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  1. [2019-07-29T08:48:21] INFO: connecting to service...
  2. [2019-07-29T08:48:23] INFO: connection established
  3. [2019-07-29T08:48:23] INFO: service status: idle
  4. [2019-07-29T08:49:24] INFO: service command updated
  5. [2019-07-29T08:49:26] INFO: starting client
  6. [2019-07-29T08:49:26] INFO: config file: C:/Users/csmith/AppData/Local/Temp/Synergy.lY4472
  7. [2019-07-29T08:49:26] INFO: log level: INFO
  8. [2019-07-29T08:49:26] INFO: service command updated
  9. [2019-07-29T08:49:26] INFO: starting new process
  10. [2019-07-29T08:49:26] INFO: activeDesktop:Default
  11. [2019-07-29T08:49:26] ERROR: could not get session id for process id 904
  12. [2019-07-29T08:49:26] INFO: starting new process
  13. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] INFO: drag and drop enabled
  14. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] ERROR: failed to get desktop path, no drop target available, error=2
  15. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] NOTE: started client
  16. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] NOTE: connecting to 'Csmith-LT':
  17. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] INFO: service status: active
  18. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] NOTE: server fingerprint: C5:1D:7A:ED:84:99:30:1C:6F:E0:A6:1D:72:5E:08:B8:79:CC:53:7D
  19. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] INFO: connected to secure socket
  20. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] INFO: server tls certificate info: /CN=Synergy
  21. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] INFO: network encryption protocol: TLSv1.2
  22. [2019-07-29T08:49:27] NOTE: connected to server
  23. [2019-07-29T08:49:37] INFO: entering screen
  24. [2019-07-29T08:49:37] INFO: clipboard was updated
  25. [2019-07-29T08:49:37] INFO: clipboard was updated
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