She Lives While I Sleep (Reptilian Female)

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  1. She Lives While I Sleep (Reptilian)
  2. Chapter 1: Do Doomers Dream of Sexy Reptilian Girls?
  4. Your name is John Nada, you used to be a lot more careless, happy & especially more blue pilled. You were the kind of guy who liked watching movies, playing video games, hanging out with friends, & having hobbies to keep yourself occupied while having nothing else to do.
  5. But ever since you took your college class in psychology & you did a paper on African-American psychology it brought you down a rabbit hole you couldn’t stop falling down in.
  6. After getting red pilled on black lives matter, you started getting red pilled on feminism, homosexuality & insane liberalism.
  8. As like most people who fall down the rabbit hole like you have you start to believe in things that you previously thought were crazy.
  10. For one you used to believe that global warming was real but once you know about how these politicians want to use global warming to push Agenda 21 policies in the countries that don’t even produce the largest amount of greenhouse emissions you start to question their motives for why they fear monger it so much. Cuck pods, eating bugs & banning cars is not the solution for that.
  12. The biggest red pill of all & that’s for anyone in your circles that you communicate with is the JQ. Once you started trying to red pill your normie friends on this they disowned you. You’ll show them Culture of Critique, Jewish involvement in Bolshevism, Jewish over-representation in positions of power, all of that, they shut their ears, mock you & walk off. 
  14. You used to think of yourself as a skeptical person. Know you don’t know what to believe in anymore. At least you don’t believe in aliens, ghosts & cryptids. Hell, you can be like David Ike & believe reptoids are controlling everything in a supposed “They Live” kind of world.
  16. Now you are just mindless looking at red pilling content, browsing /pol/, Telegram & talking on Discord with similar like-minded people. Talking with people who are depressed & black pilled like you.
  18. A better future is not on your horizon. All you see is clown world & a coming idiocracy. After all, g has been going down the shittier for the last century. Fuck James Flynn he is wrong & a biology denier. Charles Murray is right.
  20. Ever since you got out of that cult that you & your family got stuck in, you wanted to have a family. However, since you have been socially isolated from everyone who was not a fellow cult member, you have zero dating experience. Plus your weaponized autism doesn’t help you score points either. Also, your just a judgment /pol/ack who sees most women today as thots & roasties. You're disgusted with the amount of dumb women who rather fuck every chad they can find & rather slave for a corporate overlord rather than slaving for a family. You desperately crave a tradition woman who you can have a family with. Being a genetic dead-end is not one of your priorities.
  22. You go to bed after mindlessly consuming red pills & black pills. As usual, your restless legs are keeping you up. Once you go to sleep you have the weirdest dream. The whole dream sequence had the strangest sense of euphoria you haven’t experienced in a long time. You just see whiteness, then the whiteness turns to a beautiful orange sunset at the beach. You're just sitting there admiring the view. Then a green scaly hand grabs the right side of your shoulders, turning you around to the face of a green, yellow-eyed lizard girl. You know she's a she because of her decently sized tits. She got the typical swim gear you would see any woman a the beach, in the color of blood red. What's strange though is she got nicely ironed & long black hair of all things. You think she would be hairless being a reptile, but she got a full head of long hair.
  24. “Hey, cutie.” She says as she makes herself comfortable next to you & putting her arm over your neck in a very touchy-feely way. Oh, shes warmer than you would’ve expected. “You admiring the view?” You should be shocked, but you feel like you’ve known her from somewhere. In general, though, just any rando touching & holding you out of nowhere gives you the heebie-Jeebies, but you're to dumbfounded to speak.
  26. “Is this some sort of silent treatment or am I giving you the Heebie-Jeebies as you would put it?”
  28. Did she just read my thoughts? Of course, she did, she is part of your subconscious after all.
  30. “Yeah subconscious. Ha! Keep telling yourself that.” She says as she then begins to rub under your chin. “Am I just gonna just read your thoughts all night or we gonna do something in this dream?” Her tail starts curling around your groin area in a very seductive matter. “You want to introduce yourself to me or do I have to do it for you?”
  32. You take her hand off your face & hold it gently. “Your the most self-aware imaginary gal that only I could have ever possibly concocted. My name is John Nada. What is your name may I ask?”
