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  1. Thomas Dall - Kittystyle - Kittystyle.TV  + Discord Leaks post Youtube Ban and Discord Purge + 7 - 9th October 2019
  3. +++
  5. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:32 PM
  6. You have made mistakes but aren't pushing forward in your life to get any better
  8. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:32 PM
  9. i was in prison 6 months
  10. i have ptsd
  11. i talked about it on streamm
  12. people should know better
  13. :wink:
  14. i was isolated
  15. alone
  16. 6 months
  17. for a crime i didnt commit
  18. and abused
  19. and i was assaulted
  20. and all i did was type a blody comment on facevbook
  22. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:32 PM
  23. I know, I've been there day one DANISHPOLICE
  25. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:32 PM
  26. i have so little faith in the system and people
  27. all thsi shit, makes me break
  28. totally
  30. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:33 PM
  31. Let's be fair you did threaten a public official
  33. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:33 PM
  34. yea ok, so u know how my life has just been shit on every day, 24 horus a day
  35. true
  36. i did say some shit
  37. so claiming complete innocence would be , not correct
  38. but u know what im saying right ?
  39. its liek..... why did i get assaulted for that
  41. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:33 PM
  42. I'm not here to further condemn your actions
  44. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:33 PM
  45. why did i get abused for that eveyr day in prison, just to get abused every day by stlakers
  46. i mmade 1 coment and life is not fair
  47. theres just so much injustive
  48. like
  49. im bitter
  50. and broken
  51. :frowning:
  52. every day hurts
  53. and life is dreadful
  54. and these people just come to tell me Kill myself
  55. and everyone is col with it
  56. imm going insane
  58. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:34 PM
  59. There is one thing that you need to realize
  61. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:35 PM
  62. i called the police today, cuz i dunno what else to do
  63. i want them in jail foreve
  64. r
  66. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:35 PM
  67. I'm not going to feel remorse for your past actions, I'm neutral in this
  68. But I do believe you need to get help
  70. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:36 PM
  71. they werent part of the healing process... they have no right to force me to relive that, and they have the audacity to make my sister relive it... thats just awful
  72. or what do u think?
  73. she told them to stop
  74. and leave me alone
  75. they dont respect nobody
  76. even the victims.. the children.. nobody.. they dont care
  77. about no one
  78. they are EVIL
  80. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:37 PM
  81. Yeah but you're blaming the wrong people
  83. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:37 PM
  84. hmm, ellaborate?
  86. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:38 PM
  87. You're only familiar with the bigger names such as dispatch, kovalski etc..
  88. They aren't doing anything to you currently
  90. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:38 PM
  91. true
  93. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:39 PM
  94. They have said many times they would not bother you if you didn't bother them
  96. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:39 PM
  97. i mean kov is stlaking me and stealing my content. So he is still doing shit. Dispatch has been failry passive lately
  98. jammes is worse
  100. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:39 PM
  101. He did that after the death THREATS kitty
  103. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:39 PM
  104. and i tend to lash out at the whoel group - my mistake. But when your frustration grows out of hand, you dont know what to do, cuz you actually go insane
  106. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:40 PM
  107. You kick a bees nest your gunna get stung
  109. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:40 PM
  110. i think thats a very normal reaction
  111. well, i called the popo
  112. i wont accept their shit.
  114. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:40 PM
  115. Us doesn't have the same laws kitty
  117. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:40 PM
  118. everytime they do a crime, it makes me hate them for everything they did, and add more to my bitterness and hatred to them
  120. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:40 PM
  121. US has complete free speech
  123. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:41 PM
  124. i dont care how much they hate me, i think i have surpassed the hatred
  125. i feel like stabbing all of them
  126. every day
  127. like vengeance
  128. :smile:
  129. i dream about slashing them
  131. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:41 PM
  132. Not appropriate
  134. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:41 PM
  135. i think about killing them
  137. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 10:41 PM
  138. Dude let it go
  140. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:41 PM
  141. i cant stop it
  142. thats the problem
  143. i cant stop these thoughts
  144. i cannot stop
  146. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:41 PM
  147. Yes that is a problem
  149. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:41 PM
  150. they should stop
  151. YES
  152. i told you
  153. i told them
  154. stop
  156. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 10:41 PM
  157. See a doctor and they can help with it somewhat
  159. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:41 PM
  160. they dont get it
  161. they dont fuckign understand
  162. they are tearing me apart
  163. at my foundation
  164. and they have no fuckign clue
  165. what they will unleash
  167. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:42 PM
  168. Every time you loose your temper they will be back to mock you
  170. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:42 PM
  171. call a professional, cuz i need help
  172. or simply force them to stop
  173. cuz
  174. i amm done
  175. cannot take it anymore
  177. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 10:42 PM
  178. They love it when you rage and you give them content then
  180. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:42 PM
  181. i will scream and yell and shit, until it goes away
  182. i know
  183. but i cannot help it :frowning:
  185. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 10:42 PM
  186. It wil continue then
  188. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:42 PM
  189. its like.....
