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  1. [2019-04-03 13:35] Seif Carney: What a cute little kiddo~
  2. [2019-04-03 13:39] Conall: What a pretty pedo!
  3. [2019-04-03 13:40] Seif Carney: Nn... I'm not that! I was just giving you a compliment!
  4. [2019-04-03 13:41] Conall: Uh huh. It's okay, I don't think there's anything wrong with pedopiggies. They provide a valuable service. Draining the balls of young, hung studs, so that they don't accidentally slamfuck and abuse someone who isn't ready for it!
  5. [2019-04-03 13:43] Seif Carney: really think that something like [b]that,[/b] is [url=]me?![/url]
  6. [2019-04-03 13:44] Conall: Oh, without a [b]doubt[/b]! You're built like a jungle gym; for nasty little boys to climb all over.
  7. [2019-04-03 13:44] Seif Carney: Nnn... but I'm your babysitter, kid!
  8. [2019-04-03 13:46] Conall: That's just a polite term for a kiddie whore who's paid by the parents. Look at it this way, you not only get the satisfaction of an ass full of cum and a throat sore from fucking, but you also made some money. That's a win-win for a kid-worshiping pedo.
  9. [2019-04-03 13:48] *Seif Carney  stares hard at the little kid that was just [b]spewing[/b] out these things like he was talking about his favorite cartoons! Seif's tanned Egyptian-exotic features blushed, feeling himself actually getting [b]hard[/b], before shaking his head as he hopped off the counter and tried to regain control over the child's attitude. "O..okay, that's enough, maybe you need a time out!"
  10. [2019-04-03 13:49] Conall: (Quick question: Any limits beyond those listed? I'd rather not accidentally hit something that turns you way off.)
  11. [2019-04-03 13:49] Seif Carney: [sup]{Scat is the only other one.}[/sup]
  12. [2019-04-03 13:51] *Conall  grins at the shock on Seif's pretty face. He almost had trouble believing it was really a boy that was babysitting him. Half the time, he kept calling him a "her" in his head, and he doubted that even seeing the pedo's dick would convince him wholly otherwise. "The only way I'm standing in a corner is if you're kneeling there, your head braced so that I could pound your throat," he told his "babysitter" bluntly. His eyes roamed over Seif's body openly, and a tent began to form in the preteen's jeans. "You may as well take your clothes off. If you don't, I'm gonna cut or try to rip them off you, when I decide it's time to fuck you..."
  13. [2019-04-03 13:53] *Seif Carney 's pale-blue eyes widened as he listened to the threat, which only seemed to have made him [b]ache[/b] even more with forbidden arousal. "'ll do no such thing!" Seif said, ignoring the tell-tale sign of his arousal in his tight-fitting jeans; the Egyptian-born teenager reached downwards to grab Conall's shoulder to push him in the direction of the nearby corner.
  14. [2019-04-03 13:54] Seif Carney: [sup]{Be as rough and abusive as you want, plus degrading! Just no to my limits~}[/sup]
  15. [2019-04-03 13:54] Conall: (Sounds good!)
  16. [2019-04-03 13:58] *Conall  could tell that Seif was getting turned on, by the way the pretty boy's tight jeans seemed to be outlining a dick. "Huh, so you are a boy, after all," he commented, as Seif tried to push him. Unfortunately for the older boy, Conall didn't budge, though he did at least sway a little bit at Seif's pushing. Then, with little warning, Conall swung a swift fist down, then up. He didn't try to break Seif's balls with the punch, but he certainly hit hard enough to take the breath, and likely some of the fight, out of the older boy. "That means that it'll be easy to make you cry, when I smack and hit your useless balls. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll let you keep them when my parents are paying you for being my fuckhole for the night," he taunted, brutally vulgar and clearly willing to make good on the threat he'd just made. "Now take your clothes off, or I'll hit your balls again, harder, right now."
  17. [2019-04-03 14:02] *Seif Carney 's pale-blue eyes [b]bulged[/b] from the sensation of that powerful and little fist hitting right in his sack, Seif choked and fell to the ground with a dry heave as his palms rested on the ground beneath him. "Fi..fine..." Seif whimpered in humiliation at being taken down; his hands slowly begun to strip out of his clothing, Seif's flat-trimmed tummy became revealed as his black T-shirt was pulled over his head and tossed aside while his tight-fitting jeans were wriggled out of to reveal the [b]painfully[/b] throbbing erection that sprung outwards with [b]bubbling[/b] precum from the tip and a pair of twin pulsing and red-colored orbs while his thicc heart-shaped ass wobbled in his kneeling position.
