nuvotifier config

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  1. # The IP to listen to. Use if you wish to listen to all interfaces on your server. (All IP addresses)
  2. # This defaults to the IP you have configured your server to listen on, or if you have not configured this.
  3. host:
  5. # Port to listen for new votes on
  6. port: 8192
  8. # Whether or not to print debug messages. In a production system, this should be set to false.
  9. # This is useful when initially setting up NuVotifier to ensure votes are being delivered.
  10. debug: true
  12. # Setting this option to true will disable handling of Protocol v1 packets. While the old protocol is not secure, this
  13. # option is currently not recommended as most voting sites only support the old protocol at present. However, if you are
  14. # using NuVotifier's proxy forwarding mechanism, enabling this option will increase your server's security.
  15. disable-v1-protocol: false
  17. # All tokens, labeled by the serviceName of each server list.
  18. tokens:
  19.   # Default token for all server lists, if another isn't supplied.
  20.   default: <hidden>
  22. # Configuration section for all vote forwarding to NuVotifier
  23. forwarding:
  24.   # Sets whether to set up a remote method for fowarding. Supported methods:
  25.   # - none - Does not set up a forwarding method.
  26.   # - pluginMessaging - Sets up plugin messaging
  27.   method: none
  28.   pluginMessaging:
  29.     channel: NuVotifier
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