  190. how do i get rid of these feeligns , when they add to it all the time
  191. it fuels my muderous thoughts
  193. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:43 PM
  194. Kitty go get checked and see a therapist
  197. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:59 PM
  198. u can thank me later
  199. when its over u will enjoy the peace
  201. Ninja420Last Monday at 10:59 PM
  202. I'm going to tell you something your father should have taught you. Sometimes we don't get to have everything in life that we want but should strive for the things that we need
  204. KittystyleLast Monday at 10:59 PM
  205. iw ant peace
  206. i want peace
  207. i want peace
  208. i want PEACE
  209. I WANT A  LIFE
  212. u dont know what my father taught me
  213. u dont know a single shit about my father
  214. shut the fuck up about my father
  216. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:00 PM
  217. Really
  219. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:00 PM
  220. yea really
  221. dont fucking tell me
  222. shit about my dead father
  223. how dare you
  225. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:01 PM
  226. Then y are you acting the way you are, and y did you disrespect him by saying you wish you could have killed him
  228. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:01 PM
  229. killed who ?
  231. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:01 PM
  234. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:01 PM
  235. ooh, i meant daughter
  237. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:01 PM
  238. You literally said your father should die
  240. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:02 PM
  241. i will never see her... shes spawn of a witch
  242. she should burn like the witch..... i dotn get to see her, who the fuck caresw
  243. my life is lost anyways
  245. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:02 PM
  246. That's still not appropriate
  248. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:02 PM
  249. ur right
  250. im going insane
  251. get it into your head
  252. tell the fuckheads to leave me alone
  253. or ill snap tand break their necks
  255. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:02 PM
  256. Your daughter is the only part of you that has a chance unless you get help
  257. Be thankful she is alive
  259. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:03 PM
  260. i actually am
  261. but u knwo what upsets mem
  262. i cant see her, because i was made into a monster
  263. kovalski
  264. needs to die
  265. for that
  267. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:03 PM
  268. You chose to stay a monster
  270. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:03 PM
  271. im not a monster
  272. im a man in distress
  274. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:03 PM
  275. You can go get help
  277. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:03 PM
  278. you cant tell the diffewrence?
  279. no i cant
  280. i dont have money, i cant afford it
  282. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:04 PM
  283. There are free group sessions
  285. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:04 PM
  286. i need food, to eat, and i need to pay my rent.. and i only ha ve few more months i can actually pay for it
  287. try realize that
  289. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:04 PM
  290. Look around
  292. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:04 PM
  293. i lost 50k dollars this year
  294. they are to blame
  295. they owe me
  297. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:04 PM
  298. They don't owe you anything
  300. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:04 PM
  301. what is there to look at? Its all broken.. its all gone.... whatever
  302. if it hadnt been, i would never have been bitter
  303. i wouldnt be insane now
  304. my life would have been a completely different one
  305. my mood
  306. would have been different
  308. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:05 PM
  309. You choose to stay in this perpetual cycle of fuckery
  311. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:05 PM
  312. im a product
  313. of everything that happens to me
  314. notjhing else
  315. if u see pain in me, its cuz i was wrongfully put throguh toirment every day egery seocnd of the day
