Horizon 3-C

May 6th, 2014
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  1. Chapter 64:
  2. After crossing the border from Hexagone Francaise to M.H.R.R., Toori's group leaves the unicorns behind and switch to a carriage drawn by headless horses.
  3. In Magdeburg, Matsunaga gives P.A. Oda's demands for accepting Magdeburg's surrender, but Guericke rejects the offer.
  4. Matsunaga says Musashi's plan of destroying Hashiba would lead to his retirement and Masazumi invites him to Musashi after he retires.
  5. Matsunaga says that would never work, but Masazumi leaves the invitation open.
  6. Masazumi announces that Musashi is too weak to take on Hexagone Francaise or M.H.R.R., so they are going to Kantou.
  7. In Kantou, they will bring Qing-Takeda, Satomi, Houjou, and possibly even Sviet Rus to their side to gather power.
  8. She also announces plans to arm the Musashi to make it more powerful on its own.
  9. Just as the negotiation is about to end, word arrives that Itsukushima has been broken in half and fallen from the sky and that Innocentius is missing.
  10. Before leaving, Matsunaga announces that Hashiba has moved the Sack of Magdeburg up by a day, so it will begin in only two hours.
  11. As Matsunaga and Suleiman leave, the M.H.R.R. Catholics cut off all divine transmissions to Magdeburg, but not before the Musashi group in Magdeburg receives word that the Musashi will take eight hours to arrive.
  14. Chapter 65:
  15. Toori's group continues on their way to Rudolf II.
  16. As crossdressing Toori sleeps on Nate's shoulder, she detects her mother's scent on him, gets jealous, and rubs her own scent on him with her cheek.
  17. Meanwhile, the Musashi will need to spend two hours letting the Magdeburg evacuees escape before the eight hour trip to Magdeburg, but Shirojiro finds a way to skip those two hours (and make some money in the process).
  19. Chapter 66:
  20. Toori's group arrives at Rudolf II's tower.
  21. They see women around the tower and they are told Rudolf II is always searching for a "partner".
  22. Toori (still crossdressing) says he'll go in, but Nate says she will in order to protect him.
  23. Meanwhile, M.H.R.R. Catholic/Hashiba/P.A. Oda are having a party after defeating K.P.A. Italia.
  24. Mathias, Toshiie, and Matsu decide to head to Magdeburg.
  26. Chapter 67:
  27. Nate climbs the tower and reaches a room reeking of human blood and bodily fluids.
  28. Rudolf II appears wearing a female uniform.
  29. As their ship leaves, Mathias comments that Rudolf II is a true pervert.
  30. Nate asks for Carlos I's note concerning the Princess Disappearances, Rudolf II says he can't give it to her but will consider it on one condition, and then he attacks her.
  32. Chapter 68:
  33. Nate fights one and then another woman who have no sense of pain and can quickly regenerate.
  34. It turns out those women are actually Rudolf who can shapeshift.
  35. He has never felt pain before and is trying to find someone who can make him feel pain.
  36. Hexagone Francaise is secretly planning to begin their part of the Thirty Years' War against M.H.R.R. by attacking the Catholics who are attacking Magdeburg.
  37. That will mean Ruldof's "death" at which point he will no longer be Holy Roman Emperor and can leave his tower.
  38. Once he leaves, he will take Carlos I's note with him, so Nate must make him feel pain before Hexagone Francaise arrives in about half an hour.
  40. Chapter 69:
  41. Nate fights Rudolf II.
  42. He eventually transforms into a copy of her and shows that he is more adept at using her body than she is.
  43. He then transforms into her mother and gives the finishing blow.
  44. Just as he thinks he has won, Nate stands back up.
  46. Chapter 70:
  47. Nate begins to figure out how to add speed to her strength like her mother does.
  48. Tenzou explains the concept to Mary.
  49. Rudolf II transforms back to his male form and the battle begins anew.
  51. Chapter 71:
  52. As Nate grows more accustomed to her speed, Rudolf begins to perfect his ideal female form.
  53. Nate eventually smashes him through the outer wall of the tower.
  55. Chapter 72:
  56. As they fall from the tower, Nate manages to bypass Rudolf's protection and essentially causes him pain.
  57. When he regenerates at the bottom while unconscious, he becomes the perfected version of his ideal female form.
  58. Nate speculates that this is his true form and he merely took on a male form when very young because he was to become Holy Roman Emperor.
