A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Older Maya TF) Chapter 6

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  1. I got up and tried to think about what I should do next. I thought, and thought, and thought, waiting for the answer to come to me. Nothing did except for the massive pain in my neck. I grabbed the Magatama and focused on getting it healed. After my Magatama flashed, my neck went back to normal.
  3. That was the first time in my life I was scared like that. Sure, I was scared after being turned into a girl and finding out that I can’t transform back for now, but this was different. I almost wounded up dead back there. Who was that man? I felt like I heard his voice once before, and recent at that. It can’t all be a coincidence, can it? Now I am asking myself stupid questions. Of course I probably heard it before! He even knew my real name. That proves that I have heard him somewhere at some point in the recent past. As of now however, I have no way of knowing when or where I heard his voice.
  5. I walked along so deep in my thoughts that I failed to notice the person standing in the middle of the sidewalk. That persona and I groaned and by the sound of it, it was a male around my age. I quickly said, “S-sorry about that! I wasn’t looking where I was go—”
  7. He cut me off. “Shhh…there is no need to apologize. It was my fault for standing there not moving.” Oh no…please not that guy. “Hello. My name is William User Leave, but everyone just calls me Will. What may your name be my beautiful buttercup?”
  9. I quickly turned around and made a gag look on my face. This guy was one of my friends from school. He was always trying to ‘smooth talk’ with the girls, but he is so bad at doing it. “My name is Athena Cykes. So I’ll be on my way now.”
  11. I got up and turned around to see him in front of me again. “What the fudge!” He almost gave me a heart attack! I looked around to see he wasn’t standing where he originally was.
  13. As I was still paralyzed from shock, he seized the opportunity to grab my hand and kiss it. “Ever since I laid my eyes on you, I just knew we would be perfect together! Would you please be my girl—” That was the last straw. I brought my foot up and unleashed all my strength on his jewels. He was now lying on the ground barely able to even groan from the pain.
  15. I stood over him. “You said your name was William User Leave, right? Well let me just say and call you Will U. Leave!” I passed him and continued walking.
  17. I faintly heard him say, “That type of joke sounded like one Chug would make…” That caught my attention.
  19. I quickly ran back to him and asked, “What did you say?”
  21. He replied, “I said you made a joke like my friend Chug would do.” He was still in quite a bit of pain, but I didn’t care.
  23. I asked, “When was the last time you saw your friend Chug?”
  25. “Why?”
  27. I glared at him. “Do you want to kiss my boot once again?”
  29. He looked unfazed, but still answered. “I guess it was about three days ago.” I did see him then. So he must not have his memory changed.
  31. I smiled. “Thanks. Bye.”
  33. “Can you please help me up?”
  35. “No.”
  37. Now that I think about it, this isn’t the first time someone has asked me who I was while we knew each other before. Dick didn’t know me when I was Ema and now it goes for Will. So far the only one who called me by other names as if everything was normal is…my mom?
  39. I paused for a second. How could my mom be involved in this? That can’t be right. Can it? Before I jump to any conclusions, I will go talk to a certain someone once again.
  41. By the time I reached Dicks house, it was already about 9:00 pm meaning it was now dark. I knocked on the door. Out came his mom. “Another beautiful girl in the same day? Are you here to see my son?”
  43. Just play along and all will go well. “Yes. I am here to see Richard.”
  45. “Okay. He is right upstairs.”
  47. “Thank you.”
  49. I ran on up and entered his room. He was a bit startled, but relaxed when seeing me. Nice bodies means stupid guys are at your command it seems. “I have a question for you. Do you perhaps know someone named Chug?”
  51. He got angry. “Chug? You mean that obnoxious guy? Yeah I know him.”
  53. Look who’s calling whom obnoxious? If he looked up obnoxious in the dictionary, he would find his own face there. “Okay. Next question. Did you meet a girl today named Ema?”
  55. He brightened up at this. “Yes! I met her today. Do you know her?”
  57. I smiled. A new lead! “Doesn’t matter. Thank you for the help!”
  59. I ran on out before he could say anything and I zipped by his mom before she could ask anything as well. Now that I was out of his house, it was time for me to make a trip home. Especially since I needed some food and a place to rest.
  61. Once I got home, I decided to stay as Athena and see how my plan goes. But first,I must get through the yelling phase. I knocked on the door to hear quick footsteps approach the door.
  63. Out came my mom as fast as a jack-in-the-box. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL DAY!?” A bit more than I thought. My ears ringed out for a few seconds before I could hear anything. How peculiar…I don’t here anger. I hear it from her voice, but not her heart? Actually, I hear nothing! I quickly pressed widget and the hollow screen displayed no emotions except for a hint of fear.
  65. Before pressing her, I asked, “Who am I?”
  67. She answered, “This question again? You asked the same thing yesterday. You are Athena Gaaconroy.”
  69. I grinned. “Thank you. Now let me ask you, why are you only showing fear right now and no other emotions?”
  71. She looked at me with confusion on her face. “Excuse me?”
  73. “Never mind. I am going upstairs for a second.”