  316. u dont know what thats like
  318. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:05 PM
  319. You chose to stay in the environment that pisses you off
  321. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:05 PM
  322. u dont know wht its like to be in my shoes
  323. u havent lost your son
  324. u havent lost your children
  325. but what if you did
  326. what if kovalski toko your child away
  327. would u kill him
  329. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:06 PM
  330. You know why I don't know what its like?
  332. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:06 PM
  333. or swould u forgive him
  335. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:06 PM
  336. Because I have no demons in my closet
  338. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:06 PM
  339. try and actually put your midn through that
  340. i dont either
  341. u cant blame a child for shit
  342. if ur child does something wrong, will u call it a demon
  344. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:07 PM
  345. I'm not blaming anybody of anything
  346. I'm neutral
  348. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:07 PM
  349. ok... well i tell u
  350. i dont have deons
  351. my demons are my stalkers
  352. my past, is my life
  353. my demons will go away, if i kill them
  354. :smile:
  355. :laugh:
  357. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:08 PM
  358. Logically if you have people relentlessly bullying you on the internet but you stay on the internet then
  360. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:08 PM
  361. cuz im not losing
  363. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:08 PM
  364. You've already lost
  366. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:08 PM
  367. im not gonna fucking fold, cuz theres someone far worse than me, telling me im worse than them
  368. no
  369. i dont care
  370. ill make them lose by taking their life
  371. in the litteral sense
  372. i will kil them n cold blod
  375. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:24 PM
  376. You will never be happy until you take steps to become a better person
  378. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:24 PM
  379. i dont wanna be made out that its my fault
  380. cuz i know its not
  381. i knwo waht i did... but they are literally to blame fore verything
  383. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:24 PM
  384. I hope you reach that goal one day
  386. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:24 PM
  387. i am a good person
  389. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:24 PM
  390. It is your fault
  392. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:24 PM
  393. if u cant see that, then you dont know me at all
  394. i am a good person
  395. i have a heart of gold
  396. i dont hurt a fly
  398. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:25 PM
  399. I don't know if you are good or bad
  401. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:25 PM
  402. i am good
  403. i dont hurt anyone, unless they hurt me, or hurt others
  404. an eye for an eye
  405. but im not a bad person
  406. i only hurt people who get in my way
  408. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:26 PM
  409. But I do know your issues will not be solved by continuously blaming everyone for your past that you WILLINGLY gave them
  411. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:26 PM
  412. and they shouldnt get in my way... they are doing something wrong
  413. so ... im just putting it right
  414. ur right
  415. but i wish, this message could be delivered to them
  416. that they need to really reflect on wha they do
  417. they need to be told they are wrong
  418. not me
  419. do u get that ?
  420. they should be told every day
  421. they are bad assholes who should stop, or they really just deserve to die
  423. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:27 PM
  424. You're not putting anything right, you're just asking for a pity party and you're not going to get it from me
  426. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:27 PM
  427. liek....
  428. ur not getting
  429. that
  430. i need
  431. for them
  432. to understand
  433. these facts
  434. that they are about to die
  435. 3 months
  436. i have bought tickets
  438. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:27 PM
  439. Cut it out
  441. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:27 PM
  442. ok, then tell them that
  443. tell them taht
  444. or tell them they are about to die
  446. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:27 PM
  447. You have no means of truly carrying out that plan
  449. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:27 PM
  450. scare the shit out of them
  451. u wanna bet ?
  452. u dont really know me do u :smile:
  454. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:28 PM
  455. Ok how ya gonna get to AMERICA
  457. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:28 PM
  458. u dont knwo waht im capable of
  459. plane tickets
  461. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:28 PM
  462. You have a possibility of having your green card revoked
  464. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:29 PM
  465. Los Angeles International Airport
  467. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:29 PM
  468. Its probably in the process right now
  470. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:29 PM
  471. why
  472. cuz ur a rat ?
  474. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:29 PM
  475. No
  477. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:29 PM
  478. then why
  480. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:29 PM
  481. Did you not read the message posted above
  483. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:30 PM
  484. 06.55 - 16.20
  485. SAS, SWISS
  486. 18 t. 25 min.
  487. AAR–LAX
  488. 2 mellemlandinger
  489. CPH, ZRH
  490. 12.250 kr.
  491. returrejse
  492. Aarhus
  493. Los Angeles
  494. ons. 15. jan.
  495. ons. 15. jan.
