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Jun 15th, 2019
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  1. [2:55][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: i think once i get every class to 50 i might unlock stormblood
  2. [2:55][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: All the relic stuff is just for looks.
  3. [2:55][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: .....
  4. [2:55][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: lol
  5. [2:55][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: no
  6. [2:55][NEULINGE]Azure Skye: you don't unlock stormblood
  7. [2:55][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: unless you mean you're level 60 in one class already
  8. [2:55][NEULINGE]Azure Skye: until you've completed the heavensward story
  9. [2:55][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: and you're just gonna hold off on doing the MSQ
  10. [2:55][NEULINGE]Elina Thorne: well technically the 405 relic weapon is the best weapon in the game if you roll the right stats on it, but it is entirely rng if you do or not
  11. [2:56][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: for the next 2 weeks
  12. [2:56][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: ive said multiple times in here i have a level 65 paladin...theres no way id be at the end of the hw msq if i didnt have a level 60+
  13. [2:56][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: really?
  14. [2:56][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: not in the past conversation at least
  15. [2:56][NEULINGE]Elina Thorne: even past you will be using that 405 weapon till level 76 or so
  16. [2:56][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: All I know is you're a sprout so y'know.
  17. [2:56][NEULINGE]Azure Skye: as a general rule for eureka weapons
  18. [2:57][NEULINGE]Azure Skye: if you get 800 total substats on it, it's BiS regardless of stat spread
  19. [2:57][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: basically i just have to speak to an npc thats got a green tick and that will send me to stormblood pretty much
  20. [2:57][NEULINGE]Elina Thorne: but you need to be level 70 to access eureka
  21. [2:57][NEULINGE]Elina Thorne: and then the grind begins, i doubt you will be able to finish it in 2 weeks :)
  22. [2:57][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: once i get smn to 60 though and kit it with shire i may just start it
  23. [2:58][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: i had a plan to get all classes to 50 first tho
  24. [2:58][NEULINGE]Alexander Armstrong: But why
  25. [2:59][NEULINGE]Elina Thorne: just remember that you'll need to finish all the patches MSQ at 70 as well before you can start the shadowbringers quest in 2 weeks
  26. [2:59][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: variety, and i like to see how each class differs etc. having all classes able to do all the dailies at 50 along with squadrons etc. and most of all...because i want to without a reason
  27. [3:00][NEULINGE]Elina Thorne: but if you're not in a rush thats fine, you can do it at whatever pace you like
  28. [3:00][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: thats why i levelled all crafters to 30 because i liked being able to repair all my own gear for the classes at 30
  29. [3:01][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: and i can craft stuff that id be buying on mb too
  30. [3:01][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: Well, you're nothing if not going about it in a unique manner!
  31. [3:01][NEULINGE]Elina Thorne: yeah its lovely when you can repair your own gear, for level 70 gear you need the crafters at level 60 to repair
  32. [3:01][NEULINGE]Love You: you see thats the nice thing about games like this.. evryone can play the game as he pleases ^^
  33. [3:01][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: games are meant to be played, they dont usually tell you how to play them :P
  34. [3:01][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: you have rules, sure, but the actual game you explore yourself
  35. [3:02][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: just know that if you arent going to skip cutscenes there's probably like 40-50 hours of content lv60-70 in stormblood probably more
  36. [3:02][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: in the MSQ alone**
  37. [3:02][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: i see someone else is offended that i choose to do something different to them lol. its unique because i choose to level multiple classes? what rock have you been living under?
  38. [3:02][NEULINGE]Love You: if he is leveling evrery class to 50 and crafters i dont think he cares about how fast :P
  39. [3:02][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: Unique isn't negative, Nez.
  40. [3:02][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: i dont see anyone saying that, dont troll
  41. [3:03][NEULINGE]Love You: i think its a nice way of playing the game
  42. [3:03][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: I called it unique but it ain't an insult.
  43. [3:03][NEULINGE]Love You: would not do it but i can understand it
  44. [3:03][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: wat
  45. [3:03][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: If you have fun that way you should definitely do it like so.
