod and thank him again
  66. >Not entirely sure what to do with him, you invite him in
  67. >He nods and comes inside
  68. >Your house isn't anything spectacular
  69. >Couch, coffee table with a few books strewn on it, table and chairs in the kitchen
  70. >Only rooms that are separate are the bed and bathroom
  71. >Ponies don't have TV or internet so you really don't spend much time here so the place is pretty bare
  72. >You tell Fizzle to chill on the couch while you go to your room to finish changing
  73. >He's still smiling when he sits, and it only brightens
  74. >"Wow this couch is comfy, Anon! I bet your bed is even better....not that I wanna see it...or it or...heh, just saying you like good stuff! Only the best for my best buddy, I like it!"
  75. >Uh huh
  76. >He looks so nervous maybe half an inch of his rear is actually on the couch
  77. >And his tail is as stiff as a flagpole
  78. >He keeps looking around too, like he's inside a cave full of gems
  79. >And the biggest, juiciest one is under your towel
  80. >You tell him you're gonna finish dressing
  81. >"Oh you don't need look good...I mean're ok the way you are and...umm...err...hahaha just kidding, you go change, Anon, I'll be right here!"
  82. >He crosses his hands in front of his lap and blushes hotly
  83. >Something drips on the rug under him
  84. >You try not to think about it
  85. >But you really need to get out of this towel before he messes up your rug
  86. >The second you shut the door to your bedroom you can practically hear him calling himself stupid from the other side
  87. >Start putting the rest of your clothes on
  88. >You take a little longer than usual to dress and clean up
  89. >You need to assess the situation
  90. >There is a dragon in your living room
  91. >A dragon who wants your cock
  92. >But not in a gay way, of course
  93. >A small part of you wonders how he found your place
  94. >Probably Spike
  95. >How does stuff like this even happen?
  96. >On the positive though, least you have an excuse to get out of the house this evening
  97. >He might be a dragon but if the ponies see you with him they'll be less scared
  98. >Sides you can go out with him, have a good night, then go home
  99. >It'll be good for him to see you can do that without sex
  100. >Show him you're a friend regardless of what he does with his mouth
  101. >And his tongue
  102. >Or how he wiggles his rear while he sleeps
  103. >And sways his tail around
  104. >....dammit, down boy...
  105. >Suddenly wish you were back in your towel
  106. >Keeping things friends only might be tougher than you think
  107. >Re-adjust your pants to hide where your thoughts took you
  108. >Head back into the living room
  109. >Fizzle is exactly where you left him
  110. >He never got comfortable
  111. >Just sat there staring at his feet
  112. >He sees you and brightens up, smiling
  113. >" look good, Anon! Really umm...handsome! I mean, I'd totally bang you...IFIWASAGIRLDRAGON!! But I'm not! A girl, I mean... just saying...if I was, and you were..."
  114. >You shush him
  115. >He looks slightly relieved
  116. >Flop on the couch, asking what he wants to do
  117. >You catch his eyes go ever so briefly to your crotch before he answers
  118. >Never rob a bank with this dragon...
  119. >"I...I...well...its getting late so....I should head home....ya know...don't wanna be flying in the dark too long..."
  120. >Really Fizzle? You flew all the way here just to give back a shirt and leave?
  121. >You tell him you'd rather he stuck around and did something with you
  122. >And that he's welcome to sleep over here if it gets too late
  123. >He has the biggest smile you've seen
  124. >..well...minus when he's doing something else...
  125. >You casually rest your hands in your lap
  126. >Smooth, Anon, keeping it platonic already
  127. >"R-Really? Anon, that's so cool, thank you! Bro's night out!"
  128. >He gets really cute when he's happy
  129. >His tail even wagged a little
  130. >Till it brushed your hips, then it shot to the other side of the couch
  131. >But you're still not sure what 'bros night out' is going to amount to
  132. >You seriously doubt he's going to want pick up a mare
  133. >And you'd feel more than a little guilty if you did so in front of him
  134. >The only bar in Ponyville is always filled up said mares and they forget what personal space is quickly
  135. >Probably not the best place to take a dragon
  136. >Even one as harmless as Fizzle
  137. >So you need to do something with a good amount of space, with some cider, that's chill but not too quiet either
  138. >And somewhere you won't have to worry about flirty mares who can't hold their booze
  139. >You ask him if he wants to go bowling
  140. >"Bowling? I...I mean I've never..that sounds fun, yea!"