  496. :wink:
  497. hes about to die
  498. i tell you
  499. we live in a world
  501. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:30 PM
  502. Dude, no!
  504. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:30 PM
  505. When you turn in an international complaint on someone they will not allow you to enter the country that complaint was sent
  507. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:30 PM
  508. where nothing happens
  509. till its TOO late
  510. and it will be TOO late
  512. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:30 PM
  513. :rofl::rofl:
  514. Who is in la?
  516. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:31 PM
  517. dispatch is in california
  518. :slight_smile:
  520. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:31 PM
  521. Do you have any idea how large California is?
  523. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:31 PM
  524. oh i know what town he was in, i saw him drive home :slight_smile:
  525. dont worry
  526. :smile:
  527. hes dead
  528. its too late
  530. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:32 PM
  531. Foreigners think they can just freely travel the US lol
  533. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:32 PM
  534. he cant fix it in that time
  536. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:32 PM
  537. Why would you tell if you don't want it stopped?
  539. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:32 PM
  540. neithre can kovalski
  541. they wont
  542. they think im kidding
  543. but they will wake up dead one day
  544. :smile:
  546. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:32 PM
  547. @PandanSponge attention seeking
  549. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:32 PM
  550. @Ninja420 maybe
  552. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:32 PM
  553. ok, so what does it tell you, i seek attention ?
  554. i need help or ?
  555. i think thats exactly what im trying to say
  556. i need help to make it stop
  557. else i will stop it myself
  558. its really the only way
  559. i cant live the rest of mmy life liek this
  560. i have  rigth to be on the internet
  561. and they are the peopel who are in the wrong
  562. not me
  563. i only make it right
  564. cuz they refuse to
  567. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:37 PM
  568. ur not a problem to me at all
  569. dont worry
  570. but.... by not approaching them,,with this and askign them to stop, or FORCING them to stop, ur not part of the solution either
  571. fact.
  572. ur approaching hte wrong guy and blaming me
  574. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:38 PM
  575. Ok kitty you're being stalked by people even though you can at any point turn your computer off
  577. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:38 PM
  578. and i dont accep tthat
  580. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:38 PM
  581. I don't know history here and I'm usually a passive observer but what I'm seeing him say makes sense
  583. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:38 PM
  584. yeah, and that wont make me better
  585. exactly,... i dont speak nonsense
  586. i speak sense
  587. hes trying to blame me for being sltkaed
  588. and telling me to get therapy and pay for it, even thought they did this to me
  590. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:38 PM
  591. I'm not blaming you for anything kitty
  593. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:38 PM
  594. i refuse to do antyihgn till they fix it
  595. good
  596. cuz i CANT be blamed for being stalked
  597. thats just hurtful
  599. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:39 PM
  600. I'm not seeing that it's just the thoughts a muddled and cloudy and contrating on the wrong things
  602. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:39 PM
  603. i present options
  604. i always leave the option open, for them to fix mmy life,,, in fact ive given them so much rope
  605. and they took that, and spun it around my neck
  607. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:39 PM
  608. I'm simply telling you that if you don't want people to know bad things in your past then maybe you should not have shared it
  610. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:40 PM
  611. so it makes me want to kil them naturally, cuz the systematic destruction of a person, i cannot forgive
  612. i dont mind people knowing
  613. why do you think i shared it
  614. i can never ever forgive them
  615. they need to make a mense
  616. mence
  617. not me
  618. they need to fix the shit
  619. not me
  621. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:40 PM
  622. You should never share something that personal with total strangers
  624. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:41 PM
  625. and strangers should never do what they do
  626. again
  627. ur looking at it upside down
  628. which makes me think your motives arent honest
  629. ur not here to help me
  630. (=
  632. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:41 PM
  633. No you're not looking at it at all
  634. Quit shifting blame and take responsibility that you shared information that you didn't want anyone to know
  636. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:41 PM
  637. i went through it... i think i know everything :slight_smile:
  639. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:42 PM
  640. And that is why it cuts you so deep
  642. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:42 PM
  643. whatever... ur hurting me now
  644. not helping at all
  645. u want me take responsibility for their stalking ?