  18. [2019-04-03 14:09] *Conall  snickered loudly when Seif's throbbing, stiff dick was revealed, his eyes roaming over the rest of the babysitter's body as it was shown off, as well. "You're pathetic. A little bit of fight from the kid you're watching, and you're stripping for him." As Conall spoke, degrading Seif, the younger boy's cock was stiffening still, and he moved his hands to his zipper. His pants fell, revealing his lack of underwear, and a cock that dwarfed Seif's. The kid was [b]hung[/b], fit to make a size queen shiver, and his heavy orbs in his sack promised as much cum as a slut could hope for. "Pedopiggy faggots like you don't deserve respect," he said, as he stepped forward to start smearing his heavy cock over Seif's made-up face. Precum began to ooze from the tip, creating lines of thick nut across Seif's forehead, cheeks and nose. "Instead, you get to be mocked, played with, hit, and fucked, like the [b]fucktrash[/b] you are. Go ahead, open up wide, so that you can get a taste of the cock that's got you [b]throbbing[/b], before I turn your throat into a jerk-off toy..."
  19. [2019-04-03 14:14] *Seif Carney  gurgled pathetically as he listened to the degradation of the child, whom upon undoing his pants revealed something that made Seif's dick flap in humiliating arousal to slap noisily against his tummy. "URk!" was the only sound that he made when Conall moved forward and begun to [b]drag[/b] that heavy cock over the Egyptian-tanned features, which had only a light application of eye-shadow and lip-gloss. As the precum left the smearing trails on his face, Seif's mouth parted open slowly to reveal his hot-wet mouth for the child's looming and [b]very[/b] intimidating crown swung in front of his face.
  20. [2019-04-03 14:19] *Conall  almost immediately slid his tip to Seif's lips, the crown further spreading that glossy opening as he pushed in. He didn't push far. True to his word, he let Seif get a taste of that fat dick, the taste of boy, of sex, and of cum. Precum oozed onto Seif's pink tongue, a decidedly salty-sweet taste, much like salted candies. "Mm. This looks good on you. I bet you've practiced a lot. But I don't really want a blowjob..." With a grin, Conall's hands moved to the back of Seif's head, his fingers winding in the pretty boy's bright hair. "Oh, and you only get to touch your dicklette if you're gonna finger-fuck your pee-hole. Tonight, you're not really a boy, since a boy is a person, so you don't get to rub it. If you try, I'll kick your balls until you pass out while I'm gaping your throat." With those ideas to burn in Seif's mind, the boy's hips began to move forward, and his hands kept Seif's head in place. Seif got to feel that spongy tip be pressed along by the rigid, rock-hard fuckpole behind it, further into Seif's mouth.
  21. [2019-04-03 14:24] *Seif Carney  couldn't help the betraying [b]moan[/b] of enjoyment, feeling that crown sliding into his glossy-pink lips. Seif's pale-blue eyes widened as he heard the order to finger his own urethra if he wanted to touch himself, the Egyptian teenager [b]choked[/b] as he felt the cock starting to push in further through his mouth and start to crave out its way downwards into his throat. "GLRK!" The tanned and humiliated teenager gurgled as he felt the filling, as his own body begun to move his left finger to start [b]wriggling[/b] it into his cum-slit and start to [b]pump[/b] the digit in-and-out of his hole.
  22. [2019-04-03 14:27] Seif Carney: [sup]{Sorry, internet is glitching}[/sup]
  23. [2019-04-03 14:28] Conall: (No worries!)
