Everyday Life With Bodysuits TG (Ram Bodysuit TF)

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  1. The world we live in in this day and age can be a weird one. There has been this new product available in stores called Bodysuits. It’s as the name implies. It’s basically a suit in the shape of a body. These are different than your everyday costume or cosplay. These new suits are able to change your own body into that of whatever the suit is for. That means if you’re a male with a female bodysuit, you turn into that female. Same thing goes for females that have male bodysuits, except they become males.
  3. They even come with their own little features that make them even more accessible for users. First off, no idea how this works, but it doesn’t matter how much you eat or don’t eat, you’ll still retain the character’s body size and weight. Despite these, the body still needs food. This also comes with some risks. One of which is that if the bodysuit is of a weak character, you’re forever going to have that character’s strength. That being said, if you have a strong character, you’ll become strong too, but you still won’t be able to improve that strength no matter how much you work at it. Something people are finding funny is that strength sometimes means nothing on what the character looks like. A good example is Erza from Fairy Tail. She looks like a well-developed character, but people who wear her find that she’s extremely strong. They had to ban people using her bodysuit in weight lifting competitions since they were too strong, and when there was multiple Erzas, there would be too many ties since they can life the exact same weight.
  5. Another neat feature is the voice. Kind of like Siri, the creators of these suits put huge sums of money to get the voice actors to read almost every word in their language. Another cool thing is that despite saying one word at a time, when actually speaking through the body, the words don’t come out with static likes Siri’s does. The words just flow out normally like how they would in any conversation. I don’t know how they did it, but despite only having every word said once, the voice can still adapt to people’s emotions so it will change in pitch like any other person’s voice would.
  7. There’s another precaution that comes with these bodysuits. Once you put one on, it’s permanent. You can’t take it off. At that point, you’ve lost your body forever. That’s brought new complications up in society. You might have a friend with a bodysuit. You know what character they are, so when you go to say hi, it can be a completely different person. The companies are trying to find ways to make it so people can easily identify whose body it is while also staying completely faithful to the original character. I’ve seen way too many of he same RWBY characters walking the streets, but I’ve yet to see any Chitoges from Nisekoi at all. (SHOTS FIRED!)
  9. There is one good thing about the bodysuits though since they’re permanent. They somehow age along with the person. Say you got a twenty-year-old person who buys an Ash Ketchum bodysuit, that person would look like a twenty year old Ash Ketchum. It’s quite interesting since you’d never find something like a hundred official pictures of Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online with each picture showing how she looks from age one to a hundred.
  11. That being said, there is a law out there. Since these bodysuits basically replace your body, you can only put one on when you’re of age. The age is sixteen. Once you’re of that age, you’re free to do whatever you want with your body. That means you can’t put your newborn child in a bodysuit and anyways, why would someone do that?
  13. So here I am. Looking though the display glass while marveling at the small selection of suits the store is showing. They all look so real. Kind of weird and amazing how well all this originally 2D drawn characters came to life. A nice touch I noticed is that they all had their iconic outfits on. A 2 for 1 deal in a way.
  15. People started to look my way, so I headed on in. Since all this s still new, a lot of people frown upon it. The fact that someone wants to change their entire life by wearing one still completely baffles majority of the population. Heck, even I’m still baffled by this. I think this is all cool, but taking the consequences into account, is it really worth it?
  17. Is it worth becoming a completely different person physically because of mere curiosity? Is it worth becoming a character that you can also see anywhere else as long as the suits exist? I especially feel bad for anyone who bought the Ruby Rose suit. At the moment, the makers are trying to find an easy way to differentiate the lookalikes, but as it stands, it’s almost like losing your own identity.
  19. Good thing I’ve taken that into consideration, because other than the fact that someone may look exactly like me, I don’t really care that I’ll change forever. I’m not very attractive, and barely got any friends. I just want a way to change all that. It may sound desperate and I may regret it in the long run, but I don’t care. If that time comes, I’ll just need to deal with it.
  21. Looking at all the anime bodysuits, I was completely taken back. There were so many bodysuits available. “Anything I can help you with sir?”