  647. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:42 PM
  648. I'm trying to open your mind to rational thinking kitty
  650. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:42 PM
  651. i am 160 iq. I am logical, to the letter
  653. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:43 PM
  654. I'm not condoning the stalking
  656. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:43 PM
  657. good
  658. why didnt you spend more time expressing that
  659. than pinnig shit on me
  660. i have people do that all day
  662. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:43 PM
  663. But your circle jerk loop thinking isn't logical
  665. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:43 PM
  666. i dont wanna take more blame
  667. i can fix things, but i refuse to take blame
  668. i can adjust things
  669. but i refuse to take blame
  670. i cant accept it
  671. ive been hurt too much
  672. let down too much
  674. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:44 PM
  675. You don't need to take blame just move forward
  677. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:44 PM
  678. too much injustice
  679. nothing what happened to me was fair
  680. noone appologized
  682. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:44 PM
  683. Stop the loop of illogical thinking
  685. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:44 PM
  686. i cant
  687. they wont leave me alone
  688. i cant stop thinking like this
  689. mmy life is unstable
  690. and as long as they are around to destablizie it
  691. and ur heere blaming me
  692. i aint getting better
  694. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:45 PM
  695. They aren't going to apologize and the current people your blaming aren't stalking you
  697. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:45 PM
  698. but they have been, and i cant know whos typing about me... which is why everyone is an enemy to me, unless they prove to me, they want the best for me
  699. like......... what does it tell you ..... if i dont trust anyone anymore
  700. only me
  701. not a single person in this world
  702. i trust
  703. everything u say, im suspicious of
  705. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:46 PM
  706. Dispatch and kovalski do not care to even acknowledge you unless you threaten them or pull them into your bs
  708. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:46 PM
  709. i dont even know if u have my best intentions in mind
  710. like... u knwo what thats like
  711. ok , then ill keep threatening them till i kill them
  712. unless
  713. unless my life gets better
  714. (=
  716. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:46 PM
  717. Good you should only look out 4 yourself
  718. Noone else will
  720. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:47 PM
  721. yea
  723. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:47 PM
  724. Damn sure don't post your personal life on the internet
  725. That's on your
  726. You*
  727. If you think I'm here to further harass you, your mistaken
  729. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:48 PM
  730. no, thats on mmy ex, who forced me to do  it, with the help of kovalski, who convinced her i was a monster, so they both justified trapping me, and forcing me to say it. so they could facilitate the stalking
  731. kovalski manipulated her
  732. and lied
  734. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:48 PM
  735. Think of this as a kick in the ass intervention
  737. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:48 PM
  738. he will pay
  739. intervention ? I lost mmy daughter
  740. if u say its a good thing
  741. wtf
  742. ur an enemy to me
  744. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:49 PM
  745. Kovalski only shared information that you shared
  747. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:49 PM
  748. ur not a friend
  749. why do you talk to me
  750. who are you
  751. i dont trust you
  753. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:49 PM
  754. U haven't lost anything yet
  756. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:49 PM
  757. why do you say all these things
  758. ur wrong
  760. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:49 PM
  761. He's trying to help the thing you've been asking for
  763. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:50 PM
  764. If you get help, get a job then you could fight 4 custody
  766. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:50 PM
  767. no , kovalski lied and twisted most of the truth
  769. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:50 PM
  770. The past is shit but we gotta move on
  772. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:50 PM
  773. thats right
  774. thats not wrong
  775. :slight_smile:
  776. thanks
  778. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:50 PM
  779. You will get nowhere feeling sorry for yourself
  780. Move on
  782. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:50 PM
  783. i dont feel sorry for myself
  784. i feel hatred
  785. towards kov, dispatch
  786. james
  788. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:51 PM
  789. It sure as hell sounds like it
  791. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:51 PM
  792. umerkur
  793. my ex
  794. people
  795. no i carry a grudge, cuz they wronged me
  796. they broke my life, and never cared
  797. so why shoulkd i care if they die
  798. they mean nothing to me
  799. they dont care about no one
  800. about my feeligns
  802. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:51 PM
  803. You refuse to go find help, you refuse to at least go find a part time job
  805. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:51 PM
  806. why should i care aobut their entire life
  807. ill shit on it
  808. i will remove the problems
  809. :smile:
  810. how can i get a job, google my name and its all pedo
  811. otugh shit
  813. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:52 PM
  814. Change your name then
  816. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:52 PM
  817. tough shit
  819. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:52 PM
  820. You have to be financially stable to fight for visitation of your daughter
  822. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:52 PM
  823. right.. so i have to pay for what they did
  824. and i cant have my own name anymore
  825. wow
  826. how u think im gonna feel then ?
