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  4. me:
  5. Maya's strength is beyond everyone's imagination
  6. she can use all  persona  like  Minato,and  she can use persona  outside dark hour
  7. (in developers books , SEES  only  can use  persona in  dark hour)
  8. So the Kirijo group would judge her as a danger,
  9. and ikutsuki will notice her special, want to get her as a secret weapon
  11. and minato will try contacting maya again.
  12. but I think he has to choose between Maya and SEES & Kirijo Group
  13. Because if the group loses its vitality because of the scandal,
  14. it can't support SEES activities. and SEES  can't protect the world
  15. Eventually, Minato chose to help SEES & Kirijo Group To capture  Maya.
  18. Kirijo  group will kill Maya (in fact, in the developers  CD dorama  group even wants to kill SEES to destroy the evidence)
  19. So, SEES children face two choices ,kill Maya ( like  kill  Strega  boys )
  20. or  train Maya, or at least it seems, to let the group know that she has obeyed. So she's no longer a threat.
  21. I don't think Minato's willing to do this, but he has no choice.
  22. So he'll train Maya to keep her alive.
  24. Of course, Maya's  friends will try to save her.
  25. But as Maya  was taken hostage, her friends' actions were limited.
  29. about Maya and  P3 characters,I can draw some thing about friendship.
  30. just  like on the web, there are a lot of painting  about  1~5 characters do  happily  parties
  32. But Because  P2 characters never showed up  in  P3game  , P3 game users couldn't see them with P3 characters in friendship.
  33. so I feel like these are fake, unless I see them in the game
  34. Of course, I hope this day will be come
  38. friend:
  39. i think that your explanation is an interesting interpretation of the story.  you've put a lot of effort into making the comic, which is admirable. comics seem hard to make. i never thought to explain the disappearance of the p2 cast. i've just said "the writers of persona 3 have allowed for too many confusing holes in the game's plot" and i ignore the inconsistencies. but, in regards to your explanation, after the p3 group realizes that ikutsuki betrayed them, wouldn't it make sense for them to release maya?
  42. me:
  43. ----------Yes, I have thought about it.
  44. But when I think about all the factors, My conclusion is that they didn't release her because it was in their interest to keep her locked up. I'll explain why in later
  46. if her clothes were on, i think it would be more acceptable.
  47. --------as for clothes, I think is Maya  lives in clothes , only takes her clothes when she is  be training (in an dark  hour).
  48. This is because nudity can make Maya feel stressed and be controlled
  49. and She is older than the P3 children, so if it is a normal meeting, the P3 children will feel the psychological pressure.
  50. But when the P3 children  saw Maya was naked ,Not like an ordinary  adult ,she was  not  like a adult  in psychologically
  51. Especially when P3 girls train Maya, taking away her clothes makes P3 girls feel like they have a psychological advantage
  53. and on information from the network,The clothes a person often wears (for example, a uniform) becomes part of her identity.
  54. So when she lost it ,Her self-identity is also affected and weakened
  56. Put a collar on Maya, take away her clothes, treat her like an animal, all to make maya mentally weak
  57. These are ikutsuki's plans, because he wants her, but he doesn't have PERSONA ability,
  58. So he used his P3 children to train Maya
  63. ①Only SEES have the persona ability to capture Maya in P3 world
  64. I think it involves something dark in the P3 kids's character.
  65. Most of the time, they don't trust adults (Maya is a adults) and it's easy to get angry (if you played P3F"aigis", they can even cause a civil war because of mutual distrust.)
  67. actually,P3MC always makes me feel a little scared, Sometimes he is quiet and harmless, and sometimes he is
  68. https://s25.postimg.org/w79e2mfb3/p3_MC.jpg  (I think it's because the death in him affects his mood) It's a bit like psychopathy.
  69. He can  be a man of high sexual desire having sex with a lot of girl
  70. *People will say, this is because the player wants it ,But I  thnik "he having sex with a lot of girl"It's a fait accompli in  game program .Players can't make  game program ,only play  game program .
  73. ②about Streg
  74. SEES kids do protect the world, but their activities need support from the Kirijo group.
  75. So if they think  Maya's report will cause trouble for the group's operations, they will see her as an enemy like  see Streg( this three people):
  77. Although Streg were not innocent, they killed some people,But they are the victims of the Kirijo group, From a moral point of view, Mitsuru  should apologize to them (and other victims like them) and compensate him.
  78. But she didn't .and  SEES  killed the two Streg boys of them and  capture the Streg girl(Chidori).
  79. So I think the same thing would happen to Maya.
  81. They are softer on Chidori than the two boys ,because Chidori and Junpei were already lovers (before they caught Chidori) .if Chidori and Junpei not lovers,What's going to happen? maya not lovers with anybody in SEES, so Maya's fate could only Or be killed  like  Streg boys  Or be imprisoned like  Streg girl.
  84. ③about P4U,P4U2(P4U is after a few years of P3)
  85. Mitsuru  built a private army and worked with the police.and, for the group's secret(Shadow experiment, dark  hour,Human trials ,Robot soldier ), she continues to keep secrets, does not publicly confidentially, and does not apologize to the victims.