  24. [2019-04-03 14:32] *Conall  let out a soft sound of pleasure as he pressed his cock into Seif's waiting, wet hole. He could see the pretty faggot's arm move, and he tilted his head and upper body to the side slightly. Just before his cockhead bumped into the back of Seif's throat, an extra-thick rope of thick, sticky precum oozed out, onto Seif's tongue. "Fuck, you're really doing. Go on, keep finger-banging your dick, [b]fuckmeat[/b]," he commanded. "And if you feel yourself cumming, keep yourself plugged with your finger." With that, Conall's cock hit the back of Seif's throat. That was when his grip tightened on the back of Seif's head. Instead of trying to thrust wildly to get into the pedopiggy's throat, he began to simply push with his hips, as he pulled with his hands. The pressure built and built, as his rigid dick and the back of Seif's throat fought over which would bend further. And after a minute of that buildup, Seif's throat lost. Conall's dick bent downward slightly, but the poor [b]pedofaggot[/b] felt his throat shift and start gaping as that sissy-slaying dick shot a few inches down the pretty boy's gullet. "Nnph. There we go. And don't worry if you start to throw up. That's just a sign your throat-pussy is orgasming," he taunted, as he finally began to thrust, short and vicious thrusts that drove more and more of his cock into Seif's mouth and throat.
  25. [2019-04-03 14:38] *Seif Carney 's body was [b]aching[/b] as he was made to lean forward by the grip on the back of his head. Seif's finger was a small blur as he finger-fucked his own cum-slit, while feeling his throat sudden just [b]collapse[/b] under the pressure of Conall's cock and then the sinking of throat-filling dickmeat going into his gullet. The Egyptian-tanned babysitter felt his cum [b]bursting[/b] around his finger that was plugging himself up with, while his spittle and throat-slime filled his throat in an attempt to heave up the mixture while being happy that he hadn't actually eaten anything yet. As that one hand was plugging his dick up, Seif's other hand reached beneath the child's cock to touch and massage against those [b]behemoth[/b] kiddie balls.
  26. [2019-04-03 14:44] Seif Carney: [sup]{Made a status~}[/sup]
  27. [2019-04-03 14:48] *Conall  ruthlessly fucked Seif's throat, his pace relentless and his rhythm steady. It was obvious the boy had done this before, holding Seif's head in place as he brutally rutted the Egyptian pretty boy's throat. If his confidence and vulgar accusations hadn't been proof enough, the way he savagely pleasured himself in Seif's throat certainly was. "Mmf, fuck. You've got a good throat, fagmeat. I could [b]jerk off[/b] with your throat all day! But don't worry, I'll make sure to use your ass, too," he promised, grunting with the effort of powerfucking the exotic, boy-beauty's lips. Seif's lips began to smack against the boy's root, nose bumping his hairless crotch, and that massaging hand began to bump into his own chin as Conall's heavy balls swung back and forth. "I'm gonna cum soon. Your throat is that fucking good. Look up at me when I do, and maybe I'll pull back enough to let you taste my nut..."
  28. [2019-04-03 14:48] Conall: (Mm. That's a fucking hot status.)
  29. [2019-04-03 14:49] Seif Carney: [sup]{Spread the word to all your buddies~!}[/sup]
  30. [2019-04-03 14:52] *Seif Carney  [b]choked[/b] and [b]hacked[/b] around the throat-fucking cock that was [b]brutally[/b] making a mess out of his esophagus. Seif's pale-blue eyes bulged as he felt the power-fucking only seeming to [b]increase[/b] in the jack-hammering motions, feeling those behemoth kiddie-balls swinging from his massaging palm to start [b]beating[/b] against his chin. Looking upwards at Conall, his pale-blue eyes locked onto the glaring form of the boy's visage while his throat [b]convulsed[/b] around on Conall's much-more [b]dominant[/b] cock.
  31. [2019-04-03 14:53] Conall: (And a status for you, now. lol Enjoy.)
  32. [2019-04-03 14:53] Seif Carney: [sup]{I do!}[/sup]
  33. [2019-04-03 15:00] *Conall  started to grunt with each thrust, aborted moans filling each, as he continued to pleasure himself with Seif's face. He stared down into Seif's pale blue eyes, his own darker blue eyes full of lust and a kind of possessive hunger; there was no affection, but he [b]desired[/b] Seif. "You. Pathetic. [b]Fucktrash.[/b] Here. I. [b]CUM![/b]" the boy said, each word accompanied by a brutal thrust that sent more spittle and throat-slime surging up Seif's well-gaped fuckhole in reaction. Finally, he hilted himself in those lips, the gloss long since washed away with drool and the relentless stroking along Conall's shaft, and he began to cum hard into Seif's stomach. They could both hear the faint gurgle as spunk began to fill the Egyptian fuckdoll's tummy, but true to his word, he pulled back as his climax began to taper off, so that the faggot could get a [b]taste[/b]. It was salty-sweet, like Conall's precum, but it was stronger, almost overpowering, and it was thick enough that it was a struggle to swallow. Conall made sure Seif got two good mouthfuls, though he didn't care if the pedopiggy could manage to swallow them both down, and when he finished he pulled his dick from those pink lips and slapped his rod down onto Seif's face, covering half of that pretty, messed up face with his throat-stretching dick. "Mm, holy shit," he breathed out, panting lightly as he recovered.