  75. She gave me a cold stare. “…………Okay. Make sure to come down for dinner in a few minutes.”
  77. I replied, “Got it!” And ran on up the stairs.
  79. When I got to my room, I was surprised. It changed once again. I went to check my picture of my friends and I. Of course it was I as Athena with them. I changed into Maya and my whole room changed along with me. Whoa, hers might actually be more normal than mine was originally. I once again checked my photo and there was Maya. She was even wearing a school uniform. I never thought I would see the day of Maya in a school uniform. I’ve only seen her in her kimono and a maid uniform before. Now it is time to change to test out something.
  81. My body mostly stayed the same with this transformation. The only noticeable physical changes were that my hips widened a bit and my butt increased a bit as well. My breasts expanded to a normal B-cup finishing my body’s changes under my head. The last of my physical changes included my face becoming more mature and making me look older.
  83. My clothing had small adjustments as well. The first was just it stretching and tightening in places to account for my newer curves. The inner part of my kimono went from purple to white with a part of it being pint at the collar and it stretched down to just above my feet then split down the middle keeping my legs exposed in the front. A white cloth formed around my neck and wrapped around me and connected at one of the corners. The next piece of clothing that appeared out of thin air baffled me. At first, I thought it was white cloves, but it stopped just at my fingers leaving them and my palms exposed meaning that I knew nothing about what they were. My original Magatama necklace started to have a minor detail by adding a singer pearl on both sides of the Magatama.
  85. I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror to see I was the older version of Maya Fey. I looked so much more pretty like this. If only I knew how much of Maya is the same in the new game since I can’t understand Japanese. I went to check that photo of my friends and I and smiled. That didn’t change like all the others did. I changed back into the younger Maya and went downstairs.
  87. I yelled to my mom, “Mom! Can we have a talk?”
  89. She yelled back, “Sure! One sec please!” She walked over to me and when seeing me, I couldn’t help but notice her eye twitch all of a sudden. “So what’s wrong?”
  91. I asked, “I am your only daughter Maya, right?”
  93. Shed looked at me for a few seconds that I was nervous before she answered. “Yes you are dear.”
  95. “Okay.” I grabbed my Magatama and transformed into Trucy Wright right in front of her. I gave her a look and she was completely unfazed by my transformation. Can you repeat who I am please?”
  97. She gave me that creepy stare again. “I don’t know where you are going with this, but you are my only daughter Trucy.”
  99. “Got it.” I transformed back into Maya then into Mia. “Sorry, but I kind of misheard you. Mind repeating that again?”
  101. Her cold stare lasted a bit longer before saying, “You are my daughter Mia.”
  103. “How old are you again?”
  105. “That is irrelevant.” This time I was starting to get scared, but I continued on.
  107. I once again transformed into Maya. I grabbed out the photo that was in my room. “Can you please take a look at this?” I handed it over to her. “What do you see?”
  109. She said, “It is a picture of you and your friends.”
  111. “That is correct.” I transformed into the older version of myself. “Now if I may ask again, who is in the picture?”
  113. “It is a picture of your friends. Why must I repeat that?”
  115. “Patience. How old am I in that photo?”
  117. She hesitated. “Y-you are seventeen in this photo. Can’t you tell?”
  119. I started smiling. “When was this photo taken?”
  121. “I-it was taken last month. What of it?” She was starting to get really angry fast, but I think I just hit the final nail on the coffin.
  123. “Now with all that said and done. How old am I right now?”
  125. She was getting really, really angry now. “Y-y-you are seventeen now…”
  127. That was it. I stood up and pointed my finger at her. “OBJECTION! As you could see, I am twenty-eight now!”
  129. Her veins were now showing on her face. “Grrrrrrr…”
  131. I yelled at her, “Who are you!?”
  133. She stood up slowly having her head down making her face shaded making her face all the more scary. “Who am I? Shouldn’t that be obvious?”
  135. “No it is not! Now tell me who you are and what you did with my real mother!”
  137. She started laughing. Whenever the villain laughs, nothing good comes out of it. “Hahahahahahahahahah! He was right! This would be interesting!”
  139. I was confused. “He!? Who is he!?”
  141. She stared at me with a wicked smile plastered on her face. “Oh that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you found me out! I will give you more details for your situation…in a month!”
  143. I yelled at her, “In a month!? What about school and stuff of the like!? Where is my mom!?”
  145. “She is safe. No harm will come to her if you just accept this for now. If not, well…you can figure out the rest.”
  147. “…Fine. I will stay like this for a month. Just you better not hurt her!”
  149. She bowed. “I promise.” She looked at her watch. “Well would you look at the time? I better am going now!”
  151. I got desperate. “Where are we going to meet in a month?”
  153. “Hmm…what about the park you met that man at maybe around 4:00 pm? Take it or leave it.”
  155. “Fine! I will be there that day at that time!”
  157. She smiled with her still wicked smile. “Perfect! Until then, au revoir!” Then she vanished into thin air and was gone from my sight just like that.
  159. I fell to my knees and clutched my hands. “I will get you back mom! I promise you that! You come before me changing back into my old self!”
  161. This was going to be one long month.
  164. Too Be Continued…
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