  34. She surprise kisses you on the cheek. “The name is Anna, Cutie. It's nice to meet yah.”
  36. “Anna, can I get your last name too by any chance?”
  38. “It's not important cutie, you’ll freak as soon as you hear it.” You let go of her hand & start laughing.
  40. “What? Why would I freak out over a last name of all things?
  42. Anna looks a little nervous & stops getting all touchy. “Uh… Reasons John, reasons. I don’t want to wake you out of this dream too soon do I?”
  44. Suspicion crosses your mind with what she says, she probably is some nightmare in waiting at this point. She drops the nervousness & gets all cheery for you with a big smile on her face. With all of those teeth, you think you would find it menacing but it doesn’t. Anna lays down on her belly with her hands holding up her head & asks, “well John, won't you tell me about yourself?”
  46. “Can’t you just read my mind to find that out?”
  48. “It wouldn't be as personal if I did that, cutie. Besides, communication in a possible relationship can’t be a one-way street.”
  50. “What would you want to know first?”
  52. “Hmmm… How bout your childhood. Yes, let's start there.”
  54. You're caught off guard by that question. You are certain she already knows about your “great” childhood. Honestly, it was pretty uneventful childhood, but more uneventful because you & your families’ previous “faith” was being a Jehovah’s Witness. Holidays & friends who weren’t in the cult is what you missed out on as a kid & teens. What's most painful about being friends with someone who was not a witness was you pretty much have to dump them because they were supposedly “bad association”. This question usually doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable because you like to rag on those Jehovah NPC’s, but she is obviously asking a question she definitely already knows the answer to. You take & deep breath & answer the question.
  56. “My childhood is pretty boring honestly. I wasn’t normal & stuck out like a sore thumb because I was a Jehovah’s Witness for all of my youth. I didn’t celebrate holidays. I had no Christmases, no Halloweens & no birthdays. Not celebrating Halloween Honestly is the biggest holiday I really regret not celebrating in my youth. Hell! I have been celebrating my birthday when I left but, it feels so lonely with only my parents & my brother there to celebrate it with me.”
  58. Anna hugs you from behind. “I’m sorry you missed out on so much childhood activities John.” She says with sincerity. “I myself have had a similar unfortunate childhood, but in my case, its something you wouldn't truly understand. Similar parallels, but under more extreme circumstances.” She starts petting your head. “Maybe we can do something here to make up for what you missed?”
  60. “What do you have in mind?” 
  62. Anna comes in front of you to give you a french kiss, getting her tongue really in your mouth. You don’t know how to respond, you never kissed anyone in your life & you got being a JW to blame for that. You begin to move your tongue into her mouth as a counter to her tongue invading your orifice. She moves her tongue with more vigor & holds your head down with both hands so you don’t escape her kiss. You hold her sides in response. Her taste is nothing you would ever expect, it hits more dopamine receptors than drinking a bunch of sugary soft drinks would. She lets go of your head & pulls out her tongue slowly, leaving a string of saliva connecting both of your mouths. Her tongue licks the string of spit hang from your mouth & licks her maw with delight. Anna has even a bigger grin on her face than she did before. 
  64. “John, how about we have you a Halloween Birthday party?” She says as she holds you gently. “You spend a birthday & a Halloween with someone who likes you”. Anna’s nuzzling her face against yours.“& I mean, likes you a lot. We can both be in costumes, have cake & candy & having a lovely time. What do ya say, John?” 
  66. “Sounds like a great way to spend time in a dream Ann.” You say with a cheerful smile. 
  68. Right before your eyes, Halloween party accessories start appearing all around you. Tables of candy, cake & other deserts. A Jack-o-lantern pinata is hanging over a tilted palm tree & right in the center is an ice cream birthday cake with 25 candles on it. Anna comes up to you in a Meta Ridley costume, wings & all. Damn, that cosplay has a lot of LEDs in it. You are in a better version of the Gordon Freeman HEV suit that you have made at home. Your real suit looked great, but you wished it was made of plastic instead of EVA foam. 
  70. “So… What do ya think of my cosplay? You dig it?”
  72. “Fuck yeah I dig it, Ann. I always wanted to see someone cosplay as Ridley & since your a lizard person like him, you really play the role well.” 
  74. Anna Blushes, “thanks for the flattery. Your cosplay looks great too. So, Mr. Freeman, are we gonna see Half-Life 3 anytime soon?” She teasing you of course.
