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  1.   1 = What you see: "You sing a single crystalline note, pondering the imperfect existence of
  2. $=(target$). In response, nearby clouds tremble, finally releasing a magnificent bolt of lightning
  3. to the ground below."
  4.   3 = What people in your room see: "You notice $=(caster$) lifting $=(hi$) voice in a single,
  5. perfect note. In response, thunderclouds nearby shiver, sending a bolt of lightning coursing down to
  6. some distant point."
  7.   1t = What your target sees: "A single, perfect note resonates in your ears. Dumbfounded, you can
  8. only gasp as a bolt of lightning strikes you from the skies, reminding you of your imperfections."
  9.   3t = What people in your target's room see: "A single, crystalline note resonates from the skies.
  10. As you watch, a bolt of lightning courses down from the nearby clouds, striking $=(target$) between
  11. the eyes."
  12.   Area = What everyone in the same area sees: "A singular note resonates through the area, causing
  13. nearby thunderclouds to shudder."
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