Blind Date by Jaagi and Alagor Bertram

Jan 12th, 2014
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  1. -Don't need to worry Algo boy, this woman I got you is just your type, you'll see!
  2. -This is going to be just like that time, is it?
  3. -Nay, you'll be fine this time, she's not on the running-away-from-law business, for one.
  4. -What a relief...
  7. Alagor is riding his trusty travelling donkey through the muddy roads, following the path leading to the tavern/inn where he would meet someone new for a (maybe) more intimate kind of encounter. While not completely expecting that out of it, the mage was hoping for at least a fine evening of conversation and chatting, as he's so eager to meet new people and learn something out of it. After resting his donkey on a near pole, Alagor walks around the streets whistling a happy tune while spinning his staff with his fingers, heading to the front door making a bell jingle as he pushes it. Looking around the slightly crowded place, he walks to the owner behind the counter, asking if the someone waiting for him was around promptly being pointed to a woman sitting behind the table.
  9. -Well, that one looks like a nice lady.
  10. -It's the one on the left.
  11. -Oh... Ehhh, I don't think she's a--
  12. -The redheaded one, genius.
  13. -Oh, that changes everything. Well, throw me a glass of wine so I can survive this night...
  15. After the owner managed to sneak a room key in the mage's pocket, Alagor went to Jaagi's table adjusting his formal navy blue robes. Before picking a chair to sit on the opposite side, he says "Greetings, sorry for taking a bit longer than scheduled. I am the Alagor folk that you were supposed to meet, miss Jaagi" in a confident joyful tone. After seating, he receives the glass, sipping from it quickly, while the woman replied to him.
  16. **********************************************************************************
  17. The barbarian woman looks out of place in her tribal looking garments as she waits at the table with a clay mug filled with something brown and strong scented. Tavern patrons occasionally glance at her and she responds with a glare that could strip the finish off the wooden flooring. When her blind date arrives and introduces himself she frowns and snorts incredulously.
  19. "You are Alagor? I was told the courting service had found a male who matched me. I will have words with the matchmaker. They will be fortunate if all I take is my coin back..."
  21. She snarls, more to herself than at him, and he can see a set of pointed teeth that betray something not entirely human. Perhaps she had a little orc in her. And not the way the whore's guild had a little orc in them (if rumors were to be believed then orcs didn't put anything "little" in the women they fancied).
  23. "I shall concern myself with reparations later. For now, well met Alagor. I am Jaagi. Let us feast in good company tonight!"
  25. The red haired woman lifts her mug in a toast and takes a long draw of its contents. She wipes her mouth on the back of her hand before bending down to reach into a leather satchel that rests against her chair. She pulls out a necklace, a woven leather strap decorated with beads and whittled bone, and presents it to him with a bowed head.
  27. "In my tribe it is customary for the stronger mate to give a gift to the lesser at the beginning of courtship; a token that proves themselves a capable provider... Of course dominance is usually gained through ritualistic sparring with the victor mounting the loser to establish who is the stronger mate. However I have been informed that such courtships are reversed here. A celebratory feast is held, followed by the gift, and then the spar to finish the night! You'll forgive my hubris if I present your gift before we spar..."
  28. **********************************************************************************
  29. The mage could tell that she wasn't expecting him or at least someone like him, not exacly a stranger feeling for him in the slightest. A feeling that changed like night to day when she started loosing up and talking about feast. A good start!, he thought to himself. Taking a quick moment to actualy get a look on her, he felt that maybe, just maybe, this would be an actual nice evening: she still had her teeth and had a somewhat friendly approach, which put her above most of the ladies that were set up for him.
  31. Because there were some ladies...
  33. -Do you know where I can get a human skull?- Asked the unusual raven-haired magician
  35. -I just think other humans are inferior beings.- Said the elf sympathizer
  37. -Are you going to finish that?- Inquired the half-orc lady, that basicaly ate for the two
  39. While Alagor picked up the wine glass, he noticed the barbarian woman picking something up from her belongings, and when he started sipping from it she showed him the tribal necklace hearing her with genuine curiosity.
  41. "Uh... I appreciate the gift, thank you very much. Don't need to worry about it, some women of this culture think it's flattering to have a gift before the... Sparring." Alagor considered this conversation really weird if 'spar' actualy meant 'training fight', because if that was the case no one should bet coins on the mage. For a second, Alagor thought that maybe that was her initial intention, and this encounter would become another one on the "awful" list right below the half-orc girl, but then a thought flashed through his head. "Just to make this clear, when you say 'sparring' you mean uh... 'Copulating', for the lack of a better word." The mage was surprised he was actualy this unconfortable, maybe a few more sips of wine would loose him up a bit, if he had to wait to see what the night had for him, he better don't be too sober.