  46. [3:03][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: what did I miss
  47. [3:03][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: "byt why?" "unique". its not unique tho loads of people in moos powerlevel multiple classes lol
  48. [3:03][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: mmos*
  49. [3:03][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: well, it is actually
  50. [3:04][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: usually you establish your main, clear out the MSQ, and then set out to level the rest
  51. [3:04][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: i dont think you can even multiclass in most mmos
  52. [3:04][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: so yeah i might take a break from that at some point and just do stormblood story with smn ;)
  53. [3:04][NEULINGE]Elina Thorne: remember though that you get a xp bonus for levelling additional jobs once you have another job at max level
  54. [3:04][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: maybe you raise a couple other classes here and there to not waste XP (I know I did) but leveling EVERY job first is, indeed, unusual
  55. [3:04][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: if not unique
  56. [3:05][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: nah. loads of people level multiple classes to see what they like
  57. [3:05][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: in every mmo
  58. [3:05][NEULINGE]Leyanora Finn: what a.... silly... discussion.
  59. [3:05][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: "ok"
  60. [3:05][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: as has been said many times "getting a class to 10 in this game is no representation of its role"
  61. [3:06][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: neither is getting it to 50
  62. [3:06][NEULINGE]Nilaru Starshadow: getting it to 50 isn't either
  63. [3:06][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: no, but getting it to 30 or so is an hour's work and should tell you enough about its general playstyle
  64. [3:06][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: and in 2 weeks their abilities will all be reworked
  65. [3:06][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: and anyway
  66. [3:06][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: ^
  67. [3:06][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: what ziggy said
  68. [3:06][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: getting it to 50 is way different than level 10 lol
  69. [3:06][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: it literally doesn't matter because jobs change all the time anyway
  70. [3:06][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: but you play the game you enjoy it man, i dont want your imagined moral crusade no one is challenging you on it
  71. [3:06][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: and it opens up so muchmore of the roulette and the world
  72. [3:06][NEULINGE]Nilaru Starshadow: 70 is even more different from 50 again
  73. [3:06][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: you should've seen what Bard was like pre-SB
  74. [3:07][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: ziggy im not thge one on the imagined moral crusade. im just playing the game how i want. its people in here who are taking offence to me doing that as usual
  75. [3:08][NEULINGE]Alexander Armstrong: Literally nobody is fam
  76. [3:08][NEULINGE]Nilaru Starshadow: noone here took offense
  77. [3:08][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: nobody's taking offense but you buddy
  78. [3:08][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: no one is taking offense to you doing that. we are taking offense to you arguing that people are
  79. [3:08][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: i dont care lol
  80. [3:08][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: we're just telling you what you're dong is unusual
  81. [3:08][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: and you apparently take that personal
  82. [3:08][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: *shrug emoji*
  83. [3:08][NEULINGE]Nilaru Starshadow: some were just curious as to why, and that is quite legitimate in my opinion :) but this discussion is going quite nowhere..
  84. [3:08][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: no...youre the one takeing it personal lol. i couldnt give a rats ass
  85. [3:08][NEULINGE]Love You: nobody was saying anything bad about how you play the game , its you getting offended for nothing :<
  86. [3:09][NEULINGE]Love You: by the way of how you answere you seem to have taken it pretty bad ;)
  87. [3:09][NEULINGE]Angel Kibble: Confusion within the hivemind =/= Offense
  88. [3:09][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: anyway
  89. [3:09][NEULINGE]Kitsui Nightsteed: here we go again
  90. [3:09][NEULINGE]Kitsui Nightsteed: ...
  91. [3:09][NEULINGE]Yuksen Mierqid: big oof
  92. [3:09][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: nez can you just drop this pointless argument lol
  93. [3:09][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: have you heard about those Redguards
  94. [3:09][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: a) its not an argument
  95. [3:09][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: they use curved swords!