  827. forced to change my name
  828. while they are over there having fun
  829. and i have to pay
  831. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:52 PM
  832. Go learn a trade in construction and legally change your name
  834. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:52 PM
  835. for their shit
  836. nah man
  838. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:52 PM
  839. Get off the internet
  841. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:53 PM
  842. ill fuckign kill them
  843. ill fuckign end them
  844. they will perrish
  846. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:53 PM
  847. Illogical loop
  849. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:53 PM
  850. only the strong survive
  851. and guess what
  852. i refuse to be weak
  854. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:53 PM
  855. it's an option but may be worth considering at some point when things get better
  857. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:53 PM
  858. i refuse to lose
  859. i refuse to back down
  860. i wont forgive them
  861. and i wont forget
  862. they will die
  863. by my hand
  864. and everyone will know
  865. who did it
  867. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:53 PM
  868. @PandanSponge are these not logical conclusions
  870. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:53 PM
  871. :smile:
  873. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:54 PM
  874. Death threats are getting old kitty
  876. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:54 PM
  877. thes are logical staetments
  879. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:54 PM
  880. Josh Connor of Kiwi Farms would have to do the same thing if he had to go into the real world
  882. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:54 PM
  883. still. im not being illogical
  885. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:54 PM
  886. @PandanSponge he does work as a computer engineer in irl
  888. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:54 PM
  889. when they take a life, and coninously wish death upon people
  890. then..... logically
  891. they should die
  892. cuz
  893. they dont
  894. deserve to live
  896. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:54 PM
  897. That's not logical
  899. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:54 PM
  900. they take, something that doesnt belong to them
  901. they take other peoples lives
  902. they take more
  905. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:55 PM
  906. @Ninja420 I thought he did that in the past be he probably does now to help pay for site I bet
  908. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:55 PM
  909. cuz they make people suffer
  910. they dont want them to die
  911. i want them to suffer before they die
  912. (=
  913. an eye for an eye
  915. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:55 PM
  916. Logically you would take steps to help yourself @PandanSponge he does in east Europe
  918. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:55 PM
  919. they are internet people
  920. ill do it IRL
  921. look, im not a murderer, i dont want people to die
  922. , but the fact is, that if i cant have a life
  924. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:56 PM
  925. Eye 4 an eye doesn't equate to someone was mean to me so I now I hurt or end them
  927. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:56 PM
  928. if they rob that fro me
  930. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:56 PM
  931. Not logical at all
  933. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:56 PM
  934. then there is only 1 solution
  936. PandanSpongeLast Monday at 11:56 PM
  937. I'm too tired now, but I will be about tomorrow to chat kitty on voice if you want as long as not live and can play a game if you want?
  939. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:57 PM
  940. ok cool, that sounds good :slight_smile: Thakns man, appreciate it
  941. im not alright today, and this isnt me in general
  943. Ninja420Last Monday at 11:57 PM
  944. See ya kitty, take these suggestions seriously
  946. KittystyleLast Monday at 11:57 PM
  947. no
  948. u go tell them, they will die if they dont sstop
  949. or find a way, to convince them, to stop
  950. i dont care what you have to do
  951. u obviosly know them
  952. convince them, in ANY way, to leave me alone, and support my future
  953. grow up
  954. and realize they are wronging people
  955. and it has consequences, if they corner a guy, who has nothing to lose
  956. think about that
  957. think about it... if i dont have anywhere to go, or cant excape.... then they msut be removed
  958. u dont undertstand
  960. KittystyleYesterday at 12:19 AM
  961. im alone in this world
  962. and its when im alone, i want to lash out
  963. :smile:
  964. thats the whole issue
  965. and they force me into that
  966. so they make me insane
  968. KittystyleYesterday at 2:51 AM
  969. Sticks and stones may break my bones
  970. But words will never harm me.
  971. just gotta repeat that
  973. KittystyleYesterday at 4:01 AM
  974. hello @everyone im gonna delete the server (and remake it , to fix potential errors while redoing it )
  976. I haVE created bacup of some things, so this should not take tooooo long... but im basically starting over rn (=
  978. KittystyleYesterday at 4:43 AM
  979. for some reason i cant turn off HTTPS XD Meh
  980. i tired, gno sleep, cya tomorrow :slight_smile:
  982. KittystyleYesterday at 11:17 AM
  983. ok, im up again
  984. time to get to work
  985. i got a commpletely empthy server, lets see if i can get it done in 1 hr :smile:
  986. and good morning
  988. KittystyleYesterday at 12:34 PM
  989. People who go through these types of extremely traumatic experiences often have certain symptoms and problems afterward. The severity of these symptoms depends on the person, the type of trauma involved, and the emotional support they receive from others. The range of reactions to and symptoms of trauma can be wide and varied, and differ in severity from person to person. A traumatized individual may experience one or several of them.[17]
  990. After a traumatic experience, a person may re-experience the trauma mentally and physically, hence trauma reminders, also called triggers, can be uncomfortable and even painful. Re-experiencing can damage people's sense of safety, self, self-efficacy, as well as their ability to regulate emotions and navigate relationships. They may turn to psychoactive substances including alcohol to try to escape or dampen the feelings. These triggers cause flashbacks, which are dissociative experiences where the person feels as though the events are recurring. Flashbacks can range from distraction to complete dissociation or loss of awareness of the current context. Re-experiencing of symptoms is a sign that the body and mind are actively struggling to cope with the traumatic experience.
  991. ----------------
  992. my trauma came from isolation, and abuse.......... If i get isolated and abused, it severely traumatizes me. Fact.
  993. And everyone here should know, that im traumatized, and that im currently in a state of no-trust with pretty muc all....... im sorry if you will be lashed out at, its merely a defense mechanism. It wont stop, till i get the support i need.
  994. --------
  995. Triggers and cues act as reminders of the trauma and can cause anxiety and other associated emotions. Often the person can be completely unaware of what these triggers are. In many cases this may lead a person suffering from traumatic disorders to engage in disruptive behaviors or self-destructive coping mechanisms, often without being fully aware of the nature or causes of their own actions. Panic attacks are an example of a psychosomatic response to such emotional triggers.
  996. --------
  997.  I am aware of the nature of my trauma though, so illl give you the answers. I need to be NOT isolated, and i need to BE ABLE to TRUST people, and I need to be NOT ABUSED. As in, i need emotional support.
  998. Any form of abuse, will further traumatize me.
  999. and will cause anger, and uncontrollable emotions and lashing out.
  1000. its not in my control.
  1001. --------------------------
  1002. Consequently, intense feelings of anger may frequently surface, sometimes in inappropriate or unexpected situations, as danger may always seem to be present due to re-experiencing past events. Upsetting memories such as images, thoughts, or flashbacks may haunt the person, and nightmares may be frequent.[18] Insomnia may occur as lurking fears and insecurity keep the person vigilant and on the lookout for danger, both day and night. Trauma doesn't only cause changes in one's daily functions, but could also lead to morphological changes. Such epigenetic changes can be passed on to the next generation, thus making genetics one of the components of psychological trauma. However, some people are born with or later develop protective factors such as genetics and sex that help lower their risk of psychological trauma.[19]
  1003. The person may not remember what actually happened, while emotions experienced during the trauma may be re-experienced without the person understanding why (see Repressed Memory). This can lead to the traumatic events being constantly experienced as if they were happening in the present, preventing the subject from gaining perspective on the experience. This can produce a pattern of prolonged periods of acute arousal punctuated by periods of physical and mental exhaustion. This can lead to mental health disorders like acute stress and anxiety disorder, traumatic grief, undifferentiated somatoform disorder, conversion disorders, brief psychotic disorder, borderline personality disorder, adjustment disorder, etc.[20]
  1004. ----------------
  1005.  i remember what happened.I was kidnapped, isolateed , abused , assaulted. By the police.
  1006. ----------------
  1007. In time, emotional exhaustion may set in, leading to distraction, and clear thinking may be difficult or impossible. Emotional detachment, as well as dissociation or "numbing out" can frequently occur. Dissociating from the painful emotion includes numbing all emotion, and the person may seem emotionally flat, preoccupied, distant, or cold. Dissociation includes depersonalisation disorder, dissociative amnesia, dissociative fugue, dissociative identity disorder, etc. Exposure to and re-experiencing trauma can cause neurophysiological changes like slowed myelination, abnormalities in synaptic pruning, shrinking of the hippocampus, cognitive and affective impairment. This is significant in brain scan studies done regarding higher order function assessment with children and youth who were in vulnerable environments.
