Jun 22nd, 2016
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNUgsbKisp8 [Embed]
  2. >In you're hooves you've got 2000 dollars.
  3. >You're standing outside a dealership with your friend, codenamed 'the greaz.' whom is pulling a comb through his coal black hair.
  4. >You've got quite a bit of cash for a car. Seeing as you've just cashed in on your parent's will a bit early.
  5. >Your parent's were professors at a really uptight university before you were born.
  7. >By the time you went off to the college they taught at, they had retired.
  8. >so you've got a whopping 2 grand, and you're ready for a trip.
  9. >it's spring break for your college, and it seems the dean had thrown down a brand spanking new fuel injected stingray to whomever can bring in the best photos showing 'the Equestrian way.' In a way, for whatever reason, to battle the reds you're locking in a cold war with, however that works.
  10. >All you know is you want a nice convertible, with an engine you can fit a pony inside.
  12. >"This one is very stylish!" the dealer looks at you.
  13. >"You'll definitely /get around/ this one!"
  14. >Nice Beach Tones' reference, real classic.
  15. >But, the price is 1,750. for this tasty convertible.
  16. >You're suddenly in the market for a 57' Bel Air, you guess.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfwQKkSIH98&index=1&list=PLDZvNEf3nY-4XoXYzbxWEZ3sql23PW7bq [Embed]
  18. >In a couple of hours, you're listening the the very song the dealer referenced when buying the car, with Greez lighting up a cigarette next to you.
  20. >You think to yourself in a brain fart.
  21. >Do you smoke?
  23. >Maintaining your innocence, you recall, you definitely do not smoke.
  24. >You realise you have an extra $250 for whatever you want.
  25. >Where do you go?
  27. >Pulling over, you raise your eyebrows at Greez, and you blink twice.
  28. >He notices you.
  29. >He notices what you're looking at.
  30. >"Oh, yeah, sorry, Flash- new car, forget we weren't in a 30s Studebaker anymore."
  31. >You bring up your hoof. pointing at him.
  32. "That's the one, you can smoke when the tops down, but wait till it stops smelling like Detrot before lighting up another, please."
  33. >"Yeah, no problem."
  34. >He finishes off his cigarette, and looks at the cars interior.
  35. >"Ooh, neat, an 8track, I didn't know Chevy made these for their cars."
  36. "Well, I guess I need a new camera, you need a new guitar, and we need some 8 Tracks for the trip."
  37. >"Sign me up for that!"
  38. >After a bit of cruising, you find yourself a music store.
  39. >Dropping down ten dollars, you get a nice six string acoustic. soon you find yourself at the record store.
  40. >Eyeballing the small 8 track rack, Greez almost instinctive throws in a copy of Sgt. Shinings's Lonely Hearts Club Band, cut by the Pinkles in 64' you think.
  41. >you ask yourself. what's your taste in music?
  43. >>27692739
  44. >Well, it's actually 1966, because music choices are freer in 1966.
  45. >You pop a couple of Trotting Stones albums in the basket.
  46. >A couple of Beatles albums, sans the Sgt. Shining's album.
  47. >Ooh, and the door's new album.
  48. >You drop the Beach boys' 'little deuce coup' as a sort of deviation of your music tastes.
  50. >A little Bowie, a little Flutter and the Ponytones
  52. >Some Choleratura, of course.
  53. >And some Don McLean, some bob dylan.
  54. >Wow, that basket got full quickly.
  55. >but 5 cents an 8 track, i think you'll manage.
  57. >you pay 15 dollars for the bunch. and you run off for lunch.
  59. where do you eat?
  61. >You place your merch in the back seat of the convertible, and pop in the new Pinkles' album
  62. >http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x35g8vn
  63. >You eye down the ponies looking down at your brand new car, playing the Pinkles. alot of them probably thought you were on acid.
  64. >But that was okay, because you've got sandwiches.
  65. >laying inbetween you and Greez, is a couple of 50 cent sub sandwiches.
  66. >Tasty.
  67. >You pull over and go to town on the delightful things.
  68. >In what seems like moments, the sandwiches are nowhere to be found, except for a few wrappers.
  69. >By the time Sgt. Shinings' is done playing, you've gotten back to your house.
  70. >You begin to pack.
  71. >You have about $230 dollars left. Which is quite the surprise.
  72. >What now?
  74. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSAoEf1Ib58 [Embed]
  75. "So, what's your thought on the trip."
  76. >"Oh the car's nice, very very well put together, and that 300 CI V8 under the hood. Oh man, it makes me sweat thinking about it's ability to do a quarter mile."