  59. She takes Carlos I's note from him and gives it to Toori.
  60. In Magdeburg, the M.H.R.R. Catholics begin to attack even further ahead of schedule so that Hexagone Francaise will not arrive in time.
  62. Chapter 73:
  63. M.H.R.R. Catholics dam the Elbe River to flood Magdeburg.
  64. Hexagone Francaise is arriving.
  65. Toori's group heads into Magdeburg.
  66. Yoshinao comes up with a plan for the Musashi to arrive in only ten minutes.
  68. Chapter 74:
  69. Katsuie and Narimasa march to Magdeburg.
  70. Magdeburg prepares for the imminent attack.
  71. The Musashi group in Magdeburg realizes the Musashi will have to leave Toori's group behind if that group does not arrive in time.
  73. Chapter 75:
  74. The M.H.R.R. Catholics being their actual attack on Madeburg.
  76. Chapter 76:
  77. Exiv plans to attack once Anne is directly attacked and they have an excuse to interfere.
  78. Narimasa begins fighting Naruze.
  79. The Musashi launches itself toward Magdeburg.
  81. Chapter 77:
  82. Tomoe battles Catholic mobile shells and then Katsuie once he arrives.
  83. Naruze continues her fight against Narimasa.
  84. As Tomoe and Katsuie fight, Futayo joins in to aid Tomoe.
  85. The Catholics destroy the protective barrier around Magdeburg by ramming ships into it.
  87. Chapter 78:
  88. Yoshiyori stops the ships with Murasamemaru.
  89. Hexagone Francaise begins their attack.
  90. The Musashi arrives from above.
  91. Naito arrives to help Naruze.
  92. Nate battles her mother in order to prove herself.
  94. Chapter 79:
  95. Nate recalls her past while Tenzou tells the story to Mary and Asama/Kimi tell it to Masazumi.
  96. Before Horizon's death, Nate had promised to protect her.
  97. After her death, Nate felt she had failed her promise and tried to leave Musashi.
  98. Her mother beat the shit out of her and told her not to come back.
  99. Toori eventually promised her he would become king and make her his knight.
  101. Chapter 80:
  102. Nate begins combining human techniques with her wolf speed/strength to overcome her mother's superior wolf speed/strength.
  103. Her mother begins using human techniques as well and uses her Silver Cross.
  104. Nate overcomes the Silver Cross by borrowing half of Collbrande from Mary.
  106. Chapter 81:
  107. After their battle, Nate's mother tells her to take Toori as her wife.
  108. M.H.R.R. Catholic and P.A. Oda forces battle Hexagone Francaise gods of war.
  109. The Three Musketeers and their unit show up.
  110. Toshiie shows up with a unit of Living Bones.
  112. Chapter 82:
  113. As they are destroyed, Toshiie's Living Bones army reforms into God of War sized bone giants.
  114. Yoshiyori and Yoshiyasu arrive to battle them.
  115. Naito and Naruze continue fighting Narimasa.
  116. Futayo continues fighting Katsuie.
  118. Chapter 83:
  119. As Tenzou, Mary, and Toori fight the Living Bones, Nate and Naomasa show up to help.
  120. Toori offers to buy Nate a new collar to replace the one she lost while rescuing him.
  122. Chapter 84:
  123. Futayo battles Katsuie until Matthias interrupts and breaks Tonbokiri's cutting ability with his Logismoi Oplo.
  124. Muneshige arrives to help Futayo, soon followed by Gin, Tomoe, and Nate's mom.
  125. After being bloodied a bit, Katsuie runs off saying that his side has won and the rest of them should leave the city if they don't want to die.
  127. Chapter 85:
  128. All of the Musashi group in Magdeburg evacuate on a transport ship.
  129. M.H.R.R. Catholics drop a ship loaded with a dragon line reactor about to go critical.
  130. Before it can explode and destroy everything, Anne and Luynes fly it safely into the sky, sacrificing themselves in the process.
  132. Chapter 86:
  133. Everyone gets back to the Musashi.
  134. The Musashi travels to the Seto Inland Sea.
  135. They are attacked by the Hashiba ship Shirasagi.
  137. Chapter 87:
  138. The Musashi flees from Shirasagi which is commanded by Ichimasu.
  139. A fleet commanded by Kuki is waiting to cut them off, but the Musashi "jumps" over it.
  140. Ghost ships commanded by Toshiie catch up to them, but Asama purifies one ship and Hassan drives off the rest by scattering a cloud of ghost-purifying curry powder.
