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  1. Into: forced deepthroat, messy diapers, "aww... did someone just fill their diaper?", "do you know why you're being punished?", "good boy", "i shave my cock more than i shave my face..", "i'm sorry i'll be good i promise", "no, that diaper is not coming off", "the look" that tells you in no uncertain terms that you have crossed the line and earned a spanking, "trust me, you will be crying your eyes out long before this spanking is over.", 4chan, a brilliant mind, a creative player and imaginative lover., a collar, two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs and a smile, a good firm paddling on my bare bottom, a good spanking because he loves you, a lover, a best friend, a soul mate and a sub, a welcome home blow job after work, ab/dl weekends, abena x-plus adult diapers, aching for his beautiful hard cock., adult baby, adult baby clothes, adult baby/diaper lovers, age play, anal, anal sex, ankles & wrists bound while i'm in high chair, asking for permission to cum, asking permission to cum, ass play, baby bondage (cribs, playpens, seatbelts), baby bottles, baby clothes, baby magic baby lotion, baby play---> messing in your diaper, baby powder, baby powder and baby wipes, bad boys getting their asses paddled, ball gags, ball licking/sucking, bare bottom spanking, bare handed spanking, bdsm, begging, begging to let me suck your cock, begging to orgasm, begging you to cum while you're inside me, being a good boy with the bad boy inside, being a good little boy, being a snuggle bunny, being a total slut for someone worthy, being anal fucked till you cum, being appreciated & adored, being babied, being blindfolded and made to suck cock, being bound, gagged and blindfolded, being called baby, hon and other little names, being comforted by daddy, being cuddled after a spanking, being cute and adorable, being cute and innocent, being dragged kicking and screaming into something i liked but didn't know it yet, being expected to wear and use diapers, being fed, being forced into a diaper in front of others, being forced into diapers, being forced into nappies while being watched, being forced onto my knees for a blowjob, being forced to cum in a diaper, being forced to cum in messy diapers, being forced to cum while tied, being forced to give a blowjob while hogtied, being forced to poop in my diaper, being forced to suck cock, being fucked in the ass by a big cock, being groped and fondled, being held, being held down, being held until i fall asleep, being hugged by strong safe arms, being hugged when sad, being locked in a diaper, being made to beg for a hard ass pounding, being made to beg for his cock, being made to kneel and suck his cock, being more complex than an anonymous list of fetishes could show, causing people to have to actually converse with me, finding out if they like *me* and not just what gets me off., being patted on the diaper like a good boy, being pinned down, being pinned down while taking it up the ass, being played with until i can't make words, being praised for using my diaper, being pushed up against a wall in a passionate kiss, being put down for naps in crib or playpen, being put into diapers, being referred to as a little boy, being restrained so you can have your way with me, being scared of you..in a good way, being so turned-on that i beg for his cock, being spanked in a wet/ messy diaper, being spanked just because i'm cute, being taken care of, being tied spread eagle, being tied to my bed for a good spanking, being tied up and teased, being tied up spreadeagled to the bed, being told i'm a good boy, being told i'm cute, being-tied-to-the-bed-while-being-fucked-hard, belt spanking, big brother/little brother, blindfolds, blow jobs, bondage, bondage mittens, bondage mitts, bouncing on daddy's lap, bound and blindfolded while sucking his cock, bound and gagged for obedience training, bound with a huge butt plug and thick diapers, boy on boy action, boy/pup, boys kissing boys, bringing you to the edge of orgasm then stopping, butt plugs, butt plugs in public, camping to fuck outdoors, caressing, chains, changing diapers, changing messy diapers, changing my sweet boy's diaper, chastity, chastity devices, cocksucking, collared, cuffed & ball gagged while serving, collars, come here, daddy needs his cock sucked., comments and looks that make me blush, correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, crawling, crawling on the floor in a diaper and onesies, cuddles, cuddling, cuddling and conversation (until way too late), cuddling for cuddling's sake, cuddling naked, cuddling with benefits, curling up and being held, cute little boys in panties and stockings, daddy, daddy and son, daddy changing my diaper, daddy putting suppositories in my bottom, daddy/babyboy, daddy/boy and father/son dynamics, daddy/boy dynamics, deep kissing, deep throating, diaper, diaper bondage, diaper discipline, diaper enema bondage, diaper humiliation, diaper lover, diaper messing , diaper play, diaper punishment, diaper waddle, diapered and dominated, diapered, bound, gagged and blindfolded, diapers, diapers and ab outfits, dildos, discipline, edging, embarrassing and humiliating babying, embarrassment, enema punishment, enemas, eye contact while fucking, falling in love ... while in a diaper., feeling his hard cock against my ass, feeling you get hard while you're spanking me, filthy perverts who are also good people, fingering, fist mitts, footed pajamas, footed sleepers, forced apologising when being punished, forced bed time in a diaper, forced diaper wearing in public, forced diapering, forced enemas + diapers, forced gay male bondage, forced knee bounces + messy diapers, forced orgasms, forced to mess nappy while being watched, forced to sleep in crib, forced to wear diapers around daddy's friends, forced to wear noisy crinkly diapers, forcibly being put over a knee, foreplay that starts hours before sex, gagging/choked by cock, gags, gay bondage, gay male bondage, gay sex, geeks, gentleman in the street, bad boy in the sheets, genuine and deep submission, the heartfelt kind that comes from trust, respect, lust, and mental and emotional