Double Cross - Red Vision Rising - Part 1 (WIP)

Feb 19th, 2015
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  1. Cherem ==== RED VISION RISING ====
  2. 17:37 Cherem The sun is kissing the mountains as evening comes, as the sky darkens to herald the night. In the distance, storm clouds are beginning a slow march towards City N, but the air is still chilly as the wind blows freely down the streets and alleyways of the town.
  3. 17:37 Cherem "We're hoping to speak with you again," the UGN Agent Yodan says to Ian Goodwill, after calling the illegal to visit and "officially" welcome him to City N, if not the UGN. "From what we've heard, we'll have to. Good people with weapons are hard to find."
  4. 17:37 Cherem Hardly a building away, Tsuboki Junko is looking at a badly written, filled with errors, challenge letter that's been slipped into her shoe locker. How old fashioned: it must've been Tomoko.
  5. 17:37 Cherem As the final rays of the sun fall down on the city and the sky is dyed a rich red, the two tenuous "allies" cross paths on the trail out of the University.
  6. 17:41 *** Yayifications is now known as Katrina_Farron
  7. 17:41 Ian_Goodwill sighs as he spots Junko, he only wanted a nice trip back home now, his sister having promised him a complete meat course tonight, his thumb fiddling with his new UGN agent insigna in his palm, meaningless to most. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see you here.", mentions Ian.
  8. 17:47 Tsuboki_Junko "Not my fault they put all their building on the university campus." She snorts, stuffing her hands into her coat pockets. She looked about as happy to see him as he did her.
  9. 17:48 Ian_Goodwill "Sad thing is, we might run into each others even more often now.", he says as he shows her his insigna for a brief moment before pocketting it. "Apparently, the UGN appreciates what I do, somehow."
  10. 17:52 Tsuboki_Junko "If they're asking delinquents like me for help it's clear they're desperate."
  11. 17:56 Ian_Goodwill "Don't be so harsh on yourself, you're good at what you do.", he says with a slight grin and leaning against the concrete wall he's next of. "Surely they appreciate the results you get. I know you've saved me before.", he says as he reaches into his pocket and offers the young girl a Marlboro.
  12. 18:00 Tsuboki_Junko She takes the cigarette and lights it, taking a couple puffs. "Yeah well, Overed gotta stick together and all that."
  13. 18:03 Ian_Goodwill Ian himself lights up another, smirking as he takes a puff. "At least the False Hearts didn't get me first."
  14. 18:08 Cherem With an exhale, the smoke drifts lazily into the sky. The smell is a little nostalgic in a strange way, almost fitting for the moment. It's that moment before something goes wrong, where it feels like time is frozen. And then, the scream. A block away from the University, sharp like nails on chalkboard.
  15. 18:09 Tsuboki_Junko Cigarette barely staying in her mouth the delinquent is off running.
  16. 18:09 Ian_Goodwill "...Shit.", mutters Ian as he goes off running, heavy military style backpack tumbling loudly, his overed pace vastly superior to that of Junko to get on the scene. Ian will even take a shortcut up walls if he has to to get on scene ASAP"
  17. 18:13 Cherem The sound of feet and shoes on the pavement rapidly approaches the pair, as a middle-aged man in a business suit with a sleeve comes barrelling around the corner. He sees the foreigner first, the delinquent second, but doesn't hesitate to run right past the two.
  18. 18:13 Cherem He's sweating, his eyes are wide, there is a vivid red stain on his white dress shirt's arm and despite his nice shoes he moves pretty fast.
  19. 18:14 Cherem The thing behind him is faster. A being of muscle, haggard and ripped clothing, and crusty, bloody, dirty hair, it probably saw better days sometime. The blood running down it's mouth is stark against the pale mouth, and the way it launches itself around the corner, hands and feet scrambling against the floor, are more like an animal's.
  20. 18:14 Tsuboki_Junko Junko spares him a glance as she slows down. "Must be around here."
  21. 18:17 Cherem The beast stops, analyzing the two. In it's baleful, green eyes, a distinctly human intelligence flashes, before it lets out a low, gutteral snarl and launches itself at Ian!