  42. **********************************************************************************
  43. A look of confusion crosses the barbarian's face as she mouths out the word to herself.
  45. "Koh-pew-lay-ting..." She remembers hearing the word used before, perhaps from the tomes that merchants and passersby brought with them when they came to trade. Not everybody in her village could read (she herself only knew enough to read maps or signs) so it was a great time to have the travelers read to them all from their tomes. They were oft informed that the content of some books were vulgar however those were the favorites among her tribesmen because they were regarded as great comedies. She takes another drink from her mug and translates in her head.
  47. "Copulation is mating, am I right? Sparring is mating. Sparring is also hunting. And fighting. Or war. Hunting, fighting, and war is also mating."
  49. A tavern worker comes by with a flagon to refill Jaagi's mug and set down a tray of food for them to enjoy. A little bit of everything was piled onto the tray; bread, cheese, wedges of fruit, berries, vegetables, and even cuts of meat for them to share. The red-haired woman immediately helps herself, carefully tearing off a chunk of bread and slicing off a bit of meat for herself.
  51. "So, Alagor... Tell me about yourself. Who is the man that I feast with this night?"
  52. **********************************************************************************
  53. Alagor Bertram sent, 1w ago:
  54. He looked at tad confused when she puts fighting on the same slice as mating, how does that even work? She sure was the living example of those more savage-like cultures he read about, and Alagor thought that hopefully she wouldn't try to bash his head with a rock on the good-night kiss. The thoughts of possible murder while pillow-talking were interrupted when the meal arrived, which made him wonder who's going to pay for all of that, not that it interrupted his eating it down in the slightest.
  56. "Well, I enjoy reading, cooking and travelling. And I currently work for the nearby kingdom, doing the research work." Alagor wasn't the kind of man that reveals his arcane mastery to anyone, and today wasn't the day he'd change that. While not pleased with the idea of lying to everyone, omitting information was a whole different deal, specially dealing with the subtle and mischievous art of magic. And of course the fair amount of folks that would use that information for not-pleasant things. "The usual book (and arcane artifact) searching and sometimes travelling towards nearby castle libraries (hidden towers and dungeons) to collect that boring bureaucratic information (scrolls and thaumatology material)."
  58. He rolled a small berry around his fingers before throwing it to his mouth, chewing on it. "And what about you, miss Jaagi, who is the woman I am talking with right now?"
  59. **********************************************************************************
  60. "I am a vagrant. A wanderer!", Jaagi says proudly as she fashions her bread and meat into a makeshift sandwich. She shoves some of the vegetables and even some of the fruits in between her bread as well.
  62. "My home is a long way away from here. I was cast out when I was sixteen. Not because I did something wrong. It is a tradition of my tribe that young men and women leave our homelands to seek out adventure and riches. We return when we have something to bring back. Some leave for only a moon's time before returning with their prize. Others are gone for many seasons before returning. Some do not return at all but that is bound to happen. When our kin do not return we say that they've found a bounty too large to carry back!"
  64. She takes a large bite of her sandwich and washes it down with a gulp from her mug. "I've been away from my home for many years but I still seek my prize. But I am not worried. I will return home in my own time. Meanwhile I like to travel! I've spent many a day exploring towns and cities in my travels. I've even been kicked out of more than a few!", she says proudly. "I make my way and though I am still empty-handed I have many stories to tell my kin when I get back! The ones that were still latched to their mothers when I left are probably old enough to work alongside their parents now."
  66. Jaagi fingers the rim of her mug and leans in with a grin. "What brings a man like yourself to employ a matchmaker? Surely there must be a queue to court a handsome scholar like you."
  67. **********************************************************************************
  68. The mage hears her story with genuine interest, as he loved to know more about different people, specially the ones so exotic as the woman in front of him. Barbarians from far lands always shared stories of fights and battles, and he couldn't avoid feeling his blood warm up when they tell so passionately about their exploits. Her story however spoke of a different kind of battle and it was kind of like the same feeling that Alagor had when he finished his studies and considered a full fledged magic user, he had to leave the safety of a simple life to make the lineage of his father proud, saddly without anyone to tell about it when he got back... But he quickly washed those thoughts away, tonight was a day off and he would try to have some fun while he was at it.
  70. He actualy took a few seconds to think about her question, and couldn't avoid the blush on his cheeks when she called him 'handsome scholar'. Not the usual thing he'd hear from a woman that he barely met, for sure. "Well, not exacly a queue and more like a line of ladies with no one in it. I usually lack the time for such activities and the chances I had were not the most pleasant..." He replies with a chuckle, while he met a lot of interesting women outside and inside closed quarters, he wasn't really the luckiest kind when it was about relationships. "So I tried this matchmaking service for a few times, and while it eased the process of meeting other women, it did not help much either, hehehe."