  141. >You agree and head for the door
  142. >When you reach the doorknob you freeze
  143. >You look out the window then turn back to Fizzle
  144. >You have the most serious face he's ever seen
  145. >He gets a little frightened
  146. >Like you're going to say something that will really cut deep into his heart
  147. >He begins to sweat and look anywhere but at you
  148. >You ask if he ran into a pink pony with balloons on her butt when he was flying to your place
  149. >He looks stunned for a moment, but thinks on it then and says no
  150. >Says he only talked to Spike when he got lost the first time
  151. >Good
  152. >If she knew there was a new anything in town
  153. >Last thing either of you needed was a hundred ponies throwing a shindig with that nutcase in the center of it
  154. >Giving him a nod you finally open the door and--
  155. >On the ground
  156. >Looking up
  157. >You don't remember your ceiling being that pink
  158. >Or have blue eyes
  159. >Or pink mane
  160. >Godfuckingdammmit Pinkie Pie
  161. >Fizzle nearly puts a hole in your roof when he leaps away frightened
  162. >"ANON!!! Youdidn'ttellmeyouknewadragonwhendidyoumeethowoldishewillhebeherelongwhydidintyoutellmesoIcouldthrowa"welcometoponyvilleforhoweverlongyou'rehere"party!?"
  163. >It doesn't stop
  164. >She's bouncing on your chest
  165. >You see Fizzle wide eyed and slackjawed
  166. >Maybe he understands why you were so adamant about avoiding her
  167. >She takes a break to breathe
  168. >You shout and tell her to be quiet
  169. >She freezes
  170. >You explain Fizzle is a friend of yours and Spike and he's just visiting
  171. >You grab her mouth before she can say anything else
  172. >And continue to explain you two were going to go bowling and there was no need to have a party in your house
  173. >Ponka interprets this as have a party in the bowling alley
  174. >Before you can object she's gone
  175. >Confeddi everywhere
  176. >"Anon....what was that?"
  177. >Fizzle is hiding behind your coat stand
  178. >Poorly
  179. >It's beyond cute
  180. >It kinda made Pinkie's assault worth it just to see him spooked like that
  181. >Plus she briefly scared the lust out of his eyes
  182. >You explain that he's in Ponyville now and that was Pinkie Pie
  183. >And that the rest he'll just have to deal with
  184. >He doesn't look thrilled about that
  185. >You pick yourself up, dust off whatever Pinkie left behind and head out with Fizzle in trail
  186. >Try to talk to him along the way but he's a tough nut to crack
  187. >This time you're definately getting some cider in him
  188. >As cute as his skittishness is, he needs to relax
  189. >Plus the few random ponies looking at him worriedly didn't help at all
  190. >He kept rubbing his arm and walking a little closer to you with every passerby
  191. >You pat him on the back and say not to worry
  192. >They were like that to you when you first got there
  193. >He chuckles nervously but says nothing
  194. >Reach the bowling alley
  195. >You can see Pinkie inside, peeking from behind one of the chairs
  196. >Thankfully the rest of the crowd seems typical
  197. >Maybe Fizzle being a dragon kept her attendance down
  198. >Or maybe Pinkie had an ounce of sense and kept things to a minimum
  199. >Either way you open the door and Fizzle walks in
  200. >The Pink one assaults him with streamers and music
  201. >She pulls Fizzle away and starts dancing with him
  202. >Singing about him being welcome so long as he doesn't scortch the porch
  203. >Not even gonna think about it
  204. >Some of the ponies clap their forehooves and join in
  205. >Not everyday you see an earth pony swing and toss around a dragon twice her size
  206. >Poor Fizzle can't even react he's so overwhelmed
  207. >Quietly walk away before she can pull you in
  208. >Slip to the desk, get a pitcher of cider and rent a lane
  209. >The pony running the register doesn't notice you
  210. >Pinkie just thre Fizzle down the lane
  211. >Strike
  212. >Better make that two pitchers
  213. >He makes it back, stunned, a pointy party hat on his head
  214. >He's holding a pin and his pink eyes are wide
  215. >"Anon...what just happened?"
