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Bootstrap4 Blank

stom66 Nov 14th, 2017 (edited) 92 Never
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  1. {strip}
  2. {*
  3. *   Template name: Bootstrap4 Blank
  4. *   -------------------------------------
  5. *
  6. *   This is a an entirely blank page, only used in very rare situations for strange, mythical purposes.
  7. *   Or maybe you just need a template without a header for outputting JSON, XML, whatever. Here it is.
  8. *   Normal template variables are available.
  9. *
  10. *   Note: this template should rarely ever be set to  the "default" template for the design. Instead,
  11. *   either the "Bootstrap4 Triple Cols" or "Bootstrap4 Nonuple Cols" templates should be used as the
  12. *   default as they are more appropriate for general use.
  13. *
  14. *   Part of the CMSMS Bootstrap4 template by stom | stom66.co.uk
  15. *}
  16. {include file="cms_template:Bootstrap4 Settings"}
  17. {content|trim}
  18. {/strip}
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