Montagyu Watori

Apr 13th, 2020
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  1. Round 1 Results:
  2. Clear Time: 7 Minutes
  3. Shinobi Alerted: 12
  4. Shinobi Incapacitated: 0
  5. Shinobi Killed: 0
  6. >Score: 7
  7. Plan: Worked, but took a bit too long and got spotted on way out.
  9. Round 2:
  10. Numbers rolled in round 2 of the tournament:
  11. 16,5,17
  12. Struggled on Spider, moved North
  14. His name: Montagyu Watori
  16. His provenance: Kirigakure, land of water, Village in the mist - He's a delicate soul
  18. He is a simple ninja- a very simple ninja- who just want to make the world a better place by helping people as best he can, wherever he can (Believe It). She is an alien mind set concealed within his body, who also wants to make the world a better place, although she has more grand designs on what a better world should look like, and even an idea or two about how to bring it about. Both firmly despise evil and cruelty in all it’s forms. They have a mutual arrangement, where Montagyu serves as transport and secrecy for the otherwise sedentary, obvious giant plant monster, and Meari will mostly keep him safe and step in when things go really wrong.
  20. Montaguya has mastered kokujou- the black hair rope technique. He wields women’s hair as a powerful tool with great reach. Even without the use of ninjutsu, the kokujou can split solid rock. Montagyu uses these for defence and utility more so than offence though- and even when he does enter battle, he tries to use them to restrain and incapacitate his opponents non lethally. It is only against truly despicable foes that he utilise his kokujou to its most deadly effect, combining it with Chakra Flow, Shadow Shuriken, Lightning and even Vibration Release to devastating effect. Beyond restrining and harming opponents, Kokujou can be used swing around [not unlike spiderman] and to block and deflect attacks. The black rope can be concealed easily, and Montagyu can wield the strings almost perfectly using his legs and feet.
  22. Meari is quite mysterious, and reveals little of her origins. She won't even tell Montaguya how she came to be inside him. While she tries to remain outside of the detection of the shinobi, she is also very verbose and well spoken when she wants to be. Will sometimes inflict hallucinations as a means to communicate with people, where she usually appears as the classic caricature of an alraune. Her wood release technique is terrifyingly strong- it could easily wipe out a city, fell an army, slay other chakra beasts; however, doing so would likely lead to her discovery, branding as threat, and extermination at the hands of a shinobi kill squad, so she usually keeps things subtle. Despite her ability to inflict wide devastation with her elemental releases, she is actually somewhat vulnerable, and correspondingly she believes her sealing to actually be of benefit to her. Also she can snack on Montaguya's chakra, but that isn't so bad because he's got deep reserves.
  26. His Perks and Drawbacks:
  28. Deep Reserves- Lots of Chakra in case I need to feed my plant
  29. Bloodline Limit- Fancy Eye
  30. Gifted- He’s good with wires
  31. Skilled- He’s good at making his wires better
  32. Attractive- He’s beautiful
  33. Dullest Kunai- He simple, doesn’t express self well, bit childlike
  34. Distinct Look- He look Bishoujo
  35. Time Warp- My knowledge of Naruto canon comes from 3 hours reading the wiki and a few Warcraft III custom mods, so I lose little by taking this
  37. His Jutsu’s:
  39. Substitution
  40. Body Flicker
  41. Weapon Art + (Hair Garrote) – because we aren’t weeb enough yet
  42. Clone
  43. Medical Arts
  44. Shadow Shuriken+
  45. Chakra Flow+
  47. Elements:
  48. Wind and Lightning
  50. Kekkai Genkai:
  51. Vibration- Likely combos well with wire fu
  52. Byakugan- I think an eye is all but required, right? This one helps me fight in a thick forest, too
  54. Secret Special:
  55. Chakra Beast- Meari- I have a plant monster inside me
  62. With numbers:
  65. Montagyu Watori
  66. Pts Spent: 40 Pts Left: 0
  67. Homeland: Kirigakure (Chakra gains a boost when emotions are heightened)
  69. Perks and Drawbacks
  70. -5 Deep Reserves
  71. Bloodline Limit (Free Kekkai Genkai)
  72. Gifted (Free Jutsu Upgrade)
  73. Attractive (Free Companion)
  74. -12 Dullest Kunai (Simple, Childish)
  75. -3 Distinct Look (Looks Bishoujo [actually a guy])
  76. -8 Time Warp (Things not as they should be)
  77. Extra: Skilled (Free Advanced Jutsu Upgrade)
  79. Jutsus
  80. Gratis Substitution
  81. Gratis Body Flicker
  82. Gratis Weapon Art^ (Garotte Wire)
  83. Gratis Clone
  85. Elements
  86. Gratis Lightning
  87. 5 Wind
  89. Advanced Jutsu
  90. 4 Medical Arts
  91. 10 Shadow Shuriken +
  92. 4 Chakra Flow + (with free upgrade)
  94. Kekkai Genkai
  95. 10 Vibration
  96. Gratis Byakugan
  99. Secret Specials
  100. 35 Chakra Beast (Bound)
  103. Meari’s Build:
  105. Her Perks:
  106. Deep Reserves- I don’t have to feed my plant very often
  107. Bloodline Limit- She a plant monster with plant powers
  108. Genius- She’s smarter than me, I’m sure everything will work out fine if I just listen to her
  109. Charming- She’s really seductive
  110. Unbreakable Will- She’s a bit of a dom
  112. Her Jutsu’s
  113. Illusory Arts+ (Smell/Taste) -Her psychotropic Spores give quite the trip, also gives her a medium to seduce people with
  115. Her Kekkai:
  116. Wood Release+ -The greatest wood imaginable, created forests are extra virulent and tricksy
  117. Chakra Absorption- Originally a predatory plant, feeds upon other chakra beasts
  120. Meari (Chakra Beast)
  121. Pts Spent: 29 Pts Left: 1
  124. Perks and Drawbacks
  125. -5 Deep Reserves
  126. Bloodline Limit (Free Kekkai)
  127. -5 Unbreakable Will (Is Bossy)
  128. Genius (Free Jutsu Upgrade)
  129. Charming (Free Companion)
  131. Advanced Jutsu
  132. 4 Illusory Arts (Sweet Scents) + (Free Upgrade)
  135. Elements
  136. 5 Earth
  137. 5 Water
  139. Kekkai Genkai
  140. 25 Wood Release +
  141. gratis Chakra Absorption
  144. Missions:
  146. Believe It
  147. Co-Op
  148. Tread Lightly
  149. Shinobi Alliance
  150. Slice of Life
  152. My Waifu:
  153. Hotarubi Iga (Custom):
  155. Wind
  156. Clone
  157. Weapon Art (Sword)
  158. Hell Viewing+
  159. Body Flicker
  160. Butterfly Summoning +
  161. Snake Companionship +
  162. Illusory Arts (Voice) +
  163. Ketsuryugan
  165. Her Waifu:
  166. WIP
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