Who Are you? [Anonfilly][Incomplete]

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  1. > You're not sure what you expected.
  2. > After months of work, black-magic, and spending a little too much time on /x/
  3. >You've managed to create a concoction to form your very own Filly Anon.
  4. > Wasn't easy though.
  5. > Initially, you tried to create a living being out of scratch essentially.
  6. > Kinda like building a computer from new, unused parts.
  7. > Though you had to settle for pulling someone else out of existence to get this all to work.
  8. > Back to the analogy - Scraping parts from an old machine to use on a new one.
  9. >With all the tubes, vials, and a modern cauldron. You were ready.
  10. >All it needed was a slight flame to complete.
  11. >Giving one last glace to your illuminating computer screen, with the AnonFilly thread up. You think about (You)s you're gonna get after posting this.
  12. "Well, here goes nothing"
  13. >You Strike and drop the match into the cauldron
  14. >After a few short seconds the concoction began to violently bubble.
  15. >In no time the bubbles filled the whole container, even spilling off the edges a bit.
  16. >You could hear moans surfacing from it.
  17. >Thy grew louder and louder, all the while the container began to shake.
  18. > Yes....YES, soon you have your own pone to have.
  19. > To have, to cuddle [spoiler] to fug [/spoiler]
  20. > It was all coming true
  21. >Pretty soon a sopping wet green unicorn filly emerged from the it.
  22. > Gasping for breath as it escaped the liquid.
  23. >Now comes phase two: conditioning.
  24. >Seeing as how the personality, mind, and psychology had to originate from someone else on earth. You had to condition him or her to think she was hallucinating and that she's actually a filly.
  25. >" Where the fuck am I?" Gasp  "I though I was just in a Cessna, taking my lessons."
  26. >The filly gave a quick look of it's surroundings as it grabbed to the side of the cauldron.
  27. >Spotted!
  28. >"Who the fuck are you?"
  29. >You had this. Just stick to the plan.
  30. "I'm your... father."
  31. >The filly did not find your answer amusing.
  32. >"Listen dipship, I don't have time for games and You look a bit too young to be my father."
  33. "That's no way to talk to your father young filly."
  34. >"Fil-..."
  35. >She took a quick glance at her flank.
  36. >"My ass is green and had a question mark..."
  37. > A short tense moment passes.
  38. >"You pony fucking faggot."
  39. "What!?"
  40. >What did she know?
  41. >"You couldn't settle for some damn plush."
  42. "I-I have no idea what you're talking about."
  43. >"Oh you know what I'm talking about you horse fucker. You couldn't settle for a plush toy or art! You had to science one up."
  44. >She jumped out and started walking towards your desk.
  45. >You attempted to call her back in a fatherly voice
  46. "Where are you going little filly."
  47. >She jumps up on your stool to reach your home phone.
  48. >"Calling my roommate to get my ass out of here."
  49. "And say what?"
  50. >She freezes as she grabs the phone
  51. >"Well... I can, uh..."
  52. >She huffs in frustration and slams the phone back on the base.
  53. >Turning back to you, she asks.
  54. >"What do you want?"
  55. "How do you mean?"
  56. >With her scrunched, frustrated face, she points to your computer screen with an active thread open.
  57. >"You're obviously some 4Chan browsing faggot, and I'm gonna take a guess and say you browse mlp."
  58. >Well this has completely floored you.
  59. >You never expected to pull a personality from someone who browses the site.
  60. >Uh, correct."
  61. >She looked at you with disbelief.
  62. >"God if I had known one of you faggots was gonna do something like this. I would of kept my nose out of the thread."
  63. >Walking towards her, you pick her up and bring her face to face with you.
  64. >"Put me down asshole and change me back."
  65. >You stared at her intently
  66. >Think, think, think. You had to salvage your plan as it was quickly falling apart.
  67. >The horned filly swung her back hooves as she tried to escape your grasp.
  68. >"I said let me go faggot or I'll shiv you with my horn."
  69. >Got it!
  70. >Plan B, go!
  71. >Holding her with one hand, you aggressively point at her.
  72. >"No you listen to me little filly! If you don't calm down right now I'll-"
  73. >Bippity boppity boop, how about fuck you.
  74. >Little fucker bopped you on the nose.
  75. >You stumble backwards and trip over the stand for the cauldron.
  76. >With your head slamming into the marble flooring, you wish you had invested in carpeting.
  77. >Lifting your head you see the menacing filly climbing over your body.
  78. >She stands over your hips.
  79. >"I don't know who you think you are pulling someone out of their life for your own bullshit ans call me your child. But you are going to turn me back NOW!"
  80. >Her hooves constantly rub all over your hips and covered dick as she shifts balance.
  81. >You try to stop your penis's betrayal.
  82. "Listen, can't we talk this out?"