  216. >Maybe three pitchers...
  217. >Nothing out of the ordinary, you assure him
  218. >You push a full mug into his hand and clink his glass
  219. >He looks unsure of himself but he follows your lead
  220. "This...isn't bad...I like it! It tastes like...umm...well its good!"
  221. >You agree and take another sip
  222. >He finishes his mug
  223. >Oh we go
  224. >Pinkie shows mercy and leaves you two alone for the rest of the night
  225. >Surprisingly enough, Fizzle was good at bowling
  226. >He swore up and down he never went before but he kicked your ass pretty thoroughly
  227. >You had a lot more cider though
  228. >That's gotta be it
  229. >And beginners luck
  230. >Stumble outside and take a nice gulp of night air
  231. >Cool and crisp, just the way you like it
  232. >Your shoulders feel heavy though
  233. >And warm
  234. >"Anon....where you going? Not home without me, are ya?"
  235. >Fizzle is hugging you from behind
  236. >Leaning on you and whispering into your ear
  237. >His breath is really warm
  238. >He's really close to your ear...
  239. >You can feel his heart pounding against your back
  240. >Snap out of it Anon
  241. >At least get him home first
  242. >Tell him its time to go home and start to lead the way
  243. >"Oooookaaaaay...just..not fast...slow...I think I had too"
  244. >Nod and--
  245. >You yelp suddenly
  246. >Did he just...?
  247. >Son of a bitch he did
  248. >He slapped your ass
  249. >You look up and he's grinning goofily
  250. >You can smell the cider on him
  251. >And yet his eyes have no problem staying focused on you
  252. >Liquid fucking courage indeed
  253. >"Can we...start now? The grass is moving...why's it do that?"
  254. >You let him rest on your shoulders and start walking home
  255. >He starts singing Pinkie's welcome song as you walk
  256. >Poorly and off key
  257. >Not sure if those are the words
  258. >Not sure if those even are words
  259. >But fuck it you join in
  260. >It'll make the walk quicker
  261. >And take your mind off his tail
  262. >In your back pocket
  263. >Rubbing your rear through your pants
  264. >Damned lightweight dragon
  265. >Reach your front door
  266. >Start fumbling with the knob
  267. >It wasn't this complicated when you left
  268. >Suddenly something grabs your shoulders
  269. >The world spins for a second
  270. >Your back is against the door
  271. >Fizzle's snout is an inch from your mouth
  272. >You can smell the cider on him
  273. >You remember everything you thought before you left
  274. >About how you need to set boundaries and be his friend
  275. >How he's really fun to be around but needs to relax around you and not feel like he needs to do you favors
  276. >Somehow all that translated to "Kiss him" in your buzzed mind
  277. >Because thats what you do
  278. >Despite everything he's done so far, he doesn't expect it
  279. >His eyes go wide before they close
  280. >Dear god his lips are soft
  281. >And his feels better than last time
  282. >You spin the two of you back around, pressing his back to the door
  283. >He goes right back to the submissive dragon you know
  284. >Limp in your arms, his cheeks flushing
  285. >His claws wrap around your back
  286. >Tug at your shirt
  287. >The shirt that got you into this mess
  288. >You need to leave more clothes at his cave...
  289. >You break the kiss
  290. >He's looking into your eyes
  291. >Pure bliss on his face
  292. >"Anon mean're a really good kisser...youthinkwecouldpracticemore? For...when we have girlfr--"
  293. >You shove your tongue down his throat before he can finish whatever excuse that was
  294. >He lets out a moan, hopefully putting an end to that nonsense
  295. >At least till the morning...