  22. 18:18 Tsuboki_Junko "You again?!"
  23. 18:19 Cherem It is about five meters away, and you and Junko stand between it and it's first prey. There's about two meters between the buildings of this alleyway, and they're two stories tall. The walls are lined with pipes and such. There's a lightpost and mirrors on the sides of the buildings to, in theory, grant you a glance around the corner.
  24. 18:26 Ian_Goodwill Ian kicks in overed mode, and decides he's better off distracting the monster away from the streets. Kicking up the wall of the building, speeding past the beast, Ian opens his backpack and fetches his rifle, landing around 50 meters back in the alley, loading his Springfield rifle. "I've got you covered, Junko!"
  25. 18:29 Cherem Turning it's head, it quickly loses interest in prey that can send itself flying at a moment's notice. Eyes flashing back to Junko, the thing launches itself at her! Something in the way it moves, like a puppet, makes it's wild swings difficult to predict.
  26. 18:35 Tsuboki_Junko The attack barely catches her but it connects all the same. With an angry growl Junko prepares for her opening move. Arm becoming a weapon tipped with sword-like fingers she attacks in return. Too bad for her it manages to dodge, taking out a chunk of the nearby wall instead.
  27. 18:35 Tsuboki_Junko "Fuck!"
  28. 18:37 Cherem There's a sickening crack as the beast rolls back, it's spine twisting as it rolls back under the blade, letting out a scream at the overed teenager.
  29. 18:37 Cherem Behind her, the salaryman's footsteps can be heard as he doesn't even stop to consider what's happening behind him, and just legs it.
  30. 18:39 Ian_Goodwill Ian takes a knee and scopes in the monster before him, controlling his breath. He doesn't want to hit Junko, after all... He pulls the trigger, than the overed-enhanced ammo flies at the best.
  31. 18:39 Ian_Goodwill beast*
  32. 18:42 Ian_Goodwill The bullet lodges itself into the back of the beast, apparently causing some fair damage if the writhing of the beast is any indication.
  33. 18:43 Cherem It lets out a scream, collapsing for a moment as it's legs give out, but in the same, fluid motion it sends itself at Junko again, snarling as blood spits out of it's mouth.
  34. 18:46 Tsuboki_Junko Junko manages to dodge its attack this time, claws darting in to take it out this time.
  35. 18:50 Tsuboki_Junko The delinquent makes like she's throwing a punch as the Gjaum gets into range, looking ready to hug her aggressively. Her own claws skewr it through the chest before it can rethink its plan.
  36. 18:51 Cherem The beast lets out a gasp, and a slow, loud, death rattle clicks through it's throat as it slumps against her. Oh, god, it smells like blood, piss, feces, and just not pleasant at all.
  37. 18:53 Tsuboki_Junko "Oh...oh man this thing reeks." She's quick to push it, sliding it off her claws to flop lifelessly on the ground. One last stab for good measure.
  38. 18:54 Ian_Goodwill Ian bolts his rifle, smiling at Junko as he walks up to her, his cigarette not even finished by the time the beast is dead. "Nice one. I've got a First aid kit if you want, for that nasty scratch y'got."
  39. 18:56 Tsuboki_Junko "Just a scratch, ain't worried about it." She wipes her hand off on her uniform pants, back to being a normal Human hand. "Couldn't catch this fucker last time I saw it."
  40. 18:57 Cherem The thing falls without a word, collapsing in a smelly, bloody heap. It's hands, now plainly visible, look like they've had metal pushed through the fingertips to form makeshift claws.
  41. 18:58 Ian_Goodwill "I wonder who the fuck mister Wolverine here was. It looked human, no? You saw that look it gave to us, no?"
  42. 18:58 Tsuboki_Junko "Gjaum are weird like that I guess."
  43. 18:59 Cherem == END SCENE ==
  44. 18:59 Cherem Elsewhere in the city, Saint Jude's Hospital stands, a grouping of four buildings painted a warm golden yellow. Surrounding a small park and flower garden complete with a well, the hospital seems to shine in the dying light.
