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  1. Tim
  2. • Question about Treadmilling (F-Actin, +/-, etc.)
  3. • How to skip lag phase for F-Actin formation (add preformed F-Actin, or Arp2/3 complex + WASP/NWASP/VCA/ActA + Ligands (if WASP/NWASP) + capping protein + severing protein).
  4. • Non-oncogenic cycle of HPV
  5. • How HPV can be integrated without causing oncogenesis (disruption to E6 or E7; or no disruption to E2).
  7. Mark
  8. • 2 experiments to quantify Protein X using antibody (Treatment or FACS/fluorescent cell sorting or centrifugal elusion; followed by ELISA, or Western Blot, or relative quantitative MSMS).
  9. • Regulation of Protein X
  10. • ???
  12. David
  13. • Diagram/steps for insulin induced glucose uptake.
  14. • ½ page on machine learning.
  15. • Diagram/steps for regulation involving allosteric and post-translational modification (glycogen synthesis).
  17. Markus
  18. • IFN-I signalling diagram
  20. Theory of Practical
  21. Exp4
  22. • Plot [Ca2+] vs ATPase activity.
  23. • Which is the dependent (activity) vs independent variable ([Ca2+]?
  24. • Why do we use log axis?
  25. • Describe graph/parameters.
  27. Exp3
  28. • Mono- vs Polyclonal Abs
  29. • Design competition ELISA for IL6.
  30. • Some people have defective IL6, ELISA still showed presence, why? (Can be non-functional and still have an epitope that folds same way. Ab could be off-target.)
  31. • Redesign sandwich ELISA for IL6 (2nd anti-IL6-Biotin MAb).
  33. Exp2 (3972)
  34. • ???
  35. • Why do we use primary & secondary Abs, instead of just sticking the enzyme on the primary? (Cost – you don’t have to do a transgenic expression of the Ab-Enzyme fusion, just generate the Ab in the animal you have the secondary Ab for.)
  36. • Loaded various concentrations of NOS2 to see what should be used for standard, and loaded cell extract. Probed both with polyclonal Ab. Why does my figure look like shit?
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