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Dec 2nd, 2018
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  1. Changelog
  3. All Maps
  5. - Fixed the secret ending not triggering if the map restarted before you collected a coin.
  6. - Fixed having a purple skybox texture if playing on low shader settings.
  7. - New feature: Long Survivor conversations that play at the start of a map will now stop playing after you wipe or restart, to avoid annoyance.
  8. - Fixed a few Special Infected ladders not being climbable.
  9. - Fixed medkits spawning in competitive configurations. (Versus Mode)
  10. - Increased defibrillator spawn rate. (Rescue Closets will be added in a future update.)
  11. - Decreased weapon upgrade spawn rate.
  12. - Versus mode: Removed chat print that reminds players of the boss commands.
  14. The Motel
  16. - Fixed a stuck spot on a cliff wall.
  17. - Survivors can no longer jump over the bushes to the left immediately after leaving saferoom.
  19. The Carnival
  21. - Reduced entity count slightly.
  22. - Reduced the push effect on the water slide from 80 to 50.
  23. - Fixed Survivors sometimes ledge hanging on the slide.
  24. - Tweaked the rooftop section to reduce the difficulty in versus mode.
  25. - Unblocked some rooftop air vents for Survivors.
  26. - Tweaked the locations of a few SI Ladders near the Kiddyland entrance and the alley.
  27. - Moved the second pill cabinet from the ground level to the second floor; Now located next to the one-way drop into the Carousel area.
  28. - Replaced a few low quality door textures with a higher quality model.
  29. - Fixed a pipe prop on the rooftops having incorrect lighting.
  30. - Versus mode: Added a Deagle spawn to saferoom.
  31. - Versus mode: Massively reduced amount of horde during the Carousel Event.
  33. The Tunnel of Love
  35. - Minor optimization in the Roller Coaster area.
  36. - Fixed players spawning underneath the stairs in the saferoom.
  37. - Added some more indicators as to the way forward to reduce instances of confusion.
  38. - Added a clue as to how to reach the hidden coin.
  39. - Fixed some texture misalignment.
  40. - Fixed bots not properly navigating over the boxes that leads back to the one-way-drop room.
  41. - Fixed a gap in the rooftop near the storage room.
  42. - Fixed the electrical boxes near the start not being against the wall.
  43. - Reduced rate of Special Infected spawns during Roller Coaster Event.
  44. - Added some SI Ladders to the fence leading to the Fairgrounds area.
  45. - Versus mode: Added a Deagle spawn to saferoom.
  46. - Versus mode: Massively reduced amount of horde during the Roller Coaster Event.
  48. The Ferris Wheel
  50. - Minor optimization.
  51. - Fixed a missing texture near the start.
  52. - Fixed a few areas with overly reflective surfaces.
  53. - Fixed skybox having a black/grey texture when looking very long distances.
  54. - Fixed a stuck spot next to a dumpster after the barns.
  55. - Fixed an overabundance of items spawning.
  56. - Fixed a few decals not appearing.
  57. - Fixed Special Infected being unable to break a wall in the barns.
  58. - Fixed a pole having no collision near the raised veranda.
  59. - Versus mode: Slightly reduced horde during the Ferris Wheel Event.
  60. - Versus mode: The voice lines of the Survivors commenting on the Ferris Wheel will no longer play.
  61. - Versus mode: Fixed event Tanks not spawning.
  63. The Stadium
  65. - Optimized many areas for better framerate. (Plan to optimize even more in the future.)
  66. - Scavenge Event: Special Infected spawn timer increased from 25 to 30 seconds.
  67. - Scavenge Event: Increased horde spawn timer from 8 to 10 seconds.
  68. - Scavenge Event: Horde size decreased from 4 to 3.
  69. - Scavenge Event: Maximum zombie limit decreased from 15 to 12.
  70. - Scavenge Event: Increased delay before common begin spawning from 3 to 6 seconds.
  71. - Scavenge Event: Generator now glows for a few more seconds after opening the door.
  72. - Scavenge Event: Versus mode: All horde removed, gas cans required reduced from 4 to 3.
  73. - Stadium Finale: Fixed Tank music playing over the Midnight Riders music.
  74. - Stadium Finale: Increased horde size from 13 to 16.
  75. - Stadium Finale: Horde spawn rate decreased from 7 to 6 seconds.
  76. - Stadium Finale: Added some extra items to the finale area.
  77. - Note: The purpose of the horde changes is to move some of the difficulty of the map from the Scavenge Event to the Finale instead.
  78. - Added collison to the roll-up door before the scavenge event.
  79. - Moved a trash can prop that could be an annoyance when walking to the scavenge generator.
  80. - Added a minor hint to the coin's location.
  81. - Fixed a fairgrounds sign floating in mid-air.
  82. - Fixed a few spots that common infected couldn't path to.
  83. - Versus mode: Survivors will no longer play the voices lines commenting on the monorail.
  84. - Versus mode: Fixed pre-match Tank glows not disappearing upon Survivors leaving saferoom.
  85. - Versus mode: Added a Deagle spawn to saferoom.
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