  45. 18:59 Cherem One, two, one, two, one, two. Katrina Farron's feet hit the ground with a regular beat as she jogs around the park. Watching her, a young woman with long brown hair is sitting on one of the benches, her hair caught by the glowing sun. "Doesn't that make you tired?" Her voice is the embodiment of sleepy, as her head slowly turns to follow Katrina.
  46. 18:59 Cherem Kumotta Kagami stands slowly, "How often do you do that anyways? Run, I mean."
  47. 18:59 Cherem Inside one of the buildings, through one of the windows, Jaime Knapp could see Katrina and the young woman out of the corner of her eye. There's a doctor and caretaker talking to her, but his words are long and his voice monotone. "From what we know about your husband..." He's said this several times, repeating it as if it gives him some credibility.
  48. 19:00 Cherem It's not long before she's released into the courtyard by the doctor, who assures her that her husband, having just transferred, "really needs the rest. Maybe tomorrow you can visit for longer."
  49. 19:10 Katrina_Farron She looks to Kumotta as she hears her question, stopping and approaching with a flat, though pleasant expression, "About everyday if I can."
  50. 19:12 Cherem "... you can do that every day?" She looks surprised, more that anybody could do it every day. "I guess I can see that. You're not out of shape.... do people stare at you when you do that?" She stretches. "Can I try running with you?"
  51. 19:14 Cherem Dressed in a hospital gown (modest enough, she's wearing a shirt and sweatpants under it), Kagami watches Katrina with half-lidded eyes, but there's some enthusiasm behind them.
  52. 19:15 Katrina_Farron "Are you sure?" She eyed the girl cautiously, actually concerned, "I mean I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself, but I don't see the harm. Just stop if you feel tired."
  53. 19:17 Cherem She lets out a quiet, happy laugh. "I'm always tired though!" At that, Kagami covers her mouth quickly, before shaking her head and stretching as best as she can. "Alright. I'll try to keep up. Just around the hospital once?"
  54. 19:19 Katrina_Farron "Sure, that sounds good," she answers with a faint smile, "On three then. Ready? One...Two...Three." With that, she takes off at a modest pace, trying to not exhaust Kagami without insulting her either.
  55. 19:28 Cherem Kagami does her best to keep up, jogging a little faster than a normal person's speedy walk. She might be fit if she wasn't chronically tired, but the way she pushes herself to keep next to Katrina is akin to anybody unused to running distance. Two buildings around, she's sweating hard and panting for air.
  56. 19:32 Cherem As Katrina slows down for Kagami, she notices a furtive figure watching them... from the side of a building. It's hard to make out exactly what it looks like swathed in the evening shadow, but the way it crawls up the side is inhuman at best. However, what she can see are two glowing pinpricks of green iris, somehow. There's a fair distance between the -
  57. 19:33 Cherem - creature and the two exercising "partners", maybe 30 meters? But whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be hostile.. yet.
  58. 19:36 Katrina_Farron keeps her eyes on the creature catruously, ready to react at a moment's notice. For now, though, she didn't wish to make an incident of nothing.
  59. 19:38 Cherem "I think...
  60. 19:39 Cherem "I think..." Kagami gasps, bending over and holding her knees, "I think I'm done... Sorry..." She looks up and gives a little, weak smile, face flushed and a strand of hair stuck to her forehead. "I might have to go inside and rest..." She blinks, turning. "Is... is something the matter?"
  61. 19:43 Katrina_Farron "No, everything's fine," Katrina says half-heartedly, "We should do something together again sometime, if you like." She looks back to Kagami, trying her best to be assuring.
  62. 19:45 Cherem "Ah..." The girl turns back, seeming to have not noticed.. whatever that was, and nodding. "Mm! Maybe I'll be able to run around the whole hospital next time!" Kagami smiles, taking an unsteady step forward. Her hand goes to her head, and- boop. She's falling.
  63. 19:47 Cherem In that same moment, the creature makes it's move. Scuttling out of the shadow, it seems to wind itself up, before kicking off the building! Clearing ten meters in a jump, the beast lands on all fours, before darting at Katrina!
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