  1008. Some traumatized people may feel permanently damaged when trauma symptoms do not go away and they do not believe their situation will improve. This can lead to feelings of despair, transient paranoid ideation, loss of self-esteem, profound emptiness, suicidality, and frequently, depression. If important aspects of the person's self and world understanding have been violated, the person may call their own identity into question.[17] Often despite their best efforts, traumatized parents may have difficulty assisting their child with emotion regulation, attribution of meaning, and containment of post-traumatic fear in the wake of the child's traumatization, leading to adverse consequences for the child.[13][21] In such instances, seeking counselling in appropriate mental health services is in the best interests of both the child and the parent(s).
  1009. -------------------------------
  1011. Thats me ^
  1012. -------------
  1013. Trauma can be caused by man-made, technological and natural disasters,[22] including war, abuse, violence, mechanized accidents (car, train, or plane crashes, etc.) or medical emergencies.
  1014. -----------
  1015. My trauma is brought back, from , abuse, violence, and continous letdown and betrayal
  1016. ----------------------------
  1017. Responses to psychological trauma: Response to psychological trauma can be varied based on the type of trauma, as well as socio demographic and background factors.[22] There are several behavioral responses common towards stressors including the proactive, reactive, and passive responses. Proactive responses include attempts to address and correct a stressor before it has a noticeable effect on lifestyle. Reactive responses occur after the stress and possible trauma has occurred and are aimed more at correcting or minimizing the damage of a stressful event. A passive response is often characterized by an emotional numbness or ignorance of a stressor.
  1019. KittystyleYesterday at 1:43 PM
  1020. can i trust ninja420
  1021. @Ninja420
  1022. Can i trust you
  1023. do you promise me, theres NOTHING on this server, and NOTHING i say, that will EVER be shared with ANYONE from bitwave, ANY of my stalkers
  1024. ??
  1025. @Ninja420  Please respond now
  1026. if u dont respond, i will have to remove you
  1027. @Ninja420
  1028. @Ninja420
  1029. are you with me, or are you an enemy
  1030. im completely remmoving myself, from my stalkers
  1031. ONE way or another
  1032. so ANSWER ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1033. 10
  1034. 9
  1035. 8
  1036. 7
  1037. 6
  1038. 42134
  1039. 21
  1040. bye
  1041. anyone else, not showing theyr loyalty and allegiance, will get the same ....... i will remove anyone from my life, i dont feel like having around... im SO sick of everything
  1043. KittystyleYesterday at 2:47 PM
  1044. -------------
  1046. Updates: Server has been fixed. Now the stream works with
  1048. No IP needed!
  1050. -----------------
  1052. Chat , working. Server was deleted, and i recoded everything back :slight_smile: :heart: I hope peopel will come and support.
  1054. ----------------------
  1056. In other news, y youtube was banned, and so i have deleted it.
  1057. From now on I will be only on And i really appreciate people spending time with me (=
  1058. -------
  1059. We are able to give streamkeys aswell.
  1061. ---------
  1063. Forum: Working.
  1064. But currently unused. Please fix this?
  1065. ---------
  1067. KittystyleYesterday at 3:47 PM
  1068. Attachment file type: unknown
  1070. 1.61 KB
  1072. KittystyleYesterday at 4:54 PM
  1073. hey @Zonnie
  1074. u wanna test out my server ?
  1075. i can get you a REAL key
  1076. if u wanna try stream to the Frontpage ?
  1077. works now
  1078. i fixed some bugs, but also, remmoved some pages, cuz i reset the entire server
  1080. see for yourself, the streaming quality
  1082. PandanSpongeYesterday at 6:09 PM
  1083. Site looking better, well done.
  1085. KittystyleYesterday at 6:17 PM
  1087. YouTube
  1088. NoahCyrusVEVO
  1089. Noah Cyrus - Lonely (Official Audio)
  1092. YouTube
  1093. NoahCyrusVEVO
  1094. Noah Cyrus - Lonely (Official Audio)
  1096. thank you sir! :smile:
  1097. this song is my life
  1099. PandanSpongeYesterday at 7:05 PM
  1101. YouTube
  1102. VNV Nation
  1103. VNV Nation - When is the Future?
  1106. KittystyleToday at 5:57 AM
  1107. mmy life
  1108. BitChute
  1109. MinisterOfLulz
  1112. too bad i live on the ground floor
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