  72. He leans forward, crossing his arms over the table to support himself. "And what about you, miss? I'm sure that a strong beautiful type like yourself would have a lot of candidates following you around...", he says with a slightly suave tone. Alagor felt that he should put a bit of pressure to her, paying back her compliment so he can test the waters just a bit to see what happens.
  73. **********************************************************************************
  74. She smiles toothily in response to his compliment, surely tailor-made to flatter and woo her. She rolls a stray berry around on the table with the tip of her finger, eyeing him with a predatory but not unfriendly expression. She picks the piece of fruit up and places it slowly on the tip of her tongue before rolling it into her mouth to devour it.
  76. "I am here to find a mate of course. I will be expected to have one by the time I return. It is not unheard of for those on their quest to bring back a person as their prize." She extends a foot beneath the table to trace a line up his inner thigh with her tip of her shoe. "I was told by the matchmaker that the men I'd see would be strong and cunning. Unfortunately I have had no fortune in finding a suitable mate to call my companion. The ones before you lacked strength, lacked cunning. They were afraid... as perhaps they should have been..."
  78. The barbarian plucks another berry into her mouth and crushes it between her fanged teeth. "But I do not desire prey. I desire an equal with which I may spar!" She leans back into her seat and pulls her foot away from Alagor's thigh. She looks into his eyes from across the table and there is something almost bestial behind the gaze.
  80. "Are you afraid, Alagor?"
  81. **********************************************************************************
  82. His lips that formed a smile quickly sealed as he felt the tip of her shoe, now he had an idea on how to tread through her. His heart beating in increasing tempo as she slid around his thigh. The pressure was on and he had to keep his cool, swallowing dry but still keeping his smile, grinding his teeth behind closed lips and feeling a slight warmth flowing through his body.
  84. While Alagor lacked in strength, he sure considered his arcane trickery as cunning, always prefering the misdirection and somewhat tactical value of illusions instead of the raw power of destruction. But while he knew the value of courage and willpower, the way he dealt with dangerous enemies was pretty much pure headstrong confidence.
  86. Keeping the gaze back to her and not looking away as she pulled her foot away, the mage felt her dominating aura towering over him. After her question, he still locks his eyes to hers, slowly raising an eyebrow as he replied: "Not at all, I have dealt with situations like this before... I know how to get around certain situations." He leans forward, eyes half-closed showing a calm expression, meanwhile the tip of his shoe gently touched her shin sliding up to her knees and down to her ankle. "I am sure that you will find me an interesting equal, miss Jaagi", he says feeling his body warming up, enjoying this little game of waiting.
  87. **********************************************************************************
  88. Jaagi holds his gaze with a barely restrained intensity, looking through his eyes to peer inside him. When he doesn't look away she can feel the hair on the back of her neck stiffen as if something base and bestial were clicking in the back of her brain. The longer he holds her challenging gaze, the longer he refuses to shy away she can feel that energy trickle down her spine, spindling and swelling inside her. As he reciprocates her teasing with his own it takes everything in her to not take him.
  90. A shiver vibrates through her body and she looks away first. She wanted to spar with him so badly. She wanted him to run and she wanted to chase him. She wanted to sink her teeth into him and feel his lifeblood on her tongue. She wanted to mate with him. A swirl of desires, each so different yet also the same threatened to overtake her. She quickly brings her mug up to her face, buying time to recover from the overwhelming urges by guzzling down the rest of her drink.
  92. When there was nothing left to consume she places it back on the table and concentrates on slowing her heart rate before speaking. "I just want to rip your clothes off and fu-*UUUUURP* She covered her mouth as a baritone belch erupted from her throat, interrupting what was sure to be a demure and lady-like statement. The barbarian pushes her mug away with her fingertips, ignoring the disgusted glances from the table next to them.
  94. "...I was warned that such actions were unacceptable... Sorry."
  95. **********************************************************************************
  96. Alagor felt the woman in front of him reacting to the gaze, like an animal waiting for the prey to run, desperately savoring the adrenaline of the incoming chase. He was already excited feeling that he was messing with a wild animal, and was actualy having fun prodding and sensing around her. Almost there... Almoost theeeere...
  98. But then, the mood went to ashes when the belch broke the silence. Guess some habits don't break so easily for some people...
  100. "No problem... It happens I suppose", he replies keeping a polite gesture, feeling his heart slowing down after such intense minute of staring. And with the intention to not make an awkward silence happen, he says "Maybe we should take this to an empty place, don't you think, miss?" with a honest smile. Maybe they could restart the chase, or go straight to the pounce, who knows...