  34. [2019-04-03 15:03] Seif Carney: [sup]{Public Humiliation, i.e. the rooms, are welcome too!}[/sup]
  35. [2019-04-03 15:08] *Seif Carney  gurgled as he felt the sudden [b]eruption[/b] of boy-cum starting to fill up his throat and down into his gullet. Seif could barely keep up with the power strands of rope that was blasting into his tummy, the exotic-born teenager [b]sucked[/b] on the end of the cock as Conall pulled backwards to let him enjoy the taste of the boy-jizz. As the cock pulled backwards from his mouth, Seif's pale-blue eyes lolled as he [b]burped[/b] up a bubble of nut-batter just moments before that cock came [b]crashing[/b] downwards to pop the bubble and made a mess on his face.
  36. [2019-04-03 15:13] Seif Carney: [sup]{Guestbook post! Same as the status basically}[/sup]
  37. [2019-04-03 15:18] *Conall  smiled broadly down at the pretty bimboi, whose face was covered in spit and drool, minimal makeup smeared. Panting slightly, he finally released Seif's head, then took a step back to look the pretty faggot over. Balls still red from the earlier punch, cock stiff and stuffed with unspent cum and a finger, a stomach full of spunk (even if Conall couldn't see it from the outside), and a face and throat that were liberally coated with dredged-up throatslime. "Mm. Keep that finger in your pisshole, and use your other hand to grab your phone, unlock it, and give it to me. I want to take pictures so that you'll always remember this moment. A [b]pretty pedofaggot[/b] like you should be immortalized on the internet..."
  38. [2019-04-03 15:18] Conall: (Need to step away for a few, but I'll be back in 5-10 minutes.)
  39. [2019-04-03 15:18] Seif Carney: [sup]{Alright}[/sup]
  40. [2019-04-03 15:22] *Seif Carney  moaned as his mouth was still full of boy-spunk, Seif shakily reached downwards to grab at his phone and unlocked the iPhone before handing it upwards to Conall while not moving an inch from the spot beneath the cock that was resting upon his tanned facial features.
  41. [2019-04-03 15:34] *Conall  grinned and accepted the phone, flipping it to camera. He quickly began to snap pictures of the exotic pedodoll, getting every angle he could. By the time he finished there were more than three dozen pictures, from closeups of the poor faggot's finger-filled pisshole to the cock resting on Seif's face, then Conall stepped far enough way that his cock left Seif's face to get pictures of the drool-covered visage of Egyptian fagpiggy. Almost carelessly, he set the whole batch to be uploaded to every site Seif had, from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, so that everyone who followed the likely-popular bitchboi would get to see what utter fucktrash Seif really was. Then he set it to start recording a video, and smirked at Seif. "You're very obedient, for an uppity pedobitch who tried to put me in time out. But now I want you to lay down near the wall or couch or something, so that you're on your back, but your hips are up. Once they're up high enough, you're gonna take your finger out of your cumtube, and let everything backed up in it ooze down onto your face."
  42. [2019-04-03 15:38] *Seif Carney  moaned pathetically as pictures were taken with his phone for a few minutes before hearing the pinging sound that signified his social media sites were now uploaded with said photographs. "Ngh.." Seif gurgled as he feel backwards on his back, showing an incredible amount of flexibility as his body arched so that his cock was hovering over his face without the aid of a solid object; as he removed his finger from his piss-hole, the [b]blasting[/b] ropes of his jizz flew outwards and onto his face to stain the visage of the Egyptian-born teenager with his own thick-gunky load.
