Oran Mini - S.S. Awkward, Steel-Plated Battle-Ready Airship

Sep 25th, 2011
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  1. [22:49:10] * Barkeep walks together with Raven towards the Inn now that she's changed back into her regular less ero- exotic clothes.
  2. [22:50:24] * Nephene finishes cooking up an order of spaghetti, and passes a plate to Karkata. Candycrab holds it high above his head, and shuffles over to the proper table.
  3. [22:51:04] * Barkeep looks over at Raven. "Well... here goes, I guess."
  4. [22:51:22] <Raven> She nods nerviously. "yup..."
  5. [22:51:43] <Barkeep> "Okay, act natural. Casual."
  6. [22:51:53] <Barkeep> "We don't want to make her feel any more uncomfortable.
  7. [22:52:53] <Raven> "I'm curious how she'll react to seeing us together,, let's see?"
  8. [22:53:42] * Barkeep opens the door with his foot and strides in with his hands in his pockets. "Sup, yall!"
  9. [22:54:35] <Nephene> "....."
  10. [22:54:40] <Raven> "..."
  11. [22:54:46] <Barkeep> "..."
  12. [22:54:52] * Barkeep walks back out.
  13. [22:54:53] <Nephene> A nearby customer takes the plate from Karkata.
  14. [22:55:15] <Raven> "What was that."
  15. [22:55:29] <Barkeep> "That... wasn't casual at all."
  16. [22:56:46] <Barkeep> "I need to start over."
  17. [22:56:56] <Barkeep> "Let's try this again."
  18. [22:57:03] <Nephene> Karkata skitters out the door.
  19. [22:57:18] <Raven> "Y-you can't just go back and time and - oh man this is gonna be weiiiird."
  20. [22:57:27] <Nephene> "Cooo-sheeee?"
  21. [22:57:28] <Barkeep> "Ah! Hey, Karkata, don't just run off this late at night!"
  22. [22:57:40] <Nephene> Candycrab bumps into Barkeep's leg.
  23. [22:58:07] <Barkeep> "I'm going back in, okay? I just needed to try it again."
  24. [22:58:28] * Barkeep picks up the candycrab. "Come on, let's go back inside."
  25. [22:59:08] <Nephene> Karkata burbles. He doesn't seem to mind the attention - he's weird like that.
  26. [22:59:11] * Barkeep pushes open the door, "Uh, hey sis."
  27. [22:59:27] <Nephene> "Hey. Back already?"
  28. [22:59:48] <Barkeep> "Yeah... something like that."
  29. [22:59:57] <Raven> Raven follows. "Hey Nephene."
  30. [23:00:03] <Nephene> "Oh, uh."
  31. [23:00:06] <Barkeep> "Hey, Marcel. Sorry for leaving you in charge for so long."
  32. [23:00:07] <Nephene> "Hello, you two."
  33. [23:00:14] * Nephene sets down a stein.
  34. [23:00:30] * Barkeep looks between them, "Should we... maybe talk in private?"
  35. [23:02:15] * Raven rubs the back of her head, "That's up to you two, I guess."
  36. [23:04:02] <Barkeep> "Sis?"
  37. [23:04:12] <Nephene> "Um.....well, whatever you're more comfortable with."
  38. [23:05:03] <Barkeep> "Sort of a private matter... I kind of think maybe we should go somewhere for a second."
  39. [23:05:31] <Nephene> "Alright."
  40. [23:06:09] * Raven nods to the other patrons politley as the siblings decide things
  41. [23:08:34] * Nephene looks around, and motions to the massage parlor.
  42. [23:08:44] * Barkeep walks over to the empty massage parlor
  43. [23:09:16] * Nephene follows along. "Alright."
  44. [23:09:24] <Nephene> "What's bothering you?"
  45. [23:09:36] <Raven> Raven as well, closing the door behind them.
  46. [23:10:04] <Barkeep> "Look, we just want to start off by saying... yesterday, it really wasn't what it looked like."
  47. [23:11:56] <Nephene> "....I really hoped it didn't. What was it, then?"
  48. [23:12:11] <Raven> "And...-" she decides to let Barkeep finish, for now.
  49. [23:15:02] <Barkeep> "We were just talking, and when that really big firework went off, I accidentally spilled some of my shaved ice on her."
  50. [23:15:50] <Nephene> "...."
  51. [23:15:52] <Nephene> "Really?"
  52. [23:16:02] * Barkeep nods. :<
  53. [23:16:19] <Raven> "Yeah, that's...all that was."
  54. [23:17:38] <Nephene> "And the conversation...."
  55. [23:18:11] <Barkeep> "It was coconut shaved ice. It got sticky."
  56. [23:19:48] <Nephene> "...."