  101. **********************************************************************************
  102. The barbarian smiles, relieved that her date was still willing to continue despite her misstep. "It is customary for courtship to be done in private, right?" She grabs one more slice of fruit and eats it in a single bite before reaching into her satchel and pulling out some money. She stacks a handful of coins in a small tower on the table, leaving what looks appropriate for their meal plus a little extra.
  104. She stands up and slings her small bag over her shoulder while taking his arm and pulling him out of his seat. It wasn't until then that their differences in height were so pronounced. She could see the top of his head and couldn't help but smile. Who knew such a tiny being could make her feel the way she did just a minute ago? There were larger and stronger she had met who didn't drive her to such lengths with just a look.
  106. Jaagi hugs his arm and shivers with excitement at the thought of his eyes locking with hers again. "Do you have a place that is suitable? Please, I urge you to lead us, Alagor."
  107. **********************************************************************************
  108. "Yes, there are some folks that court in public but those are... The odd kind" he replies, also leaving a few coins for the nice service. He thought that maybe he should leave more in case of damage to the place, but he considered better to pay as it happens. When she stands up, Alagor finally notices the height difference, quite the difference indeed. Maybe he should've thought twice about prodding a beast that big like it was nothing... Now it was too late and he only had to pray she don't break his back with an elbow drop.
  110. He's hugged by her beefy strong arms and soon realises there's no turning back. "I uh..." He checks his pockets, thankful that he bought the room's keys, even though he doesn't remember doing so. 8 is the number on the key and so he goes to Room 8, hoping that it was the kind of place that she would consider suitable. "I mean, I suppose this is what you were expecting as suitable, miss Jaagi?", he asks trying to keep his voice straight.
  111. **********************************************************************************
  112. Jaagi peers inside the room and finds it simple; four post bed, a night stand, a washroom. It was clean and cozy. What more could she ask for? She closes the door behind them and wastes no time in dropping her bag and pinning him up against the nearest wall.
  114. "It is suitable."
  116. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, scenting whatever it was that was wafting from him and savoring every bit of it. "Gods, you smell delicious..."
  118. The barbarian takes hold of one of his wrists in a vice grip at his side. The other hand she wraps around his throat, forcefully but carefully so as not to choke him. She leans in to steal a deep lingering kiss from the smaller man. She stares the entire time, keeping her red eyes locked to his blue. Finally, after what seemed like ages before he was allowed to breathe, she pulled back, lightly nibbling his lower lip between her teeth.
  120. "You taste good. I wish to spar..."
  121. **********************************************************************************
  122. He takes a look around the room, way better than room 4 but a tad smaller than room 6, but still pleasant and delightful.
  124. "So, you think we should--" he was going to negotiate what could happen that night but it appears that the redheaded woman had decided already. Feeling the pressure of the slam his body did against the wall woke him up immediately. Now he was in serious trouble, he had to find the right moment to cast a spell and try to get out of this situation.
  126. "Uh, t-t-thank you miss, it's from a scent bottle that I bought recently. It w-was quite the find, really, I could send you an addr--" and he's interrupted again by the strong grip of her hands on him, not taking time to say something before the long deep kiss that she forcefully pushed to him, making Alagor feel the taste of what she was drinking a few minutes ago, their tongues wrestling without much rhythm or coordination as he was trying to keep balance of himself on the wall, eyes wide open getting stared by hers.
  128. "I...", he swallows dy, dizzy by the sensation of her kiss and of whatever strong drink she had. "Okay, miss", says with a somewhat confident tone, looking straight into her eyes, not with that same intensity of before but still not showing real fear.
  129. **********************************************************************************
  130. The barbarian smiles toothily, positively elated at her catch. She kisses him again but their lips meet only for a short time before her kisses begin to trail across his cheek. Her tongue flicks against his ear before she takes his lobe into her mouth for a nibble.
  132. "Spaaaar..." She whispers softly into his ear before hunching over to blaze a trail of kisses down his neck. She can feel the warmth of his pulse, practically hear his blood rush through his neck with her face so close. In that moment she wants to spar. She wants to sink her teeth into his throat, taste his life blood and consume him. She wants to hold him down and slip him inside her and take him until his seed is hers.
  134. "I want to eat you, but only a little bit." The smile she wears says 'sex' but the look in her eyes screams 'hunt'. The barbarian loosens her grip on Alagor's throat and slowly drags her hand down his chest, pawing at him through his clothing. She pulls back so she can gaze at him once more and then swiftly leans in to kiss and lick at his throat. Unable to resist the temptation she parts her lips and gives him gentle bites at his throat. She takes great delight at feeling his flesh between her sharp teeth but she stops just short of breaking skin or hurting him in any permanent way.
  136. "So good..."
