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Aug 25th, 2013
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  1. Sup guys, its that time of year again. As usual I post, you call bullshit, its all confirmed at blizzcon. So buckle up.
  3. World of Warcraft: The Dark Below
  4. >covers levels 90 to 100
  5. >The primary antagonist’s are Azshara and her naga, N’zoth and his faceless ones and the kvaldir clashing with the zandalari
  6. >No new character models planned at launch as they are getting sub race options which require more animation time
  7. >Zones will be connected to other locations in the game and can be accessed from above in their lore respective zones, however they can also be accessed by underground tunnels called the “Webway”, ancient aqir carved deep roads that act as deeprun tram style shortcuts to keep everything feeling connected.
  8. >Locations are split between underwater, underground and island based.
  9. >no new level of flying, climbing arachnid mounts for underground, some new aquatic mounts including a ship take their place.
  11. Zones:
  12. >lvl. 90-92 Azjol-Nerub, The New Kingdom: In the wake of wrath of the lich king the remaining nerubians not cursed to a life of undeath have thrived in a far less predatory environment and the hive city is once again alive with activity. However they have unearthed an artefact related to “The Final Titan” which has lead to the city nation coming under siege from Nzoth’s faceless army. They have sent envoys to both Alliance and Horde to come to the aid. The zone is an underground city complex based off the instances in wrath of the lich king
  14. >lvl. 90-92 Kul Tiras: The results of the end of the siege of Orgimmar have lead jaina on a journey of rediscovering what life and family means to her. Using the magical assets of dalaran she has relocated her home island nation just in time to discover the once peaceful port she called home is under siege by naga in unprecedented numbers. Jainas brother has located something called “The heart of neptulon” which both naga and for some reason the forsaken are seeking.
  15. CONT.
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  20. >lvl. 92-94 The Maelstrom: Thanks to the efforts of thrall and the earthen ring, aided by the begrudging earth mother Therazane to heal the wounds caused by Deathwings cataclysm, the once furiously churning Maelstrom has quieted. Both the explorers guild and the reliquary seek to explore the littered ring of uncharted islands around the former engine of chaos and destruction that has left a graveyard of half destroyed galleons littered around the islets that mark its outer edge. Who knows what long lost relics have come to rest on these shores?
  22. >lvl. 93-95 World’s Heart: At the centre of the aqir web way lies the centre of the colossal titan world engine. A massive installation known as the worlds heart. Once left to gather dust and lie forgotten it is now the focus of N’zoths second attempt to reorigionate the entire world in his own image. Fortunately the engine has been under the watch of an unexpected protector, Magni Bronzebeard the Diamond king of the Earthen has awoken ready to call heros to the halls below the Iron Forge to save the Worlds Heart from the old gods.
  23. >lvl. 94-96 Ruins of Tel’dranash: Deep below darkshore waits a labyrinthine maze of Kaldorei ruins. Spirits of long dead and long tormented Highborne roam these dead halls where the minions of the old gods seek both the origional moonwell “The tear of Elune” and to poison the roots of Teldrassil to fell the great treetop home of the Night Elves. Players are sent to explore the newly discovered entrance to the ruins in Remtravel’s Excavation by both Malfurion Stormrage and Warchief Lor’themar to stop the corruption of Kalimdors forests from the roots – and to make sure the other faction doesn’t obtain any possible long lost Highborne relics of power that may remain in the ruins.
  25. CONT.
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  29. 1291300948193.jpg (7 KB, 210x230) sounds exhentai google iqdb
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  32. >2013
  33. >WoW
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  38. Ded game
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  43. >lvl 95-97 Gishan Caverns: Taking the fight to the Naga a coalition of Goblins and Gnomes have, when not breaking out into fights over which is the better explosive the use, have excavated a series of caverns from one of the larger islands surrounding the maelstrom into deep volcanic caverns filled with giant creatures. Players will be cut off from their escape and discover why even the Naga fear to tread here.
  45. >lvl 96: The Drowned Reaches: This far below the sea even light may die. Heros that breach the danger of the Gishan Caverns find an undersea forest of dark coral, luminescent monsters and amidst the ancient Highborne temples and rotten sea vessels the unexpected reveal of the sunken ruins of Zandalar.
  46. Players will finally encounter the Prophet Zul, the avatar of Nzoth who is attempting to turn the imprisoned Zandalari that didn’t agree with his zealots into faceless ones for his masters army. A new faction “The Zandalar Court” are interacted with as The dethroned troll king Rastakhan pleads with the heros of both factions to defeat Zul and restore his people.
  48. >lvl 96-98: Nazjatar: Capital city of the Naga, seat of Queen Azshara, this ethereal city of lights at the bottom of the ocean has seen better days. The cataclysm rocked the world to its core, the ocean floor did not escape and nor did the city. Players have freed the Kraken from the nagas influence and in their frenzy are crushing the city beneath them.
  49. The naga appear to be on the retreat and the Alliance and Horde move in to end them. Never questioning just what they might be retreating to.
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  54. >lvl 97-99: Nya’lotha, The Dead City: Following the Naga into the rift leads players to a sight that would drive a weaker resolve mad. Neither truly organic or Architecture we see the form of an Old God released. N’zoth does not reside in Ny’alotha, he IS Ny’alotha. An endless city of Madness and Despair twisting and winding in impossible ways in every direction. Players must take down all of N’zoth’s Generals and the remaining Naga before entering the core of N’zoth at the center of the tormented land.
  56. >lvl 100: The Rift of Aln/The Nightmare: Neither part of Azeroth or the Emerald Dream proper, The Rift of Aln is N’zoths pathway into the dream. His attempts to rebuild the world to his liking have failed multiple times in Azeroth. In a last ditch effort he has pushed through the bonds that kept his nightmare echo contained now that the green flight has lost most of its power. If the heros of Azeroth cannot stop N’zoth then he will rewrite the dream and endless darkness will pour from the worlds Emerald portals and drown the lands in eternal shadow.
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  61. Dungeons:
  62. >Tomb of Sargeras
  63. >Bloodsail Cove
  64. >Mak’ara
  65. >The World Engine
  66. >Zandalar, The Drowned Treasury
  67. >Zandalar, Archive’s of History
  68. >Crypts of the Highborne
  69. >Heroic Blackfathom deeps
  70. >Heroic Azjol Nerub
  72. Raids:
  73. >The Abyssal Maw
  74. >Palace of the Consort
  75. >The Echoing Darkness
  77. Scenarios:
  78. >Whispering Woods
  79. >Faceless Invasion (Ironforge)
  80. >Naga Invasion (Silvermoon)
  81. >Too greedily and Too Deep
  82. >A Pirates Wedding Party
  83. >Horns of the Kval’dir
  84. >Blazing Shipyard
  85. >Infiltration
  86. >Tears of Elune
  87. >Battle for Gilneas
  88. >Battle for the Undercity
  90. Battlegrounds:
  91. >Defence of the Alehouse
  92. >Azshara crater
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  97. New system: PATH OF THE TITANS
  98. An account wide progression system where all characters on one account earn “Titanic Experience” that increases progression for all characters on the account in the new system. Sharing perks such as mounts at level 10 and +10% honour points in battlegrounds it allows players to enjoy the game on any character without feeling like they are being hindered too much by changing character.
  99. Milestones will also include cosmetic gear, rare cosmetic glyphs and booster packs for Blizzards Hearthstone digital CCG
  101. NO
  102. >new class
  103. >new races
  104. >models at launch
  105. >4th specs across the board
  107. That’s your lot, see you next time folks.
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