  76. “Well we got that new Half-Life Alyx VR game coming out soon, but I think it will fail because of how expensive VR can be & because you would require an entire room essentially to play it properly with the VR sensors included.”
  78. Anna starts laughing. “Oh, gawd you take things too literally. I know you don’t have to explain that to me. I’m only teasing you cutie.” She grabs your hand & walks you around your private imaginary party. “John, why do you like Halloween so much? I figure most people in your shoes would be envious of all of the kids who got a bunch of presents from their parents on Christmas day & would rather go back & make up all of the lost presents that they missed out on rather than getting candy & playing dress up.” 
  80.  “Well, I like to make things Ann. I had my first taste of making cosplay when me & my dad went to comic con in high school. I made a terminator mask where you see the robotic parts showing under the torn up skin. If I made it now it would probably look more professional than the one I made in high school. Besides, I like showing off my crafting skills.” You say with confidence. 
  82. “Would you have liked to have gone trick-or-treating with friends John?”
  84. “Yeah, & I would have loved to even have helped them with their cosplay too. Hell, I would have liked to have gone with a group with similarly themed cosplay. If you were real I would have made myself a Sylux costume so we could be from the same franchise.” 
  85. “John, why wouldn't you be Samus of all Metroid characters?”
  87.  “I don’t do Genderswap cosplay, that stuff is awkward for guys in my opinion. Girls play it off way better than men could. Also, the fact that you even know these games in the first place really convinces me that you are a product of my subconscious.”
  89. “Come on John, stop killing the mode. Just be in the moment.” Anna holds you with both arms now. 
  91. “Sorry, I’m just brutally honest. I say it how it is & besides, real girls hate that guy stuff anyway. I mean just read the psychological differences between men & women. Men are more thing-oriented & women are mor-” You get cut off again by Anna french kissing you again. After a few long secs of kissing she lets go. “Shut up cutie. I know yours dying to educate me on sex differences, but you just enjoy the moment.” She says lovingly. Anna comes in with a powerful hug. “What about if you had kids John. Would you go trick-or-treating with them? 
  93. “Ann, that would be the perfect excuse for me to go trick-or-treating as an adult & not have funny looks at me. I would make my little kid the best costume. I couldn’t stand to see him in a cheap-ass costume. I would never allow it.”
  95. “You really want a son?” She says with a smile. “What if you had a daughter? How would you feel about that?”
  97. You had to think about that for a minute when she said that. In general don’t know how to interact with a girl, let alone have dated one. A girl in your opinion is a greater challenge than a boy would & that’s because you don’t think you can replicate the same relationship you & your dad had with a daughter. As much as you had many friends over the years that you would call your best friends, they would eventually reject you & the only person you would have left that would be essentially your best friend would be your dad. It is really sad honestly in a pathetic way. Your dad is your best friend & that is a fact that probably won’t go away anytime soon. “A daughter, in my opinion, wouldn't mesh very well for me. I want a strong relationship that me & my dad had & I don’t think I can replicate that at all. I would want my daughter to be feminate & pure. I think I would just make her into a tomboy. Moms & daughters have the best chemistry when it comes to parent relationships than dad & daughters. Besides, raising a daughter is the ultimate form of cuckoldry. You raise her to be the perfect of ladies. Only for her to be ravaged by another man. That is the ultimate cuck.” (See this video for why & for lulz
  99. Anna is holding in a big laugh & then starts to break down in laughing in her hug. She calms herself down after a solid minute of laughing. The biggest shit-eating grin is on her face now. “What if the daughter ravages the perfect man she fines & make him her bitch. What would you say to that?”
  101. “Unlikely!” You say firmly & confidently. “Women want to be dominated by a man, it's never the other way around. Those women you see that are the dominate in bed are fake & gay or the rarest of the rarest exception to the rule.” 
  103. “Well how about this than John? What if you’ll just end up raising a son that is handsome, smart, artistic & masculine as yourself, but for only for him to be ravished by a beautiful girl like myself? Wouldn’t that be an ultimate cuck too, John?” She licks the side of your neck seductively & bites it a little, leaving a noticeable bite mark that is not bleeding. 