  137. **********************************************************************************
  138. The mage is left cruising on the barbarian's desires, unable to escape from her strong grip. His face reddens as his heart starts racing, every time her lips touched his neck a hot sensation ran through his head, his groin warming up leaving him on a half mast as she kept him on a neck hold, feeling her lust coming out of her like an aura of a predator. When she looses his neck, he thought for a split second that it was a safe time to say something, but the bites on his neck made him think otherwise.
  140. The nibbles on his neck were careful and slow, but the stingy feel of her teeth sent a warning sign to his mind, a mixture of arousal and fright swirling on his head and the tension showing by the lonely bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. He stands there, breathing heavily as his arousal grew harder, unable to think of something to say or do being simply taken by the woman to do as it pleased her.
  141. **********************************************************************************
  142. Jaagi flicks her tongue against the man's throat before pulling away. She inhales deeply taking in the swirling cocktail of his cologne, his fear, his arousal, the scent that could only be described as 'him'. It only serves to inflame her desires.
  144. She smiles widely as she feels the bulge between his legs rub against her. She wanted that. The barbarian lets go of his wrist and moves her hand back to his neck to prevent him from scrambling away. She gazes at him with her predatory stare as she blindly fiddles with the buttons and ties that kept his pants on. When she couldn't get it open in the first few seconds she frowns and busts the seams of his fly with a sharp yank at the fabric. The sound of a button bouncing on the floor precedes her fishing his package out of his pants.
  146. "It works?" She found him only half erect for her but that could be fixed. Strong fingers clutch around his shaft and begin to massage him. She kisses him once more, slipping her tongue into his mouth while she stimulates him to his full length and hardness.
  147. **********************************************************************************
  148. He was still held against the wall, unable to leave her grip, more out of the intense arousal that just made him stay than anything else, thoughts filling his mind about using his manhood on her body and all the sorts of lascivious things he could do to her. His exposed member was almost at its limit, hard but still a bit covered by foreskin, instantly peeled back by her hands that stroke him to full erection.
  150. His eyes closed shut when she approached him with a kiss again, now with a bit more of coordinated motions, the mage feeling her body warming up almost on the same intensity as his. Quickly that masculine scent reached her nose as his erection displayed fully, her hands could feel the veins thickening while she kept stroking it and the glans expanded as she moved that tight grip of her hands outwards, such intensity contained in such a smaller body ready and hot for her to use tonight.
  152. "Yes", he replied in a dry tone, displaying again those eyes that made her flustered and excited a few minutes ago, he knew and was sure that she knew as well about how this night would end.
  153. **********************************************************************************
  154. The red haired woman licks her teeth as she feels him grow firm and pulse in her grip. She silently explores the contours of his length with her fingertips, tracing the small veins that come to the surface of his skin, swirling her thumb against the sensitive tip of his cockhead.
  156. Wordlessly she releases him from her grip so she can squat down. The barbarian inspects his member with more than her fingers. Her eyes close and she concentrates on his scent. Her mouth waters as she buries her face against his crotch, letting his hard-on lay on her cheek. Obviously pleased with the way he smells she unfurls her tongue and laps at the soft orbs tucked away at the base of his shaft. Each one is lavishly bathed in her saliva until they gleamed wetly from her ministrations.
  158. "Your taste is good... I want to eat you..." She rolled her crimson eyes up to look at him with a sharp-toothed smile before parting her lips to taste his member next. The tip of her tongue lightly caresses him and he can feel her hot breath bathe his length. Jaagi wastes little more time before taking him into her mouth, washing his cock in her saliva as she bobs slowly back and forth.
  159. **********************************************************************************
  160. The mage kept his gaze, unable to break contact until she squatted down. He looked down to see the woman do her slowly and steady assessment of her new prey. The warm touch of her cheek made his member do a quick twitch, and the sound of her tongue and mouth covering his testicles with saliva were simply too enticing to keep himself together, his hips tremble from the excitement.
  162. His gaze meets hers once again revealing his eagerness for her oral spectacle, quickly meeting the expectation as she uses her mouth on him, the strong lips wrapping around his girth and enveloping his length with saliva, her tongue caressing while she moved her head already tasting the sticky precum that rolled out of his glans, a sign of what's about to come next.
  164. Followed by moans and squirms of the mage, the long intense minutes of felatio are interrupted by his voice. "I-I'm almost there", and she could feel his climax building up since the first moment she used her lips on him... It wouldn't take much longer if she kept the rhythm.
  165. **********************************************************************************
  166. Jaagi, so wrapped up in her oral fixations, almost didn't hear the man's warnings. She enjoyed feeling him squirm and buck underneath her, listening to his moans, and tasting the slow drip of salty-sweet precum that oozed onto her tongue. Not wanting him to exhaust him quite yet the barbarian opened her mouth and spit out the gooey drippy mess that was his erection.