  23. A bit startled, I turned around but tripped. The fall wasn’t as painful as I would’ve imagined though. Actually, it was really nice. Was the floor always this soft? Wait a second, my feet are still keeping me standing, so what was…?
  25. “KYAH!” Hearing that high-pitched scream, I kind of know what happened and where this is going.
  27. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed myself up. “Look, there’s no need–” Before I could tell her that she didn’t need to hit me because of the accident, but she beat me to the punch…or slap in this context.
  29. She only realized what she did after the fact. “Oh my god.! I’m so sorry sir! Are you alright?”
  31. I tried to get up and make myself look cool. “No worries. I’m fine. So what’s your name?”
  33. She put her hands on her hips and pouted. “That bloody nose isn’t getting you any points.” I quickly wipe my nose with my sleeve. Great, now I’m going to need to wash this shirt later. “You don’t remember your cute childhood friend, Wolf?”
  35. Childhood friend? What is this girl talking about? My childhood friend is… “Wait…you’re Lily!?”
  37. She winked. “Yep! How do I look? I see that you enjoyed my new breasts. Am I right?”
  39. My face stared to heat up. “W-well of course! Any guy would.” She grinned and stared deep into my eyes. “Onto a different topic, I see that you already made the leap of faith.”
  41. She giggled cutely, “Uh huh. Take a guess. What character am I?”
  43. I smugly smiled. “Not even a challenge. You’re Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann!”
  45. She threw her hands up. “Ding ding ding! You’re correct! Now close your eyes as I give you your prize!”
  47. “But–”
  49. She raised her voice. “I said close your eyes!”
  51. “Fine.” I wonder what joke of a prize it will be.
  53. “No peeking.” Something touched my lips. It was soft. Wait a second…hold the phones!
  55. I opened my eyes to see Yoko’s face not even an inch away from mine. Our tongues still intertwined, she slowly let her eyes flutter open. Her tongue stopped moving hen she saw my widened eyes. She quickly pulled away. “Y-you idiot! I told you not to look!”
  57. “How did you expect me not to? You kissed me!”
  59. “Ah, youth.” Some random person said. I looked around ad noticed that a few people were looking at us.
  61. I pulled Yoko away to a more deserted part of the store. “So Lily…about that kiss…”
  63. She smiled while blushing bright red. “That was my confession to you.”
  65. I can tell that I’m blushing up a storm as well. “W-well…that was quite the confession…as you can tell though, I was here to buy a suit.” This is a bit awkward. “But seeing your feelings now, I’m unsure–”
  67. “I go both ways.” She said cutting me off.
  69. I stared at her. “Okay. That’s…um…run that by me again.”
  71. She kissed me once again. “I don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl, I’d still love you.”
  73. I need to protect that smile. “Well then…hold up. Why did you think I was becoming a girl?”
  75. “Oh that? You’ve gotten a bunch of posters recently with most of them being Ram from Re:Zero. I’ve even seen your body pillow of her in your closet.” I knew I should’ve burned that. “I’ve even heard you say while rubbing your Ram figurine against your cheek and I quote “I wish I could become Ram. Then my life would be complete.””
  77. “Y-you saw that?”
  79. “Yep!”
  81. “Okay. Good to know.” Fuck my life! I let a girl like her see that! I guess it doesn’t matter much now. “Leading away from that conversation, you were correct. I was hoping to find a Ram bodysuit here.”
  83. “Look no further!” She went to the back door and brought out a Ram bodysuit. She started whispering in my ear. “This is between you and me. I was able to hack the system early on in the creation of this bodysuit. Without bing detected, I managed to change the data saying that no one in the world wanted a Ram bodysuit except a single person in this general area. You know what that means right?”
  85. “What?”
  87. “This here is the only Ram suit in existence! You don’t need to worry about seeing any other Rams out there since when a certain supply is met, the manufacturers abandon all work done on that certain project and never come back to it.” She was getting extremely excited. “Aren’t you really happy?”