  105. You take her maw of your neck gently, walk out of her embrace & again say, “unlikely.” 
  107. She frowns at what you did. “Was I being a little too rough, John?” She asks with a little sadness in her eyes. 
  108. You feel bad now. She was trying to make you feel good & you pushed her away. She’s just teasing you & you took offense to her statement. “No Anna, your response was what got me annoyed there.” You come back to her to hug her, resting your head on her right side of her shoulders. “Sorry I pushed you away there.” You say sincerely. 
  110. She hugs you back with loving force. Then she pulls out a Bluetooth speaker. “What kind of music do you want? I want some spooky Halloween tunes. How about you?”
  112. You cringe at the thought of listening to Holiday-themed music. Your a metalhead & absolutely hate & I mean hate mainstream & pop music. Hell, you didn’t like music until you got a car & got some metal songs from your dad. Before that, you were subjugated to car rides with your younger brothers playing mainstream pop garbage. The repetitive & degenerate lyrics kill you ever time. But Halloween music to you is just normie tiered & bland. But, since your not the only one at this party, you want to compromise for the time she is giving to you here anyway.
  114. “Anna, how about you pick your Halloween tunes.”
  116. Anna looks a bit nervous again with what you just said.”Are you sure John, I want to make this party as special for you as possible? I don’t want to play anything that might make you cring-” She corrects herself because she's repeating what you are thinking. “NO! I meant, might annoy you? This is all for you, John. Let's pick what you want.”
  118. “Anna. You said you wanted the Trick-or-Treater music. You already have done so much for me here.” you give her a big hug. “Don’t just think that I’ll be resentful of you if I compromise with your music choices of all thinks. Weren’t you the one to tell me to lighten up before?” 
  120. “Okay, John I will. She takes a deep breath & exhales loudly. “I just want you to like me, John. I don’t want any bad vibes between us you know.” 
  122. “Don’t overthink this Ann. That’s my job & besides, your really convincing me that you're a figment of my imagination.”
  124. Anna rolls her eyes at you. “You won’t be saying that when we really meet in real life doofus.” She says with a heavy amount of annoyance in her voice. 
  126. Your eyes open wide now with what she said. “Wait in real life? What do yo-” 
  128. She cuts you off again with another kiss & you try to break away from the kiss. You break away & say, “Anna answer the qu-” She gets you in the kiss again, she is holding your head down with her right hand & firmly hold down your rear with her left hand so she can grind against you crotch in your passionate struggle. Her grinding against your crouch erects your morning wood & stops as your about to get aroused. She pulls out of the kiss.
  130. “I Don’t want to wake you up from a wet dream just yet cutie”& just as your about to ask the question again, she puts her hand over your mouth & says, “you’ll see me real soon cutie. Don’t stress out over what I say. Right now I just care about having a good first time with you & I think I’m making you enjoy yourself a lot as well. Your boner speaks for yourself, John.” Her tongue licks your neck as she holds you firmly against her breasts. “Am I wrong with my observations John?”
  132. “No my LED lit dragon lady, I think you know very well on how to have a good first time with me.” You say with a smile. 
  134. She's laughing,” Oh you & your wacky lines.” Anna puts the Bluetooth speaker down on a table & it starts playing the exorcist theme song. She drags you over to the birthday cake that is sitting in the middle of all of this.
  136. “What are you waiting for John? Blow out the candles or do you want me to sing you happy birthday for you first?” She’s now staring directly into your eyes. Those bright yellow eyes of hers are just begging you to let her sing. No! She wants to sing to you.
  138. “Ann, do you know how to sing?” 
  140. “Yep. It’s something I’ve always been gifted at since I was a little girl.”
  142. “How gifted are we talking?”
  144.  “Anette Olzon levels of gifted.”
  146. “Who’s that?” 
  148. “How do you listen to Nightwish & not know that she was the main vocalist for your favorite album Imaginaerum?” She says with a confused look.
  150. “I know the songs but I don’t care for the people. I personally am more into looking at the behind the scenes of video games, movies & shows. The only singer I ever looked into was Dave Mustaine from Megadeth & that’s only because he used to be a Jehovah’s Witness like me. Also, his Info Wars interview was entertaining.” 
  152. “Oh, well I can sing just as good as her & again, I want to sing you your birthday song.” She's holding your right hand firmly with both hands. “So, will you let me do the honors, John?” 