  168. She wipes her chin on the back of hand before climbing back up to her full height. "Me next." It didn't really sound like a question. She hunches down and presses her lips to his while grabbing the collar of his shirt. With a yank she pulls him away from the wall and marches him to the bed. "Watch your step..."
  170. With a push, Alagor's back hits the bed with a springy bounce. The barbarian stands at the foot of the bed and pulls away the straps and knots that keep her loincloth on. It falls to the floor revealing a pussy decorated with a small diamond shaped patch of red hair.
  172. The wild woman's eyes hold that familiar predatory gleam as she slowly climbs atop him, straddling his stomach. She drives her hand beneath his shirt to feel his chest and trail her nails down his stomach then leans down to kiss him one more time before inching herself up his body and planting herself onto his mouth.
  174. "Eat."
  175. **********************************************************************************
  176. Alagor was almost at his limit, but the sudden stop of her felatio made him go back to reality.
  178. "Next to wh--" his reply comes quickly as he's kissed, grabbed and pushed to the bed, womanhandled through the whole thing. Using his elbows to support himself the mage catches a glimpse of the redheaded undressing, his member twitches as he sees her exposed sex but his watching is cut short as the woman straddled him, her weight making him lie down on the bed again.
  180. The moment she moved up and sat her exposed womanhood into his mouth, Alagor felt her scent that quickly attacked his nose making his mind swirl in naughty thoughts. As he parted his lips open and extended his tongue up getting a long lick at her vulva, clumsily twisting his tongue around to prod inside to feel the taste of her moist flesh. Looking up and using his hands to grab her waist, he can only see a tall woman moving in reaction to his licking, her abdomen moving with her breathing and her thick muscular thighs putting pressure on the sides of his head, like locking him in place.
  181. **********************************************************************************
  182. Jaagi sighs softly as she feels his tongue lap against her. She grabs a hold of his hair at the back of his head, holding his face against her as she slowly gyrates back and forth against his mouth in encouragement. As the smaller man drinks up the juices of her arousal the barbarian pulls the leather strap from her hair, letting it flow in a thick crimson wave down her back. As the minutes tick by she begins to melt against him. Her red eyes begin to lose focus on her prey beneath her. Her body trembles as his tongue lays siege to her most sensitive spots.
  184. "Ngh...Ah..Mmmm!"
  186. The barbarian bites her lip, her grunts of satisfaction the only warning she cares to give as she finds her climax. The tensing muscles of her thighs hold Alagor tight, making sure that he drinks to sweet nectar that pours from between her legs. Once finished she finally lets go of his head but remains planted on his face.
  188. "Let us spar more now, yes? I will not bare sons and daughters for you today but practice is important!" Jaagi unties a knot in her breasts bindings and she removes them allowing her heavy breasts to tumble out. She tosses the straps of leather and cloth off the side of the bed and finally removes herself from Alagor's face. She rests on her knees next to him completely nude but with no hints of shame or embarrassment.
  190. "Do you require anything before we begin?"
  191. **********************************************************************************
  192. The mage is dominated by her body and the arousing combination of taste and smell of her sex, drinking the juices that spilled out of her with his eyes closed shut due to the weight she put on his face. Focused on making her reach her limit faster, he moves his tongue deeper trying to find the right places to prod and lick, resulting in minutes of oral stimulation before her orgasm hits in, and he could feel her muscles tensing all over the woman's body as her thighs almost crush his head and his mouth is flooded. A slight proud and joyful feeling on his mind knowing that he satisfied Jaagi, for now.
  194. "I just..." He swallows staring at the ceiling, trying to gain time. "... Need a quick breather." He might have said that, but his member was completely hard and ready with the tip and shaft glistening with saliva and the precum, eager to be milked and pour its content on, or into, a willing woman. "And what do you mean with 'practice', miss Jaagi?", he asks, still not completely sure on how to understand her euphemisms.
  195. **********************************************************************************
  196. Jaagi bends down and presses her lips against his face, using the tip of her tongue to drink up the wetness that she had left on his chin and mouth. She eventually makes it to his mouth where she slips her tongue past his teeth so she can taste what she left there as well.
  198. The kiss is broken just long enough that she could drag him to the headboard so that he could rest his head on a pillow. She climbs atop him once more, straddling his stomach and he can feel her wetness leave a hot streak against his navel.
  200. "It is not time for me to have children. I checked the moon before I arrived and it was not in its proper phase. I tie knots in a leather cord to measure the days just to be sure." She touches the palm of her hand to her abdomen. "I will not bear children from our sparring tonight. But we will practice for when its time. The strongest and healthiest of my kin came from many hours of sparring. So we shall practice!"