  296. >You reach behind him
  297. >Grab a handful of scaley rear
  298. >Its even softer than you remember
  299. >A touch of blue flame spurts from his nostriles when you grope him
  300. >And something thick and moist begins to press against your thigh
  301. >You really need to get him inside
  302. >Into your bed
  303. >On all fours
  304. >You grab for the doorknob
  305. >The door opens
  306. >You practically shove him in, still kissing him the entire way
  307. >His back smacks into the hallway wall
  308. >His wings expand on impact
  309. >You only get more aggressive, shoving your entire hand under his tail
  310. >It coils around your arm, holding your hand flush against his tight ass
  311. >Forget the bedroom for now
  312. >Right here is good enough
  313. >With your free hand you fumble at your pants
  314. >He gives you a hand, helping you pull them off
  315. >You're at full attention
  316. >He sees you down there and starts to pull away
  317. >You stop him
  318. >Grab his throbbing red length
  319. >Start stroking him
  320. >He breaks the kiss, gasping
  321. >"Ah....Anon...what....are you....ahhh.....!!"
  322. >He starts humping your hand
  323. >You feel it swelling and pulsing with every stroke
  324. >And you're in no way gentle about it
  325. >Spurt of pre lands on your own swollen cock
  326. >Won't be long now...
  327. >Sure enough, he explodes
  328. >All over you and your length
  329. >His body trembles and his knees buckle
  330. >He starts to slip down the wall, panting
  331. >But you're not done
  332. >Pull close to him
  333. >Moan into his ear to get in your bed and be ready for you
  334. >Whatever cloud he was on, your words bring him right back
  335. >He nods furiously and pulls away
  336. >You follow right behind
  337. >He practically dives on your bed
  338. >On all fours, head pressing down into the sheets
  339. >Ass in the air, tail raised
  340. >"Please....please Anon...make me...make me your best dragon...I promise...I won't tell anyone...I won't even look, I swear!"
  341. >You don't even answer
  342. >You'll tell him he's cute later
  343. >Right now you're more focused on giving him what he wants
  344. >You get behind him and your length lines up perfectly with his quivering rear
  345. >He's breathing heavily, the anticipation alone making his cock rock hard against the bed
  346. >And as he promised, he hasn't turned around
  347. >he has no idea when you're going to begin
  348. >You position your coated dick against his pulsing hole
  349. >Covered with hot dragon seed, you slide right in
  350. >He immediately groans, back craning off the bed and flapping his wings with surprise and pleasure
  351. >Holy hell he's tight
  352. >Not to mention warm
  353. >You thought his mouth was hot, his rear is beyond anything you've ever had
  354. >Driven by lust for this feminine white dragon, you start pounding him again and again
  355. >He's digging his claws into your sheets
  356. >Blue fire spews from his mouth, scorching your walls
  357. >You feel the heat against your body
  358. >It only makes you slam into him harder
  359. >You grab his tail and pull him completely against your crotch
  360. >Your cock jams into something even warmer inside him
  361. >He screams out, a guttural moan of passion and release as he finishes again
  362. >All over himself and your bed
  363. >With every pulse of cum from him, his insides clamp down tighter on your cock
  364. >You're vision is blurring from all the effort
  365. >And your room is hotter than his cave
  366. >You can't keep this up
  367. >You tell him you're close
  368. >He begs you to fill his rear with your seed
  369. >That's all it takes
  370. >Your entire body trembles as an entire weeks worth of cum blasts him in the rear
  371. >Your grip on his tail tightens as you pull him down on your crotch again
  372. >Holding him there, making sure he gets ever drop
  373. >A few more weak, ragged thrusts ends one of the most intense orgasms you ever had
  374. >Panting, dizzy, you withdraw your length from his hole
  375. >He clenches down on you as you do so
  376. >You come out completely clean
  377. >Even in your barely conscious state, you're impressed
  378. >Almost mystified
  379. >Once you're free from his rear, you let go of his tail
  380. >Collapse on the bed next to him
  381. >You don't even care you're laying in a pool of warm dragon cum
  382. >He immediately assumes cuddling position
  383. >In the crook of your arm, right to the same spot he loves to fall asleep in
  384. >He drapes his arm over your chest, giving your cheek a peck
  385. >You smile and rest your head on his
  386. >"Th-thank you....thank you Anon...I....had a really good time...tonight..."
  387. >"And I....really like makes you really awesome...."
  388. >You nod, sleep taking you away from this world
  389. >"And I'm didn't pull out...It's...really gay if you cum on someone's back...I'm not really into that..."
  390. >You open your eyes
  391. >No he did not just say that
  392. >"We're just....two best bros...helping each homo...nope, not at all..."
  393. >Goddammit Fizzle
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