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  1. Key:Masterkiro900
  2. Name:Rizer Blood
  3. Race:Human
  4. Age:16
  5. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Applying For:Vapire
  6. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Previously Applied For:North kai
  7. Intent With Rank/Skills/Knowledge:I believe as a human vampire i will be able to spread my usual thril of rleplay and making a pretty good vampire arc on earth to counter the werewolf.
  8. Rp:At this moment On the blood solstice would begin as the planets would align facing earth. The world would become dark as a storm would rise. Lightning clashing as something old would begin to wake up. Deep in the caverns of a older catacomb a coffin wrapped in chains would sit. Due to all the shifting power fluxing in the air the chains would begin to fall. Creeping open slowly a man would begin to slowly walk out.”Hrmmm rather thirsty.. Servant fetch me some wate--..” The man’s eyes would slowly begin to open as he sees the chains lying on the ground. Scratching his head as he stepped out. This crimson eyes red hair and fang beast would give a slight laugh as he cracked his neck from left to write.”Opps it seems I really did oversleep this time haha” He would say given a laugh. Putting on his cloths he would seemingly make his way outside to the new world in search of answer that would have woken him up
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