  154.  A grin is on your face because she genuinely yearns for you. You never felt this wanted by many people. It always felt casual. Most of the time you were the one looking for there attention & it feels good for a change to be the other way around, but you don’t want to treat the one who wants your attention so casually like your so-called friends that you used to associate with you want to make her feel wanted just like how she's making you feel wanted. To feel like you both have a sense of belonging. With approval you say, “yes Anna, let me hear you sing.”
  156.  Anna is ecstatic about your response. “YESSSSSS! John your gonna love this!” She pushes you into a big soft chair you don’t remember being behind you. “Take a seat cutie, its showtime!” The music stops on her Bluetooth speaker. Everything is silent. All you hear is the waves crashing on the beach. She takes a deep breath. Her Bluetooth speaker begins playing the generic happy birth song that everyone knows. 
  158. “Happy Birthday to you
  159. Happy Birthday to you
  160. Happy Birthday dear John
  161. Happy Birthday to you!” 
  163. The music stops, she runs up to you & gives you another kiss on the cheek. You are blown away by her voice. Anna got a gift alright. She speaks softly into your ear. “Now blow out the candles love.” She pulls you off the chair by your hand & brings you over to your cake. You take a deep breath & blow out all of the candles. The Halloween music resumes playing after all that. Anna gets a knife in preparation to cut the cake. “What part of the cake do you want?” 
  165. “I want the one on the edge there.” You point at the part you want. 
  167. She cuts you a decent size piece, puts it on a plate & hands it to you with a fork. “Sit back down John, enjoy yourself.”
  169. As soon as you sit down, a table is right in front of you with her sitting on the other side with her slice of cake. “Truly I am dreaming,” you say as you look at your cake & take a bite out of it. “Only my dreams would have ice cream cake that is made out of mint chocolate chip rather than just chocolate ice cream.” 
  171. With her left hand holding up her head & the other eating the cake, Anna is gazing into your eyes. Eyes filled with lust & want. “I know your very particular about your ice cream & I figured a cake in your favorite ice cream flavor would be favorable to my cute little goy-. No, I mean Huma-! No, I meant man. My cute little man. Yeah...” She's a little panicked & more nervous looking after she corrected herself, twice. 
  173. You are shocked by what you heard. “Did you just call me a goy as in like goyim or Shabbos goy?” 
  175. Anna looks even more nervous now. She then stress eats the entire cake in one bite, grabs her plate & proceeds to throw said plate like a high-velocity projectile behind her at the palm tree holding the pinata. The plate shatters into pieces. She slams her head on the table & is holding her head with both hands. You can hear a little sob. “Me & my bitch mouth!” She says in frustration. Anna pulls her head up with a plea in her eyes. “I didn’t mean that John. I was just teasing. Calling someone goyim is the new hip thingy pol lurkers these days are saying. Right?” She says with desperation & nervousness in her voice. 
  177. Wow, she took that hard. A little too hard honestly. Over the word goy of all things. You walk up to her & hold her. “It's just a retarded word, Ann. There's no need to break plates over it. Besides, I thought you were just teasing again. I never thought I would hear another girl smack talk me as if they browse pol on a daily basis as I do. I’m honestly shocked that you didn’t ask me what a cuck was when I used that word earlier.” You say to her to calm her down. You kiss her on the cheek this time. That cheers her up instantly & she has that nice smile on her face again. “Do you want to do something else now Ann?” 
  179. Anna gets up from the chair, grabs your hand & drags you over to the pumpkin pinata. She grabs one of the two sticks that are sticking out of the sand & hands it over to you. “Do you want to take the first swing cutie?”
  181. You take the stick out of her hand. “Sure.” You respond with. Taking a position near the pinata, you take a strong swing at the pinata as you would a baseball. A decently sized dent it on the pinata now. It looks like a less gory Glenn after he got whacked by Negan. Anna takes a swing at it. She gets the same area you got with the exception of ripping that part off the pinata in the process. Candy is leaking out of the pinata now. You go for the finishing blow, it rips open in two & all of the candy is spilling out of it like a deep flesh wound. Anna takes one last swing at it that causes it to fly off of the string it is being held on. The pumpkin Pinata is unrecognizable now. It's been reduced to shreds. 
