Autohotkey Slow Mouse hotkeys

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  1. /*
  2.     Hold capslock to slow your mouse to speed 1
  3.     Release your mouse to go back to normal speed.
  4.     Useful for drawing with mouse, editing images in general, 3D modelling, etc.
  5. */
  7. capslock::
  8. mousemoveprecise:
  9.  if originalMouseSpeed=
  10.     DllCall("SystemParametersInfo", UInt, SPI_GETMOUSESPEED, UInt, 0, UIntP, OriginalMouseSpeed, UInt, 0)
  11.   DllCall("SystemParametersInfo",UInt,0x71,UInt,0,UInt,1,UInt,0)
  12. return
  13. capslock up::
  14. mousemovepreciseEnd:
  15. originalMouseSpeed:=10  
  16. ; ^ get this from your mouse options, go to the left and press right key till you get back to your current speed
  17.   DllCall("SystemParametersInfo",UInt,0x71,UInt,0,UInt,originalMouseSpeed,UInt,0)
  18. return
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