  43. [2019-04-03 15:39] Seif Carney: [sup]{Is it wrong that I wanna finish the rest of this in the room? I just wanna be fucking humiliated for others to watch...}[/sup]
  44. [2019-04-03 15:40] Conall: (Mm. Unfortunately, room RP isn't my thing. I don't mind if you wanna show it off, but I mostly just chat in the room, rather than play there. Maybe at the end, have Seif show up in the room in whatever state he's left in from our play.)
  45. [2019-04-03 15:41] Seif Carney: [sup]{That's fine with me!}[/sup]
  46. [2019-04-03 15:48] *Conall  felt his eyebrows rise in surprise, both since he was too young yet to have mastered the art of raising just one, as Seif showed off by raising himself up to let his own spunk rain down on his face without assistance. "Wow. If you were any more pathetic, I'd have to kick you in the nuts on reflex any time I saw you. But that was hot," he said, making sure to finish recording only once the last few drops had oozed from Seif's dick to land with wet, soft [b]splats[/b] on that pretty face. It had recorded his young voice, giving the order and his comment, while Seif obeyed. That short video was similarly uploaded, so that everyone would know that not only was Seif a wretched bitchboi, but that he was being [b]dominated[/b] by a boy who hadn't yet hit puberty.
  48. "Now stay like that. I'm gonna fuck you just like that, so that you leak all over your own faggot face. That way, when you leave, everyone will know that you're [b]fucktrash[/b]." Despite having cum just a few minutes ago, Conall's cock, which had only softened slightly, was once again rock-hard, and ready to violate Seif's body. Due to the position Seif was in, the bimboi's ass was presented at almost exactly the right height, and Conall walked to "behind" the faggot, so that he was able to slip his slime-slicked dick between Seif's legs. "Spread your legs as wide as you can, so that I can watch your face and this [b]pathetic thing[/b] as I fuck you," he said, reaching out to give Seif's dick a sharp, stinging slap, while his cockhead rubbed very near Seif's asshole.
  49. [2019-04-03 15:54] *Seif Carney  choked as he felt his own jizz splattering into his mouth and on his face, the Egyptian-born teenager gurgled obscenely as his legs spread out further apart showing the child a cum-drenched visage of his babysitter. "Nnn!" Seif [b]squealed[/b] at the slap on his dick making it actually surge back to hardness while the boy's cock-head rubbed against his tight asshole as he screamed at Conall. "FUCK ME! PLOW MY PEDO-FAGGOT ASSHOLE WITH YOUR FUCKING KID COCK!"
  50. [2019-04-03 16:03] *Conall  couldn't help but snicker as Seif really spoke for the first time since since before the throatfuck, a screaming begging, nearly demanding, that the boy powerfuck the pretty Egyptian's faggot fuckhole. "Mm, bossy bossy, aren't you?" he asked, mockingly. With his cockhead still brushing over Seif's asshole, not yet penetrating, Conall reached forward once more with both hands. In one, he held Seif's phone, and he started recording again. Even though Seif would likely be banned from his various social media accounts for uploading such graphic, adult content, the video could be posted to other websites. The other hand grabbed Seif by the balls, fingers closing tight around those orbs, in a grip that was already painfully tight. "That's right, stay loud and show everyone that you're a worthless pedopiggy faggot," he said, right before he thrust forward and pulled back on Seif's balls sharply. There was an instant of resistance, as his oversized kiddiecock shoved against Seif's asshole, then Conall's cock sank into that tight, hot fucktunnel.
  51. [2019-04-03 16:06] *Seif Carney  let out the most ear-deafening [b]scream[/b] upon the sensation of the yanking on his balls while at the same time Conall [b]plunged[/b] his cock into the hot and tightness of Seif's Egyptian-exotic [b]fuckhole[/b]. "OH fuck! You're fucking huge, you little brat!" Seif choked as his balls ached in the hard-abusive grip of the black-haired boy's hand while ropes of his jizz splattered onto his face even more.