  201. **********************************************************************************
  202. Alagor still had some difficulty in getting her innuendos and euphemisms, but what he could get is that this date would last a little longer...
  204. "Yes, practice... Sure", he says trying to hide a expression of confusion. But since he could barely contain himself Alagor just went with it, specially with the hot sensation on his navel caused by her wet exposed pussy, but still hoping she wouldn't do anything too crazy. With a more confident expression, he extends his arms forward and uses his hands to grab on Jaagi's hips, pressing his fingers on her skin and feeling her bones while keeping his eyes fixed on her body.
  206. "Now then, how do you practice, miss? Do not skip any details", he asks now with his eyes locked on hers, now actualy curious to see with his own eyes the ritual of her kind.
  207. **********************************************************************************
  208. Jaagi holds his gaze as her face lights up in excitement from his expressed interest. She takes his wrists in her hands, using them to steady herself as she grinds herself against him. "It is simple. The secret to strong and healthy offspring is long and vigorous mating!"
  210. She lifts herself off his waist and carefully eases his awaiting cock inside her pussy. Despite their size differences she was exceptionally tight and snug around him, fitting him like a warm wet glove. The barbarian grunts softly and smiles toothily as she slowly, sensually gyrates her hips, swirling his length inside her in smooth circles. After growing accustomed to the feel of him inside her she slowly rises up and then then sharply spears herself on his length once more. Her weight makes the bed groan in complaint but she can only shiver at the sensation.
  212. "It feels good! But how long can you last? Do you have the strength to help give me healthy children?" She slams her hips down on him again, hilting his manhood inside her. She moves again and again until she finds a rhythm that sends the bed into a soft squeaking fit beneath them.
  213. **********************************************************************************
  214. Alagor bit his lip as she eased his member inside her, inching it all the way to the base and feeling her fleshy walls moving around him. His mind was already filled with ecstasy as she moved her hips up and down, each sound of thighs slamming against each other sends a shiver up his spine, absolutely loving how she used her body for that carnal act of pleasure.
  216. As soon as she finds a rhythm, the mage starts moving his hips upwards, using the barbarian's bounce down to put him back to bed. "Ghh... Don't, underestimate, me...!" he says between thrusts, using the momentum to push his hips up trying to hit her insides with his slightly bent shaft to prod with the glans. As the intense act kept going, precum started spilling out again smearing Jaagi's entrance and around Alagor's groing, making lewd wet noises increase in sound and pace as she moved faster.
  218. He could feel that she was enjoying playing around with him, and he was trying the best as he could to keep himself going, even though the thought of making children was messing with him a little. Okay, maybe more than a little but he was not giving up on this match, either!
  219. **********************************************************************************
  220. Jaagi's face lights up in delight as she rides her date with enthusiasm. Up, down, up, down...The squeaky bed, the clap of the headboard against the wall, and their moans and grunts combined to form a great cacophony of frantic fucking. It was a miracle that nobody had came to complain yet.
  222. She had little to utter through the act, being a noisy (though inarticulate) lover. She mostly communicated her satisfaction through bestial grunts and the challenging glare in her eyes as she met his pounding with her own. Despite her superior stamina she was the first to find her climax. Muscles went tense and she tightened her grip on his wrists, nearly breaking his skin when her nails dug into his flesh.
  224. She glared down at him as she recovered but her lips quickly turned into a toothy smile as she shifted her weight, holding his hips down with her larger body and bringing the fornication to a sudden halt. "You are spirited, Alagor. Let us go again."
  226. Jaagi lifted herself off his length and took fistful of his shirt in each hand before dragging him up to sit back against the headboard. As if worried that he might try to scramble away (perhaps used to other prey trying to do so) she quickly squatted down in his lap again. Balancing on her toes and bracing her hands on the headboard for leverage, the barbarian presses her breasts against Alagor's face as she slips him inside her and resumes their frantic bed-crushing pace.
  227. **********************************************************************************
  228. Alagor's moans increase but are easily muffled by her moans and the sounds of intense mating, his groin is drenched in fluids and feeling slightly sensitive due to the intense slamming that Jaagi was doing to him. His teeth clenched when she climaxed, feeling her insides moving and pressing against his member trying to milk the cum out and his wrists hurting with the tight grip.
  230. A long exhale left his lips as she stopped. "I... I don't know if I can take much long-AA?!", he says getting startled by her sudden move making him sit against the wooden headboard, his cock sways with the drag making a strand of precum stretch out hitting her exposed abdomen, but both barely noticed as she resumed the action. His wet prick quick and easily slides inside her, and Alagor buries his face between her heavy breasts feeling her hearbeat before using his mouth on her left breast, sucking it to keep it in his mouth while his wet tongue rolls around her areola and nipple, making her feel vibrations when he moans into her skin.
