Apr 23rd, 2019
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  1. module #parameter(rowSize = 1280) frame(
  2.     input wire [31:0] baseAddr // address of the 0 line of 0 frame
  3.     input wire [15:0] stride   // distance between lines in bytes
  4.     input wire [15:0] rowR, input wire [7:0] frameR,
  5.     input wire [15:0] rowW, input wire [7:0] frameW,
  6.     input wire reqRead, // request line number rowR from frameR
  7.     output wire readTran // currently active reading. In this time all requests will ignored
  8.     output wire readValid // valid signal of the current pixel. During reading pixels will moved one byt one from 0 to 1279
  9.     output reg dataR [23:0], // current pixel value
  10.     output wire doneRead, // asserts to 1 when last pixels was readed
  11.     input wire reqW,
  12.     input wire validW,
  13.     input wire dataW [23:0]
  14.     input wire doneW,
  15.     output wire writeTran,
  16. );
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