  86. Her argument is that :"Because we protect people from  shadows"
  88. So, actually, I feel weird about the morality of this game. the developers admit  Kirijo group is the origin of all evil in the P3 world, But they stand on Mitsuru side and defend her by designing the victim as evil,
  93. ④Maya disappeared in the ATLUS P3~P5 history
  94. If Maya chooses to work with SEES and help Kirijo group(Even if not directly involved in the fight, she can use her experience to guide SEES as a support staff to help them fight
  95. )We'll see her in P4U.But we didn't.
  96. That means Maya has not compromised ,not make a deal for exchange  freedom. means she's still in captivity
  97. maybe there are some other p2characters with Maya and lost freedom too.
  99. So, I tried to give myself some other explanations. But I can only draw this conclusion-------I  think Hasino   don't like P2Characters.
  100. so if Hasino wants to exclude P2Characters from his persona world, he's going to design  some characters  have some ideological opposition to P2Characters
  101. For example:in P2is,  P2cast have sacrificed their memories for reset the past in order to change their tragic future. in P3F"Aigis",P3cast(except Yukari)Strong opposition to change the past Even civil war. and in the end they did not change the past. the story is "can't change the past whatever the reason".
  103. and ,According the developers data , P2is→change the past→P2ep→P3. so if P3 kids(except Yukari)knew that P2cast had interfered in their world's past,they must be so angry and  attack P2cast like the civil war.
  104. in P2ep,kids(Tatsuya) and adults learn from each other to understand each other, adults help Tatsuya to do what they want to do, and Tatsuya believe  adults  and  want  be  a   adult.
  105. I think this is a perfect story of a  person growing up from a kids to an adult.
  106.  I made a picture to explain this(excuse my terrible English)
  108. in P5,adults are evil, or kind but incompetent. Sae was a cop like Katsuya, but she could only request the P5MC for help, Can't help the P5MC like Katsuya。
  109. Sae have not PERSONA ability .But that's because the director Hasino believes that only kids can use PERSONA ability
  110. So you can see that their minds are always in opposition .
  113. ⑤for the Hasino's persona world, adult characters can use persona abilities is an incongruous thing must be excluded.
  114. and in Hasino persona world  ,adult women all are weak only be a sexual objects of the kids(you can see the Social link about adult women in  P3~5)
  115. ----------------
  116. ①~⑤is  why I  thnik after the p3 group realizes that ikutsuki betrayed them, They don't release maya .
  118. So my conclusion is :
  119. If Kirijo group don't kill maya, Because she has a special PERSONA ability like P3MC and she can use it at any time. she Is a very valuable research object.
  120. If P3MC don't kill maya like kill Streg boys, Because P3MC  Want maya to be a sexual objects for him like the adult women in  P3~5.
  122. Most importantly, I  think the director Hasino didn't want them to release Maya. Because in Hasino's persona world ,Not allowing a  good  adult people have  persona abilities  and  lead the kids against evil, adults can only be evil, powerless, if she is beautiful  she only can be a child's sexual object  for kids .just  like  older woman  in  P3~5.
  126. friend:
  127. at first i was skeptical about your theory. but with your emphasis on hasino's opinions and writing, i think it makes a lot of sense. if he was writing and deciding what to do, i can definitely see your theory being true. this whole time, i was thinking of it from a different angle, which is why i had a hard time imagining it.  
  130. about P3 male MC because it's the player who makes his personality i guess. but if the player makes him a playboy, maybe that would work..
  132. The stuff about p3 cast and kirijo group is pretty comprehensive to me, and yeah the scenario after p2 with Hashino directing he does some wrong character portraiting
  134. about your theory i think it's still great, i never thought about making links with the future cast after P2 with Maya and it sounds quite convincing you know. but...(it's just my opinion) you can always draw NSFW without having a reasonable theory, if you want to
  135. but having a reasonable theory makes it better than having random sex with characters not canonly related to each other, with sudden reasons like "what i drank aphrodisiac let's do it" XD
  138. me:
  139. Yes, that's why I want to have a reasonable excuse. So I asked for your opinion.
  140. And, sometimes, a reasonable story is more interesting than pornography itself, I think
  142. I think if P3 fans saw P3 cast having sex with Maya
  143. They will wonder, "who is she? Why did she fight them?"
  144. And then I can tell them, "this is Maya, she's fighting the Kirijo group because she's got this personality in  persona2."
  145. Then they will know her
  147. If I say, "this is Maya, she's fighting the group because …there is no reason ."
  148. What would they think
  150. friend:
  151. actually "this is Maya and she's having brutal time with P3 cast because there is no reason" could also work
  152.  yea that's why i cringe when i see an NSFW doujunshi with unreasonable content haha
  153. when i see those kind of stuff(the doujinshi with sudden NSFW) i just think about that the author just wanted to see them doing that..no more thoughts other than that.
  155. i mean i cringe when i see doujinshi with unreasonable content,you have a theory based on your story, so i'm not cringing with that xD
  157. oh by the way though, if you do introduce Maya in your comic i think you should point out she is not an OC(original character you made) just....in case..someone doesn't know her..
  161. me:
  162. and , Hasino  said it in the interview "When I played P3  game, I finished girls Social link all ,It's just a game!" So we can see, what does he think of P3 MC
  163. don't want my views to be  you unpleasant In fact, he was right about one thing  "It's just a game "
  164. If Maya is real human, this is a terrible event But she is a game character
  168. friend:
  169. I'm at least happy like to see Maya collaborated with one of the most popular series of Persona. most Persona fans don't know much about P1~P2 so i'm into this. AND making them love Maya YES it's definately a good thing
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