  52. [2019-04-03 16:12] *Conall  let out a shaky snicker, from the effort of immediately getting into fucking Seif, at the faggot's shrieked compliment. The only grip he had on Seif was the exotic bimboi's balls; it was up to Seif to keep himself up, or else all of his weight would be on his sack. After a few inches, each thrust of Conall's dick seemed to almost punch against Seif's prostate, slamming against that little bitch-button over and over again. Unlike in Seif's throat, where Conall didn't pull back far and simply drove deeper, he kept pulling himself back enough that each powerful thrust forward would make his faggot-slaying fuckrod pound against Seif's prostate before grinding against it as it traveled deeper. After a few more inches, Seif could even see a bulge appearing and disappearing over and over in his stomach, from the angle Conall was fucking the pretty sissy in. The camera was shaky, but it was recording everything, from the leaky fagdick to the bimboi's face, and every last grunt, groan and word that escaped the pair of them as Conall violently pleasured himself with Seif's asshole.
  53. [2019-04-03 16:17] *Seif Carney  choked and screamed at the [b]slam-fucking[/b] of the child on his body, the sensation of the [b]beating[/b] against his prostate had the teenager letting out a much louder [b]yowl[/b] of pleasure at the feeling of his fag-button being beaten against. Seif's pale-blue eyes were glazed over as he begun to babble mindlessly about how fucking huge this kid was and how hard that Conall was fucking the Egypt native; it seemed that he was instinctively using his strength to hold up Conall so that he didn't drop on the faggot's sack.
  54. [2019-04-03 16:25] *Conall  was ruthless, cruel, and brutal as he relentlessly fucked Seif. He wasn't trying to pleasure the Egyptian pedo-doll, even though Seif was cumming his brains out with pleasure. He was getting himself off, using Seif's body, which was enough to make the foreign fagpiggy go wild. "Mmf. If you have any pedo-retard friends, make sure to send them my way," he said, both to Seif as well as the camera, bluntly talking over the babbling, fuckdrunk faggot. "This [b]trash[/b] is already broken, just like it deserves to be. It's mine now, and I'm gonna fuck and abuse it all I want. But that doesn't mean this dumb faggot's friends can't serve real dick, too." With an extra-tight squeeze on those tender, aching orbs, Conall leaned forward, not interrupting the pace of the way his cock was rearranging Seif's guts, to noisily spit a large glob of saliva onto Seif's face, the spit landing on the faggot's cum-stained lips and in his mouth.
  55. [2019-04-03 16:30] *Seif Carney  squealed loudly as he was spit on by the child and actually achieved a [b]fourth[/b] climax from the degrading action. Seif's strength suddenly failed him after the final orgasm, dropping Conall's weight fully onto Seif's ball-sack and [b]bursting[/b] those tanned orbs with such force that the Egyptian-born teenager actually ended up passing out from the pain and pleasure mixing in together.
  56. [2019-04-03 16:40] *Conall  stumbled as Seif's strength failed, the dumb bimboi managing to, through his own failure, crush and bust his balls. He wound up on the floor, his dick still buried in Seif's ass. He was essentially, kneeling, and one of Seif's legs was still pointed up, resting on his hip, while the faggot's back and other leg had finally come to the floor. Huffing from controlling his fall, he set the phone aside, making sure it was still recording, and grabbed Seif by the hips. As rough as he'd been thrusting before, it was almost nothing compared to the brutal, powerful thrusts Conall could manage from that position, With each shove, his hips smashed Seif's ruined, flattened balls between the Egyptian faggot's taint and his hairless crotch, further altering their unnatural shape, and the distension of his dick in Seif's stomach was even more easily visible. "You dumb fucking fagbitch. You fucking pass out while I'm slamming you, huh? Now you won't even get to feel me nut in your fagpussy. You're just lucky braindead pedopiggy sissies can't get knocked up by the boys who try to breed them!" With that last, the boy slammed his hips forward with every last muscle in his lean body.
  58. He was practically pissing a load of cum into Seif's guts, filling the out-cold kiddie-worshiper with glue-thick spunk. He kept himself buried inside his plaything, until he was done, and then he tugged himself free and pulled away, leaving Seif on the ground, face a fright of cum, drool and throatslime, pretty body seemingly on display. Almost immediately, he posted the video to a number of websites from Seif's phone. Not only those social media sites that hadn't banned the pretty boi yet, but all across various sites. There was no way that the Egyptian-born pedopig could hide what had happened, now, even if he woke up and regretted everything. He dropped the phone onto Seif's stomach and sighed with satisfaction. "Next time, I'll pop your bitch button so that your clitty's completely useless, instead of just functionally useless," he said, even though he was certain the unconscious fagdoll couldn't truly hear him.
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