  57. [23:19:49] <Nephene> "Right."
  58. [23:20:00] <Raven> "Yeah, that's...really all that happened. I also got something to tell you reguarding that conversation we had the other night."
  59. [23:20:06] <Nephene> "Oh?"
  60. [23:21:51] <Raven> She crosses her arms, and sighs. "I already told Claud this but...I didn't realize he had asked me out by then. Nor up until...about 20 minutes after the shaved ice thing."
  61. [23:23:45] <Raven> "So I apologize for not really holding up what you asked me, I had a wrong impression."
  62. [23:26:16] <Nephene> "....ah."
  63. [23:26:19] <Nephene> "Well, um..."
  64. [23:26:54] * Nephene isn't really sure what to think about all this.
  65. [23:28:16] <Raven> "However," she grabs one of Claud's hands. "we are going out now, and..." She really didn't want to say this with him here, but, "I'll take good care of your brother."
  66. [23:29:21] * Nephene nods. "I'll have to think of some embarrassing stories to tell you, then...."
  67. [23:30:02] * Barkeep sighs, "Oh geez... I wonder if I was better off when you two were still afraid to talk to eachother."
  68. [23:31:09] <BB> (Nephene and Raven are chatting about the Keepen relationship.)
  69. [23:31:35] <Nephene> "But I do trust you with him."
  70. [23:31:40] <Nephene> "Claud, however....."
  71. [23:32:04] <Barkeep> "You don't trust me with her?"
  72. [23:32:27] <Raven> She snickers, considering the situation from earlier tonight.
  73. [23:33:36] <Raven> "That would be a very misplaced concern, Nephene."
  74. [23:33:58] <Nephene> "If things go that badly with something like -shaved ice-, who knows what else you'll do." She chuckles.
  75. [23:35:26] <Barkeep> "Hey, if you hadn't walked in it would've... well Raven probably wouldn't have realized we were dating in that case."
  76. [23:36:42] <Nephene> "Well, there's not a whole lot I can tell you that Gramps wouldn't have."
  77. [23:36:46] <Raven> "That's...probably very true."
  78. [23:37:28] <Nephene> "But I don't think I want to repeat it, for Raven's sake."
  79. [23:39:01] <Raven> She looks confused, but doesn't press the matter.
  80. [23:42:59] <Nephene> "Um....was there anything else?"
  81. [23:43:29] <Barkeep> "Well... yeah, kind of."
  82. [23:43:36] <Nephene> "Mmm?"
  83. [23:43:41] * Barkeep puts his hands on Neph's shoulders.
  84. [23:45:49] <Barkeep> "Listen, Sis... I don't want you to feel sorry for yourself anymore."
  85. [23:46:18] <Nephene> "Uh?"
  86. [23:47:00] <Barkeep> "If anything, I want this to show you that it's never too late to find someone. There IS someone out there for you. Do you understand?"
  87. [23:47:42] * Raven shuffles back awkwardly. "I was just gonna say that...I guess you'll be seeing me over a lot more.."
  88. [23:48:51] <Barkeep> "I uhh... guess this might have not been the best time to bring it up."
  89. [23:49:02] <Nephene> ".....probably. I'm still looking, though."
  90. [23:49:25] <Barkeep> "But still, I want you to promise us you'll be smiling all day on your next birthday."
  91. [23:49:54] <Nephene> "Even if something terrible happens?"
  92. [23:50:58] <Barkeep> "I'm not gonna let anything like that happen on your birthday. If the bandits try to attack the village me and raven will beat them all up ourselves just so that you'll keep smiling."
  93. [23:52:04] <Raven> She ponders.... "Well there IS that matter of the bandit camps we've been neglecting, and the whole thing with the demon puppy - we'll do what? Oh, yes, of course."
  94. [23:53:41] <Raven> She shuffles uncomfortably, not really knowing what to say.
  95. [23:53:56] * Barkeep just hugs his sister.
  96. [23:53:59] <Nephene> ".....I'll see what I can do. It'll a little ways away, anyway."
  97. [23:55:56] * Nephene hugs Claud. "Just be good, alright?"
  98. [23:55:58] * Barkeep smiles and squeezes Nephene in his arms before letting go.
  99. [23:56:15] <Barkeep> "Oh! I almost forgot."
  100. [23:56:32] <Barkeep> "Sis, there's this new guy in town, Canute."
  101. [23:56:44] <Barkeep> "He doesn't have a bed yet..."
  102. [23:56:55] <Barkeep> "So he wants to know if we could trade him one for a Piano."
  103. [23:57:07] <Nephene> "Well, we don't have a -spare- bed, I don't think."
  104. [23:57:12] <Barkeep> :<
  105. [23:57:12] <Nephene> "So I'd have to order a new one."