  183. Anna jumps on the candy pile rolling & laughing as she does so. She pulls off the front of her cosplay’s chest plate revealing her bra covered boobs. Furthermore, she unwraps a nerds rope & starts suckling on one end of it seductively. Sharing right at you. Her hand reaches for the collar of your suit, causing you to fall face-first into her tits. After getting a face full of boobs, you mover your head up to see the nerds rope right between her boobs. You dig in to get the springy candy your mouth, kissing & suckling her boobs in the process. The nerds rope adds to her fine milker’s taste. They feel nice to lay my head between, like a warm soft water bed. As you eat your way through her breasts, Anna pulls your out of her tits & spaghetti slurps you towards her mouth. Binding both of you in another deep kiss. Your tongue fighting her over the last bit of the nerds rope in your intense kiss. She may have a bigger tongue, but you want to win this battle. Your right hand reaching into her bra, squeezing & fondling her left tit. Anna begins to moan loudly as you do so. Her tits begin to lactate a little after your stimulation. The breast stimulation is too much for her & she loses her tongue of war battle over the nerds rope. Victory is sweet. “You little cheater!” She yells at you teasingly. 
  184. She rolls over with you in her grasps. Now shes on top of you with her breasts fully exposed, leaking lactation & are pressed against your face, smothering you. The smell is amazing, smells like peaches & cream. “I’m restraining you. You cute little cheater.” She says tauntingly. Anna unwraps another string candy. This times it a sweet-tarts rope. She puts the rope in your mouth like a straw & holds down both of your hands. “Its time for a rematch, cutie. Loser has to pleasure the winner & John I promise you, you're not gonna win this. I am!” She yells in anticipation. Her eyes are filled with lust & hunger. They are even more predatory than before. Her tongue licks her maw. Making a loud slurp with saliva dripping from her mouth. She plays snaps at you & her teeth make a clack. Then she begins to bite down on the sweet-tarts rope, biting & chewing her way to your lips. She again locks her mouth with your lips. This time the tongue match is overpowering. Her massive tongue goes deep into your throat, making you choke on her fat tongue. She also manages to scoop up the sweet-tart rope that was going down your esophagus when you were having your second tongue of war battle with her. You have to gasp out for air. Which causes you to break out of your love bind with her. She gulps the sweet-tart rope loudly down her throat & slurps & licks maw again in her victory. Having the cockiest look on her face. “I win you cutie cheater booby eater!” She yells. 
  186. A squirt of milk from her tits gets in your mouth as you are still gasping for air. The nipple of her right breast is slammed into your mouth by her. “Cutie cheater gotta suck & suckle my booby!” Yelling at you with pleasure on her face as she squeezes some more lactate into your mouth from her right tit. Her tail is also wrapped around your legs, binding her to you. No escape, just her domination. Anna’s lizard milk tastes like peaches & cream. They taste as they smell. This is far sweeter than the nerds rope or the sweet-tart rope you were tonguing over her with earlier. As you enjoy your refresher, Anna is raining her milk for her other milker on to your face. You are covered in her peach & cream smell & flavor. This is pure ecstasy. You can’t get enough. She pulls her succulent milker away from your mouth & licks of the rest of her peach & creamy goodness off your face. “Looks like the cutie baby enjoyed his milky too much & got messy.” She says to you in baby talk. She pinches the right side of your face like how a mother may play pinch her baby's cheeks. 
  188. Another crocodile death roll is performed by her, with you being back on top of her. Anna pushes you on your ass. Then rips off her cosplay plating on her crotch & tears off her panties, revealing her sweet cherry snatch. She opens her legs nice & wide for you. Then proceeds to wrap her tail around your neck to hold you down. “Nope, not yet cheat, you still have to pleasure the victor.” She says scolding you. The teasing is too much, you got the biggest hard on you ever had. You just want to fuck her already. Anna grabs packs of fun dip, pop rocks, Hersey’s kisses, M&M’s & Reese’s Pieces, giving you a smile & a slurp of her maw. She spreads her cunt nice & wide with her left hand. Then pours the packs of fun dip & pop rocks into her baby maker. The pop rocks start crackling when they are poured in her pleasure hole. “Oh! My fun dip is gonna be a delicious one!” She says with sexual intoxication. She takes a quick seductive lick at her pussy & pours the M&Ms & Reese’s pieces in next. Her vagina churns & moves the candy deeper in her hole. Unwrapping the Hersey’s kisses she puts them in her fun dip & stirs her soup with the fun dip sugar stick. She takes a deep dip in her fun dip & takes a nice long slurp of the sugar stick. “My fun dip is ready cutie. Now to add the final touch.” She grabs a can of whip cream & sprays it into her cunt, making it a literal cream pie & she even puts a cherry on top of it too. “John, Oh! I should have made this your birthday cake. Here’s your birthday present.” She says as she opens her fun dip cream pie even more for you to see. “Happy birthday John! Now, eat out my fun dip cutie!” She says salivating with her tongue sticking out sexually. 