  77. >"Ay, stop laughin'! it's a nice car!"
  78. "I was talking about the trip, idiot."
  79. >"Oh, that's gonna be nice, too- i guess. i can't wait to meet all the west Coast Babes, though!"
  80. >He trails off, and looks back.
  81. >"Think i have to know how to surf to get in with the cute dolls out west?"
  82. >He seemed a bit nervous about that last one.
  83. >He's never struck out before. why would he now?
  84. >"how about the pictures you're taking."
  85. "thinking going to rainbow falls, as well as going to canterlot.
  87. >Your last thought trails a bit.
  88. >You've seen the falls in pictures. and you've heard it's a life changing experience.
  89. >You notice that pet sounds is on the radio again.
  90. >You weren't too fond about the new album, it's great as an album, but it's really strange for Beach Boys.
  91. "You mind throwing on some Trotting Stones, please."
  92. >"Yeah, flash- i've got it."
  93. >He changes the radio to the record player setting, and throws a trotting stones album on it. And you sit back, waiting on the calm before the storm that will be your road trip.
  95. "You need your tools, Greez?"
  96. >He's probably going to need a ride out to his shop on 8th.
  97. >"Oh, yeah- uh,"
  98. >He's going to need a ride.
  99. >Do you drive him or do you let him take the Chevy?
  101. "Alright you grease monkey. Let me pack then I'll take you to get your stuff. Anything you're looking forward to seeing on our trip Greez? Other than the 'sweet beach babes'."
  103. >he chuckles lightly at your banter.
  104. >"I wanna learn to surf, maybe get us some tickets to a show out west. gosh, i heard that the Stones are playing in Las Pegasus on the 17th. I wanna get a look at the Princesses up north, and collect a beer from every city we get too."
  106. >"I also read somewhere that there are some places in canterlot where the weed flows like water, and the microbrews are unending!"
  107. >He says that while smugly nodding his head and smiling a bit.
  109. "Sounds like a load of malarkey. Just don't get into any trouble, or bring me into it at least. I'm so excited about all the photo opportunities! Can you imagine the view from Canterlot?"
  110. >You fawn a bit for a little extra cuteness.
  111. >You grab your camera, some colored film, and you stuff it into a bag for carrying cameras.
  112. >His smile has faded a bit when you looked back at him.
  113. >"Yeah, that's no problem, Flash- i'm not going to judge you because you're a health nut."
  114. "I'm not a health nut. it's just too much cash to keep up those habbits."
  115. >He nods a bit.
  116. >"Yeah, that sounds fair. i'll be paying for my stuff- and besides, I would /never/ bring myself into trouble!"
  117. >You finish packing, and take Greez out to get his tools.
  118. >Pulling up, the other mechanics whom aren't off for two weeks fawn at the new convertible, even though the car is about 10 years old.
  119. >You turn out the car and Greez proceeds to jump out of the passenger side and runs in to get his tools.
  121. >In about a decade, Greez has enough tools to take apart and put together a Chevy. plus a couple of parts for one.
  122. >he throws down a small chain, a belt, and a couple of other parts that you don't particularly understand.
  123. >"Timing chains always break on these. trust me, that's going to break before we're done here."
  124. >"cams as well, those get shot really quickly."
  125. >"sparks, just in case."
  126. >"and a gas can,"
  128. >he gets back in, and you bring the top down.
  129. >he takes this as an opportunity to light up another cigarette.
  130. >within a puff of smoke, he looks at you and says "we're good to go captain!"
  132. >It's about four in the afternoon. how are you gonna kill time till tomorrow morning?
  134. "i wanna go clothes shopping, get some summer clothes."
  135. >"yeah, i'll tag along with that. I guess."
  136. >you drive for a few blocks, and he pipes up again.
  137. >"Actually, I think i'm just gonna go to my place and sit in and jam, if that's fine."
  139. "Oh. That's okay. Just be ready early tomorrow. And get to bed early! I know how you are when you don't get your sleep!"
  141. >He waves you off.
  142. >"Yeah, yeah- thanks mom; you know where my apartment is, right?"
  143. "Yeahp."
  144. >In a bit you're parked outside his house, and he runs off.
  145. >You cruise, and in a couple of miles, you've parked yourself outside a Rarity's, you go in, and look for her summer collection.
  146. >There's a banner in a part of the store that simply says 'sure is summer in here!'
  147. >That's probably where you need to go.
  148. >You nearly trot to the area.
  150. >What do you buy?
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