  106. [23:57:33] <Nephene> "And even though we've got the room for a piano, who would play it?"
  107. [23:57:47] * Barkeep looks at the crab.
  108. [23:57:58] <Nephene> "Cooo-sheeee?"
  109. [23:58:11] <Nephene> Karkata awkwardly tappity-tappity-taps away.
  110. [23:58:20] <Barkeep> "Or I could try to ask Balthazar if he can build some kind of Piano playing robot."
  111. [23:58:40] <Barkeep> "I mean he can probably do something like that, right Raven?"
  112. [23:59:40] <Raven> She thinks for a second. "That...sounds like something that might interest him just cause he'd have to figure out how to get it to, well, not sound aweful."
  113. [00:00:11] <Barkeep> "Huh..."
  114. [00:00:27] <Barkeep> "But Sis, he just got into town and he doesn't know anyone yet..."
  115. [00:00:36] <Nephene> "In any case, it's probably best if I order the bed directly for him anyway."
  116. [00:00:41] <Barkeep> "Can't we just take one of the beds out of the doubles and make it a single for now?"
  117. [00:00:52] <Nephene> ".....well."
  118. [00:00:54] <Nephene> "We could."
  119. [00:02:52] <Raven> "We didn't meet him in the best of circumstances, but he seems like a decent enough guy. Unlucky as hell, though."
  120. [00:03:00] <Barkeep> "He's a good guy, and if we can just get someone to play that piano, it'd be great for business! It could give us a great atmosphere, you know?"
  121. [00:04:10] * Nephene sighs. "I suppose. When should I go see him?"
  122. [00:05:06] <Barkeep> "Well, how about tomorrow? I kind of don't want him to have to sleep on the ground for too long... that tower floor didn't look to comfortable."
  123. [00:05:50] <Raven> "He had comfy looking couches at least...don't think he'd be sleeping on the floor."
  124. [00:06:40] <Barkeep> "Oh yeah... but still, I want this village to give him a good show of hospitality."
  125. [00:07:53] <Nephene> "Well, it's not too late....I could go talk to him right now."
  126. [00:08:35] <Barkeep> "It's kind of late to carry a bed out to him though." :/
  127. [00:08:55] <Nephene> "Is he too far? A bed isn't too heavy."
  128. [00:08:59] <Nephene> "Just bulky."
  129. [00:09:19] <Raven> "It's the old guard tower out of town," she says.
  130. [00:09:30] <Barkeep> "Plus we'd have to carry a piano back."
  131. [00:11:12] <Nephene> "Is he strong?"
  132. [00:11:52] <Raven> "He...looked pretty in shape?"
  133. [00:12:18] <Barkeep> "Yeah, he did."
  134. [00:13:31] <Nephene> "Maybe we can haul it back, then, though some help would be nice."
  135. [00:14:16] <Barkeep> (I kind of thought it was fairly late in the evening though)
  136. [00:14:44] <Barkeep> (because I spent a lot of the day talking to him in his tower, then heading back and doing some work, then going over to raven's after she got off duty, then going back to the bar)
  137. [00:16:18] <Nephene> "....but tomorrow works too."
  138. [00:16:28] <Nephene> "Early in the morning."
  139. [00:18:29] <Raven> "I'm gonna...go wait at the bar," she looks a bit embarrased to have been standing around for all of this.
  140. [00:18:44] <Barkeep> "Sure. That sounds good, sis."
  141. [00:18:57] <Raven> Annnd backs out slooowlly...
  142. [00:19:40] * Barkeep goes back over to Raven :B
  143. [00:19:47] <Barkeep> "Come on, you want something to drink?"
  144. [00:20:05] * Nephene exits, and goes back to cleaning glassware.
  145. [00:20:16] <Barkeep> "I think I owe it to you for dragging you into all this awkward sensitive family business."
  146. [00:22:48] <Raven> "Well I might as well get used to it now anyway," she reasons, and sits at the bar. " about you surprise me with something?"
  147. [00:23:22] * Barkeep leans over the bar and gives her a quick kiss.
  148. [00:23:24] <Barkeep> "How's that."
  149. [00:24:05] * Barkeep grins. "I'll fix you up something nice."
  150. [00:24:22] <Raven> She gets all red and flustered. "Not what I expected but..." She hopes Nephene didn't see that.
  151. [00:24:30] * Nephene did.
  152. [00:24:36] * Nephene grins.
  153. [00:25:34] <Raven> Raven offers a weak grin back.
  154. [00:26:00] <Barkeep> (think that's good for now?)
  155. [00:26:26] <Raven> (yup.)
  156. [00:27:11] <Barkeep> [/mini]
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