  83. >"About what? About how you pulled me out of my li-"
  84. >Top ten anime betrays.mp4
  85. >Anon junior has failed you.
  86. >"Well, I see I got someone's attention."
  87. "Listen, let's not do anything irrational"
  88. >This was moving a little too quick for your tastes.
  89. >"Irrational? Wouldn't think of it."
  90. >She sat on your crotch and began grinding.
  91. >"Though if it were deserved. I suppose I can't help it."
  92. >Your face winces in pleasure.
  93. >"What's wrong? You look uncomfortable."
  94. "Ah! C-can you stop?"
  95. >She had a smug look on her face.
  96. >"Ah ah ah, what's the safe word?"
  97. >There was no answer available to your knowledge.
  98. >"I'll give you a hint. How do I turn back?"
  99. "I don't know!"
  100. >She immediately stopped her grinding, her face becoming stoic.
  101. >Rising from her position, she went over to your long desk.
  102. >It was scattered with papers and various chemicals from months of testing and work.
  103. >Hopping on a stool, she grabs a container of one of your various chemicals.
  104. >She stares at intellectually, swishes it around, and reads it's label.
  105. >"Y'know, before I went to college. I actually took some advance level courses in high school..."
  106. >She hops off with the jug in hoof.
  107. >"...Economics, government, psychology, the typical stuff you know..."
  108. >She hovers over your crotch once again.  
  109. >"But there was one class I really enjoyed. Chemistry."
  110. >You look around in search of a weapon, not liking where this was going.
  111. >"...It wasn't like middle school where you made s'mores and talked about the atom. It was quiet difficult actually, though we played with the fun chemicals."
  112. >She pops the lid off the container with her mouth. She continues to observe it while speaking.
  113. >"Ones that would blow up, melt your skin, blind you, or gas you."
  114. >In a futile attempt to stop this madness, you try to slowly take to small jug away from her.
  115. >She reacts violently by pulling it away, spilling some of it's contents on the floor.
  117. >Her voice drops to a sad whisper.
  118. >"I already told you."
  119. >She gives a single chuckle.
  120. >"funny thing I learned long ago from that class, is how they react with the human body."
  121. >She pauses before turning her head to you.
  122. >"Do you know what hydrofluoric acid does to the body?"
  123. >You say nothing.
  124. >"From what I heard, the first thing it does is attack your nerves. Numbing them. I'd be shame if you lost feeling somewhere precious."
  125. >Losing your dick would be horrifying for you.
  126. "What are you gonna do?"
  127. >"Simple, you're a guy, I used to be one and know they sometimes have libido like a motherfucker. So, if you cooperate, I'll get you off..."
  128. >Your dick responds happily by twitching in your pants.
  129. >"...If you don't though"
  130. >"Tsssssssss, is what's going to happen."
  131. >She lays the jug down next to you.
  132. >What's it gonna be?
  134. >You decided you had to approach this like a hostage negotiator.
  135. >With your dick being the hostage.
  136. "O-okay, you're in control. What do you want?"
  137. >Her face turned into one of relief, just as she began to straddle you once again.
  138. >"Answers. All I want is answers"
  139. >She took a long strife at your covered dick with her now filly-like pussy.
  140. >"First question: Why make a filly?"
  141. >Taking a long in shuddering inhale, you answer.
  142. "Lots of reasons I suppose: Low maintenance pet, great sex toy, quick companion. Essentially a living build-a-bear filly with a vagina."
  143. >She grimaced at this.
  144. >This unnerved you seeing as she had a way to end your manhood.
  145. "W-what?"
  146. >"Nothing..."
  147. >She shifted down to atop your left thigh.
  148. "Well what the hell was that look for then?!"
  149. >"I'm not exactly to used to this 'vagina' thing yet. It feels nice, but it's something to get used to."
  150. >"Plus not only that, I kinda figured that was the reason behind this."
  151. >She pops the button on your pants and undoes your zipper.
  152. >"Ah, button pants. Someone came prepared."
  153. >Level 2: boxers.
  154. >The filly goes back to her grinding.
  155. >"Next question: why not make one outta scratch?"
  156. >Almost there.
  157. "Cause if I did, I would end up with a mentally inept filly. Like an actual newborn..."
  158. >You groan as she takes more strides on you.
  159. "... I wanted something a little interactive."
  160. >You give a cocky chuckle.
  161. >As she grinded you she gave a less than statisfied look.
  162. "Hate to break it to ya' bud, but I'm not exactly some blowup doll you can delfate and shove in your closet."
  163. >"You sure about that?"
  164. >This only stregthened her frown.
  165. >Next thing you know a solid hoof makes contact with your balls.
  166. >Instictively, you groan in pain and try to grab them. But with the blushing filly, this is difficult.
  167. >"Whoops, I slipped."
  168. "Fu-...Fucking bitch."
  169. >She rolls her eyes.