connection, genuinely caring about you as a person, getting pleasure from pleasing others, goodnites, hairbrush spanking, handcuffs, handjobs, having ab friends to play with (non sexual), having him hold me on the edge and not let me cum until he wants me to, having my diaper changed, having my hair played with, having my wrists held down, hearing "cum for daddy, baby.", held and bottle fed, home nudism, honest open communication, honest, drama-free people with integrity, humiliating diaper changes, humiliation, hurting little boys and making them squirm and having them beg to be fucked, i love to be fucked in my ass, infantilism, inflatable butt plug, innocent ab/dl play, intellectual discussions, intelligence, keeping him rock hard and leaking precum, kisses that make it all better, kissing, kissing intensely and hot tongue sucking, kneeling in front of him sucking his cock, leather, licking and sucking shaved balls, licking and sucking your cock and balls clean, licking daddy's cock clean after he cums, lips-so-close-to-your-ear-you-can-hear-and-feel-every-little-movement-and-you-want-to-cum, little boy briefs, locking gloves/mittens, looking innocent, looking up during a blowjob, loving daddy's cock in my ass, made to carry my own diaper bag, making good abdl friends!, making me wear a butt plug in public, making sexy, kinky home movies, masturbating in diapers, masturbating while giving oral sex, men's underwear, messing my diaper in someone's lap, messy diaper changes, messy diapers, milked while bound, mittens, moaning in pleasure as daddy slips inside me, mommy and daddy putting me in my diapers!, muzzle, naked cuddling, nipple clamps, nonsexual ageplay, onesies, oral sex, orgasm control, orgasm denial, otk spanking, pacifier gags, pacifiers, peeing into my lover's disposable diaper, plastic backed diapers, pooping my diaper, pooping my pampers while sucking daddy's cock, precum, precum lovers, put to bed with a thick diaper under my pjs, real spanking for bad behavior, rectal suppositories (as punishment), red heads, restraints, rimming, romance, rope bondage/suspension, rubbing and patting a diapered bottom, running around my room in a diaper and socks, self-bondage, sensation play, servicing daddy/mommy as i fill my diapers, sex-positive culture, shaved balls, shaved genitals, showering together, sitting around the house naked, sitting on daddy's lap, sleeping collared and tied to the bedposts, sleeping in a diaper, sleeping naked, sleeping naked with a toy in my ass, sleeping with a butt plug in my ass, sleeping with a paci and a stuffed animal, snuggles/sweet kisses/neck and ear play, snuggling, sodomy, spanked for masturbating, spanked while wearing butt plug, spanking, spreader bars, straightjackets, dips, and ball gags; oh my!, strap-ons, strong, confident submissives and slaves who know they are not worthless, unworthy, trash, worms, or any of that other stroke fodder nonsense, subspace, sucking cock in diapers, sucking cock while diapered, sucking cock while getting fucked in the ass, sucking cock while wearing a full diaper, sucking cocks blindfolded and bound, sucking cocks in a wet diaper, sucking my binkie cuddled in daddy's lap, sucking on a paci, sucking on my pacifier while daddy fucks me, super-thick night diapering, swallowing, talking dirty, teasing, teasing & denial, that 'scary" feeling before a spanking, the bulge of a hard cock through jeans, the marshmellow trick, the smell of leather, thick diapers, thick diapers under jeans in public, thrown face down on the floor and buttfucked, tie me up gag me & fuck me, tied and fucked, tied to the bed and forced to cum, toys, toys under clothing in public, training boys to suck cock, trying to kiss with a pacifier in my mouth, twink boys, using a cock as a pacifier, using a diaper for its intended use, using arousal to torture boys in chastity, using daddy's dick as my pacifier., using daddys cock like its a pacifier, using his cock as a pacifier, vibrating butt plugs, vibrators, waking daddy up by grinding my ass against his cock so he'll wake up and take what belongs to him, waking daddy up with slow sensual head, waking up to oral sex, waking up wet and messy in diapers, watching your partner's face as they come, wearing diapers, wet & messy diaper changes, wet and messy diapers, wetting, wetting my diapers, when i say "make me" and you do, wooden spoon spanking, writhing in his arms and struggling as he whispers everything he's going to do in my ear.
  3. Curious about: 24/7, adult baby lifestyle, adult cribs, adult high chairs, attending ab/dl ageplay munches, babied 24/7, bathroom use control, being axe murdered by internet strangers, being changed out of a wet diaper as i sleep, being emotionally owned and trained, being strapped to a medical table & examined, bring-them-to-the-edge-of-orgasm-but-don't-let-them-cum-for-a-while, cages, caging/confinement, candle wax, choking, cling film, cock and ball torture, cock milking, collar and lead/leash, cutting a hole in a diaper for easy fucking, daddy making decisions for me, diapers 24/7, dog tail butt plugs, e-stim, electro, electrotorture, face fucking, figging, fisting, foot torture, force feeding, forced feeding, forced multiple orgasms while in restraints, fucking you during a diaper change, having to ask permission to masturbate, hiking in diapers, houseboy, inflatable dildos, master/slave, mental bondage, mummification, obedience training, pierced nipples, post orgasm torture, prostate massage, prostate milking, puppy play, remote-control devices, restrained to a medical table or chair, role play, saran wrap bondage, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, sensory overstimulation, service-oriented submission, sexual slavery, smoking weed while wearing a diaper, spanking while getting a punishment enema, spit roasting, spoon feeding, straight jackets, straitjacket, strapped into a carseat like a baby, striped knee high socks, tens unit, threesomes, tickle torture, tickling, total sensory deprivation during sex, urethral sounds, verbal humiliation and degradation, wartenberg pinwheels, watersports, wearing a diaper on dates.
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