  96. [3:09][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: Curved
  97. [3:09][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: Swords
  98. [3:09][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: :o
  99. [3:09][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: ok let me rephrase this
  100. [3:09][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: b) im not offended in the slightest and find the responses laughable
  101. [3:09][NEULINGE]Yuksen Mierqid: monkaS
  102. [3:09][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: "stop this pointless argument before i kick you"
  103. [3:10][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: now now
  104. [3:10][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: that's going too far
  105. [3:10][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: oh what a great example you are
  106. [3:10][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: it's trolling
  107. [3:10][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: of a mentor
  108. [3:10][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: we've had far more deliberate trolls who didn't get kicked
  109. [3:10][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: and i have better things to do than defend myself against people crying wolf
  110. [3:10][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: out of some sham of a rule or other
  111. [3:10][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: just let bygones be
  112. [3:10][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: nobody is doing that
  113. [3:10][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: youre clearly offended for no reason.
  114. [3:10][NEULINGE]Yuksen Mierqid: staph
  115. [3:10][NEULINGE]Leyanora Finn: Its the usual with nez :p
  116. [3:10][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: you're not helping your case...
  117. [3:10][NEULINGE]Kitsui Nightsteed: yup
  118. [3:11][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: smh
  119. [3:11][NEULINGE]Angel Kibble: Can we please kick the entire network and start over lmao
  120. [3:11][NEULINGE]Nilaru Starshadow: :D
  121. [3:11][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: this isnt a discussion room imo
  122. [3:11][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: but its not gonna matter in a few days
  123. [3:11][NEULINGE]Leyanora Finn: then dont
  124. [3:11][NEULINGE]Kitsui Nightsteed: then stop discussing, jeez
  125. [3:11][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: why what happens in a few days
  126. [3:11][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: figure it out
  127. [3:12][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: is that prophecy finally coming true?
  128. [3:12][NEULINGE]Nilaru Starshadow: oh no. we are doomed :O
  129. [3:12][NEULINGE]Yoru Shiori: it's 3 am. there are so few online this can be anything you want as long as it is appropriate
  130. [3:12][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: Quote by Nez who didn't google what anima weapons were. "Figure it out."
  131. [3:12][NEULINGE]Alexander Armstrong: lel
  132. [3:12][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: for the record, you can leave the NN of your own accord whenever you wish
  133. [3:13][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: yup
  134. [3:13][NEULINGE]Love You: now the important question why does tatsumi have a flower? :p
  135. [3:13][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: youre getting closer!
  136. [3:13][NEULINGE]Kitsui Nightsteed: he's from the Phoenix server
  137. [3:13][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: Oh, I have a flower 'cos I'm from Osaka.
  138. [3:13][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: well
  139. [3:13][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: either you're leaving
  140. [3:13][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: I'm here 'cos the judges let me out early.
  141. [3:13][NEULINGE]Leyanora Finn: Other server symbol
  142. [3:13][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: or everyone else is
  143. [3:13][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: and since the latter isn't happeming
  144. [3:14][NEULINGE]Gil Gamesh: hi guys just come across this on my feed - just finished storm blood main story woop woop ^^
  145. [3:14][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: I'm telling you you don't really have to wait for a few days
  146. [3:14][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: or any days at all
  147. [3:14][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: lol what you going on about odin is my home world and has been since 2012.
  148. [3:14][NEULINGE]Iron TatsumiPhoenix: Congratulations, Gil!
  149. [3:14][NEULINGE]Leyanora Finn: congratz gil
  150. [3:14][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: the network
  151. [3:14][NEULINGE]Gil Gamesh: thanks :D
  152. [3:14][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: I mean leaving the network
  153. [3:14][NEULINGE]Nez Mcnezza: you said im from phoenix
  154. [3:14][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: not you
  155. [3:14][NEULINGE]Kitsui Nightsteed: @nez I was talking about tatsumi
  156. [3:14][NEULINGE]Ziggy Black: grats gil 2 weeks to go :P
  157. [3:14][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: the guy that literally has "Phoenix" next to his name
  158. [3:14][NEULINGE]Ellesmera Siltyl: d' oh
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