  89. I was also beaming. I could feel and not remove the stupid grin on my face. “You are the best Lily!” I whispered a bit loudly. “Is that why I’ve only seen one Yoko Littner being you?”
  91. “Yep! Now, go put this on!”
  93. I grabbed it and walked towards an empty stall. “I will!”
  95. Before I could close the curtain, Yoko jumped in. “Sorry, but I wanted to see you put it on.”
  97. I became a bit uncomfortable. “That’s fine, but…”
  99. She laughed, “Don’t worry! That light saver of yours won’t even exist in a few minutes.”
  101. “W-well fine. If you’re okay will seeing it (though I’m not), then watch.”
  103. “What was that?”
  105. “Nothing.”
  107. I stripped down to my birthday suit. I grabbed the Ram bodysuit and prepared myself for my life altering decision. “Just as a form of caution, once you start, then there’s no turning back. The moment you put a foot in, you won’t be able to take it out since it will already be fused with the bodysuit. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”
  109. I nodded in confirmation. “My body is ready.”
  111. I slowly stuck my right foot in. It felt weird when it hit the ground. I was completely off balance with my right leg now a few inches shorter than my left. Yoko helps me stand as I put my left foot in, which helped balanced both sides. “Thank you.”
  113. “No problem! Now let me help you with the next part.” She grabbed the top part and pulled it over my face like a hoodie. I was blinded for a moment, but everything became visible almost as quick as it disappeared. “Look in the mirror!”
  115. I turn to the right to see a weird figure. My feet and legs were now smaller and slimmer like Ram’s and now I had her same face and hair. Everything about her cute face was now mine.  Her larger pink eyes, her smaller nose, her plump lips, even my face shrunk to match hers. I grabbed a piece of pink hair and admired the softness and shine that came with it. “Wow” was all I could say. I even had her Japanese voice actress’s voice except I was still speaking in English. I touched my smooth neck and felt no lumps in sight.
  117. The rest of the image was weird though. Above my legs and under my neck was the rest of my naked body. The bodysuit looked creepy as it hung from the back.
  119. I decided to get the biggest change over with. I pulled up bodysuit from the hips as if I was wearing jeans far too big on me and I forgot to wear a belt. Instantly, everything under my waist and above my legs turned feminine. I shrunk a bit more, but I didn’t care. My thighs were a bit thicker while my butt plumped up and my hips widened to childbearing sizes. I looked down and saw that I was without a tail. I was now officially a girl.
  121. “Here, let me help you with the next part. It can be a bit challenging putting the arms in without a second person.” I complied and spread the wide. She took what little remained of the bodysuit and stretched each hand over mine one at a time. When done, I flexed my fingers and held them in front of my face. “My hands look perfect. And my arms” I said as I rubbed them, “are so soft.”
  123. “Almost done. Wait till after to admire your new smoking hot body.”
  125. I blushed at that. I was almost worthy of being Yoko’s boy…girlfriend. While holding Ram’s shoulders over mine, I pulled the zipper just below my waist up. The higher I pulled it, the thinner and shorter I became. My waist slowly caved inwards along with my shoulders as my back arched. Once the zipper came to a halt at the top. It slowly disappeared with out a trace, while letting my new breasts slowly puff out.
  127. Yoko turned me around and gave me another deep kiss. This time, I had to get on my tippy toes while she bent over a bit. It was different being smaller, but it sort of felt right. No idea why, but it just does. Also, the kiss was just divine. Two hot girls kissing with both of their plumps and soft lips, and I’m one of them! Never thought this would ever happen.
  129. “Let’s get you dressed!” She ran out of the stall and quickly returned with a maid outfit. “Put it on! Put it on! I can’t wait to see how cute you look in it Wolf!”
  131. After some difficulties and the help of long time female Yoko, I now became a carbon copy of Ram from Re:Zero.
  133. “What do you want to do now Lily?”
  135. Yoko smiled and hugged me while smothering me in her large soft breasts. “I got a good café I’d like to take you to.”
  137. “Really? That’s awesome, but aren’t you still working here?”
  139. “I was going to quit anyways.”
  141. “Well, alright then.”
  144. THE END!
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