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  1. <br>
  2. <font color="#0AAE05c"> ========= <strong> LODIxyruss Private Server </strong> ========= </font><br>
  3. <br>
  4. <font color="#FF1018"> - No DDoS / Phishing </font><br>
  5. <font color="#FF1088"> - No Torrent / Spam </font><br>
  6. <font color="#A810FF"> - No Over-Downloading </font><br>
  7. <font color="#1800F3"> - Avoid Multilogin </font><br>
  8. <font color="#0EA5C3"> - No Proxy Abuse </font><br>
  9. <font color="#6DAF0B"> - 4:00AM Auto-Reboot </font><br>
  10. <font color="#2F4F4F"> - Bonveio's Autoscript </font><br>
  11. <font color="##00ff00"> - Visit us </font><br>
  12. <br>
  13. <font color="#ff5500"><strong>Note:</strong> This VPN provide internet connection beyond the limit of your load data promo. So enjoy enjoy lang, Just follow the rules.</font>
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