Celestia/Luna Greentexts: Crazy Lesbian Horse Sisters

Apr 12th, 2015
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  1. >There were times you thought about the relationship about Celestia and Luna.
  2. >They were sisters, yeah, but were they friends, too?
  3. >Did they suffer from sibling rivalry?
  4. >It was something you had to know.
  5. >And you would find out in their dreams.
  6. >It was night time in Canterlot.
  7. >Celestia and Luna were going to bed, as you had watched the sisters wish each other goodnight before Celestia entered her chambers.
  8. "LunaLunaLunaLunaLuna!" you shouted down the halls of Canterlot Castle, catching up to the moonhorse.
  9. >"Yes, Anonymous?" she calmly answered back, turning her head to look at you.
  10. >You barely stopped inches away from the princess and got in her face.
  11. >Your eyes were mere inches apart.
  12. "Take me to the world of dreams."
  13. >"What for, Anonymous?"
  14. "Because I've always wanted to see what it's like to be in the dream world."
  15. >She blinked, then took a couple steps back.
  16. >"You won't see much that you don't already know."
  17. "I don't care, just take me away!"
  18. >She rolls her eyes, then lights up her horn.
  19. >Suddenly, the world begins to shift and fade out, and suddenly, you were in the world of dreams.
  20. >Good enough for you.
  21. >Considering Celestia was asleep, you assumed you were in her dream.
  22. >Unless Luna had gone to sleep immediately after you came here.
  23. >So, with that in mind, you looked around at your surroundings.
  24. >The world of dreams looked real similar to the world of not dreams.
  25. >Canterlot Castle's halls stood before you.
  26. >Boring, but that wasn't what you were here for.
  27. >You had to find Celestia and Luna.
  28. >Surely whatever they kept hidden in the real world would come out in their dreams.
  29. >"Ooohhh, Luna~"
  30. >That came from Celestia's chambers, which were to your left, and it sounded...arousing.
  31. >What did you just uncover?
  32. >You walked over to the door and looked through the keyhole to see what was happening inside.
  33. >What met you was kinky.
  34. >Celestia lie on her bed while Luna slowly trailed her hoof down her sister's body.
  35. >It was getting dangerously close to Celestia's lady parts.
  36. >But Luna teased her sister and never went down there completely.
  37. >"Do you like that, sister? Hm?"
  38. >Celestia could only nod in response.
  39. >Suddenly, the two sisters leaned in towards each other and pressed their lips together, closing their eyes as they did so.
  40. >Oh fuck, this just got a lot better.
  41. >Their hooves wrapped around each others' bodies, and Luna fell on top of her sister, the two rolling around on the bed.
  42. >They ruffled each others' manes and rubbed each other up and down, their hips gyrating in such fluid ways that you were tempted to burst in and stick it in one of them.
  43. >Or both of them.
  44. >Suddenly, they broke their passionate make out session, Celestia getting up from the bed and moving back to Luna's hindquarters.
  45. >Her tongue hung out, then laid itself on Luna's flank, slowly trailing down her moon cutie mark.
  46. >"A-a-ahhhh~" came Luna.
  47. >"Faster, Luna?"
  48. >"N-no. Slower."
  49. >Celestia hummed erotically, making her tongue move gently down her sister's flank.
  50. >Then, when she met the legs, Celestia stood back, looked at her sister's butt, and dived right into Luna's sweet marepu-
  51. >*POP!*
  52. >Suddenly, you were in your bed.
  53. >Your hard member pulsated as you looked around your room.
  54. "Wha-"
  55. >Blueballed.
  56. >You were fucking blueballed by bad timing.
  59. >The next morning, Luna knocked on her sister's chamber door.
  60. >"Come in."
  61. >The moon princess entered.
  62. >"Oh, Luna," Celestia snorted, "how are you this fine morning?"
  63. >Luna snickered.
  64. >"J-just fine, sister."
  65. >They stared at each other before breaking out into laughter.
  66. >"I think we really got Anonymous last night!"
  67. >"Truly, I am shocked he didn't question me when I sent him to the 'dream realm' so quickly!"
  68. >"Speaking of, how did you perform such an illusion without Anonymous guessing it was a trick?"
  69. >"Because he has never truly entered the realm of dreams. He took our magical projections of ourselves as us, too. To somepony who has been in the dream world regularly, you can tell they are fake immediately."
  70. >Celestia laughed again.
  71. >"I wonder what he'll write in his journal about us today? 'Crazy lesbian horse sisters'!" the sun princess said, imitating Anon's lingo.
  72. >Both sisters laughed again as they left the room for breakfast.
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