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  1. I have completed a degree in Computer Science from the University of Plymouth and have achieved a qualification of Upper Second-Class Honours. Throughout my time at University, I have needed to constantly and consistently use new technologies and have proven myself adept at integrating these new technologies into my work.
  2. One module in my University Education, my final year project, involved taking a new technology and solving a problem with it. I focused heavily on website development during this module, and so have a strong base of knowledge in utilising JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. In addition to the code, the module required use of professional project management skills. I implemented the Scrum methodology, as part of Agile project management. This involved regular meetings with a supervisor to discuss my work and creating End-of-Sprint reports, reviewing the status of my work every two weeks, analysing what went well, what could be improved and what the next stage of development was. Additionally, some areas of the PRINCE2 methodology were utilised. I received a mark of 71% for this module.
  3. Again, through my time at University, I have proven my ability to write and create reports and presentations to a very high standard. Several modules involved writing a report entailing the work completed, and my results for these reports have reflected the time, effort and skill invested.
  4. I am very analytical and critical of my work and will always test and review what I have produced, whether that be a report or code, ensuring that the result is functional and fits the requirement given. I am good at problem solving and decision making, as demonstrated throughout both education and my current place of employment. I also work well under pressure, managing my time well and prioritising my tasks.
  5. In addition to University, I am currently employed as a Front of House team member at a restaurant and bar. My role here means that I interact with customers frequently. This job has helped me develop several personal and interpersonal skills, such as working as a team, communicating with clients and working under pressure, and how to deal with any issues that may arise in a calm and professional manner.
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