  190.  Her tails drags you face-first into her fun dip cream pie. You get a good taste of that cherry & whip cream first. Both of Anna’s hands lock you down on her fun dipped cream pie while her tail snakes its way around your body & pants, touching your balls & cock. You thought her peach & cream tits & milk tasted great, this homemade fun dip is giving you one hell of a sugar rush. It tastes like creamy powdered sugar, with peanut buttery chocolaty goodness. While licking, suckling & tasting your way through Anna’s fun dip, your mouth is eagerly looking for her clitoris. Once you find your target, you play-bite it & suck it good. This gets a heavy moan out of Anna, causing her to start convulsing on her back with her mouth gaping in pleasure, making sure to not let her go until she’s cums. Now, you get your tongue deep, poking & probing into her cervix. “AHHHH I’M GONNAAA CUMMM!” She roars out. Her cum rocket projectiles into your mouth with the rest of the fun dip that she concocted in her fun cooker. Hands pull you up to her tits. She holds your mouth closed. “Swallow your gift cutie. It would be very rude to reject a gift from a lovely reptilian girl.” She says teasingly. Anna rubs your throat with one hand as you swallow & holds down your mouth with the other. “How did it taste?” She asks curiously.
  192.  The taste lingers in the back of your through. You think about how to respond to that question. “Well… The cream pie part of it is a ten out of ten with a cherry on top & the tasty fun dip gave me a sugar rush I didn’t think was possible.” You say as you lick your lips in imitation of Anna. 
  194. “How about the finishing orgasm punch at the end of it? How did that taste?” She says as she boops you with her snout. 
  196. “Far tastier than the peach & cream packed in those milkers. It has the kick of sugared cocaine & the taste of nectar & ambrosia.” You say with a sly smile & eyebrows raised. 
  198. Big fat lizard tongue invades your mouth again, following lizard mouth locking in with your mouth. The two of you passionately make out for a solid five minutes like that until she releases the mouth lock with a slimy saliva finish. She licks your face & embraces you in a big tight hug with her breasts pressing right against your chest. “OH BOY! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU FOR REAL!” She yells excitedly. “I’m gonna do some many naughty things to you.” She whispers in your ear. 
  200. “& I’ll return that naughty behave to you as well love.” You say as you bury your head in Anna’s shoulders while she does the same to you. 
  202. Both of you are holding & cuddling each other with Anna’s cunnilingus after bliss. Her hand gently strokes your hair as you hugging her & listening to the ocean. “Hey John, I need to wash off this sweat & sugar off of me. Can I get up?” She asks you. 
  204. “Yeah, sure Ann.” You say as you get up to sit a few inches away from her in the sand.
  207. Anna gets up & stretches out. She starts by taking off the rest of her cosplay body armor off. The backplate, stomach plating & LED light wings fall straight to the ground revealing her bar back & frontal. Next, she pulls off her head plate & her arm plating. Balancing herself with her tail, she lifts one leg at a time to remover her leg armor, making sure you see her full lewd unveil. Lastly, with her ass pointing in your proximity, she lifts her tail, showing off her vagina & asshole to you with her legs spread out as she pulls off her tail armor. Your solid marble pill is putting a bump on your cosplay groin piece & shes well aware of it. Walking with her tail up & still showing her personals to you, she walks skimpily towards the water. As she is walking through the water, she stops as soon as the water reaches her navel, dunks her head in the water & pulls it back out with her black wet hair spray water behind her. “Come on in Cutie, the waters great.” She says as she gives you a smile & waves you over. 