  141. Matsunaga's Shigisan appears before them and fires on them.
  143. Chapter 88:
  144. The Musashi manages to get past the Shigisan and Matsunaga lets them go, making his second act of rebellion against Nobunaga.
  145. He views them as an enemy that, after some time to grow, will make a powerful enough foe that Nobunaga defeating them will be enough to prove himself once and for all.
  147. Chapter 89:
  148. Matsunaga prevents Kuki's fleet from pursuing and self destructs the Shigisan to complete his history recreation.
  149. As the Musashi continues on to Mikawa, a P.A. Oda ship named Sunomata pursues them.
  150. An unexpectedly powerful ether surge while passing over the former location of New Nagoya Castle slows down the Musashi and allows the Sunomata to catch up.
  152. Chapter 90:
  153. Yoshitsune begins firing on the Sunomata to keep it out of her territory.
  154. Toshiie insists the Sunomata has a right to pursue the Musashi through Qing-Takeda territory because the Musashi interfered with M.H.R.R.'s history recreation of Magdeburg.
  156. Chapter 91:
  157. Masazumi interrupts and negotiates to have Toshiie leave but fails because Matthias has taken over as interim pope so Hashiba has the Testament Union under its full control.
  158. Toori joins the discussion and the discussion veers way off track.
  159. Masazumi's interruption ended up distracting Toshiie long enough that he failed to get permission to enter Qing-Takeda territory.
  160. Yoshitsune avoids issues with the Testament Union by hiring Toshiie as a mercenary to perform the Takeda side of the Battle of Mikatagahara which will then lead to Toshiie (as Oda) versus Takeda in the Battle of Nagashino.
  161. As they enter Qing-Takeda territory, the Sanada Braves aboard the Musashi sabotage it as they will join Hashiba once Takeda is destroyed.
  163. Chapter 92:
  164. As the Sanada Braves try to assassinate VIPs such as Yoshinao, the Musashi residents drive them off the ship.
  165. Musashi pulls away from the P.A. Oda ships to reach Edo and end the Battle of Mikatagahara.
  166. P.A. Oda begins the Battle of Nagashino and Yoshitsune transforms her giant floating city named Benkei into a giant humanoid figure to defeat them.
  167. The same thing that destroyed Itsukushima appears in the sky, so Yoshitsune contacts Musashi and tells them to head north and ally with Date and Sviet Rus.
  168. She also tells them to search out Amatsugoi Shinrei Academy, the first academy created by the emperor after mankind returned from space. She does not know if it is related to the Princess Disappearances, but it might be.
  169. She is attacked and her sign frame connection is cut off.
  170. As they wonder why she told them to head north rather than east to Edo, a dragon line reactor explodes above Edo Bay.
  171. The P.A. Oda ships for Mikatagahara are catching up and the Azuchi, a 7 kilometer ship made from six individual ships much like Musashi, unstealths in the sky.
  173. Chapter 93:
  174. Hideyoshi contacts the Musashi from the Azuchi and tells them to surrender or else they will continue the Battle of Mikatagahara and demand the death of Naruze as the history recreation of Naruse Masayoshi's death.
  175. Yoshiyori temporarily inherits the name Naruse Masayoshi and says he will face Hideyoshi and his fleet.
  177. Chapter 94:
  178. Yoshiyori transfers ownership of Yatsufusa to Yoshiyasu and tells her to transfer to Musashi.
  179. He reveals that Yoshiyasu's sister had asked him to kill her so she could take responsibility for her failure against P.A. Oda yet spare Satomi the disgrace of their leader committing suicide.
  180. He heads out in the god of war named Loyalty and singlehandedly battles the P.A. Oda fleet. He is killed and Loyalty is destroyed, but the god of war's dog fangs manage to bite into Hideyoshi's false arm.
  181. His death marks the end of Mikatagahara, so the P.A. Oda fleet leaves.
  182. The Musashi is surrounded by fog and discovers a hidden city to which the residents of Satomi and Edo had evacuated.
  183. The IZUMO port for the Musashi is there and Mishina Shouichi (Hiro's father) says they will repair the Musashi.
  185. Final Chapter:
  186. Suzu rushes to meet up with the others because she is worried about them.
  187. It turns out they are all fine and do not intend to give up.
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