  170. >"Oh get over it. We're justing getting to the best part."
  171. >She rises again, only this time to tug at your last line of defense.
  172. >Out it sprung.
  173. >As she stood over it, you could feel your second head lightly grazing her watering, hot fill-hole.
  174. >She had a look of unease as she looked back.
  175. >...
  176. >...
  177. >...
  178. >This tense pause, which was starting to last several minutes, was beginning to irritate you as you began to lose your "penile Motivation"
  179. "Well? Get on with it."
  180. >"Uhhhm."
  181. >Acid or not, you needed release.
  182. >Grabbing those wide hips of hers, you prepare to push her down.
  183. >"L-Listen, I'm not exactly to used or fond of doing this thing yet. D-Do you think we can do something e-else?"
  184. >A deal was a deal, you provided. So she should too.
  185. >Pressing the tip in. You prepare to make the invasion.
  186. "We had a deal."
  187. >"Well we can negotiate, can't we?"
  190. >As much as you wanted to take advantage of her size, you couldn't bring yourself to >rape her.
  191. >So you'll take advantage of her mental state and play the long game.
  192. >Animals do it right away, psychopaths plan ahead.
  193. "Fine!"
  194. >She gives a sigh of relief.
  195. "But I still expect you to get me off some how."
  196. >and once again she stiffens.
  197. >Looking back at the prod, she contemplates.
  198. >"Well I suppose I can do this."
  199. >Stepping back, her head hovers over
  200. >She dives rapidly into your manhood mouth-first.
  201. >The sudden rush of heat on your dick drives you to thrust into her mouth.
  202. >The filly doesn't expect this and gags in response.
  203. >This is followed by an irritated growl that vibrates down your dick.
  204. >Fuck_Yes.jpg
  205. >She stops and continues her bobbing.
  206. >While she does so, you have a good look at her filly-bits.
  207. >Eyeing the slightly soaked mess, it winks at you.
  208. >Might as well return the favor.
  209. >Seeing as how she's bit far for your mouth to reach her, you decide to use your hands.
  210. >Grabbing her flank, she yelps in slight shock.
  211. >Running a finger up and down her fun pouch, you can hear moans from her.
  212. >She moves her head faster; swirling her tongue around Anon.
  213. >Pushing a finger in, you decide to compete.
  214. >The prize of this competition?
  215. >A good time, an awkward afterglow, who knows?
  216. >You begin trusting in and out with your fingers.
  217. >You can't really tell if she's enjoying it as she stays silent.
  218. >Either she's got a good poker face, or your doing it wrong.
  219. >Well... with your NEET status and crippling social anxiety with women you don't have much experience with them.
  220. >But fucking god knows she's trying to drain every once of cum from you.
  221. >Not even five minutes in and she's pulling you closer and closer to the edge with every bob.
  222. >Every so often you thrust slightly into her tight throat.
  223. >Release feels ever so close, the tense feeling in your hips and the rush of dopamine in you brain begin to flood your senses.
  225. >When suddenly she yanks her mouth off your meat, yanking the train of pleasure away from you.
  226. >You don't stop trusting your fingers into her when you let out a out-of-breath.
  227. "W-...What gives?"
  228. >Using her hooves, she begins rubbing up and down on your dick.
  229. >Giving considerably less pleasure than when using her mouth.
  230. >"Lets's make this go a little longer"
  231. >She pants a couple of times.
  232. >"After all, they don't call me " an All Nigher " for nothing.
  233. >Shit.
  234. >It's him...her....xer? Whatever it goes by. Outta all the characters of the thread to pull out, it had to be it.
  235. >Ah, well. Could be worse, could be some Nyx loving, shitposing faggot .
  236. >You don't notice you've slowed your thrusting until she speaks up.
  237. >"Pick up the pace faggot. You don't cum till I do."
  238. >Fuck it, don't drop the ball.
  239. >You immediately pick back up the pace.
  240. >She gives a moan.
  241. >Pick it up. You need release.
  242. >Going for three fingers, you decide to speed up the process a little more.
  243. >Should you test the water with one in her arse?
  244. >finishing her little hoofing segment, she dives back in mouth first.
  245. >This instantly brings you back to the edge.
  246. >Her vulva winks ferociously as it she beings to drip her own body-made lubricant on to your chest.
  247. >She begins to moan in waves, one longer than the previous.
  248. >You can only guess she's close.
  249. >But so are yo-
  250. "AH, F-Fuck!"
  251. >Quickly, you move both hands away from her ass, and to her head as you force her all the way down on your dick.
  252. >She moans, both in surprise and shock as you unleash your load down her throat.
  253. >You feel it pulse around her lips, and you feel her throat tighten as she swallows each load .
  254. >After a solid thirty-seconds of pleasure, you let go of her head and breath heavily in pleasure.