  209. You remove your armor in anticipation & begin throwing it wildly to get it off as quick as you can. Once fully nude with your noticeable diamond, rock hard erection, you run into the water into a sprint & jump into the water to splash Anna on impact. You pop out of the water right behind Anna & sat, “shark Attack!” Bear hugging her from the back & play biting at her neck. She's laughing hysterically at your jaws shenanigans & moving around in the water to get you off. 
  211. “Help! A cute sharky is eating me! HELP!” She yells out playfully. Anna jumps into the water backwards with you still on her to get you off her back. Downing you in water did the trick & she pulls you back up with you in her bear hug. “AH! I got ya now you cute sharky. Time for my nuzzle attack!” Anna yells as she vigorously nuzzles your face in retaliation to your shark attack. After her vigorous nuzzling, she licks your face & neck. “Look how dirty your face got, let me help clean you up.” She gets a sponge out of nowhere & starts rubbing your face gently. “Nice & clean.” She says. 
  212. As she comes with her hands, holding you in her embrace, you get nice & close to her making sure your still hard erection pokes at her nether region to evoke a reaction from her. This makes her eyes lit up & bringing a huge scheming grin on her face. “DO IT! TAKE CHARGE! FUCK ME JOHN!” She roars firmly. 
  214. Grabbing her in another bear hug with her tits pressed against your chest, you position your phallus into her vagina & slam in with a powerful thrust. This gets a meep noise out of Anna & crossed eyes. She holds you tight & wraps her tail around your leg in response. You try to pull out your dick to slam into her again, but her pussy vise locked your cock to her pelvis, giving your cock pulling & churning contractions. Thrusting again makes her vise lock feel tighter & better on your cock. Her cunt is pulling your cock deeper into her. Pumping more into her makes her mouth begin to water & moan loudly. She moves her hips side to side to get your dick to touch all of her vaginal walls. As your battering ram is breaking through to her cervix, you decide to get some of her peach & cream refresher from her left milker. Right as your enjoying your milker fresher & pumping her full of love, she says, “AH! love give me some of my milky too.” You break your milker sucking, making sure you got a mouth full of her milker peaches & cream & lock mouths, sharing her milk with her in your deep sexual kiss. While your passionate milk sharing kiss is occurring, your door breaching cock & broke through her cervix. Anna breaks out of your kiss & gasps. “John I’m close!” 
  216. “Me too love, hold up a little longer.” You say grimacing.
  218. Anna bites down on the shoulder to hold off her orgasm & you do the same in imitation of her & hopes of holding off your orgasm too. Balls deep into her & past her cervix, her cervix clamps hard on the end of your dick causing high vibrational contractions all-around your dick, feeling like her pussy is pulling your cock in deeper. “I’M CUMMING!” She yells as her contractions get more intense & her wetness gets maxed to one hundred, pulling your dick deeper, slathering your balls with her cum while your balls feel like they will get pulled in by her hungry vagina next. One last powerful thrust, you swear your cock poked at her womb, you yell out as your cock volcano erupts into her, filling up her baby maker, leaking out of her vagina & onto your balls. The ejaculate keeps coming out as her vaginal & cervix constrictions keep milking more semen out of your balls. You drink more from her milkers as your ejaculate keeps getting pumped into her. Anna breaks you away from your tit suckling & wants more attention for her mouth. The both of you get into another deep face sucking as her cunt drains the last of your seed into her womb. Once the last of your seed is suck out, you feel immediately paralyzed with tiredness. Falling back first into the water, floating on your back with your dick still piercing her womb. It pops out with a loud pluck noise & is now flaccid. As you are floating in the water, everything is turning to whiteness. Anna walls over to you looking down at you with a big smile on her face. 
  220.  “Well, John would you look at the time. It is almost time for you to get up. What a perfect way for you to wake from your wet dream. I can’t wait to fuck you for real. Get up cutie. I will see you soon.” She says lovingly to you as she blows you a kiss goodbye before the whiteness fades to darkness. 
  222. You jump right out of bed & grab your phone to see what time it is. Its ten minutes til 9:50 am, ten minutes before your alarm was supposed to wake you. Crawling out of your bed, you feel like a million bucks & not as tired as you normally feel when getting up for work. & most unusual of all you feel really happy & excited to go to work. You open the door & walk to the bathroom to take a shower.
  224. To be continued in chapter 2: Office Space
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