  232. His hands quickly move to grab on her exposed buttocks, spreading and clapping her firm cheeks together as she pumped herself with his cock, digging his fingertips deep in her flesh. His mouth slips in saliva leaving her wet breast to bounce on its own, moaning when she started moving faster and harder. "Aahh, I-I'm going to cum!", he says looking up to meet her eyes with his, a glare filled with burning primal desire that wouldn't fit a scholar otherwise, the air around her filling with his scent and the sweat that rolled down his face and neck.
  233. **********************************************************************************
  234. Jaagi's eyes glare piercingly at the man beneath her. Her breath is hot and heavy as their vigorous mating comes to a rapid crescendo. His warnings only serve to excite her further, spurring her to violently impale herself on his twitching length like a piston pumping out of control.
  236. The bed creaks and the wooden frame threatens to splinter beneath them as the barbarian bounces wildly in his lap seeking one last orgasm for herself even as she feels the hot wash of cum paint her insides. It is quickly plunged out from inside her, making a sticky oozy mess of the bed and the both of them. Finally the fiery woman's onslaught comes to an end with a final slam of her hips that collapses the foot of the bed into the floor. She practically vibrates on top of him as her climax ripples up her spine and back down again, oblivious or perhaps just uncaring of the damage she caused.
  238. After a minute or two of heavy breathing Jaagi finally comes back to herself, aware that the angle of their bodies has shifted. She looks over her shoulder at the legs of the bed that rest of the floor, snapped off from the rest of the furniture. She laughs joyously, obviously pleased. "You are a greater mate than I had hoped for. You didn't even cry or whine of broken bones. I like you. I think I shall keep you."
  240. She holds his chin in her hand and tilts his head up so she can kiss him again. It was softer, more careful kiss than the others she previously forced upon him.
  241. **********************************************************************************
  242. Alagor barely kept himself proper, feeling his hips growing more sensitive with Jaagi's slaps made by her lowers made him moan a tad louder, hard to tell if it was from pleasure, pain or both. As this mixture of sensations ran through his body, he barely payed attention to the bed almost giving up...
  244. And it didn't take much longer until he finally releases himself. His whole member throbs and twitches intensely, his balls contracted and expanded and the bulbous glans' tip parted open to shoot his round of ecstasy, thick ropes leave his body hitting her walls, while breathy moans leave Alagor's mouth as the fresh cum splashes her insides, that moved intensely during her orgasm sucking out a few more drops of his seed. When Alagor wakes up to reality, he notices the odd angle he was set in, tilting his body to the left he notices that the bed legs broke. Now that was an amazing sign, he thought.
  246. "Wait, what do you mean with keep me, that wasn't part of the cont-" he stops when she holds his chin and kisses him. Now that changed things up for sure... After the kiss, he tried to reason himself out of it. "But wait a moment, I cannot engage in this sort of thing yet, I still have much to do and places to visit... I don't think I'm ready for this sort of relationship yet", he says, obviously worried in getting hitched like that.
  248. Not that he was against settling down with a nice lady but he was still young and handsome! "Can't we negotiate this a bit more...?"
  249. **********************************************************************************
  250. Jaagi nuzzles affectionately against him, planting gentle kisses on his cheek and purring softly in his ear. At his insistence for further negotiations for their courtship she reared back and laughed heartily. Her whole body shakes in amusement and brings up a finger to wipe away a tear of laughter. A hand pawed through Alagor's hair and another kiss was pressed to his lips.
  252. "Haha...No."
  254. There was a pounding at the door and a surly voice could be heard talking sternly through the door. "Open up there. I've been getting noise complaints from the other customers. Open up immediately!" Jaagi looks to the door, to the bed they wrecked, and then down at Alagor. She smiles mischievously as she climbs off her new mate's lap and gathers up the lengths of linen and leather that made up her top and loincloth. She stuffs them in her satchel before opening a window and looking out of it. It wasn't too far down. She hops up onto the ledge and gestures for the smaller man to follow her. They didn't have to go home but they couldn't stay here.
  255. **********************************************************************************
  256. Alagor frowned a bit from the laughter, but the whole issue had to wait because apparently the sounds of breaking brought a new set of trouble. As she hopped out of his wet prick faster than a mouse, he quickly dresses his pants up and jumps out of the window, throwing a few more coins into the room before leaving the place.
  258. Looking left and right and not seeing the barbarian woman, the mage quickly took off to a different direction hoping she wasn't capable of tracking his scent. On the bright side, he got a nice lay -and- avoided getting married with a threat of getting axed in the face, the not so bright side is that his hip bones ached a bit, which is easily fixed... He hopes.
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