  255. >Filly, slowly raises her head. You catch a glimpse of the mess you had made in her mouth as she raises herself.
  256. >Only to collapse on you.
  258. >This filly thing is tiring.
  259. >Especially when you suck off a guy senselessly while he fingers you.
  260. >A new and weird expedience to have now that you're female.
  261. >but great nonetheless.
  262. >But fuck.
  263. >the orgasms in this body are strong as shit.
  264. >Though it doesn't help when you're an underage filly.
  265. >The ordeal has left you panting like a dog.
  266. >With the addition of white salty strands dripping from your mouth in place of your saliva.
  267. >Suddenly, outta nowhere the Anon grabs you by your back hooves and drags you away from his dick and towards his face.
  268. "Hey What are you d-Oh..Oh god"
  269. >A long wet, textured, surfaced dragged itself across your snatch.
  270. >Here's round two
  271. >The oversensitive nub on it begins a buzzing sensation.
  272. >Brush after brush, you can feel him try to push that tongue of his further in.
  273. >In-between moans, you mock him.
  274. "I knew you liked horsepussy, y-you faggot"
  275. >He apparently didn't like the mocking.
  276. >As he suddenly latched himself on you clit and began sucking on it like a lolly pop.
  277. "Ahhhh!"
  278. >You squeal loudly in a high pitched voice from the sudden surge in pleasure.
  279. >This quickly escalated you to your second orgasm.
  280. >All your internal muscles began contacting, as if it was trying to milk something that wasn't there.
  281. >Doing so for a solid minute or so, the contractions and pleasure slowed to a trickle.
  282. >As you held your breath for that period, you gave out a loud exhale.
  283. >Star started popping in your vision.
  284. "T-too much"
  285. >Lights out.
  286. >At least that's two things you can cross off your bucket list.
  287. > Not die a virgin.
  288. > And cum so hard you pass out.
  289. >Granted you never thought it would be as a female.
  290. >But still, it's something to cross off.
  291. >You come too. It felt like hours, but in reality, it was minutes.
  292. >Fur matted, hot and bothered. You can say that you had to the best orgasm you've ever had in your life.
  293. >9/11 would cum again.
  294. >Looking up can see that faggot. Stupid grin on his face. Hand in dick as he jacks off to your excitement.
  295. "F-fucking pedo."
  296. >You see him take his stupid grin and shove it aside as it's replaced with embarrassment and shame.
  297. "I-is that what you wanted? O-one round with some filly pussy."
  298. >You look at him, your face contorting into one from irritation to lust.
  299. "Naughty naughty anon."
  300. >Taking a hoof you drag it across your wet silt, exposing the pink center of the figurative lollipop.
  301. >His face turns into lust again, just as yours turns into frustration again.
  302. >You stand back on all fours. Taking a moment to compose your self again before shaking all the lust and pleasure from your mind.
  303. "Fu-fucking faggot."
  304. >Walking up to him, he takes on a confused glance. Just before you slap the absolute shit out of him with the back of your hoof.
  305. "There. Happy?"
  306. >He holds an innocent look as he grabs the red mark on his face. Looking like a puppy who just had its tail stepped on.
  307. >"What about me."
  308. "What about you?"
  309. >"I-I didn't get to-"
  310. "Finish? Sorry pal, you gotten insert one more token before you can ride this horsey."
  311. >You take a glance over his work. Looking over all the equipment, tools, and chemical compound he had on his desk.
  312. "Plus I really should be going. Y'know? Stuff to do, people to see, lives to live. You understand"
  313. >You hop up onto the desk and start fiddling with various instruments on his office. searching for another way out of this cursed new life.
  314. >"I Uhhhhh."
  315. "Now which one of these brings me back. I'd imagine my work thinks I'm dead now and might want to show some semblance of empathy by calling my ass numerous times to come into work before eventual-"
  316. >"I didn't make one."
  317. >You pause.
  318. "What?"
  319. >Turning to look at him, you give him the most fear-provoking glare your cute body could muster.
  320. >"I…did not make one."
  321. >Twitch twitch.
  322. "What do you mean…"
  323. >Tackling him, you lay onto his chest. Forcing him and his head to floor with a resounding thunk with both of your hooves on his cheeks
  324. "…you didn't make one."
  325. >Staring at you wide-eyed he gives s a shaky, nervous response.
  326. >"I-I didn't think it'd actually pull someone out of their life for this one. N-not to mention Nighter herse-HIMSELF!"
  327. >Taking a breath, you can't decide whether to kill him or keep him alive as your sanity over this situation dwindles.
  328. "I can't tell if that makes you more of a pervert or not buuuuuuut…"
  329. >SLAP!
  330. >The wet meaty slap of a hoof on cheek echoing in the room was a satisfying one.
  331. "You're gonna get me out of this. M'kay, else mister not so nice acid is gonna take another trip to your nethers again."
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